Last Days Signs Intensify At All Levels Of Creation

it’s happening the signs of the last days prophecies are happening just like the Bible said and we are watching and praying as the Lord Jesus commanded as we watch world events and conditions connect to the biblical prophecies as signs of the last days revealing we are nearing the end of this age as we pray to be ready for the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ thank you for coming to our Sunday evening watch and pray live stream home service praise God and God’s blessings be on you we pray in Jesus name we’re here now together we are watching the signs of the last days prophecies happening before our very eyes and we are also encouraging one another in prayer in fellowship as our Lord Jesus commanded in Luke 21 so that we may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass as together we are looking up and lifting up our heads as our Redemption draws near now for this broadcast you can share with us your prayer requests are your testimonies that glorify God by going to the community tab on this YouTube channel and placing your prayer requests are your testimony and a Kamiya responding under our post there in the community tab that has the title of prayer requests our testimonies March 10 2019 service under that in a comment tell us your requests for prayer are your testimony for the glory of the Lord and then later in this broadcast this community will review them supporting you and the kingdom of God as together we are encouraging this community as we are at a fide and biblical scripture prayer and fellowship so to be encouraged on a weekly basis to be ready for the appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ he commanded us to watch him pray for his coming and Luke 21 and he taught us in Luke 12 to discern the signs of the times happening around us so to see the signs of prophecies coming fulfillment and believe them that Jesus is coming and the signs of the last days prophecies are happening just like the Bible said for now we are seeing signs that the biblical prophecies are intensifying in their manifestations at all levels of creation revealing that we are drawing nearer to the end of this age and the appearance of our Lord Jesus and Biblical prophecy foretells that in the last days prophetic signs will intensify in fact the prophecy says that Leste signs will intensify so much so that man’s hearts will start failing them from fear of the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth think about that for a moment moment that things are going to become so intense the signs of the last days prophecies are going to become so intense until as people see these signs happening they’re actually going to suffer a problem in their heart to where they have such fear that their hearts fail them for the expectation of what’s coming on the earth that’s some serious intensification the Lord Jesus Christ foretold and his prophecies what will happen in the future we’re in Luke chapter 21 the Lord said and there will be signs in the Sun in the moon and in the stars and on the earth distress of nations now notice he’s talking about different levels of science and creation first he started talking about signs in the Sun and in the moon and in the stars and then he began to talk about on earth distress of Nations with perplexity then he started talking about the sea and the waves roaring talking about atmospheric level manifestation and then he said men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth and then he says for the powers of the heavens will be shaken here in this Lord here in this prophecy the Lord Jesus is this is ascribing to us how that there’s different levels of creation and signs that are going to manifest in those different levels of creation how that the biblical signs of prophecies will intensify until they are strongly manifesting themselves at all levels of creation so to warn the world to give the world no excuse that the world has been warned that we are at the end of the age and the coming of Jesus Christ to where in the earth underneath signs are happening and on the earth in Humanity signs are happening and above the earth in the atmospheres weather signs are happening and in the celestial bodies above the earth in space signs are happening and also in the spirit world of God signs are happening at all levels of existence and creation there is the moving the stirring of the life force that’s in the holy prophetic word of God and the Spirit of God manifesting indicators of the coming fulfillment of God’s prophecies Oh hallelujah dear friends and believers in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ get ready for Jesus is soon to make his appearance as we see the signs of the world drawing near to his time of Great Tribulation when the Bible Scripture speaks of the earth in Isaiah 40 it says that it is God who sits on his throne above the circle of the earth he sits on his throne above the circle of the earth that he created the earth that he created in Genesis 1 beginning where the Spirit of God moving over the face of the deep and the waters where he spoke and suddenly there was light and creation of all that’s stated in Philippians the second chapter of that which is in heaven and on earth and under the earth and above the earth the Holy Scriptures of the Bible teaches us that there are three heavens the first is the atmosphere above us where the Bible in Genesis 1 says the birds of heaven fly and later in Genesis 8 it speaks up from which the reigns of heaven fail then the second heaven is that of the Sun the moon and the stars were all the hosts of heaven of the celestial bodies above the atmosphere are in space and then the third heaven which Deuteronomy 10 describes as the highest heavens which belongs to the Lord God and to which at 2nd Corinthians a twelfth chapter the Apostle Paul said he was transported to the third heaven by the Holy Spirit to learn divine things directly from the Lord so that he could share them with us one of those being the catching away of the Saints under Jesus when he appears in the clouds of the air that we call the rapture and now in these latter times as the Word of God foretold at the end of this age the signs of the last days are intensifying