Last Days MADNESS—Rising Delusions Show Rapture & Anti-Christ Nearing

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it’s happening the signs of the last days prophecies are happening just like the Bible said and we are watching and praying as Lord Jesus commanded as we watched world events and conditions connecting to the biblical prophecies signs of the last days revealing we are nearing the end of this age as we pray to be ready for the appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ thank you for coming to our Sunday evening watching pray live stream home service where we wants the signs of the last days prophecies happening and also encourage and bless one another and the prophetic word of God and in prayer testimonies and fellowship as our Lord Jesus commanded in Luke 21 so that we may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass as we are looking up and lifting up our heads as our Redemption draws near now you can share your prayer requests for this community livestream service you can share those by going to the community tab here on this YouTube channel just look up there and you’ll see the community channel you can go there and click on that and you can place your prayer requests in a comment responding under our post there in the community tab that has the title of prayer requests March 3 2019 service under that and a comment tell us your prayer request for prayer and later in this broadcast this community will pray over you and those requests supporting you in the Lord Jesus Christ and likewise there in the community tab on this channel you can also share your testimonies that you have glory to God and encourage us by placing your testimony in a comment responding under our different post there that says testimonies March 3 2019 you know the Lord Jesus taught us the importance of having prophetic discernment in the last days to see the signs of Biblical prophecy that are opening in our time the Lord Jesus said in Luke 12 that just as we discern the weather that’s coming from the signs in the face of the sky and from the earth we should also discern the signs of the times he even said they were hypocrites in that day because they were willing to see the signs the earth and the sky give off and believe him that certain weather is coming but then they would not do the same to see the signs of the prophetic times in the heavens and on the earth showing us the time that we are living in near the coming of Jesus likewise we live in the days of prophecy where the events and conditions are happening giving off signs of the prophecies they’re happening just like the Bible said for now we have this so where we see that it seems the world is going mad do you ever just look at the news do you ever just look at things that are happening in the world and just say it just seems like the world is going crazy it seems like it’s going mad at times where things are twisted and up is down and bad is good and abnormal is replacing normal everything is getting all mixed up and confused with things being put together with things that don’t go together where we are seeing people trying to mix the light with the darkness and righteousness with the lawlessness of unrighteousness and even trying to mix Christ were the demonic wickedness of Belial why is it getting so crazy out there with such misalignment with things out of order to where the biblical facts and reality show one thing but instead people believe and they’re doing something else both in the world but also in so-called modern Christianity the prophecies foretell that there will be a madness that overcomes the world in the last days to where unbelievers and those not biblically born-again become so deceived that what happens out there in the world is so far-fetched and unthinkable just even a short time ago but then the mind-boggling unimaginable is happening in the attitudes and behaviors of society but also in government and even in religion amidst all the confusion and chaos happening in the world it is a sign of the last days prophecies telling us we are nearing the end of this age and the appearance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ hallelujah and the prophecies also tell us what is behind all of this madness in the world causing this strange occurrences in the last days the prophecies foretell that the mystery of iniquity and iniquity also means lawlessness they per tale that the mystery of iniquity or lawlessness will be at work in the last days to where it will seduce and deceive everyone who has not a love for the truth and because they have fallen away from the truth the scriptures say they will be deceived by delusions that they should believe lies because they did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness people with delusions typically do not appear to the casual observer as something or someone obviously odd strange are peculiar and generally they’re mistaken beliefs are organized into a consistent worldview that is certainly logical to them but those views are not based on the foundation of the fullness of truth and the biblical Word of God delusions are irrational beliefs they’re held with conviction and there is distant to change but even when biblical proof exists that contradicts the belief these people that are deluded still believe in the delusion the delusional ignore scriptural truths and the biblical Word of God in their beliefs and behaviors while believing in their thinking all the time that they are just fine and that’s how the world will come to follow after the Antichrist who is the man of iniquity or lawlessness who comes with all unrighteous deception among those who will perish and that’s how the ecumenical religious world will follow after the Antichrist false prophet who comes according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders to where the spirit of delusion in the last days at the end of this age will enable the Roman Pope the Muslim grand Imam the Dalai Lama and all other world religious leaders along with the famous modern Christianity preachers they will all sit down in agreement that they support a one-world fraternity of religion with a goal to bring about world peace for Humanity the holy prophecies foretell this and it will happen the prophecy in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 for tails the sign which will precede the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together unto Him which is also called the rapture there the prophecy says for yourselves brethren know our entrance in unto you that it was not in vain for even after we had suffered shamefully entreated and I opened in turn to the wrong place I’m in first Thessalonians that should be