Jonathan Cahn “a Word for the year 2019”

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we do this once a year now now normally if you’re new I would do a full message on wherever we are or whatever on that but this one’s a little different and that is this is the beginning the first Sunday of the year because the first one of the year what we do is this whole weekend has been words for the year on Friday night we had the I asked two others of the pastors here to share a word and then I shared a word at the end of Friday night and today I’m gonna be sharing several words for the year that I have prayed prayed on waited on and then at the end is gonna be what I believe is the word for us for the year okay so first of all I’m not going to go into detail before I begin there’s a thing I want to share about where we are that I didn’t have to wait on because I know it I’m not gonna go into detail but just say prophetically we are at a critical time morally culturally when the forces that oppose the ways of God and the Word of God have entrenched themselves or itself in culture to the point that we are now at a phase where it becomes increasingly brazen and where these forces will continue to seek to not just exist not just proclaim but stamp out any opposition voice silence any voice that is standing for the word of God and that means by intimidation by pressure by vilification by boycott by having people fired by persecution that which stands for God which is you and many believers are on the defense not moving forward afraid to evangelize afraid of the culture afraid to go forward and so compromising not getting into certain subjects not talking about things silencing the Word of God themselves we cannot be that people you cannot be that person you know I’ve said this before and it’s even more important now this year we have to do precisely the opposite you have to do precisely the opposite you have to be bolder stronger more radical biblical more uncompromised more bold more unafraid in love speaking the truth less concerned what people think and more like Elijah and more like Paul more like Esther you have to stand up do what’s right regardless of the opposition let God take care of the rest this is these are the days that make make greatness for those who stand this is the time where we are to be that light in the dark which lights up everything around it and so this is this is the this is no matter what this is where we are and you we must rise to it now I’m going to share you the words I received for us then I’ll give you the word I believe there are times when I’ve gotten words concerning the world such as in 2017 when I one of the scriptures I got that I shared was the word of the king who recognized Jerusalem and that happened that year then in 2018 regarding the world I got the the word of the completion of the Kings decree in that year 2018 was the year that America moved its embassy to Jerusalem which was the fulfillment of the president’s recognition of Jerusalem the year before this year most of all I believe it’s for God’s people and for you and here are gonna be several words John 14 verse 15 years a lot so I’m not gonna expect you to turn to everything but just take note and this is if you love me you will obey what I command and this which clue which closely parallels it which says this by this we know we have come to know him if we keep his Commandments the one who says I’ve come to know him but doesn’t keep his Commandments is a liar the truth isn’t in him but whoever keeps his word in him the love of God has been perfected the word if you love him do what he commanded me the Lord says do what I commanded you if you don’t do what he commanded then it’s saying you don’t really love him if you love him and you don’t continually do what he told you to do or you continually do what he told you not to do it’s a sign of where that love is not full because that’s it says right here so if you love him you don’t keep going back more if you don’t you don’t do what he said if you keep doing what he didn’t say there is that there is a lacking of loving God he’s saying here listen as a matter of love it’s not just a matter of holiness or just a matter of obedience it is but it’s a matter of love if you love me do what I said if you love me don’t grieve me keep it simple you’ll love me do what I said do that doing that thing and continuing in that sin and that indulgence is not just a matter of indulgence it’s a matter of love for him that’s what it’s about if you love them stop it this year if you love them stop gossiping wants it for all if you love them stop indulging in pornography once and for all stop the lust stop the carnality stop the attitude stop the anger stop the idolatry stop the judging stop that stop because you’re doing those things is not speaking of loving God if he’s called you to something and you know it’s God’s will and you’re not doing it this year do it if you’re make this year the year you finally stopped that thing which is grieving God and make it this year the this year the year that you rise up once and for all to do what God is calling you to do make it simple you love the Lord obey Him you love the Lord take it up a notch to go up higher to the calling that he has for you next word and it’s consistent with this but more detail and this is from Ephesians 4 in reference to your former manner of self lay aside the old self which is being corrupted in accordance with the lusts of deceit be renewed in the spirit of your mind and put on the new self which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness and truth therefore put away all falsehood speak truth to each other for we are members of each other let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth but only such a word that is good for building up according to the need of the moment so that it will give grace to everyone who hears it don’t