in all levels of creation pointing toward prophecies soon coming fulfillment there are signs manifesting in that level of the earth underneath where earthquakes and volcanoes occur there are signs that are manifesting themselves on the earth where there is destroy some nations on the earth with such as war famine and pestilence and their signs manifesting in the first heaven above the earth and the atmospheres weather and also manifesting in that level of the celestial bodies in outer space of the second heaven from which they are falling to earth and then in the spiritual realm in the third heaven which that realm of God encompasses and permeates all levels of creation for as the Bible says in Acts the 17th chapter for in him we live and move and have our being there is not any place that X takes the eye of the Lord God the Lord Jesus in Matthew 24 and Luke 21 during his gospel work and later when he was glorified in his book of Revelation the Lord foretold that seismic activity within the earth was a last day Sun and this sign is intensifying to her recently we have seen both severe earthquakes but also earthquakes in various rare and devised and diverse places you see some people think that the biblical sign of earthquakes is that there’s going to be so many more earthquakes but that’s not what the Holy Scriptures foretell they foretell as the Lord Jesus said in Matthew and in Luke Matthew 24 Luke 21 that there will be great earthquakes and that they will be in various places and then also the Revelation prophecy says that there will be great earthquakes meaning they are severe and we are seeing both severe earthquakes and also earthquakes in various rare and diverse places signaling the prophetic implications we are in the last days nearing the end of this age and the appearance of the Lord in January of this year there was a severe earthquake on the very day of the super Blood Moon in January this year when a strong magnitude earthquake hit the coast of north central Chile and the Luke 21 in revelation 6 prophesies directly connect the Blood Moon with severe earthquakes and since then since the Blood Moon of 2019 and with us having a severe earthquake on that blood moon of 2019 since then we’ve had repetitive severe earthquakes since then the earth has had a strong earthquake in Ecuador and a series of six earthquakes near Sumatra island that were at near or above magnitude and Mexico was struck by a major magnitude earthquake and there was a six point seven in South Africa and another six point one in Indonesia severe earthquakes are a sign of the last days but then there was a rare Florida earthquake that just happened in the Florida Panhandle were earthquakes the scientists say are not supposed to happen the Florida Geological Survey group says that the Florida Panhandle is located on a passive continental margin which means they say that there are no tectonic plate boundaries nearby that can cause earthquakes there’s not supposed to be earthquakes there but a resident there in the Florida Panhandle that was near where this earthquake happened said that his small dog started barking and he heard a sound and then he felt like a big wave causing him to think a car hit the side of his house when the quake hit and they had an earthquake located where they are not supposed to be any earthquakes and this happened not long after an earthquake also hit in Tennessee and then after that the earth opened up with massive cracks in the inside a Kentucky zoo causing it to close and right before that a magnitude earthquake struck in Colorado that was felt in Colorado and across Utah and before that there was a magnitude earthquake that hit in Mississippi in an area said not to have any major faults and there was a rare magnitude earthquake in Maryland also affecting Delaware and Virginia all of this happening in just a short time this year and there’s postings with links and articles on all of this on our website signs of the last days org in the new section on the left side of the homepage or in the blog from the top menu bar we’re not talking California here no I’m not talking California I’m talking rare and diverse areas of earthquakes as the Florida Panhandle and Mississippi the end up to Tennessee in Kentucky and over to Colorado are over to Maryland the earth is waking up down the middle of a miracle on the central Mississippi River Valley but officials are warning that volcanoes are also waking up around the world right at the end of 2018 is we got ready to enter this new year of 2019 the United Nations office for Disaster Risk Reduction issued a warning of activity around the world’s volcanic ring reporting an alarming barrage of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes along the Pacific Ring of Fire and near the same time a volcano tsunami from the Krakatoa volcano killed several hundred people and just recently in a dramatic warning from the United States Geological Survey they say they have identified several active volcanoes which are endangering the state of California the USGS said the threat from the volcanoes again this is on the website signs of the last dey’s org the USGS said the threat from volcanoes is not as widely recognized as from other natural disasters but they said there are risks of eruptions in the coming years and the report they said there are eight volcanic areas which pose a risk to California and identified seven active volcanoes having magma rising beneath them the agency said the biggest threat is Mount Shasta in Northern California with one geology professor saying that geologically speaking it’s a monster volcano that’s ready to go volcanoes are recharging and their magma rising to her in the future earthquakes and eruptions from within the earth will feel the air excuse me with dust and fulfill the revelation six prophecy describing the sixth seal were together a severe earthquake and mountains moved out of the place will make the Sun become black as sackcloth of hair where no light can get through because of the ash and the dust and it will affect people on the earth signs of the last days prophecies happening within the earth and the Lord Jesus also foretold that events will become such on the earth in the last days that it will cause humanity on earth to be