This is what I said about 911 yeah they almost threw Franklin Graham out of America because he tried to warn America and they didn’t want to take it but God’s hand of protection had to come down and nobody’s saying God did this what they’re saying is God God very rarely has sent judgment that he didn’t allow a foreign enemy to come in you look at the Old Testament God had to let his harm of protection down God loves America yes best though Blainey loves Israel and he had to he had to deal with the country that he founded called Israel and he’s dealing with America right now so the first Harbinger is his hands brought down and 9/11 bricks right yeah that’s the shaking the wake-up call the second one is the second one is the ones who did this in ancient Israel where the Assyrians that they were the ancient terrorists they are the ones who invented terrorism all terrorism comes from them and so the second sign is that those who do this are literally terrorists that are terrorism and the people who did it were actually from the Middle East who are actually from the same areas spoke the Arabic is the sister language of the Acadians this idea of Asteria so it’s got the same the same area of land same all that sign of the terrorists same thing now are these people are still terrorists today you’re saying that oh they still exist yeah yeah I mean I mean I mean so here they were the very ones that destroy Israel there are the ones who attacked us on 9/11 there’s the same region in fact when we got involved with Iraq you know Iraq is a Syria it’s the same thing that was Isaiah that’s right there so here that happens you know and actually we saw at one point there’s actually you look at some of the words it’s almost a prophecy that they will get judged to God says I’m gonna judge them and so we even saw with Osama bin Laden the whole thing but the Lord allowed it for that reason for the reason the other two third one is the bricks have fallen so this is the very very self-explanatory this sign of the this strike on Israel is the destruction of buildings it’s the falling building the roon heap that’s what’s burned into our minds of 9/11 same thing the literally war bricks in zero the fourth harmony is it says but we will rebuild with hewn stone and what this is the rebuilding fourth Harbinger is the tower that’s going up which I want to that’s that’s the one Harbinger that’s not finished I mean as far as manifesting it’s still happening and there’s some things I’m gonna share about what’s happened since I was laughing so there was no repentance in Israel so we’re gonna use arrogantly said we’ll be a baker and banner that’s the whole point it’s not that it’s wrong to rebuild this their spirit was without God we’re gonna defy you God we’re not gonna be humbled so yes we’re gonna do what they’re saying is we’re gonna build stronger bigger taller higher and that’s exactly what the American leader said after 9/11 we’re gonna rebuild this this tower is gonna symbolize America bigger stronger it’s gotta be bigger than before and actually in the ancient translation of the Septuagint eight most ancient translation of the Bible it is a strange thing it says the bricks have fallen Isaiah but come let us build for ourselves a tower so literally a towers going up it’s happening I’m gonna share while we’re here at least three things that have happened since I was here that are its continuing and it’s happening at that site so I’ll share that as we go for it but that’s the fort that’s the vault on fifth one we will rebuild with hewn stone Hebrew word Ghazi stone means it’s a cut mountain rock stone they go to the quarries of Israel cut out massive rectangle block bring it back they have to bring it back to where the bricks are fallen and here we’re gonna rebuild as our stone of defiance were to come back stronger than ever without God America after 9/11 people of New York they go up to the mountains of New York quarry out a massive rectangular stone a biblical gazette stone 20 tonne tons a large they bring it to me to Manhattan they bring it to they lower down to the pavement of Ground Zero just where the bricks have fallen they have a ceremony around the stone Bloomberg is there the mayor the governor there they all vowed to faience America’s gonna come back stronger than ever over the stone and I want to make a note nobody knows what they’re doing nobody’s planning this nobody could plan it it’s just manifesting and it go right down the line next thing is but six Harbinger the sign of the sycamore when the attack happens this particularly they strike down the sycamore tree biblical sign of judgment God uses that sign of the tree fallen as a sign I’m gonna uproot you if you don’t come back you’re gonna you’re gonna fall like this thing what does that do with America after 9/11 I mean the last moments the tower is coming down North Tower it sends forth a shockwave a beam into the air happens to strike an object object happens to be a tree the tree happens to be the Sycamore of ground zero struck down B they make it a symbol put it on display call it the Sycamore ground zero have no idea national sign of judgment then it says we will replace the tree with the cedar in Hebrew the word is in cedar it’s the Erez tree which can mean a cedar can be