grieve the Holy Spirit by whom you’ve been sealed for the day of redemption let all bitter an all wrath and all anger and all clamor and all slander be put away from you and all malice be kind to each other tender-hearted forgiving each other as Messiah in in God in Messiah has forgiven you therefore be imitators of God as beloved children and walk in love as Messiah loved you and gave himself up for us and offering a sacrifice as a fragrant aroma but immorality or any impurity or any greed must not even be named among you as his proper among the holy ones of God Paul is telling us here those who have been he’s speaking of those who’ve been in the Lord for a while in Salvation many years but he’s telling them nevertheless you haven’t put off the old self yet or you haven’t put off a whole but a bunch of the old cell the way of living your form you still have parts of the former way of living the former attitude the Lord wants this year to be the year that you lay aside that former manner of cell totally put off the old self put on the new which is may great lay aside all dishonesty not do not even let well you know does it say let up let a little bit up on wholesome or he says don’t even let one on wholesome word come out of your mouth that’s the big thing don’t even let one this year God wants how many unwholesome words to receive remap zero only that which is good that builds up keeps grace the Lord wants us this year to not grieve the Holy Spirit this year the Lord wants some bitterness await know all bitterness away all clamor and anger all malice and judgment all unforgiveness all he wants it gone he doesn’t want it what and and any ill-will you’ve got to somebody away God wants you to be forgiving holding no grudges but immorality any impurity he says it should not even be named among you well that includes that includes anything that’s not appropriate for a child of God anything in your life that’s not pure or consistent God doesn’t want it named God wants it out of your life as if you don’t even talk about out of your life including sexual immorality when it says immorality and anything that’s not appropriate now that speaks largely of what to put away but now the next scripture I got is about what to take up Matthew 9 says this what I got verse 35 Yeshua Jesus was going through all the cities and villages teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom healing every kind of disease and every kind of sickness seeing the people he felt compassion for them because they were distressed they were dispirited like sheep without a shepherd they said to his disciples the harvest is plentiful but the workers the laborers are few therefore beg the Lord of the harvest to send workers into the harvest he said if you love me you’ll do what I command well this is what he commanded to everyone clear absolute Great Commission go and spread the gospel spread salvation tell the loss bring them into the kingdom if we’re not doing that if we’re not spreading the gospel if we’re not sharing salvation if we’re not bringing people in we are not doing what he commanded us to do that means we are disobeying what he commanded if you love them you gotta share salvation if you love them you gotta share salvation but if you love him you got a severe salvation there’s no such thing it’s not just for the evangelists it’s every one of us it doesn’t matter if you fear them it doesn’t matter if you’re worried you’re gonna offend them and you don’t want to be rejected it doesn’t matter he commanded it do it cause you’re gonna be blessed they’re gonna be blessed even if they reject it you’re gonna be blessed spread the love of God the truth of God Salva go out this year to the highways go out open your mouth on your job in the store to the people around you to the people compel them invite them to come in God wants you and be part of the Great Commission that’s the ministry here together each of us and this is what I got two scriptures that also go together John I will ask the Father and He will give you another counselor to be with you forever always the Spirit of Truth 1st Corinthians 2 is what I got as well verse 12 now we have received not the spirit of the world but the spirit that is from God so that we may know the things freely given to us by God which things we speak not in words taught by human wisdom but in those words taught by the spirit combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words this is a confirmation actually what I shared a week ago when I when we were you having testimonies the end of the year on Friday actually which I shared of the vision of the water coming from the temple I believe this is saying to us we are called in 2019 to do those things that we cannot do on our own but to do them in the Spirit of God we don’t know it’s saying we don’t know things but the Spirit knows things we can’t do things on our own but the Spirit can do them and by the spirit we can do all things God wants us this year you this year more than ever before to live by the Spirit of God to do all things by the Spirit minister by the spirit talk the were your words by the spirit love by the spirit overcome that thing by the spirit do all things more and more by the Spirit of God walk in the spirit and the next one I’m going fast because I’m gonna get to the word it’s actually gonna bring it all together I want to show you something but here but I love this this is the Song of Solomon I God chapter 5 I was asleep but my heart was awake the voice of a voice of my beloved my beloved was knocking on the door saying open to me my sister my bride my dove my perfect one then then onward in the chapter what kind of beloved is your beloved all most beautiful of women what kind of beloved is your beloved that you may a Juris my beloved is dazzling and ruddy outstanding among ten thousand his head it’s like gold pure gold his locks are like clusters dates