in second Thessalonians – excuse me now we seat you brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and by our gathering together unto him that you be not soon shaken in mind or be troubled neither by spirit nor by word nor by letter as from us as they that the day of Christ is at hand notice this let no man deceive you by any means which the Apostle Paul is inferring there that there will be great deception by many different methods that will happen in the last days and those methods whether they be by law or by edict are also whether they be by false preacher or teacher they will have powerful extreme deception within them and he goes on to say for that day will not come speaking of the coming of the Lord Jesus and our gathering unto Him until first there come the falling away here he is saying that let no one deceive you by any means for that day of the rapture will not come unless the falling away comes first and he goes on to describe how we will see the coming of the lawless one or the Antichrist according to the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders and it goes on the same with all unrighteous deception among those who will perish and then the holy scripture tells us why that there will be delusions that there would be such deception that people will believe in these delusions it says because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved and for this reason because they did not receive a love for the truth God will send them strong delusion that they should believe the lie that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness a powerful prophecy of the Apostle Paul concerning these last days and now in these last days we can see there is strong delusion as we see the signs of this prophecy increasing to where the world of unbelievers and the religious the religiously deceived who are not biblically born-again this world has gone mad as it pertains to biblical truth and values and it’s so obvious in the world you look at the Boy Scouts of America an American organization over 100 years old founded in 1910 as a bastion of traditional moral values in recent years they accepted open homosexuals allowing them to be Scout leaders in the Boy Scouts then they allowed transgenders into the organization as well and even provided condoms at their jamberries while dropping boy from their name becoming genderless calling it just Scouts but now they have declared bankrupcy from all the mounting legal costs from defending itself against all the lawsuits for sexual abuse of boys but they first became morally bankrupt and then that made them financially bankrupt as they are coming to their end and America itself is also now in the midst of that same process of moral bankruptcy that is leading to its own confused chaotic downward trend then it was in the news about a ten-year-old child named Desmond is amazing who is a boy that dresses as a girl and who also dance for adults in an adult gay bar and he also started the first time ever drag Club for kids it’s madness it’s madness in this world and it used to be that when actors won a Best Actor Award they would think their family and they would think their friends and their supporters but now they also are thanking satan for giving them the inspiration on how to play the role as Christian Bale recently did when winning the Best Actor Golden Globe and after he did that he was praised by the Church of Satan yes the Lord Jesus Christ has his church and Satan has his Impostors Bale was praised by the Church of Satan for thanking Satan in his acceptance speech and then there is Vegas we’re well-known performers in there slinky outfits performing on the Las Vegas Strip of Sin City they say on the stage that they are Christians while also saying that leaders who participate with churches and schools that take a biblical stand against ungodliness these Vegas performers say they are the worst representation of Christianity just as lady gaga recently did in talking about vice-president pence and his wife and you can find postings pictures and links to articles on all of this on our web site signs of the last days org from the home page front left news link and also on the blog from the top menu bar all of this is recent signs of the last days happening in the world in the news but some may say well that’s just the world that’s that’s the world of media the world of entertainment and the world of Hollywood and they are just well delusional but no the delusional madness also reaches throughout this world it also reaches into government as well we’re at the state and federal level things are going on in the US just not long ago we would have never imagined for now there are radicalized groups in the US and in the Congress who are so liberal and radical they are trying to remake the United States into a country of socialism and socialism is in is a family member of Marxism and communism which by the way we recently just fought two world wars over and who all involved the turning over all of these involve the turning over to the government the control and distribution of goods and services for the masses which is what the revelation prophecy also foretells the beastly Antichrist will do with his mark of the beast system to where no one may buy or sell without it and also now governments of the United States are also passing laws that make infanticide I always have trouble with that word infanticide okay in America where the New York State Legislature who passed a bill recently they made it legal to perform abortions up to birth for any reason to wear innocent babies can be killed all the way up to birth while in an ongoing basis US government’s at federal and state level are also committing deicide if you will by removing traces of God are his Holy Bible his holy word from the country’s laws or its government or its schools and public square as they have come under the power of last days delusion descending over the world taking it more into cafee confusion and chaos but the madness of delusion sadly doesn’t stop there for as the Apostle Paul said in second Thessalonians chapter two the sign of the nearing appearance of Jesus Christ and our gathering together to him in the rapture is that there will be the falling away the falling away to where modern Christianity who has lost a love for all the truth in the Bible will ignore our fall away from all scriptural truths and the biblical Word of God and are overwhelmed with deception to where they are delusional trying to mix light with darkness and righteousness with the iniquity of unrighteousness and the holy of Jesus Christ trying to mix it with a wickedness of the god of this world so-called Christian churches and the u.s.