a spruce it means a conifer pine tree panache the tree and what they’re saying is we’re gonna plant it right where the other one fell and say god you’re not humbling us we’re gonna build a stronger one we’re gonna plant a stronger one right in this place we’re coming back stronger what happens with America two years after 9/11 a tree appears in the sky Oh at the corner of Ground Zero is being lowered by a crane into an exact spot of earth exactly where the sycamore had fallen to make a point that we are replacing the sycamore not with a sycamore with another kind of tree what tree it was a panache the tree it was the biblical eras tree of Isaiah they have a ceremony around it called the tree of Hope they have no idea what they’re doing and it’s all all these people everyone becomes a symbol everyone help all these things have ceremonies next thing gets even more precise a leader has to actually vow the bow of Isaiah and I didn’t when I went gob when I was first being shown this I had no idea this was even happening I just lose like I said it’s Isaiah I saw all the things at Ground Zero I’ve had no realistic one day when I have pushed the button on my computer and instead of getting the scripture of his a night and I got the US congressional record the actual proclamation of the government of America and had no idea and so three years after 9/11 an American leader would have to make this vow through it but who in their right mind is gonna make a vow pronouncing judgment I mean you know we talked about it prophecy people talk about it but not not a not a government official that on the anniversary of 9/11 John Edwards running for vice president senator gets up on the anniversary and he says he opens his mouth out of his mouth comes the ancient vow of Israel today this day of remembrance in mourning we have the Lord’s work to get us through the bricks have fallen but we will build with dress stones the Sycamores have been cut down but we will put cedars in their place this is taken from Isaiah 9 chapter the tenth verse the bricks have fallen that we will rebuild the whole thing and he builds his entire speech around you can you could call that entire speech Isaiah he says we’re gonna put up the sycamore and we’re gonna put up the Cedars the stones won’t here’s no idea is actually happening he’s just voicing it from Kappler this is judgment on America then the last one is the actual that a leader actually saying this right after the attack speaking of what we’re gonna do and it has to become a matter of national record so what happens day after 9/11 while we were all just reeling from it on Capitol Hill America comes to make its response very important the government is on Capitol Hill one man has chosen to do that that man is Tom Daschle the Senate Majority Leader representing the Senate the Senate representing the country he gets up on the floor all our congressmen are there the whole government is listening to him and out of it reaches the crescendo of his speech for America’s response and says there is a passage from Isaiah that I think speaks to all of us at times like this and then out of his mouth the bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild with dress stone the fig trees have been felled but we will replace them with Cedars he speaks about the tree being cut down he speaks about it being replaced he doesn’t know what he’s saying but he’s like it’s like prophecy he’s saying it and it’s gonna happen he speaks about the stone it’s gonna happen two years later or three years later he speaks about the tree being everything he says is gonna come true people say well how can a man speak like that unless it’s not like the spirit it’s not like he’s he’s brought you know he’s charismatic how could he speak like that the Bible says Caiaphas did the same thing it says Caiaphas because of his position he didn’t realize what he was saying but he actually spoke prophetically so here he by his office he speaks it and he’s saying America is not turning back to God that’s why that’s why if we had heard that then we would know that that so-called revival would not happen then and everything he says is gonna lead to the next shaking which is gonna be the collapse of the economy which has its old stream of mysteries to the Hebrew day to the hours to everything from the Bible goes back 3,000 years everything so this is the next stage is if the nation does not listen to does not wake up defies God another calamity is going to come and another calamity is going to come so it’s continuing I believe with all my heart perhaps this year we’re gonna see another major event take place now you’re saying this is the history kind of a anniversary of a major event that took place what fifty years ago in America and so this year here this is the tenth year by the way since 9/11 and now you’re telling me it’s also the history of what it’s the fit this year you know people look at 2012 and then actually all this is parallel 2012 first day well the Mayans well the minds don’t have any answer they know the nines aren’t doing anything for us but the thing is but 2012 actually at the very beginning is when that charisma thing came out and said 2012 and was the harbinger began with a warning so I believe there is significance 2012 is the 