as black as a raven now here’s this is my beloved and this is my friend daughters of Jerusalem this is the love song of the Bible the bride and the bridegroom the bride the bridegroom is God the bride is you and it’s talking about the intimacy of their love since my beloved is knocking on the door and saying open up my beloved open up believe the heart of God is calling this year a year to be a year of intimacy greater intimacy for you and God and God is saying open up he says I was asleep with my heart awake it’s kind of she’s asleep she’s awake and God is saying open up and then the bride to let him in every part of your life intimacy with God and then the bride gushes over the bridegroom she says my beloved is dazzling the brightest the Lord wants you to be more in love this year with him to gush over him to be dazzled by him God wants to be more intimate with you this year and you to be more intimate with him because that’s where it all begins more and more in his presence make it your commitment more and more overflowing with his love because all the rest comes from that you need it every day in the presence of your beloved and these last two words before I get to the word and they go together as well esra six and the elders of the Jewish people were successful in building through the prophesying of Haggai and the Prophet and Zechariah the son of a do and they finished building according to the command of the God of Israel the decree of Cyrus Darius and artaxerxes king of Persia this this temple was completed on the third day of the month of Adar it was a six year the reign of King Darius and the other Psalm 111 verse 2 great are the works of the Lord they are pondered by all who delight in them glorious and majestic are his deeds now this is about these two are about the purposes of God being fulfilled being brought to completion I believe God wants for us the year to bring to fruition and to your life fulfillment and completion purposes that he has desired and willed for years to come into completion in you in your life in our ministry in our midst thus he has desired things he wants he wants to see a fulfillment to bring about a completion of things that his purpose far back but note the context with the temple being rebuilt here it took place through the people of God it was God’s work but it came to pass through them so God has willed things in your life but you have a part in it to have it happen and they back then had stopped building the temple so we’re saying the purpose is back then were hindered intimidated discouraged they were up and became apathetic so in your life you may have let certain things that God ordained for your life purposes promises for your life become hindered become discouraged aim even let it go apathetic or you just didn’t think it was gonna happen God sent them Haggai and prophets and Zechariah saying get up again get going finish the work finish what is unfinished in your life finish what is unfinished in your calling bring it to completion because that’s God’s will they had to get up and get going God is saying that here get up there are things that I have called for your life that I want to bring to completion this year and things with us and we must rise to it now now let me get to the word what up and this is the larger part there are usually confirmations when I share this when I shared a word I got last Sunday a woman came up to me and told me that morning she was praying with God and the word she got was the exact same word not a regular word it’s not a it’s not a common word exact same Scripture God said that morning on Friday night this Friday when I shared one word linked to the year which actually goes along with what I just shared here too the word was a word I’ve given in many different ways when I signed books so you know but nevertheless I got it for this year and it was Jeremiah I know the plans I have for you says the Lord plans for peace and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope now you can get know for those who weren’t there you can it’s it’s recorded from Friday night but as I’m giving that in the front row is a man who’s here also in the front row right now I see who that same day had just been given a Bible that day and he’s sitting with his new Bible in the front row as I’m sharing the scripture and engraved on the leather cover you have that there on the leather cover the Bible sitting in front says I know the plans I have for you says the Lord plans for peace and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope here always a confirmation and that’s Friday it’s right there with it he says I got to tell you what but now now so now let me tell you about this last year when I shared the word for the year I showed you you may remember you may not confirmations in metal God had given me these metal things they’re all the same scripture now I now this year I didn’t plan this word I really never planned the word but even before I got this I was sharing it this year see something happened there was an object we had wanted prepared for the ministry and it was just finished on the last day of 2018 the last day it was just ready for the first day of 2019 so on the first day of the new year we had a gathering of ministers where we prayed for the new year the first day is actually the day of firstfruits the firstfruits of the new year this is the firstfruits of Sunday and the object was ready that day so I wondered well maybe what wants you bring it because maybe babies from the Lord that it be was just ready this day that this is for the year and I revealed it to the ministers there but I didn’t plan it to reveal it yet to everybody I would have done it in time but I didn’t plan that right then but then as I’m seeking the word for the year well and for the service god surprised me last year I showed you some metal objects confirmation of the word two of the three those