stressed in every aspect to where on the earth there is distress of Nations with perplexity as they are afflicted with anxiety and sorrow from the time of trouble that is coming on the earth from events that will happen distress of the earth distress of nations distress of society with perplexity as they experienced the troubles that are coming on this earth and it’s already happening recently the American Psychological Association stress in America survey found that almost two-thirds that’s the majority almost two-thirds of Americans report excuse me they report being stressed about the future two-thirds of Americans are being stressed about the future of America so where the stress in society is causing them to lose their sleep according to the survey average stress levels have significantly went up just over the past 10 years with concerns in society over the divisions that are in society and over the safety and security of the world psychologist said this and I quote people are reporting that they feel tense all the time a lot of people tell me I’m afraid of what’s coming next we live already in the day and time when the signs of the last day’s prophecies are being fulfilled where there is distress and perplexity on the earth among people and people are confessing that I’m afraid of what’s coming next and every dimension is interconnected within society for not only is there those stress levels about the future but there’s health related stresses where a study said health care providers have higher stress levels than any other industry and another one said the high cost of health care and insurance if you live in the world where it’s available has gotten so high and so costly it’s so hard to get it that it’s a major source of stress in society and another article said that recent disasters like the super storms is hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the recent severe epidemic of flu last season revealed the thin veneer of resources and preparedness in the medical systems that are cracking under the strain of the increasing severity of events that are happening in humanity on the earth the resources of the medical system and the financial resources of society and governments are being stressed and cracking under the events of disaster that are happening on the earth and such events are also beginning to correct the financial system of the world as well as financial resources are dwindling are very inadequate to meet the crush from overwhelming events of disaster that are happening in the world an example is the increasing apocalyptic fire storms in California which he was just reported that 2018 was the worst year ever and now insurance companies there are going out of business because they are overwhelmed by the costs of the wildfires and they are liquidating their assets as they go out of business also it’s been reported that California electric utility companies as PG&E who is blamed with some responsibility for the deadly campfire in 2018 in California they’ve had to file for bankruptcy protection and they’re selling natural gas and real estate assets in order to pay off their liabilities and the state of California is concerned over losing electricity being provided to areas of the state these perplexities are signs of the nearing Great Tribulation our trouble of the earth to where resources will become so affected that they are rationed to where no one may buy or sell unless they are approved by world government science in the earth beneath signs on the earth with the stress among humanity but not only are there signs of stress and turmoil below the earth and on the earth but also above the earth in the Earth’s atmosphere in atmospheres weather of the first heaven there’s also turbulence of Suns being manifested for the Lord Jesus and his biblical prophecies foretold that the Earth’s weather cycles and events will intensify until he said the Seas and the waves are roaring and lint 21 Jesus said in the last days the sea and the waves would be roaring signaling and intensification which it’s known that the Seas and waves are interconnected to the weather patterns and their intensity for example hurricane development and intensity are directly connected to the heat in the seas and begin as a tropical wave and not long ago in just one devastating month Houston Florida and the Caribbean were changed forever when three superstorm monster hurricanes swept in one after another setting storm records Harvey brought biblical flooding to Houston here in our area Irma lasts the Caribbean with 180 mile per hour winds and left islands uninhabitable then Maria intensified from a category one to a category five hurricane in just 30 hours ravaging Puerto Rico having millions of people without power and now scientists are considering a category six for hurricanes near 200 mile an hour winds and they’re looking to preparing for the stark reality of climate refugees like those who had to leave Puerto Rico and come to the mainland and the Lord Jesus also revealed Earth’s weather intensifying in his revelation prophecies where the Earth’s climate becomes abnormal until heat from the Sun is so intense it will literally burn the skin of people it says scorching humanity and also there will be storms with abnormally large hailstones weighing up to a hundred pounds that will fall on humanity from these abnormal storms upon the earth weather calm reported they still be a study published in the journal Nature communications saying that tornado outbreaks have been producing more tornadoes and more deaths in recent years the findings revealed tornado clusters are more dangerous now than they have been since 1954 scientists used NOAA tornado records from 1954 to 2014 and found a correlation between the rise in tornadoes and the increase in events where the atmosphere is more favorable for severe weather and just a few days ago nearly a week ago there was a massive tornado which tore through Alabama that was a mile wide and on the ground for 75 miles where many people lost their lives and we need to continue to pray for those communities in Alabama and as the atmospheric weather intensifies there are strange and unusual weather events that are happening like the recent Arctic hurricane yeah we have hurricanes coming