50th anniversary of when America began its long depart from God it was 1962 in this song the summer 50 years ago today that good that media hasn’t made anything of it if the years ago that they ruled prayer out of the school that was the beginning of our turning of our major milestone even in the Harbinger he mentions that that’s the major milestone 50 years and I’ve seen virtually nothing in the media and when this happened and yet it’s one of most significant things that ever happened because that happened in 62 then right after that they took the Bible out of the school system at public school which was kind of were saying like the future children on the future so we’re saying we’re gonna take God out of our future that was the beginning right after that what happened America went through we had a president assassinated we went through the 60s civil unrest all sorts of hell broke loose the sexual revolution all those things then in 1973 abortion that’s the beginning of abortion and when it was ruled in Roe versus Wade then comes the taking down of the ten commandments stripping it down just like Israel did they take down the ten commandments then driving God more and more and more out to the point where we could talk about to what’s happening even news today where it’s it’s not even recognizable it began in I mean as a milestone 50 this is the 50th anniversary this is half a century this summer of the fateful act of America and we have been reaping the consequences so crazy about that is that was when I was entering into first grade so my generation those born in 57 our generation we were the first generation in the United States of America where where prayer was taken out of public school and then Bible reading and then of course like you just said Roe vs.

Wade in 73 and as a result you can see what’s happened to my generation the baby boomer generation and the children that we’ve raised and ninety percent big 90 print in the high 90s of all of this generations children at high school no longer attend any church of any kind America is now reaping what we sowed we have killed our children the ones we didn’t kill we have made it forbidden to have prayer to have Bible reading just literally made it against the law you literally would be arrested if you tried to have prayer at a high school graduation and yet if you want it and you say god Bless America we don’t mean that we didn’t turn at 9/11 Israel didn’t turn they errantly said we’ll just feel bigger and better yeah and are we doing that today we’re trying but as they as we try it collapses we one of the things that in the book is how our very attempt to come back stronger without God after 9/11 actually triggered the collapse of our economy that happened seven years later so actually it’s not only that it happens it’s but what we try to do backfires you solve one problem another one comes up and another one comes up and you’re thinking about this you mentioned its Laurie that this is the generation the generation that did this incident this is like Ozzie and Harriet generation so if they produce this day what are what is what are we gonna produce from this from where it’s going and it says that you just gave up it’s not a scary statistic this is the future not one out of ten are gonna go to church you know from what you said and for about at least four out of five of this generation I mean well a 40% do not believe do not call themselves Christian anymore so the idea if you look at the future I mean this is what we produce but this is where it’s going and this and this happened in ancient Israel the same thing so so it is it is major and it is it is incredible and this is what we’re weeping the sign is warnings harbingers are warning what does it mean we must be right with God we must know our God because he has the only answers he’s the only way out yeah yeah yeah and we are at a critical point I’ll share I’ll share one thing I’ll share a few will the clown we’re here but just some things that are continuing so people realize this is continuing after the book what’s in the book but for instance I’ll just mentioned up to start it off there is a one of the harbingers you mentioned is the tower top Ground Zero that is the one Harbinger for the one that is still happening still rising it’s taken over ten years and it’s still going and still going but I think it was two weeks after I was here it became the news story I don’t know if you caught it news story and there’s been a few of them while I’ll share but the news story was that if you remember one of the things that this represented with Israel and represented with America it’s got to be higher higher higher we come back stronger stronger arms long so they said the first side this gonna be the tallest building in the world well it’s not gonna be there it’s already overtaken but then we’ll be the tallest building in America and so what happened is two weeks after I was here it became the news story because just it because the tower became in April became the tallest building in New York it surpassed the Empire State Building for the first time became a news story all over every day of towers rising higher like this is a great thing higher and higher and in the Harbinger there’s a date given on the date there’s