Have been turning to unorthodox means as a way of getting people to attend for some time as prayer fasting and hot Bible preaching of all truth from the Word of God has fell away out of favor and therefore there’s no move of the Holy Spirit to convict and to save and they have increasingly turned to such as concerts and sports and movies and other entertainment and now it’s reported there are also brewery churches where churches are serving beer to lure people one is a Community Church that is calling itself Orlando’s newest premier destination brewery the church says that while its passion is beer they also make it clear as a spiritual community we exist for people first which that all sounds very contradictory this brewery Church is a Lutheran outpost part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America this Community Church meets each Sunday for worship in the breweries beer garden using apps on their smartphones in lieu of hymnals and then afterwards they enjoy some frothy fellowship where one worshiper said there’s no beer during the service but afterwards they get to know one another for a cold one you see when you lose or turn away from a love for all the truth of the biblical word of God there is no safety net under you for how far you will fall in the falling away of the last days and there’s no protection for you to how badly you can be deceived another case in point is the recent news report on the Memphis pastor of a so-called Christian Church who has become known as the cussing pastor since he routinely curses profanely and his profanity laced messages from the pulpit videos of his messages have attracted millions of viewers online and he is telling his critics f asterisk asterisk asterisk you as he also defends his decision to host a sexually provocative twerking contest at his church as well he doesn’t consider his so-called unorthodox ministry offensive to God and said in a recent interview that he doesn’t consider his use of exploitive z’ in his messages as swearing and he says the provocative twerking of women in an event that he holds at his church every Sunday afternoon will it’s just clean adults fun but the Holy Bible teaches in James 3 that the tongue is an unruly evil full of deadly poison then and that out of the same mouth can precede blessing and cursing and then the scripture says that this should not be so since a spring does not send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening but they and others are so delusional in this last day’s madness that they cannot see that this is another example today of many churches crossing over the biblical lines of truth we’re in their attempt to be accepted and thought of as contemporary by the world so to increase crowds they are actually falling away from the teachings of the holy word of God that can save a soul which shows this profane behavior as a sign of the last days where the biblical prophecies as the prophecy in 2nd Timothy chapter 3 foretell that in the last days perilous times will come saying people will become proud blasphemers who are unholy and slanderers without self-control who are despisers of good who have a form of godliness but denying away from its power and that we from such people should turn away and it’s important to turn away from this mixing of christ with belial because it opens the door to delusions that are unimaginable and opens up people to spirits of wickedness because now there’s even a group describing themselves as so-called Christian witches who were having their first Christian witches convention in Salem Massachusetts this group of so-called Christian witches is so delusional that they claim that the Lord Jesus Christ was a sorcerer and a magician and that the Bible is a book of magic blasphemies the woman behind the event says her divine assignment on earth is to promote witchcraft and she said I am a Christian which I love my cross and my wand I consulted my Teradek and my Bible I adore and am devoted to Christ and the goddess do you see it’s the prophecy of the mixing of Christ with Belial a man named Witcher who calls himself a prophet will also attend this conference and claims that the Bible is full of witchcraft and sorcery with Jesus being a magician and again you can find postings pictures and links to all this information our website signs of the last days or again from the homepage front left news Lincoln on the blog from the top menu bar but the sorcery of roots crafts is labeled in the Holy Bible in Galatians chapter 5 as a dangerous work of the flesh where people are tapping into dangerous evil and previously the Lord God said in singer Chronicles 33 the Lord God said that those who practice soothsaying use witchcraft and sorcery and consult mediums and spiritists are doing much evil in the sight of the Lord in provoking him to anger reportedly those who track witchcraft have said there is a rise of people claiming to be Christian who also are practicing witchcraft to where these people are doing incantations releasing word curses and prayers against others and conduct unholy meetings and fast to hurt and destroy people and these are signs of the last days prophecies hear me we Leo in the last days for the revelation prophecies as in chapter 18 for tale the rise of sorcery in the last days as the spirit of Babel and again increases in the world which is the habitation of demons who will the Bible says by sorcery deceive the nation’s including the false prophet of Revelation chapter 13 who will perform great signs so that he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth and the sight of men and he deceives those who dwell on the earth by these signs just as the prophecy of 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 foretold that the coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all power signs and lying wonders don’t try to tell me