out of the Gulf of Mexico but now we have Arctic hurricanes coming down from the polar cap they’re calling it a polar vortex and it left the Arctic tundra where it belongs and it came down into the moderate latitudes of the US causing havoc causing things such as booming ice quakes in Chicago and I tsunamis on the Great Lakes and again postings links and articles are on all of this on the website signs of the last days org and it’s been snowing in strange places like Maui in Hawaii snowing in Hawaii in places where it hasn’t there for and it snowed in Las Vegas were that’s not normal and it snowed in Malibu California where people had never seen snow and all the while as there was arctic hurricanes and snow falling in strange places in Australia they’re literally burning up from record heat and rel there was so hot that animals were falling down dead from the heat and bats were falling out of trees and out of the air with her brains baked and snakes invading houses to find moisture strange abnormal and weather storms that were described as strange events during weird weather recently struck Southern California where lightning storms had 1,500 pulses of lightning in five minutes it created what sounds like a thriller movie but no the movies are becoming reality because in that same real evening in Southern California as an airliner was flying out of the Los Angeles Airport it was struck in midair by the intense lightning phenomenon and forced to return to the airport but then the airport itself was taken out by a lightning strike from this weird storm killing all the power by this unusual event as strange lightning storms become so intense during this reported weird weather signs in the earth beneath signs in humanity on the earth signs in the atmosphere in the first heaven above the earth but the signs of the last days are reaching even higher than just the atmospheres weather of the first heaven for the Lord Jesus also foretold as we read and Luke 21 that there will be signs in the hosts of the heavens signs in the Sun and signs in the moon and signs in the stars as all the hosts of heaven are the celestial bodies above the atmosphere in space will manifest signs of the days and in the recent years there has been an intensification and I’m talking about just the past two or three years there’s been a significant intensification of signs in the heavens with lunar and solar events though is the rare 2017 America only total solar eclipse which the same event last happened in 1776 at the time of the revolution of America what’s coming now for America and there was the rare 2018 super moon trilogy that we had and then in 2019 in the first month of January 2019 we had the super Blood Moon which had a severe earthquake on that day and recently Cuba and then Venezuela were struck by meteors from the heavens within a week of each other and before that in Russia back in 2013 it was struck with a 65 foot wide media or the size of a house struck without warning when it detonated over Russia and a blast that was 30 times the force of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb blowing out windows and doors of buildings and and wounding a thousand or more people and destroying thousands and thousands of buildings and officials are warning officials of the earth Society are warning that major asteroids are meteors could strike earth at any time causing worldwide impact and that this could happen sooner than anyone thinks and the agency of NASA was directed by Congress to research asteroids and meteors in recent years and they became so alarmed by the research that they created the NASA planetary defense program so that they could try and make a plan to save the planet from deep impacts and all these signs of the revelry and promises concerning the celestial bodies in the second heaven that foretell the deep impacts from asteroids and meteors they are coming to the earth the officials and the agencies are expecting them to come to the earth and the last days prophecies hear me the last days prophecies confirm the warnings from the officials and agencies for the book of Revelation tells us there are coming major impacts on the earth from the asteroids are meteors that will affect the planet during the coming tribulation of Earth in Revelation chapter 6 when the sixth seal is open the prophecy foretells large numbers of meteors will rapidly hit the earth where it says and the stars of heaven fell unto the earth even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind and the Revelation chapter 8 prophecy of the trumpets foretells how that a massive asteroid will make a deep impact on the earth after it hits the sea the prophecy describes that something like a great mountain burning with fire and that’s what an asteroid looks like it looks like a mountain burning with fire and the prophecy says it was thrown into the sea and because of that a third of the living creatures creatures in the sea died and a third of the ships were destroyed foretelling that an asteroid is coming which will slam into the sea of the earth that’s so huge it’s described as the sign of a mountain that will impact into earth so severe that the shock wave kills one-third of the sea creatures along with probably a tsunami destroying 1/3 of all the ships the last day’s prophecies confirm what the officials agencies and scientists are warning their warning of coming asteroid and media or deep impacts on the earth are you hearing this are you understanding what the holy prophecies are telling you and what the earth is telling you that there are signs manifesting under the earth there are signs manifesting in sin side Society on the earth there’s signs manifesting in the first heaven of the atmospheric weather there’s signs manifesting from the second heaven from signs of the Sun the moon and the stars and all of this turmoil and all the physical dimensions of creation when increasingly diverse our severe seismic activity windy within the earth distress on the earth and humanity increasing turbulence and extremes in the atmospheres weather and following stars from the heavens to the earth all this physical turmoil at all levels of creation also point to the increasing turbulence and activity and the spirit realm where there is tremendous