Judge blocks certification of Pennsylvania election results; Trump grants Flynn full pardon | NTD

Streamed live on Nov 25, 2020

NTD Evening News—11/25/2020
01:12 Pennsylvania’s Public Hearing on Election
05:17 Pennsylvania Senate Public Hearing on Election Issues
07:25 Crowd Gathers outside Pennsylvania Hearing
08:25 PA Judge Blocks Election Certification
09:16 Trump Grants Flynn Full Pardon
10:52 Security Concerns During GA Recount
12:45 Meeting with Secretary of State Canceled
14:00 Thousands in Georgia Lied about Address
15:21 Lawsuit to Block WI Vote Certification
16:04 MI Poll Watcher: Republicans Mistreated
20:40 Cybersecurity Expert Warns about Dominion
23:22 Election Result Reporting Error in Arizona
24:30 GOP Files New election Petition in Arizona
26:03 Nevada Judge to Hear Trump Camp Evidence
27:35 Biden Laptop Repairman Gets Death Threats
30:29 Attorney Says Fraud of Tax Dollars in CA
32:36 LA officials: Data Doesn’t Back Virus Bans
35:09 Economic, Health Effects of Lockdowns
39:12 China’s Xi Jinping Congratulates Biden
40:05 Professor Praises Virus’s Economic Effects
41:53 UK Firms to Face Fines if DEFY Huawei Ban
42:42 Canada Telecom Giant Pulls Huawei From 5G
43:19 1ST Chinese Commercial Bank Goes Bankrupt
48:02 UK Considers Withdrawing Judges From HK
49:33 French Lawmakers Pass Controversial Bill
51:32 UK Lockdown: Restaurants Offer Meal Kits
53:08 Car Crashes into German Chancellery
53:48 Restaurant Bears out Pandemic with Pandas
56:18 Mysterious Metal Monolith Found in Utah

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