we do not live in the last days at the end of this age and nearing the appearance of our Lord and Savior sorcery is the demonic enabled imitation by humans of the true divine spiritual works of a living Lord God just in the Exodus when Pharaoh called the sorcerers to do their magic with their enchantments to imitate the miracles God did through his servants Moses and Aaron if you remember every man threw down his rod Moses and Aaron threw down their rod their staff and it became a serpent and then Pharaoh had his magicians throw down their rods and they also became a serpent there is always the genuine and then the imitation beware of deception and those spirits of sorcery that existed in Egypt and in Babylon are rising up again nearing the coming of the son of perdition for those evil spirits that are fallen angels are eternal they have not gone away and they are rising again in the last days near the coming of a son of perdition but remember how Aaron’s rod swallowed up our errant serpent swallowed up the Egyptian magicians rods are there serpents for I tell you hallelujah there is no power like the power of the one true living God’s Holy Spirit and if you are biblically baptized with the Holy Spirit greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world and God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind we are more than conquerors through him that has loved us in these last days hallelujah but the spirit of blasphemy is growing stronger in the world which is the spirit of Antichrist or the prophecies foretell as in Daniel 11 in Revelation 13 that the Antichrist will be fiercely proud and blessed famous speaking blasphemies against the Lord God and now as is tour foretold in Daniel chapter 8 in the last days the transgressors are reaching their fullness in the spirit of Antichrist until the evil son of perdition rises to be revealed it is shocking that people could claim to call themselves Christian and a believer in Christ who would also call themselves which is practicing the sorcery of magic but this is a sign of the madness of the delusion rising in the world as the prophecy foretold to where the Bible says the mystery of iniquity or lawlessness is at work as the Apostle Paul said in Galatians 3 and 1 o foolish Galatians who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth and because people don’t love and believe the truth they will be sent strong delusion that they will believe a lie and they will be condemned the world’s gone mad as it pertains to biblical truth and values because they do not have a love for the truth it says the Lord God foretold in Isaiah 6 6 so will I choose their delusions and bring their fears on them because when I answered when I called no one answered and when I spoke they did not hear they ignored the Word of God the biblical truth and then they did evil before my eyes and shows that in which I do not delight so therefore they become diluted believing a delusion perilous times of the last days have certainly come to where there’s not only peril for people in the world but also within the realm of Christianity the prophecy my dear friends our community I tell you the prophecy of Lord Jesus in Matthew 7 is becoming ever more clear daily where he said not everyone who says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who does the will of my father in heaven he went on to say many will say to me in that day Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your name they will say we preached in your name we taught in your name we aside in your name in the name of Jesus we even done wonders in your name and then the Lord Jesus foretold that I will declare to them I never knew you depart from me you who practice lawlessness you see the king of a kingdom he can see it he can know all that are in it that are in his kingdom that have been born into his kingdom but those who have not been biblically born into the kingdom of our Lord he will not see them as someone that he knows it is so critical in these last days we hold to all the truth of the teaching of Jesus and His apostles so to be biblically born again of the water and of the spirit as Jesus commanded in John 3 that he said without we cannot enter the kingdom of God and as his apostles told us who he had authorized for their words to be bound in heaven the Apostles told us how to be born of the water and of the Spirit when Jesus started his church in Acts chapter 2 and as we hold to the truth and love the truth of the biblical blueprint of Jesus and His apostles inside the kingdom of God we are inoculated and protected from the spirit of deceptive delusion whose tentacles are encircling the world including the religious than those claiming to be Christian for when the biblical new birth taught by Jesus and practiced by the Apostles is happening as the Bible shows us it happened in Acts chapter 19 that when that occurs and I’m quoting now each one of these are quotes from Acts chapter 19 then people are quote baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus unquote and quote the Holy Spirit came upon them unquote and diseases left them unquote quote evil spirits went out of them unquote and quote who had believe came confessing and telling their deeds and those who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all do we have everything out of our life do we have everything that is in not in alignment with the Word of God and the Holy Spirit of the Lord out of our life it’s time to burn it up and get rid of it and then it finally says there in acts 19 as the word of the Lord grew mighty and prevailed all of these are phrases that are direct quotes from Acts chapter 19 and that is what biblical revival from the biblical blueprint of biblical truth looks like the Lord Jesus said in Matthew chapter 24 that there would be at the end extreme deception because iniquity which is