spiritual activity going on around us that is hidden behind the veil from our natural view there is a supernatural battle for eternal souls where there is a physical dimension and activity of science there is also the spiritual dimension back behind it were the same turbulence going on for just as in the beginning of creation when the Spirit of the Lord from heaven moved upon the face of the deep and on the face of the waters when he spoke light and the creation of all that was good into existence likewise in these last days as the prophecy in acts the second chapter say the Spirit of the Lord is moving as a mighty wind over the void of earthly people’s souls and is speaking light into their lives and breathing life into their soul through the baptism of the Holy Spirit in these last days just as what happened in the blueprint of the church in the book of the Acts of the Apostles for the prophecy says in Acts chapter 2 that in the last days saith God that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh yea the stars are going to fall but before that I’m poor my spirit upon all flesh yes there’s a shaking in a moving this coming but first I’m shaking up people’s souls and shaking up their lives with the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit of God and God the spirit of God from heaven is moving modely in people’s lives in these last days as we near the end of this age and the coming of Jesus all the signs of the last days are happening community the signs of the last days are here and we’re watching it happen before our very eyes but the evil one the evil ones of Satan and his demons who had rebellion to God fell from heaven down to the earth who is the Prince of the power of the air the evil spirit who now works in the world in disobedience is hurting people it’s causing people to be deceived and he’s opposing them from entering the kingdom of heaven and the blessings of Jesus Christ and Satan as the god of this age has blinded people who do not now believe because through Satan’s deceptions they have not been able to see the light of the gospel of the glory of Jesus Christ for it is God who commanded the light to shine in the beginning of Genesis and he also commands the light to now shine out of darkness into our hearts to give us the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ and I pray that the spirit of the revelation of Jesus Christ just as the book is the revelation of Jesus Christ to the world I pray that the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ that spirit of Revelation will move and touch and will reveal to people their need for the Lord Jesus Christ for only Jesus Christ can save your soul it’s time community for us to pray for people to make a decision for Jesus Christ it’s time for people to say I choose who I will give my life to I choose I will give my soul to and I’m going to make a decision for Jesus Christ in my life you see this is all a battle of souls just as in the atmosphere there’s this turbulence between heat and cold and and between the north and the south wind and the east and the west wind there’s a turbulence there’s a challenge for the souls a battle for souls and I’m praying for you that you will be saved through Jesus Christ you need to make every decision you need to make for Jesus Christ now community are you praying I want you to pray for everyone on this live stream broadcast I want you to pray for everyone that will hear this live stream broadcast video in the future and the name of Jesus I want you to pray for them that they’ll make the decisions they need to make for Jesus Christ and they’ll take the actions they need to take for Jesus Christ in their life because this is a one-time deal there is no do-over because once you have moved beyond the veil from this life to the next there’s no coming back to redo it there’s no coming back for souls to be able to say I want to come back and now I want to make a commitment to Jesus Christ you see the Lord Jesus gave us the the true parable of that there was a poor man he was so poor he had not a place to live he had he had no care for him yet sickness has boils and the dogs came and licked his boils and he died but the Lord said that he when he died he went to heaven and was in the bosom of Abraham in heaven but then there was also a man a rich man who inhale lifted up his eyes and he said o father Abraham could you send that poor man to come and just give me a drop of water but the answer from heaven was no you and your life had your opportunities but you didn’t take advantage of it there is no do-over this is the accepted time of salvation now is the accepted day now is he accepted time if you’re willing to make a decision for Jesus Christ I beg of you now in Jesus name just type into the chat that you’re making a decision for Jesus Christ now or later if you’re watching this video type into the comments I’m making a decision for Jesus Christ now we watch all of those he capture all of those hallelujah because that’s the return of the Lord Jesus Christ the return of the lords of his word and to his truth and to his spirit but make a commitment to Jesus Christ by saying typing those words I’ll make a decision for Jesus Christ in my life let’s take the time here just for a moment community for the word and the Holy Spirit of the Lord to move to reaching the touch people please pray community for yourself for your family for your friends and pray for those in the valley of decision in this broadcast pray for them now in the name of Jesus Christ Lord Jesus I pray right now Lord God for everyone that’s hearing this broadcast live and for those that will hear it in the future and the name of Jesus I plead the blood of Jesus over them I plead the name of the Lord Jesus over them I plead the Holy Spirit deal with them and stir them and draw them and whir them unto your holy truth and Holy Spirit for you say Lord Jesus that the true worshipers can only worship you in spirit and in truth Lord let the revelation of Jesus Christ go to them let the revelation of the Spirit of Jesus Christ go to them and Jesus name that everyone that can their will that they are saved in the name of Jesus the Holy Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 6 now is accepted time now is the day of salvation