object have put in my pocket the other one I put on the taken put on the table well this sign concerning the word for this year I cannot put in my pocket or on the table because it’s too big so I’m gonna begin by showing you the sign concerning the word which is something that I was gonna share any gonna show you any because it was prepared for the ministry and let me just tell you what it is as we get ready to take it out you can get ready guys we have we’ve asked to be built a reproduction a replica of the temple menorah the lights that’s shown in the holy place for our the ministry and so this is this now links to the word but I’m going to show it to you was done by Alex who’s over there you guys you can just take it away Alex who’s the one who built it but we’re gonna bring it up it’s to size it’s the size of what was in the holy place of the temple of Jerusalem it’s it’s about seven feet high you got to have this pre the priest had us had a like a ladder a step when they lit it up but we’ll light it up this year but but the thing is because it would it lights it works it’s got all its it’s there but now here’s the thing I was gonna show that to you and that again let’s hear for Alex who who who say he was the anointed of God he’s one who did the Ark of the Covenant and so now here’s the thing now after I showed this to the ministers so I’m gonna keep this up because there’s gonna be a sign of the word on the first day of the year one of the ministers comes up to me at the end and came up to me and says this morning I prayed for a word I got the word it’s not a usual word but the word she got specifically concerned the menorah and she told me of the word that she got then this weekend when I’m praying for the word of the year I get the same exact word this same exact word that’s linked to the menorah and an amazing thing is it brings all the other words together and here it is from Zechariah 4 then the angel who was speaking to me returned and roused me up and as a man is waking from a sleep and said to me what do you see I said I see I behold a menorah a lamp stand all of gold with its bowl on top it’s seven lamps on it with seven spouts belonging each of the lamps are on top of it as two olive trees buy it one on the right side of the bowl and the other on the left now that’s not the end of the word I’m going to give you the the finishing of it but let’s open it up he sees a vision of a menorah seven lamps on top seven lampstands the same symbol I was led to share the first day of the year what this is about first of all the menorah is a vessel of God it’s a vessel it is vessel made to glorify God its existence can only be fulfilled as it comes into the purposes used for the purpose of God so you are a vessel of God you are made for the purposes of God you are created not for Sid for the purposes of God every part of you your heart your mind your emotions your physical being is made to glorify God this is a holy vessel consecrated to the temple for the purposes of god you are a created to be not just a vessel but a holy vessel you are made for it you’re not made for the other stuff even though it may seem foreign that all I can’t be holy you’re born for it every part of you is made to be holy consecrated this had to be consecrated so your vessel you have to be consecrated see this this vessel cannot consecrate itself but you can consecrate yourself because God gave you a heart if you take this vessel and you put it in the mud it cannot fulfill its purposes likewise if you give yourself holy vessel and you put yourself in the mud you give yourself to sin you’re putting yourself in the mud you cannot fulfill your calling a holy vessel has to be separated to the Lord separated from impure or low purposes to be used for high purposes so in the scripture it says in a large house there are many vessels it says some vessels for low purposes a washbucket but another one or the china.the the beautiful Voss that’s for high purposes says if anyone will cleanse himself from the low purpose as the import purposes these sinful purposes he will be used as a vessel of Honor for God now note the other scriptures are we got this gonna bring all the good about if you love me do my will this year if you love me stop doing what’s not my will God want this year to be that where you put that aside to be a vessel of Honor to be used for the purposes God called you but also this vessel is made for what on here it’s made for life but it’s began have light it’s made for oil this is a vessel made for oil so you are a vessel made for oil what is oil the symbol of the Holy Spirit of God doesn’t matter if you’re Baptist Episcopal doesn’t matter male/female old young you are to be you were born to be a vessel of the Spirit of God the menorah has these cups that are hollowed out they’re empty so so that it could be filled so God made you in the same way a vessel that has an emptiness in it has an emptiness that cannot ever be can’t be filled by anything else but the Spirit of God that’s why when you’re not you don’t have the Spirit of God when you’re not feeling the presence then you’re empty and the emptiness is a good thing it’s a signal it’s an oil light saying you need to be filled with the presence of God these other things cannot fill you they can be part of your life but they can never fill you they can never replace they can’t fill your heart you can’t put other things into that place you have to only put void only put oil so with your heart only filled yours your emotions can only be filled by the Spirit of God your everything of your life it’s made that way and note the other scriptures I got this year to be living in the white the Spirit of God the oil of his presence note this entire vessel you know it’s big its elaborate still it cannot fulfill its purposes without the oil so no matter what your life is no matter how talented gifted you are no matter how