biblical lawlessness he said will abound the love of many for Biblical truth will grow cold to where they have no interests and still they say where is the movie instead they say where is the pictures and the video instead they say where’s the beer are the Terek cards because they are bored by biblical teaching and these last days there will be extreme deception leading to delusion so it’s critically important that we examine ourselves and each one of us asked us how high is my truth quotient how high is my love for the truth all the truth of all the Word of God do we accept and love all the scriptures in the Bible there’s absolute truth and accept that more than above all that any other book will say except that more than what any other person says except that more than what any other preacher or teacher says except that more than what any other church or organizations beliefs and opinions our community it’s time for people to say I love the truth and that they want to make a decision for Jesus Christ community would you begin to pray now in the name of Jesus for everyone that’s on this livestream and for all of those that will come in the future and listen through this critically important teaching it’s time my friend for you to make a decision for truth and to make a decision for Jesus Christ in your life no it’s not that you’re perfect no it’s not that you understand everything no it’s not that you have everything exactly lined up in your life you need the power of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to baptize you to help you do that right now you just need to make a decision that you’re going to live for Jesus Christ now that you’re going to take every action you need to take for Jesus Christ community are you praying believers of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God are you praying now for souls we want you to make a decision for Jesus Christ in this broadcast here today so you can enjoy forever the blessings of the kingdom of God if you’re willing now to make a decision for Jesus Christ in your life that you’re turning fully to him and all of his truth just type into the chat right now that you’re making a decision for Jesus Christ in your life don’t hesitate don’t hesitate you’re making a commitment to Jesus Christ by typing in those words I make a decision now for Jesus Christ in my life community let’s take some time right here now hallelujah to wait on this and to wait on the Lord and let’s pray and pray for one another we’re going to we’re going to go over our prayer requests here in just a little while but right now we need to pray for souls hallelujah we need to pray for Souls souls that are here let me tell you you can face tomorrow and you can get your life in order because he lives oh Jesus please pray community to pray for yourselves pray for your family pray for your husband pray for your wife pray for your mom pray for yourself pray for your dog pray for all of them standing family Jesus Christ King son of God he died for us to by our part an empty grave is there to prove my savior lives because he lives we can be victorious tall hallelujah pray for your friends pray one for another right now pray for those in the valley of decision is broadcast pray for them now in the name of Jesus only Jesus can give the droid stars praise God how do I feel the Holy Spirit just reach out your hands right there now where you are Thor the screen say in Jesus name I accept his truth and his Holy Spirit hallelujah because he means Oh people are being born again people are making decisions for Jesus Christ I have a list of all the people that they’re making a decision for the Lord it’s happening community is happening because Jesus lives hallelujah I know who holds the future Holy Bible says in 2nd Corinthians 16 that now is the accepted time behold now is the day of salvation this is except this time God has given us to make the decisions you need to make for Jesus in your life to take the actions you need to take for Jesus in your life to come to Jesus believing on him as your Lord and as your Savior if you’re willing now to make a decision for Jesus Christ type in the chat now I’m making a decision for Jesus and in just a moment we’re going to come to Jesus and prayer talked to him together he loves it he hears us just believe in him the cause hélio’s hallelujah oh my god through the Word of God through the working of the Holy Spirit good God let it work now in all the hearts of all the people on this livestream and in this community God by your divine workings Lord the all-powerful Lord movable people with your love and with your peace and your salvation hallelujah praise God people and the valley of decision come to Jesus believe in Jesus because the signs of the last days that we told are showing he’s coming soon we’re at the nearing end of the same I want you to come for Jesus and pray and I want you to talk to him just like you would anyone and in prayer talk to him confessing how you feel place all your burdens all of your sins all of your failings all of your troubles on Jesus Christ now for he cares for you I want you to say this prayer with me now and mean it from your heart dear Lord Jesus say it I believe on you as the Son of God that you died for me and you rose from the dead that I may be complete and alive in you I come to you Jesus bringing all of my heaviness of troubles and burdens and I give you the wounds of my soul and I give it to you in exchange for your love your peace and salvation and rest for my troubled soul I ask you to forgive me of my sin and to save me before I want you as the savior and Lord of my life thank you for hearing my prayer and loving me and lead me and following you and Jesus name Amen hallelujah this wonderful praise God since you willingly said that prayer we believe you’ve made a decision for Jesus Christ in your life