Welcome back to DTV I’ve spent over a decade teaching people how to have a better personal brand online and I’ve picked up a few ideas about the best way of doing it this is me great if you have to coach other people but also if you’re trying to coach yourself I started coaching professionals on how to develop a better LinkedIn profile how to have a better online brand a long time ago I think there’s like a million or two million people on LinkedIn when I first started doing it so you know stone Age’s and right now you might be tasked with helping other people develop a stronger personal brand or you might be tasked with coaching the hardest person of all yourself but no matter who you’re coaching I’ve learned a couple things that you can use to help make this process more effective you can help it go easier and hopefully it’ll be a little less painful so here are three things that you need to remember when you’re trying to coach someone else on developing a better personal brand you have to ask them what they want out of it one of the biggest mistakes I see when coaching somebody else on developing a better online presence and really this goes for any coaching scenario one of the biggest mistakes is that it becomes a normative process it’s a very fancy way of saying the coach tells the coachee what they should be getting out of it and what they should be looking to get out of it and that just doesn’t work because we can’t tell people what they want pushing our agenda on them is never a good idea so instead one of the first things you should do is ask someone what are you trying to get out of this process if you have a great online presence if your brand is shared the way you want it to be shared what do you hope to achieve asking that question allows the coachee to say hey here’s what I want and then the coach can help walk them through that number two just move the needle I have seen this many times over the years and yes I have been guilty of it myself at times as well but as the coach we have all this knowledge and expertise and we wanted to impart all of it onto the coachee at once remember your goal in that space and time is simply to move somebody along the path to move the needle to get them a little farther along to get them better than they were when you started so don’t try to make someone a LinkedIn guru in 45 minutes it’s not gonna happen but rather take baby steps take small bites go hey we’re gonna get a better profile a better summary and maybe a great headline that could be it that’s a great start so again take baby steps and move the needle a little farther than it was when you first got started and finally remember that this is an emotional journey as much if not more than a rational journey when we’re teaching someone about personal brand and how to share their brand online or even offline for that matter we often forget that this is an emotional journey this is often wrapped up in identity it’s often wrapped up in the story that we tell ourselves and others about who we are so it’s not just about going hey you should have that photo or hey your headline on this platform should say X even if rationally we as an outsider can go yeah it makes perfect sense understand that that person might have a lot wrapped up in the story they’ve been telling up to this point so it might not be that easy for them to just let it go the way we present ourselves online has a lot to do with self-concept self identity self-esteem it is an emotional issue as much as it is a rational issue it’s not just about figuring out the functionality of LinkedIn or Twitter or Instagram it’s also about being comfortable with presenting who we are on a digital stage so take that into account whenever you’re coaching someone and if you keep that in mind you’re gonna have a much better experience and more importantly they’re going to have a much better experience let me know what questions you have about coaching people on their online brands or really coaching in general in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter d fish rockstar and improve your personal brand online by hitting the subscribe button it’ll ensure that you keep getting great material like this and it gives me a little boost of validation and I’ll see you next time on DTV

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