and if you’ve been willing to make that decision for Jesus Christ I want you to come to Jesus now in prayer and I want you to talk to him just like you would anyone and in prayer talked to him confessing how you feel and place your burdens on him for he cares for you you don’t have to get straight you don’t have to get right you don’t have to get everything in line all you have to do is just come to Jesus Christ believe on him out faith on him and begin that relationship with him and if you’re willing to do that say this prayer with me now and mean it from your heart dear Lord Jesus I believe on you as the Son of God that you died for me and you rose from the dead that I may be complete and alive in you I come to you Jesus bringing all my heaviness of burdens troubles and wounds of my soul hallelujah and I give it to you in exchange for your forgiveness and rest for my soul I ask you to forgive me of my sins and to save me for I want you as the savior and Lord of my life now say thank you for hearing my prayer and loving me and lead me and following you and Jesus name Amen hallelujah all this rejoiced community let’s rejoice in the Lord since you willingly said that prayer we believe that you made a decision for the Lord Jesus you’ve got a stronger relationship with him in your life and you have a new beginning that leads to a wonderful new future Jesus Christ has for you now your most important thing to do is to continue forward with Jesus to learn more and it’s very important now to continue your experience with the Lord to complete your faith and to be born again into the kingdom of God so later after this livestream go to the website signs of the last days org on the homepage and watch the video next steps to the rapture and learn there more about your personal next steps to continue and experience more in Jesus and if you need help finding someone to baptize you are pray with you biblically where you are contact us that signs of the last days ministry to help you find someone our contact information is down at the bottom of the website now community we’ve been watching the signs and reviewing the signs of the last days but now and this is very important this is one of our most precious times as a community and I’ll confess one of my favorite times with you as a community where we also pray over our community prayer requests where people have put prayer requests there on the community tab of our youtube channel where we’re live-streaming at and and community I want you to consider that community tab as our prayer board as our board of testimonies in prayer to where as a community we can go there and we can pray one for another for the prayer requests that are on that prayer wall on that prayer board of the community tab and also we can be blessed and you need to do this you need whenever the Lord touches you and moves in your life and the Lord responds and the Lord blesses you in your life and the Lord answers prayer in your life you need to come back to that community tab and you need to put in testimonies there of what the Lord has done for you now let’s do some praying and let’s do some blessing of each other as we look at our our prayer requests and testimonies that we have from our community and I have here a community testimony that I want to share and that is is that that since we’ve been doing these live streams in the three weeks that we’ve done it we’ve had 28 people make a decision for Jesus Christ in their life and having a stronger or new relationship with the Lord Jesus praise God community hallelujah the Lord is at work among us and let’s believe and pray and share this live stream with others so that the Lord grows his community and more are brought into where we have more prayer power we have more faith and we have more moving of the Holy Spirit to where the Lord does more and more people are blessed the more people are strengthened and more people are saved and healed now we have a testimony here from Raymond Stewart that that that’s a little long but I thought it I thought it really gave us a message and it’s important this is from Raymond he says I was brought up in a Christian home and attended a Christian school also my parents took me to church every Sunday yet somehow I found myself out in the world by the age of 13 in alcohol and in drugs and in and out of jail he says I didn’t understand what was going on he said I had made professions of faith but it seemed like after a few months I would fall back into the same old stuff I was starting to believe that I was just a bad seed and I believe right now there’s lots of people out there that can identify with this he said but I had never truly been saved he said I had never really finally got it he said but then I believed in Jesus and put my faith in him he said I had been trying to live riot and failing miserably but then it clicked and he trusted into the blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit of Jesus to do the work hallelujah he says I’ve been off drugs and alcohol since oh nine praise the Lord thank you for this ministry and I share all the videos on Facebook hoping someone’s eyes will be open Thank You Raymond and police-community everyone share this we want to get Jesus and we want to expose ourselves to Jesus into the world as Jesus people followers of the Lord Jesus Christ but there’s a great message here and that it shows the importance of being biblically born again as Jesus and His apostles said because it brings the power of the blood of Jesus the power of the Holy Ghost these false substitutions of man with their prayers mantras that they have and and like he said here in his testimony these prayers of faith that you give you that you say and then if you say this prayer they say you’ve been born again it’s not truly the plan and the work of God it’s time for us to get back to the biblical Word of God and get back to the holy ghosts moving so that we can see the signs of the last days and we’re going to see this wrap up soon Oh hallelujah Thank You Raymond for that testimony now that’s the kind of testimony we need that communicates to our community and that also blesses us in the Lord praise God and then we have a testimony from winter winter said this may be in and out of context here he says I’m