and you’ve started a new relationship with him in your life for a new beginning that leads to a wonderful new future Jesus Christ has for you but now your most important action in this critical moment is to continue forward with Jesus and learn more so that your faith is made complete in the actions of your life as you experience more that Jesus Christ has for you to complete your faith as you go on into the kingdom of God so later after this livestream go to signs of the last days org website and on the homepage watch the video next steps to the rapture and learn more about your personal next steps to take and continue into more that Jesus Christ has for you and if you need help finding someone to baptize you or pray with you biblically where you are contact us at signs of the last days of ministry to help you find someone our contact information is down at the bottom of our website now we have been watching and we’ve been praying and now it’s time for us to also pray for our community and encourage our community also in the Lord and does anyone have any prayer requests here that we need to pray for let’s look on to our community channel and and look and see and see what we have amen first of all we see here that we have some some testimonies to encourage us in the kingdom of God here Alfred says amen thank you for sharing the love and forgiveness of God and Jesus name thank you Alfred he says Jesus Saves and everyone says Amen all of this is from our community that’s been put into our community tab there on the channel also there’s chris chris said I made a decision to serve Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior hallelujah he put that into the testimonies Amen chris god bless you and jesus name what a wonderful testimony and then also community as a joint community testimony i want to tell you that i I thank God what the Lord is doing already in this livestream is watching pray livestream broadcast we’ve already had 23 people praise God that have made a decision for Jesus Christ in their life I have all of their names here on this list 23 people thank God community that’s made a decision for Jesus in the previous two weeks on this watching per a live stream who have started a newer or stronger relationship with Jesus Christ praise God and then we have a testimony from Gary who says oh Jesus is coming I tell you he is it’s going to be any day now praise God thank you Gary god bless you now let’s go to prayer for our community with prayer requests and there are many of our community that has needs not this is important dear community believers this is important we need to hear these prayer requests and we need to pray over this in our prayer requests we have one from Tracy pray for me and my family the Lord knows the issues yes he did yes he does the Lord knows our needs the Lord knows our words before we even speak in the Lord knows our thoughts but he wants us to come and confess our needs and issues to him so that we can pray and the Lord can move on our belief in our obedience and act for us so that our needs can be met Haynes ministry says been fighting rheumatoid and author an Aussie law fright us need prayer thank you and blessings Virgil said yes please pray for my son Calvin he needs the Lord and pray for his family and for him and the daughters I ask in Jesus name Amen we pray we believe community pray and believe for this for Virgil and his family in the name of Jesus then there’s Maureen I tell you this is amazing oh I feel the holy spirit community do you feel the Holy Spirit oh we have people from all over the world now that are listening to our broadcast and coming to our websites to all the information that we publish there and here’s someone that’s from Saudi Arabia says please pastor William prayer prayer for my daughter to accept Lord Jesus Christ as a savior and then she goes on to say that I am from the Philippines but I am in Saudi Arabia working since I’m a born-again Christian but I am NOT able to I’m not allowed to attend any church here because of my employer who are a Muslim family so here here’s one of the reasons for the importance of this ministry we are reaching all the way and to Saudia Arabia even right now hallelujah in the name of Jesus and there’s a dear believer there who’s not allowed to go to church and they our being blessed by the Word of God and by the Holy Spirit working through this ministry in the name of Jesus she says also pray for me and pray for my sister amen to receive the Lord Jesus Christ and also pray for us here in Saudi Arabia to maintain our walk with the Lord and also for healing praise God in the name of Jesus Christ hallelujah by the power of the name of Jesus and the Holy Ghost Lord God I pray right now for this sister in Saudi Arabia god bless her let the Holy Ghost come on her let the healing of the Lord come to her every one of these prayer requests Lord Jesus that we mentioned so far let there be healing in the body salvation and the soul salvation and the families and the name of Jesus Christ move upon the connection of Prayer through this community and bless and save in the name of Jesus Christ that’s what we’re doing right here that’s what we’re doing in the last days for God we’re declaring the signs of the last days and seeing the Ministry of the biblical word of God and the biblical Ministry of the biblical blueprint of Jesus Christ and His apostles we have the prayer request from Rhonda god bless you each and every one pray that the Holy Spirit flows over this planet in worldwide revival and everyone accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior Lord in Jesus name and then there’s Rowena I am needing prayer for guidance for my Bible reading and have more structured prayer in Jesus name and that is so important it’s so important we gathered together like this and we encourage and edify one another and see