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Was Jesus born on December 25th no we just wiped Christmas out so wills yeah well the first let’s I mean well and let’s do it I mean as if we were you know biblical detectives and we’re here in the Holy Land first of all in verse clue Luke 2 it says and she gave birth to her firstborn son she wrapped him in cloths laid him in a manger because there was no room for them in the inn in the same region there were some shepherds staying out in the fields keeping watch over their flocks by night that alone is a clue right there it is yeah absolutely because people who argue December 25th seek to deal with this the the rabbi’s say in the Talmud that shepherds would only be out in the fields around March until the next rainy season season so people argue well you know the winter there is known the winter still gets cold there too I mean if you’ve been to Israel in the winter it does get I’ve been there when there’s been snow it’s not so it’s not just that they’re out there they’re not just keeping their sheep in the Pens they’re out in the fields and at night which is very strange why would they be out in the fields at night well you know some people have argued this is another one that he was born in the autumn he was born during the Feast of Tabernacles which I understand because they say well God tabernacling with us the problem with that is that that during Tabernacles the male’s had to all be in Jerusalem so the birth of Messiah would not cause Joseph to break the law by being outside of Jerusalem when he’s born it’s not gonna do that the birth of Messiah is gonna fulfill everything so there is one time of the year that Shepherds would especially be out with their flocks at night only one that’s in the springtime why are they watching their flocks at all hours because Shepherds during one particular time do that it’s when the sheep’s give cheep give birth to lambs in that net the lambing season that’s the only time that’s what they’re watching at any time of day any time of night they’re watching for any birth that’s the only time and when would that happen the lambs are not like people they’re only born at one time I never knew that yeah honestly lambs are only born at a certain time the year not like us they can only be born a certain season lambs are born in the springtime that’s the first thing they’re born in the springtime they could start as early as February but it really would go March April that’s the center that’s the Hebrew month of Nisan we’re gonna also go through the Nissan is that month so during that they’d be watching it which all fits together because you know the shepherds their job is to watch because of lamb they make sure that lamb is okay so what a perfect thing to begin with because Jesus is the Lamb of God so why would God have who would he have to greet the birth Shepherds who are watching for the birth of the Lambs so here’s that’s so perfect of God Messiah is the Lamb of God and they’re their greeting that’s what they’re doing and so and where is he born he’s born in Bethlehem or bate left them and the thing is that that Bethlehem people don’t know this because of some clues we have in the writings of the rabbis was actually a place where the Lambs that they had were actually the Lambs for the temple sacrifice that lehem especially was the lambs for the temple sacrifice so here what more perfect place and time Messiah born at the time of the lambs when the sacrificial lambs are born in the place where they’re born now here’s something else that is gonna pop them you know point to this period in there’s a clue in Exodus X’s 12 says take a lamb a male 1 year old it’s the Passover lamb and so now you can read that and miss something the the lamb that is the Passover lamb and Jesus Yeshua is the Passover lamb is is a year old at the time of Passover so it means it had to be born a year before in the springtime to be a year old so here Messiah so the Passover lamb dies on Passover Messiah is the Passover lamb he dies on Passover but it’s also born at the time of Passover that’s Nisan spring so Messiah if the lament the Passover lamb is born at the same time when it dies so that’s the next clue and so the firt the next thing is the holy didn’t exclude is the holy days of Israel and here here what does they have to do with with this mystery well the central events of messiahs life and his time on earth they all take place on hebrew holy days i mean oh and we’ll start in one people only realize on Sunday the first thing is he’s going to his fashion getting on that dock going that’s a Hebrew holiday people don’t realize the first Hebrew holiday ever given to Israel was Palm Sunday and and where it is hey doesn’t think I’m Sunday it’s it’s an exodus 12 when it says take a lamb on the tenth day of the month you’ll take the lamb you’ll keep it for four days you’ll take the lamb to your house that’s called the 10th of Nisan the first command given Israel to continually keep the tenth of Nisan is the day of the lamb the day that they take the lamb to their house keep it there until the time of the sacrifice so what happens the 10th of Nisan count back from the Last Supper as Passover for the 14/15 Lisa go back you are at Palm Sunday Palm Sunday is the 10th of Nisan it’s the first Hebrew day ever give Him and it’s the day that they are actually there when he’s coming to Jerusalem they’re all taking the lambs to the house God is taking the lamb of God to his house on the day of the lamb being taken to the house oh my it’s all there first and the first thing in this the first command ever given Israel