a born-again Christian but police forgive me for this part he says I worship on the seventh day but I claim no denomination or religion but instead I embrace the word our Lord Jesus is coming soon all the signs say so may God bless us all and may the Holy Ghost be with you thank you winter for that blessing but it’s important when he says here there’s no denomination there’s no religion that will save you but instead it’s the biblical word of God and the biblical blueprint of the message of Jesus Christ and His apostles that will save us through the holy blood of Jesus and the Holy Ghost in these last days praise God then we have a testimony from Lloyd Lloyd just said I’m always searching for a pastor like this man amen I know what I’m hearing the truth god bless you Lloyd thank you that is such a blessing for us to hear that it encourages God god bless you in the name of Jesus now we’re looking at prayer requests everyone say in Jesus name we have a prayer request from Karen I was reborn it will be two years I’ll believe but I have these days there’s just these days I don’t understand what’s going on I can’t shake those days where I feel blah what does it mean Karen we don’t walk by feelings we don’t walk by what people say or what people don’t say we don’t walk by what people do or what people don’t do we don’t want but what we can do or what we can’t do we walk by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ is with us always even unto the end of the world the Lord is there it’s just like the air the molecules of air whatever we wave our hand we feel the hair and within the Lord just as we live within the air and breathe it within us we live and move and have our being within the Spirit of God and he is there within us when we are born again through the Holy Spirit and just as we’re in the air we’re in the spirit we don’t always feel good we may not always feel on top of the world but the Bible says even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for the lord is with me the Lord is with you Karen in Jesus name and Enrico again praise asked for prayer for strong protection and deliverance and salvation of all the family to get saved before the day of the Lord begins and Jesus name must be praying for our families in Jesus name must be praying for our friends and jesus name let’s pray for our communities then we have a prayer request from Maria prayer for all the Bereans prayers for revival in Israel and all over the world true revival pray for healing prayer physical and inner and pray for me and my hip it’s so bad that I can’t get out of the bed I’m in need of surgery and the name of Jesus Maria put your hand on that hip now in Jesus name pray in the name of Jesus Christ and through the faith of the Lord God who is everywhere and sees all things I pray hallelujah that through the Spirit of the Holy Ghost that the Lord touches you in the name of Jesus through the stripes upon the back of our Lord in Jesus name for he was wounded for our transgressions he was bruised for our iniquities surely he bore all our sorrows and by His stripes we are healed in the name of Jesus oh I feel the Holy Ghost be it unto thee in the name of Jesus then is also the prayer requests from Cindy to pray for her daughter Alicia for the Lord to save her for her to know that the Lord is real she says I plead the blood of Jesus over this situation that’s exactly what you need to do she says I need your prayers also community pray in Jesus name pray she says she understands the power of prayer she says pray community that all strongholds will be broken come to agreement let’s all say it now in the name of Jesus power the Lord breaking the strongholds for her daughter and Lisa says please pray for my daughter Hannah to be reconciled to Christ and for Nick to find Jesus Lord reconcile Jesus came in the Ministry of reconciliation and the Lord reconciles relationships he reconciled us and to our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus will reconcile families and marriages the Lord’s a healer he’s a healer in our spirit he’s a healer in our body he’s a healer in our relationships and Marsha says pray for Mark Taylor for imprint for repentance and divine mercy Maurice R says please pray for my daughter who is in the darkness of sin pray for deliverance that she will be free from this sin and the end times in Jesus name Samuel says please pray for my mom who has Alzheimer’s and diabetes and maureen says hallelujah praise God I’ve been watching your Sunday service and then I heard about you mentioning my name and making prayer requests for my daughter and my sister and I was surprised by it but thank you Pastor William for praying for us my daughter and my sister oh this is a testimony hallelujah may the Lord bless the me the Lord Jesus Christ bless upon you all and all the church and please pray for my co-worker Marivic Mundy for their attitude and to be saved and to accept the Lord Jesus Christ Thank You Maureen god bless you in Jesus name and Rebecca says prayers asked prayers for President Trump for him to have strength wisdom and health to endure what’s going on in the White House Thank You Rebecca for mentioning that because the Bible teaches us the Apostle Peter says to prayer to pray to make prayer for the powers that be and to pray for those that have the rule over us let us pray for our president and our country and the Congress and the name of Jesus for God to turn us as a country and bring us back to alignment with the Word of God then there’s T Williams that says a church family we’ve known for 20 years had their 12 year old son diagnosed with fast-moving lymphoma police pray for the will of our Lord for this family the parents had just told the kids two weeks ago they were divorcing now this oh my oh my there’s people out there in the world they’re in such dire circumstances there since such dire conditions they need Jesus community let’s pray for this family let’s pray for the the broken hearts to be bound up let’s pray for the captives to be set free let’s pray that before the day of the Lord that the Lord moves and saves and heals families hallelujah praise God and then there was there was also Maureen who also said pastor William prayer prayer requests for my daughter to accept the Lord and