the signs of the last days and hear the teaching of the word of God but here Rob Rowena is talking about just like I do in my daily life I have a heavy room that is set aside for prayer I have a prayer blanket there at my prayer rail and right there every day I get down on my knees multiple times a day in fact there’s Bible teaching that morning noon the evening we had to pray before the Lord there’s another scripture that speaks of seven times of Prayer a day but they’re on my prayer blanket at my prayer rail I also take the Word of God and I have a systematic methodical way of reading the Word of God – where I read chapters in the Old Testament and chapters in the New Testament going through the Old Testament and New Testament daily reading chapters every day that’s important for it’s through the strength of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Word of God in the kingdom of God that there can be no deception that will overtake us and that we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior thank you for that prayer request rowena that was so pertinent to us and also to teach us then there’s David David says blessings to all have God’s will be done for us all love and prayers from the republic of ireland god bless all the Irish I tell you again people from all over the world we have people all across the states the United States we have people in Canada we have people in Britain and Ireland across Europe in Asia it’s just reaching out praise God for what he’s doing with his signs of the last days ministry in Jesus name God be praised and then there’s Enrico he says pray for strong protection and deliverance and healing and salvation for my family members saved and unsaved praying for a mighty move of the Holy Spirit everywhere so that many will be saved before the day of the Lord begins amen and that is a foretold prophecy of the word of God that right now in the last days God will pour out his spirit upon all flesh and the Lord is doing him and that same prophecy and acts a second chapter also says that in the last days your young men shall see visions and your old men shall dream dreams and sometimes the Lord has been dealing with me that’s one way that the Lord speaks to me the Lord speaks to me through his word and through his spirit and also he is chosen in His divine will to also speak to me through dreams and I have a dream journal and some the Lord’s been dealing with me that sometime in the future I need to share with you about these and there’s some of these dreams I need to share with you that has come to me from the Lord and it’s Biblical prophecy that in the last days God will pour out my spirit upon all flesh in your old men I don’t qualify as a young man anymore now I’m an old man but they shall dream dreams and I thank God hallelujah that he’s allowing me to participate in the last days and that he has made that promise he come real in my life Maria says prayer for all prayers for revival in Israel and all around the world true revival true revival she says that healing prayer physical and inner healing pray for me in my hip Maria if you’re listening put your hand down on your hip pray in the name of Jesus and faith believing and the prayer of faith shall raise up the sick the holy scripture says in Jesus name hallelujah in the name of Jesus pray for Maria that she can get out of bed Amen in Jesus name then there’s Sam you Alice Sam Sam well oh please pray for my mom who has Alzheimer’s and diabetes pray for her mind to be restored in her body to be restored and healed in Jesus name in the name of Jesus and then there’s marsha pray for mark for repentance prayer and also divine mercy Oh hallelujah I feel the Lord moving in these prayer requests community pray right now stretch out your hands toward the screen let’s all say in the name of Jesus be thou healed in Jesus name be thou saved in Jesus name be saved in Jesus name be thou restored in Jesus name be tho delivered in Jesus name and be you set free in the name of Jesus Christ for that is the ministry of Jesus Christ he came to set free the captives and give deliverance to those who are bound and we do not need to be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ but now we are putting the church out to the world here through the signs of the last days of ministry and the name of the Lord Jesus Christ oh I tell you community let’s thank God right now let’s thank God can’t you tell and feel that the Lord is working in this prayer request that we do and how the Lord is blessing this community and making us stronger in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen praise God you know we have a different reality from the world we have a different expected end in Jesus Christ because we live under the promises of the holy scriptures of our Lord God as his children who are in the kingdom of God and we can pray in Jesus name and know our Heavenly Father hears us hallelujah praise God amen and now I want you to pray for this ministry also right before we say the prayer blessing as you know we always say the prayer blessing onto our community but also wants you to pray for this ministry of signs of the last days as the Lord is our support and as you the body of Christ are our support to bless this ministry in the last days we cannot continue without the blessing of the Lord and in the body of Christ and giving the support this ministry in the last days and that is the biblical principles in the biblical way of the Lord God Jesus said to give and then it shall be given unto you as a greater blessing from the Lord and we need partners in prophecy for the prophetic work of God you know we have people that are working full-time to be able to write the content and to be able to publish all the postings and the news that is on the website signs of the last days and to be able to make these live stream broadcasts