to go was think about this was take the lamb in Hebrew you can translate it except the lamb receive the lamb the first he the first command he gives to the Jewish people is accept the lamb and so and they still when they fulfill that first commandment it’s all the ages complete but that was the very first command and that was the day and it also can be even translated sees the lamb he comes into Jerusalem he’s gonna be ceased but so all the Lambs he’s watching them come in and he is coming as the Lamb of God God is moving him getting ready for the sacrifice on the same day I mean God is so perfect so perfect so everything that’s just one I didn’t even mean to share on that that’s one and the thing is that and then and then when does he die he dies on the other Hebrew holy day which is Passover the lamb when does he rise he rises on the other Hebrew holy day we can do a whole thing on this the feast of firstfruits the day of the first fruit when the first fruit is lifted up from the earth as the new life after the new life of God he is raised up as the first fruit Paul even says he’s the Ritz on the day of the first room everything happens then what’s the next great event of the church it’s Pentecost Pentecost is a Jewish holiday people realize that feta cost is Shavuot in Hebrew you know do you know that that the word Pentecost is a Jewish word that those the same Greek rabbis who came up with the who came up with that the tower calling it the the that come let us build a tower they’re the same ones who came up with the name Pentecost and Pentecost is a Jewish holiday in fact or there are some Orthodox Jews will know that they’re celebrating Pentecost they were the first Pentecostals because they’re celebrating that Moses was the Pentecostal he told them to celebrate this in in Greek it’s Pentecost 50 days in Hebrew it’s feast of weeks same thing so everything happens on a Hebrew holiday of his life his death his resurrection so of course his birth God is very accurate and absolutely it’s gonna happen on a significant holy day of Israel so the question is which which one it begins in the spring time the first pieces pass over the age begins with Passover Messiah on the cross and it ends with Tabernacles when God will come down and Tabernacle and and so so we don’t do a whole thing on this but the whole age is that so when would he be born prophetically it’s not gonna be in the autumn that’s the second coming gotta be in the spring again it all points back to the spring and it’s got it points back to this month called Nissan which means the beginning the month means that the beginning that’s what it means that’s where it all begins so and everything he does in order Sundays resident he does it according to those days so if you got you count back you got resurrection in the signet Nisan you got Passover and 15th of Nisan you got palm sunday 10th of Nisan you only have a few more days from the beginning that this has got to happen so it’s narrowing it down now to the very first days of Nisan and so now that now the next the next clue every day every time he fulfills a holy day he doesn’t just fulfill the time it the theme of that day he fulfills it for instance Passover he dies as the Passover lamb firstfruits he rises so everything has to do that is there any day on the Hebrew calendar that would match up with birth new beginning new everything there is one day and happens to be a Nissan and the one day is Nissan one which is the very beginning of the Hebrew year the very day that begins everything and so and this is the day that it’s a very it’s the new year it’s the real new year though most what most Jewish people think Russia Shona it’s not the new either real New Year of God is Nissan 1 now the thing that Nissan one is you don’t have to be in Jerusalem there’s no command to be in Jerusalem yet it’s a holy day so Joseph could be there at that time and it’s also it’s the thing about this it’s the day it’s the day that begins the calendar it changes the count that the old calendar is gone the new calendar begins what is Messiah’s birth – when he comes to this world he changes the calendar the whole calendar tries to change bc-ad and there’s one one day on the Hebrew calendar that matches that and that’s nice on one it’s the calendar changer but now we’re gonna even go deeper we’re gonna go to the moon now okay we go for the moon but this is not I wanna tell you as we’re doing this there’s all sorts of things we’re that touch on a million other things so it’s good the mystery of the Moon and that is the Hebrew calendar is based on the moon you know and that’s where we get the word month month monk so the moon and so when Jesus died the people don’t realize is he died at the full moon when he died it was a full moon why every Hebrew month begins with a new moon starts it reaches its peak at the full moon that’s what it’s called the month is in its fullness that’s right in the middle Jesus died on the Nisan 14 15 the middle that’s Passover that’s when the moon had to be full that day had to be full and his symbol Nisan means the beginning it’s the month means the beginning the full moon means the big it’s the it’s the fulfillment of this beginning this first coming it’s at the fullness of it so his whole life is leading up to this newcleus this fullness this moon and so when would his life begin if it if it fulfills that the full moon of Nisan means the month of the beginning first coming it would begin on the new moon of that of Nisan the very beginning and that’s Nissan 1 so his whole month there’s a moon mystery behind this whole thing – every Hebrew calendar every