much you have you cannot fulfill your purposes or your calling without the filling of the Spirit of God this menorah is created to be lit up it cannot be lit up without the oil so with you every one of you is called what did Messiah say you are the light of the world but you cannot that light cannot light up without oil so your purpose God has purpose in your life they cannot be fulfilled except by the spirit and by the spirit they will be fulfilled see the Spirit of God enable see the spirit of the oil enables this vessel to fulfill its purpose by being a lion so the Spirit of God is not just some nice thing and so you can dance around and all that do that do whatever you want but the Spirit of God is what enables you to fulfill the purpose that you were born to fulfill you can’t do there this menorah cannot produce any light without that oil or can’t do anything that’s gonna last you cannot fulfill your calling without the Spirit of God fulfilling it through you look you cannot live the life of God that he asks you without the Spirit of God doing it you cannot live a holy life you I mean you could do some things on the outside but then you’re gonna it’s gonna it’s gonna fall apart is gonna be empty but the only way to fulfill what God has for you is by the filling of the Spirit of God you can do all things through the Messiah who strengthens you by what by giving you the spirit you can live a holy life but not by yourself but by the spirit this year you can forgive that person this year by the Spirit of God you can love the one you couldn’t love by the Spirit of God this year by the Spirit of God this year you can resist that sin and be done with it but the Spirit of God you can live free this year but Spirit of God you can overcome by the Spirit of God you can and will fulfill your calling this year you can do all things that you could not do without remember from the word when the Lord said fulfill said receive just like this this vessel has to receive the oil he said receive the power and the word is Dunamis and Dunamis comes from Doudna machi which means it’s the power it means of I can literally the Spirit of God is the power of I can do all things through Messiah who strengthens me I can do whatever I have to do in God this menorah no matter how good it looks and how good it much it tries it can’t light up without that oil so you me by this very we cannot apart from me you can not do anything but by me you can do all things for this year and it’s not just the menorah is filled with oil it’s got to be continually filled the priests of Israel went on this stepped up to it and every all the time they would trim the lights they would keep the oil burning cuisine this light wasn’t something you turned on when you went into that holy place it was always on always on sword I tell you the menorah has to always be filled and that vision that Zechariah had is of a menorah that’s continually filled with oil the menorah that means we are called knots enough to be filled by the sphere and people say I got this beer you have to be continually every day I want to go be in the flowing in the spirit every day filled with a spirit every day the menorah has to be open on top to get that continual filling and you have to keep your heart this year continually open to God to receive continually a closed menorah is going to receive nothing a close life if I can if my life is complete in myself that I’m not getting anything from God if my ministry can function on its own by the systems and programs it doesn’t need God it’s going to be no oil and that’s what’s happened to too many believers and churches you’ve got to be open a closed routine open up out of your routine step out of your routine step out of the regular the rut step out and open yourself up to new things seek the filling Paul said seek the spirit now in the vision where does the oil come from it doesn’t come from Crisco bottle of oil from the supermarket right where does it come from it doesn’t even come from the the priest doing it this and the vision comes directly from the olive tree the olive tree produces olives the olives produce the oil but it goes directly from the olive trees God wants you this year to seek his presence directly the spirit directly from his presence by being in the presence note the other scripture Song of Solomon beloved bride and groom together that you’d be filled Heaney he’s seeking you don’t forget it from a minister and you don’t think you’d get it directly from God’s presence that’s what you need get filled up and then you can do the rest the oil pours from his presence my beloved she says his name is like pure oil God is calling you this year to be more in the presence of the Holy One and your beloved and what happens with that oil then it gets ignited the vet this vessel is made to be on fire you are made to be on fire not being on fire isn’t just for some believe it doesn’t matter who you are it doesn’t matter if you’re a very reserved person it doesn’t matter it’s not about that it’s about you could be the most reserved person in the world but be on fire for God you are made to be on fire for God or the oil leads to the fire the Spirit being filled up leads to you being on fire blazing again a God wants you on a fight it’s the greatest thing to be on fire for God and God will relight that fire a fire is a light to be seen to be visible so the so the pouring of the oil the spirit has to produce manifestation in your life it’s got to produce action it’s got to produce words got to produce ministry it’s got to move and and touch the world what happened why is the book about what’s the book of Acts called the book of Acts sometimes it’s called the book of the Acts of the Apostles other times it’s called the books of the book of the Acts of the Spirit but notice what happens at the beginning of Acts you don’t have the book of Acts until really you get you get the