to happen and to be able to respond to the letters and respond to the emails and respond to all the online comments and and chat and what-have-you it’s all part of the work of God and the Holy Scripture teaches in the New Testament the Apostle Paul that they that work at the altar she also live by the altar and that is the plan of God and the work of God for those that do the work of the Lord who also live by the work of the Lord and all of these people that are working they also have their needs of food they need a house they need a weights of transportation they need all of the same things that everyone needs and we need to be able to provide that for them and the way that that is done is through the blessing of the Lord in the body of Christ and all of the expenses of this ministry that come in every day and every month only through your support of the body of Christ can we meet those needs and we thank all of you there’s so many of you that are giving already to support this prophetic ministry did you know that we have partners in prophecy right now that yield every month in a recurring offering that they set up to support last day’s ministry and there are those that also give one-time offerings some give five dollars some 10 dollars some 20 dollars we only ask people to pray and ask the Lord to lead them and what they should give and then we have some people to give 100 200 300 500 dollars in an offering this is what people are doing hallelujah and God is blessing them for we’ve even had people give $1,000 in offerings to this ministry and it’s because of that they’re able to be here today we don’t tell you any amount to give we own we don’t tell you what to do we only ask you to pray and follow the Lord for him to lead you and guide you and giving to this ministry so that together we are able to ensure the signs of Biblical prophecy are shared around the world the Bible says we live in the last days when the world will become selfish as lovers of themselves and lovers of money despising those doing good and we must be careful because it’s also a sign of the last days that people will not follow the biblical truth of the principle of Jesus Christ of giving in the work of God and we have not so learned Christ for the Lord Jesus Christ has give his love his mercy his salvation amen and he has made it possible for us to walk in the freeness and the newness of the kingdom of God and since you believe in ministry sharing the prophetic signs of Jesus is coming we know that many of you will follow the Lord and giving an offering and joining us as a monthly partner in prophecy just check the recurring contribution button on the giving page to be that monthly partner but you know the Lord wants us as his children to be blessed and now we’re going to pray our blessing of prayer our prayer of blessing that we always pray in every watching prelab string and I want you to get ready to receive it are you ready to receive the blessing and this blessing comes exactly from the Word of God we are praying the scriptures of the prayer of blessing over you now let’s Prarie pray the prayer blessing together upon us from the Word of God may the Lord bless you and keep you the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace the Lord put his name on you bless and lead you heal and raise you up blessed shall you be when you come in and blessed shall you be when you go out the Lord opened to you his good treasure and bless all the work of your hands the Lord make you the head and not the tail and if any speak evil against you may the Lord turn it to a blessing now the Lord establish you to walk in his ways and make evil to be afraid and depart from you now grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ receive a blessing in Jesus name and we agree together and say Amen thank the Lord this community is watching and praying and what a blessing it is as we prepare for the coming of Jesus as we edify one another here are signs of the last days we appreciate you so much and we’re praying for you every day as we follow the commandment of Jesus and Luke 21 to watch and pray and lift up our heads is our Redemption draws near remember for the born-again believers the last days are not the end but the beginning of our wonderful new future and Jesus Christ forever signs of the last days ministry connects the conditions and events happening in the world to the biblical prophecies we are now reaching into cities and areas all across the United States and the Lord has blessed us to reach into over 40 countries now around the world and what makes this all possible is the support from the Lord in his body of Christ in the world as you who give to God into this ministry so to bring all these broadcasts and content to bless you and others the Bible says we live in perilous times of the last days where the world is selfish as lovers of themselves and lovers of money despising those doing good for God but we have not so learned Christ for Jesus said in Luke 6 to give and it will be given to you giving us his principle of giving as God’s Way of supporting his work of ministry and in turn blessing his people with a greater blessing as they do so pray about going to the website signs of the last days org and they’re securely given offering of any amount that’s tax-deductible and be a partner in prophecy helping this ministry proclaim more signs of the last days prophecies so more people know to get ready for the coming of Jesus thank you for supporting this last day’s ministry and receive the blessing of the Lord Jesus upon you as you help others to watch and pray and prepare for the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ of which there shall be no end ..

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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.

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