year but I want to go now to the Stars we went to the moon let’s go to the Stars and to do the stars we have to go to the people who were priests but not Jewish priests of the religion called Zoroastrianism which we know as them or the Magus or the Magi the madly strange Magi or in Hebrew the beguine so they’re astrologist yes let’s get into that yeah bout a strong look if ya look at a song they’re coming to the Lord in the star they did and yeah they did and and then you know you know that there’s actually a prophecy about the Magi that people are really in the Old Testament Isaiah 60 says arise and shine your light has come and then says nations will come Kings will come and then it says a herd of camels will call it cover your land but they will come bearing gold and frankincense that’s Isaiah 60 it actually prophesized the Magi they will come with gold and frankincense never missed gold it says this it’s it’s God so much in there you read it you had it it’s like I think cuz only God just puts it in there and it says it says gold and frankincense and they’ll come praising the Lord that’s the Magi so the words given that they’re gonna come and then you find in Matthew it says Jesus Yeshua was born in Bethlehem and Magi from the east came to Jerusalem saying where is he who was born King of the Jews we saw his star in the east and we came to worship Him here we have now the clue of the Magi the Magi that were priests and as you said astrologers now we know astrology is wrong bad have nothing to do with it no Krishna’s any business but God is sovereign and that’s what they know they’re looking back then astrology and astronomy were basically the same they believed there was Sun but God is able to speak so so the thing is that what is this star now there’s people who said it’s there’s some you know conjuction well the problem is no natural star is able to move across the thing I mean it can move in the heavens with everything but he can’t move and guide you to a place so it is it is a supernatural thing but what’s happening is but what do we know about this star you know that they’re led to a manger and first of all say something else and you probably all know it but this is a misconception you see the nativity scenes that you see the Magi there the Magi were never there they were never there the Magi were two years later now do we have a clue when did this happen well it’s we got his hair is alive and he says two years kill them when according to when he saw they saw the star so Herod do we know when he died Herod died 4 BC so right away we know that Jesus was born BC he wasn’t born on the 0 we know that’s a mistake it is really not theory or whatever it is at 2012 it’s really 2000 if you go or – or more than that but he had to be born BC because Herod died BC so they were poets it’s two years before so that’s pointing us to six BC with the Magi seeing something now here’s another another clue here in the mystery if the Magi just saw a star in the sky how would they know how would they know that this is King of the Jews I mean how would they put a star you know a star appears but how do you know King of the Jews one interesting thing is that remember there was the prophet Daniel and he went to Babylon the Bible says that he became the head of the wise men of Persia the wise men a Persia were the Magi so actually Daniel is the one who actually gives the time of messiahs coming he gives that countdown so so good so it’s possible he could have passed down that went to the Magi the time around when he came they still wouldn’t know when he’s born but it would say when he’s going is really someone but they could already be saying okay something may happen soon but how do they know but looking at a star how do you get King of the Jews and here’s a thing and remember it’s not about it astrology is wrong but God is able to speak the language to speak and this is the thing around in six species same time we know there was something that happened anyone into the stars would have seen him there was a convergence of Jupiter Saturn Venus Mars all converging to one part of the sky and there was also something called a double occultation but anyway there’s all these things happening and but they said where is the king of the Jews they were astrology in the language of the stars one they thought it was a star but it was a a wandering star as a planet one star was linked to the king when you see it and that was Jupiter when you saw that that was the King star when he was the planet but then what does that do I get Jews they say where’s the king there’s an ancient astronomer a Greek who says this in a book called tetra byblos says says there was in the land of Judea was linked to the constellation in the ancient world – Aries the RAM that the ancient world when they saw that they said Judea so this the why is that significant what happened in 6 BC is that all these things converge and the Jupiter it comes in this the picture big time things are happening with Jupiter and they all come to the place that’s linked to Judea it in the sky it’s all linked to this thing re so they’re all would look at this and say king they would say Jew and then here’s the star something happens divine so they would come from that that a king of the Jews has been born who is somebody beyond anything we’ve known so they would come by that just by that be able to say where is he who is born King of the Jews we saw his star in these and modern astronomers have identified that such a conjunction happens only once every six thousand years so here it happens with this they come when did this convergence happen