Spirit coming right there in acts 2 right at the beginning comes the spirit then you got all the acts of this here so in the same way the Spirit of God is going to produce actually the the spirit filled life is one that’s always receiving from God and then always letting it come become action work change in your life let it move you start moving in the Lord and don’t hide the light this year the Lord wants you to be a light you are the light of the world nobody lights the land and puts it under a bushel t-pod puts it up sets it up on a lampstand so can light up the whole house so God has called us he wants us to see or not to be in flowing in the spirit and lighting up or everything around us notice the other scripture the harvest the harvest is great God is calling us this year as a ministry and individually to shine your light don’t be afraid because you know something else as the menorah shines the light what happens it uses up the oil and then more oil is poured in and there’s something about it when you go out and you spread the gospel in some way when you when you wherever you are you spread the gospel you you start there’s a flow of the spirit that calmness the Lord anoints it because it’s the center of his will it lights up you so we must go forth and we’re gonna help you do that God has called you to be a light also what is that menorah it shines we’re outside no this is never outside this always shines in the holy place it shines in the dark the menorah is not a mirror it doesn’t reflect what’s going around it it’s a light that changes what goes on around it it is not a reactive vessel it is a proactive vessel it’s a light that lights up it shines it’s not affected by the darkness it affects the darkness all the more God wants you this year to be one who is not affected by the world but who affects the world who impacts the world who empower who you are not to be reactive reacting all the time to the next thing that happens you are to be the actor acting upon a light to your world the light to your family a light to your home a light to your marriage a light to your job a light to your ministry a light to yourself independent of the darkness not dependent on the dark not dependent on the world you’re plugged less into the world plugged out of the world and plugged into God and shining to the world but plugged into that olive tree plugged into God that you can shine it but this is crucial for the end times crucial for the hour prophetically I shared at the beginning what does it mean when you’re surrounded by darkness there’s a it’s dark of love you still shine love even though it’s not deserved you shine it when your circumstances are dark of joy you still shine joy when your culture is dark of holiness it’s perverse you still shine purity you still shine righteousness you still shine holiness but for the menorah to do it it’s got to be filled all the more in the end times when all this happening you cannot be affected by the dark you got to be a light to it God wants you to be shining this year a rise and shine for your light has come God wants you to be that light that shines and what a way to live where you’re not affected by the world you are you are you are blessing the world and we as a people we as a ministry God has blessed us God has done things greater than we could have ever imagined at the beginning to touch the nation touch the world we are called to do more we are called to be a greater light this year we are called to be greater more as a ministry more indwelt by the Spirit every every part of the Ministry doesn’t matter what you’re doing here you are to be doing it by the Holy Spirit of God every part every person every thing and now to the final part of the word there and it goes on to say this listen then he said to me this is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel by the way well I’ll get here say listen not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord of Hosts who are you great mountain before zerubabbel you shall become a plane and he will bring forth the capstone with shouts of grace grace to it what is he saying notice the other scripture about the finishing of the temple this is the exact same thing that’s it’s talking about right here God is saying he is going to bring to pass what he ordained that’s what he’s saying back then what he called to happen he will bring to the filmin he’s going to take the purposes that have been hindered slow down intimidated discouraged blocked abandoned let go of and bring them to fulfillment that is his will this year for us for your life and he’s gonna use his people to do it they’re gonna be part of it you’re gonna be part of it and it’s gonna happen by the oil by the spirit not by might not by power by his moving by his people moving in the spirit God will accomplish those things that got stopped back then for Israel for Jerusalem for for the ministry there for the temple and their lives by the Spirit he’s saying that mountain of opposition the mountain that hindered you the obstacle that stopped you is going to be removed not by the strength of his people not by their strategy but by the spirit and the spirit within them in the menorah when the people of God rise in the will of God and move in the Spirit of God there is no mountain that can stop them or that can stop the purpose of God when you’re rising in the will of God and in the Spirit of God there is no mountain that can stop God’s purposes in you and the temple it says that for which they lay down they lay down the cornerstone years before and it had stopped now it says you’re gonna you lay down the cornerstone and you’re gonna lay down that you’re gonna put on that final stone the purpose is that God began will be brought to completion will be fulfilled God is calling us this year and you this year to be his vessel the vessel God always called created you to be God is calling the purposes