also pray for me I’m a born-again Christian but I can’t go out to the Christian Church here in Saudi Arabia because we’re not allowed to attend by our Muslim employer my goodness you see you see this is why this minute is here is to to tell the truth of the word of God to demonstrate the spirit and pray on the spirit of the word of the Lord God and for the Lord to move and bless people like this and others and also there was lion Christ he goes by the handle of lion Christ but he did not give his name but listen to this he says please pray for me to find the right person for baptizing me I am an Iranian and came to Jesus a few years ago I don’t live in the US I mean Iran but he needs someone to baptize him oh my oh I feel the Holy Spirit now the Lord is moving through this ministry and through this community of you out there he’s reaching across the United States he’s reaching across the world and he’s reaching even into nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran here’s a man a believer of the Lord Jesus who needs someone to baptize him community let’s pray in Jesus name that Lord God that you would work miraculously Lord that you would move for this Iranian Lord lion Christ who’s following after you Lord Jesus I pray in Jesus name Lord God lead people to him lead him to people Lord let your revelation of your word come to them they let him find someone to baptize him in the name of the Lord Jesus and the name of the Son and of the Father and of the Holy Ghost the Lord Jesus Christ in Jesus name hallelujah oh and remember community remember again as the Lord has moved in your life and the Lord has blessed and the Lord is answered prayer come back to the community tab as our prayer wall and our testimony wall and give your testimonies there of what the Lord Jesus Christ has done for you oh praise God right now community for what the Lord is doing in these prayer requests in these testimonies you know community we have a different reality than the world and a different expected in for we are children of the of God and we live under the prophecies and the promises of the Holy Scriptures of our Lord God and as his children and the kingdom of God when we pray in the name of Jesus we can know our Heavenly Father hears us praise God and now I want us to to pray and the Lord wants us as his children to be blessed as his children in his kingdom and as we do in each watching preservice let’s now pray the prayer of blessing together from the Word of God upon each of us let’s pray the blessing now may the Lord bless you and keep you the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace the Lord put his name on you and bless and lead you heal and raise you up blessed shall you be when you come in and blessed shall you be when you go out the Lord opened to you his good treasure and bless all the work of your hands the Lord make you the head and not the tail and if eating if any speak evil against you may the Lord turn into a blessing the Lord established you to walk in his ways and make evil to be afraid and depart from you now grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ receive the blessing in Jesus name and we agree together and say amen remember to keep in prayer this signs of the last days ministry as you support and bless this ministry so we can continue and please pray about giving an offering of any amount to help us continue sharing the signs of Biblical prophecy to the world and if you believe in prophetic ministry sharing the signs that Jesus is coming then join together with us as a monthly partner in promisee giving any amount each month to share the signs of the coming of Jesus so that more realized Jesus has come as we near the end of this earth this is important sharing the signs of the last days and for us in the future to be able to do that in more channels and in more media and in more ways with more resources this is important to share the signs of the last days prophecy so people it’s revealed to people and they no one realize that Jesus is coming thank you for being in this livestream as we are watching the signs of the last days prophecies happen and pray for one another as we pray to be ready for the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord Jesus commanded in Luke 21 we’re watching and praying so that we’re counted worthy to escape all the things that will come to pass and to stand before the Son of Man for as we’re seeing all these things begin to happen we’re not sad we’re not depressed we’re not down and out but no we’re excited and we’re looking up and lifting up our heads because our Redemption draws near remember for the believers and the kingdom of God the last days are not the end but the beginning of our wonderful new future and Jesus Christ forever signs of the last days ministry connects the conditions and events happening in the world to the biblical prophecies we are now reaching into cities and areas all across the United States and the Lord has blessed us to reach into over 40 countries now around the world and what makes this all possible is the support from the Lord in his body of Christ in the world as you who give to God into this ministry so to bring all these broadcasts and content to bless you and others the Bible says we live in perilous times of the last days where the world is selfish as lovers of themselves and lovers of money despising those doing good for God but we have not so learned Christ for Jesus said Luke six to give and it will be given to you giving us his principle of giving as God’s Way of supporting his work of ministry and in turn blessing his people with a greater blessing as they do so pray about going to the website signs of the last days org and they’re securely given offering of any amount that’s tax-deductible and be a partner in prophecy helping this ministry proclaim more signs of the last days prophecies so more people know to get ready for the coming of Jesus thank you for supporting this last day’s ministry and receive the blessing of the Lord Jesus upon you as you help others to watch and pray and prepare for the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ of which there shall be no end …

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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