and again it’s not about the Magi it’s about that God is able to lead anyone who’s seeking Him but when did this happen it happened in 6 BC when in the spring time again in the spring time but now the mystery gets bigger ok now hold now hold on now it’s okay if you get or you don’t get but here’s the thing here’s the nothin another real clue in the Bible big one Luke 1 it says in the days of Herod king of Judea there was a priest named Zechariah of the division of Abijah and he had or Abijah he had a wife in the daughters of Aaron her name was Elizabeth it happened while he was performing his priestly service before God in the appointed order of the division according to his custom he was chosen by lot and he went in so he went in to minister now we got a clue right there this is the birth of John his father is a priest Kohana from Aaron and he is he goes into these goals to minister now what we know right there is there was a set time when the priests would go in and they were divided up into courses what his course was Abijah so we can find out when a by Jesus course was we’ve got it you know we’ve nailed it if you can find out because you can okay he was there then six months later comes the birth of it comes the conception of Jesus you got all the way but the trick is how can you find now there’s a calendar somewhere yes no yes you think there is one there is one yeah there is one first of all in second chronicles 24 we read about the divisions of the priests so we now know the order of when Abijah was in there he was number 8 he was the eighth it would go by weeks one week two week he would be the eighth week in order they’d rotate they had 24 altogether so just know there you got 8 but you got it you gotta know but the key is the key is when does it begin because we can’t tell when this happened until we know he’s number eight we can’t tell until we know when he began okay the answer here the clue comes from the Dead Sea Scrolls the Dead Sea Scrolls which by the way were only discovered by this arab shepherd who threw a stone into the into the cave and it smashed these pottery and comes the comes the greatest find of the the oldest bible ever in history just at the same time when israel’s coming back as a nation God restores this this book Dead Sea Scrolls okay here is here is the thing there is a writing in one of the scrolls actually that contains a calendar of the priestly courses okay in the Dead Sea scroll so this 2,000 years waiting to uncover and so the thing is now the key here is okay stem is that this this calendar goes for a few years before it repeats again it’s not a one-year it’s not it’s not the same every year so you got a date we got an now down when exactly what year was if you can get any priests whenever this order was on this date you can nail down the rest of them okay that is the key so here is the here’s thing they give a mystery this is gonna sound like Indiana Jones yes and you don’t have to get it and you know it doesn’t matter we’re not gonna but they give it they say they give a date of when the calendar began and here’s one of this one you’re not gonna get it’s okay but it sounds like this is Hollywood in that Dead Sea scroll that says when the Sun displays itself from the east and shines in the center of the sky at the base of the vault from evening to morning on the fourth day of the week of the sons of gamal the course of gum Bowl in the first month it’s the first year you don’t forget any of it but let me tell you what it’s saying it’s saying that the priestly calendar begins at this at the equinox the spring equinox and it on a Wednesday the fourth day of the equinox okay so that’s all with you then the Dead Sea scroll gives you a few dates and one of those dates matches this of when this would have been at the time we’re talking about and so when you enter but before I give you that because it’s gonna be that now the name of this there’s one other thing of it and that is there is another ancient Hebrew writing that confirms that this is they’re giving you the right date and that’s the town load because the Talmud says here’s the here’s the clue Talmud writings other rabbis say the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD was destroyed on a Sunday they said and they give you the name of the priest the course who were in that that week so just by that oh you’ve got it and the thing is the question is so if you take that and all you do is wind it back to the time of Jesus or take the other one by the Dead Sea Scrolls which is before Jesus birth and wine Deford and see if they met the first thing is they match the Dead Sea scroll date and the Talmud matched so we got it okay so so now you’re gonna find is when did this date appear when was a Beija ministering at this time and the and the ultimate thing is when you do this if you do you work it all together when does it when does the birth of Messiah take place according to it ready in the month of Nisan late March early April 6 BC the priestly calendar leads us to a very specific time and a date it leads us to March 20th 6 BC and if you take the calendar of the priests and this leads us to the same date though as the Talmud does which is which happens on the Hebrew calendar is Nissan 1 the day of the beginning of all things the day that we said he would be born now one of the thing here there’s there’s a thing here that there was a early church rent we went from there now we’re gonna go into the hidden vaults of the Vatican okay and in there there is a writing of a church father called Hippolyta’s and what he did is they use them and they say Hippolyta’s he’s