of the vessel of you to be fulfilled this year and us together for that to happen he is calling you to dedicate yourself more than ever to the purposes and will of God to separate yourself more than ever from that which is not the will of God for you if you love him do his will he called you to be a holy vessel this year he wants you to become it that’s the perp that the purpose of your mind body soul emotions hard dreams everything become holy and the only way you can be to be filled up with the Holy Spirit of God all parts of your life more than ever before and by the Spirit of God you were called you are called this year to do everything you recall to do to live the life you were called to live by the spirit to break free from what you are not called for and by the spirit do what you could never do God is calling you to manifest his presence by action by ministry by your calling and a shine this year with this light to shine brighter than you have ever shown before to shine with this love shine with this present shine with his good work shine with a gospel into the dark and God is calling you this year to complete what has not been completed in your life in your calling what God hindered that the mountain the obstacle the hindrance the unrecoverable thing will now by the Spirit of God be overcome will be removed and that mountain shall be a plane before you and the promise of your life and the promise of your calling the promise of our calling the promise of your salvation shall be fulfilled shall be completed you who began the work God who began to work in you and you who laid that stone will put the capstone upon it it shall be answered the cornerstone of your calling shall be answered what by the capstone and shouts of joy and grace on your life and it shall be not by might and not by power but by my spirit says the Lord it shall be done amen let’s close our eyes right now let’s seal this now for action let’s seal this for the purposes of God miracle right now let’s let for a year of victory let’s right now close our eyes together father we praise you today thank you for this new year this new beginning of great and mighty things Lord we praise you for that thank you Lord we praise you and Lord we thank you Lord even singing even today there was more people coming for a prayer than has ever come and Lord we think you’re doing something and father you’re your anoint you want to anoint us Lord we praise you we seek your father help us to do all put all these things into our lives this year we commit to you to put out that thing from our life we’ve commit to you we believe for a true victory over those things victory to put out and victory to receive in to rise to to be finished with those things Lord we want to be a holy vessel we are your vessel and we consecrate ourselves to you as Holy this year holy to the Lord consecrated and Lord we are a vessel that was meant to be filled and Lord we dedicate this year to be filled more by you more and more Lord to live holy speak holy talk holy be father move in the spirit be filled by the spirit accomplish your will in the spirit father we praise you and love you Lord we commit specifically and Lord to be in your presence to be in your presence we do Lord we love you and we don’t want to grieve you and therefore we are going to do what you have called us to do and to not do what you have not Lord but we Lord help us Lord we commit to being in your presence as the bride and groom to be filled up with your presence to be by the the olive tree and receive Lord fill us this year fill us anoint us with a flowing of the oil of the Spirit and Lord light us up that our hearts would be a flame up on fire for you and to do and we committed to do in the spirit to move in the spirit and minister in the spirit to be part of the Great Commission you have called us to spread the gospel to open arm our hearts and eyes and mouth to share your salvation and bring into the kingdom we praise you lord help us to have victory where we never had it before help us overcome where we never overcame before we put away all those other things and we receive your anointing father and help us to fulfill the purposes that you laid the cornerstone for you who began this good work you mean to complete it in our lives in our ministry and in our lives if other Lord we want to fulfill all those things that you have purpose in our life the promise of our life be fulfilled that we will place the capstone there and we commit this year as a year of victory a year of mountains being moved a year of of shouts of grace grace and a year of not by my tour by power but by your spirit says you and we praise you lord stay in God’s presence commit what you need to give me this is crucial for you commit this year commit all those things and with our eyes closed right now if you’re not 100% sure listen closely if you’re right with God if your life is in God’s will if you are born again if you’re saved you’re gonna be going if you’re heading to heaven Jesus said this he said you must be born again it doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic Protestant doesn’t matter doesn’t matter if you’re doesn’t matter how good or bad it’s been jesus said you must be born again if you’re not born again you need to get in there’s only two roads one road leads to eternal life that’s heaven the other road jesus said leads to eternal separation from God judgment that’s hell if you’re not born again you’re on the wrong road you’re heading away from God and you need to get up but but the door the way to get off that road and get on get on the road of life is he’s very simple he said you must be born again or you cannot be saved you can’t enter Heaven so if you’re not born again it means you need to get in and maybe you’ve known God but you haven’t been living in his life your life hasn’t been in his will you need to get into that victory you it’s for