the one who gave us December 20 he told us in the early days it’s the 25th of December but in one of the roll EULA writings it’s been censored because because in one of the writings there it says that it says it’s like they put that in you go but you look at his writing he says in the same thing no Messiah was born in the month of Nisan this is an early church writing which was censored there’s even a document in the Vatican Church this is not you know crazy stuff it’s there which gives a document which gives Nisan as the date of Messiah’s birth but now I want to give you one more it’s gonna bring it home ok one more ok what is the if you say what is the the most exact shadow of in the Old Testament of the birth or incarnation of Messiah well we said and it’s the tabernacle because it’s God tabernacling with us in fact when you read John the beginning of the Gospel John the word became flesh that’s the Incarnation and tabernacled among us the word in Greek refers to the tabernacle of Israel so we’d see set up his tent he came there and set up his tent so the thing is so here it is it’s a the Bible speaks about the tent town cause being a sign of being in the flesh being in the Incarnation so here the thing the question is is there a clue in the last the last piece is gonna be in the Bible itself weak people I can’t I can’t believe I miss this I can’t believe most the Bible is giving you the clue that the tabernacle is is the symbol of God dwelling with us so here it is could have a clue the first thing to know is when did the time when was the tabernacle built right after they went to Sinai Mount Sinai all that stuff God gives has built a tent they start building a tent now how long does it take for a child to be from conception to birth how long nine months slightly last nine months how long was it for the tabernacle from conception to finishing nine months nine months the same it was here it is the same thing it’s right there and so then the final thing is the Bible actually gives the date if we can find out when the tabernacle was finished if we can find the date the tabernacle is finished you’ve got it again oh so now here it is so where is it there’s a scripture the scripture is Exodus 41 and 2 which says you shall raise up the tent of the tabernacle of the congregation you’ll put it there the Ark of the testimony when here it is in the original the answer is but Yamaha Hodesh how he’s shown they Ahad the Hodesh that’s the answer the translation here it is in the first month Nisan on the first day of that month Nisan one the exact a from the beginning everything points it’s the beginning on Nissan one spring time he was born and this is everything I mean from the priests of the magi to the to the to the to the priestly calendar to the bible itself all the word became flesh and tabernacled it’s all there it was nine months up until the day Nisan one when he would be born from the censored writing of the church is all there and why is it important that he would be born in this way first of all when the first thing is it’s the day that everything becomes new everything is new and everything else becomes old and what’s it saying when messiahs presence comes everything before is old everything happen au is new and the power of messiahs presence is the power to make everything new and the power to make everything old old that’s when we’re born again when we’re born again that’s when when Nisan beat no matter what day it is it becomes Nisan one becomes springtime becomes the beginning but not only once we need him all the time whenever we receive his presence everything becomes new everything becomes that’s the power of God if the more we dwell in his presence it’s as we walk in the newness of life and the other thing of the power of Messiah coming he changes the calendars everything becomes bc-ad so before we knew him all BC we know maybe but every moment we receive him again every time every time we we receive him when in our lowest points it becomes BC it’s now ad it’s always day one for the people of God if we dwell in his presence it’s day one new chances second chance everything is new even the new coven itself you know we think New Covenant well it means it’s newer than the old that’s not what it means Buddy Holly means the Covenant of newness it never gets old it doesn’t matter we might get all beau but if we stay right in there we never get old the New Covenant is always new he’s the God of second chances new new new new and one other thing just here colleague let’s link it to the second coming let’s sing into real now notice of the first coming for this to happen everything had to be in an exact place everything had to happen exactly Mary had to meet Joseph that fall in love and their parents had a fall in love and their parents are fall in love and everyone one slight change and the whole thing falls apart everything had to be even the good the bad the problems everything to be worked perfectly for this to happen at the exact day that’s the first coming same with the second coming everything in this world is working exactly to bring about the second coming even our problems even every life every life is working together Israel every single thing that’s happening is working together just as the first coming was exact the second coming will be exact and on time and everything including the problems including the delays including all the hardships is all gonna work together not only for good but for his coming we are in the mystery now of the second coming but it’s gonna be just as perfect as the first …

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