you too but you’re asking how long do I have to get right how long do I have to get born again and to do it to make it right we’ve got the answers you got one heart beat one heart beats the only thing that’s separating you from eternity once it stops that’s eternity and there’s nothing that’s it you can’t choose after that the only time you can choose is now after that it’s sealed forever that’s why you have a heartbeat take it as God knocking on the door and saying open up my beloved is knocking he’s knocking on the door of your life that’s why the Bible says don’t say tomorrow you’re gonna get it right tomorrow may never come you may not have tomorrow and even if you do you mean you may not be open tomorrow but you’re open now and God is speaking you now and this is your moment and he’s saying come now I will not reject you I will not turn you away if you come now but don’t let this moment pass you by and here it is it’s it’s this is the moment you’re a moment he’s and he’s talking to you personally saying come if you’re not if you’re not sure you’re born again you need to get in you’re not sure we’re gonna be a thousand years from now you need to get in and maybe your you just haven’t been right you have been living in victory you need to get back this freeway you say well how do I do that how do I get born again how do I the answer is it’s simple it’s easy but you need to mean it in your heart very simple the Bible says if you confess with thy mouth believe in your heart you shall be saved me near it whoever receives him you receive him for real and say from here on in Lord I’m going your way and come into my life come into my heart forgive me make me new thank you for loving me thank you for giving your life for me thank you for dying for my sins and overcoming death so I could be saved so this moment with our with our eyes closed listen and you’re saying Lord come in to my life in fullness every part of my life and make me new cleanse cleanse me cleanse me so with our eyes closed with our eyes closed we’re gonna pray a simple prayer a simple prayer simple prayer with our eyes closed listen closely to say yes to your calling yes to what God has on your life yes to God’s will in your life yes to fulfill it your so saying yes Lord so with our eyes closed we’re gonna pray that simple prayer the simple prayer to say yes Lord so if you’re not sure we’re gonna be a thousand years from now if you’re not sure you’re born again you need to get in them you’re not sure you’re right with God you need to get back and maybe even okay but God’s calling you to a higher ground and God wants to fill up every part your life you pray to for that make it your own prayer let’s pray we’re gonna pray right now just repeat after me the Bible says if you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart you shall be saved so with our eyes closed we’re gonna pray that prayer together you can say the words in a whisper and and and just reverse repeat up to me but mean in your heart as you say the words you’re not gonna hear other people because they’re gonna be praying at the same time in a whisper it’s just between you and God right now so with our eyes closed this is your moment God is saying come this to you this is your moment pray right now with me simple prayer to say yes to God with our eyes closed let’s pray just repeat after me in a whisper to God Lord God I come to you now and I say yes to your call yes to your call on my life thank you for loving me thank you for giving your life so I could be saved dying for my sins rising from death so I could have eternal life and I say yes to your call I say yes to your calling on my life I’m gonna follow you from this moment on with all my heart Lord I turn away from the darkness I turn away from the sin and I turn away from all those things I turn to you the light Lord forgive me make me new cleanse me fill me bless me with your presence I receive your love I receive your cleansing I receive your power I receive your presence into my life to that I be lit up with your life I receive of your spirit and thank you Lord by this prayer I can say by your word I am blessed I’m received I am new I’m free I’m your child I’m born again I’ll be with you always I’m saved leave me on from this moment as I follow you as your disciple with all my heart now this year and all the days of my life in the name of my Redeemer my Savior the Messiah Jesus and I say amen and amen ha ha night boy Marie your errand I pull of a little V Cooney yeess are denied for marvel the say hallo the Lord bless you this week child of God keep you cause his face to shine on you and that you shine back with his glory the Lord’s grace fie upon you to lay that capstone Grace and the Lord lift up the glory of his countenance upon your life this week and give you Shalom my fullness peace all the blessings of his love Buscemi’s schewe Jesus or how long the light of the world in his name and all people say to find out how you can receive more of Jonathan’s teachings to receive special free gifts or get in touch go to hope of the world org or call toll-free 1-800 use schewe one that’s hope of the world org or call 1-800 to schewe one that’s twenty hundred nine three seven four eight two one you can also get more at Jonathan Cahn’s Facebook page or write us direct at hope of the world bounce one one one one New Jersey’s zero seven six four four you will see hope of the world is dedicated to the goal of spreading God’s Word and salvation to every land and people do this by spreading the word throughout the world and sponsoring compassion projects to the most poor and the earth to get in touch or have a parting God’s work just right to hope of the world box 1 111 New Jersey 0 7 6 4 4 USA or go to hope of the world org or call 1-800 you shoe a one that’s one eight hundred nine three seven four eight two one

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