a date given of the mystery of ground zero which is what happened when erica was dedicated to God at that place on its first day it’s the craziest thing in the world 9/11 is the very sight of the founding of America which is the prayer the the dedication of America on its very first day our dedication ground biblical principle is is ground zero when they dedicated a merit of God they’re just lies with Israel when they dedicated to Israel and the judgment came back to the Temple Mount so 9/11 and the key date of that is April 30th which is the beginning of America as a nation-state and that’s when they did it well the day that the funding they’ve been building up this tower every day to make it the day it made all the news everybody focus back on their is the date of the Harbinger is April 30th it became the tallest building no York on the exact day of ground zero mystery are you all hearing this at all is it it gives this sound richer gets bigger and bigger in like the tower it just like would when the stock market collapsed all the fun edge about all of an exact date everything is beyond comprehension yeah yeah and it keeps on drawing back to the message of return America return in to where you were found return to your foundation which is one of the things that’s happening around the country and we can talk about it but how there are calls for gatherings to return but this is the site of America’s meeting that was the day of that prayer and that’s when everybody turned back it’s higher than ever and so it’s still under progress and there’s two of things I’m gonna share we’re here about that Harbinger I mean as we get to it but but amazing it keeps going just get and there are people who are reading the book when they heard other things in the news that I mentioned they were like you know they could not believe what was happening but I couldn’t even believe it something I’m gonna tell you when I heard it my wife told me I said no no no that’s too much that’s too much let me check it out and I checked it out and I said home my god I’m like my little to two and a half year old son is just staring at me saying like he’s never saw me in shock before but I’ll share what happened as we go on and oh I can’t wait yeah should we roll just a little bit of this video sure you want to give them about a minute of the movie let’s just rolled another part of the prophetic word of that movie do we have that model could we roll that little bit there please all the components of Isaiah all the harbingers of Israel’s last days before destruction been manifested but it doesn’t stop there the harbingers continue in fact they’re gonna affect everything from the war on terror to the crash of the stock market let’s talk about the speed with which we are watching this market deteriorate we read everywhere essentially down by full 5 percent we’re down over 16 percent down at the same time has fallen about 18 percent the stock market is now down 21% we’re now down 43 percent the global economic collapse this market is as followed all as you’ll never see the craziest day they have ever seen of these the Great Recession people bought homes they knew they couldn’t afford from banks and lenders who pushed those bad loans anyway all the wild critical debates and difficult decisions were put off for some other time on some other technique well that day of reckoning has arrived we’ve driven God out of our schools we’ve driven God out of our government you’ve driven God out of our culture we mock him we denigrate his people and his word we’ve taken down the Ten Commandments we have taken the Bible from our children and prayer if we continue on that course there is only judgment God is calling us to turn back to repent as a nation we must turn back to God we must repent for driving him out of our culture out of our land out of our lives God is calling us to boldly shine the light and boldly proclaim his word God is calling us to rise for such a time as this and to be the salt of the earth and the light to America we were called to be the key is if a nation being worn by God does not turn back then it will not just be one calamity there will come another calamity and more until judgment if it does not turn back to God and that is what is going to come as foretold by the harbingers you know that a unbelievable crash at the market changed lives lost trillions of dollars one of the top economists has said a few days ago this year by the end of the year the stock market won’t drop like 2008 he actually predicted the 2008 collapse he says the stock market will drop 90% that this movie is amazing we’re only given you seconds there’s two hours of this video that will give you all the details of it and I do hope you’ll order order that and and get the videos get the seven new CDs this this one of them was the the bride that we’ve talked about yesterday the bride and groom that whole lesson is one of the seven CD yes and then you have the seventh day the age of the Hupa the mystery of Eden entering your prophetic destiny the new our new the harbinger and the second Chronicles mystery and the joy secret and how to transform your life all seven of those CDs plus the two hours of the DVD video yes that is in detail for a gift of $50 to the ministry tell me a little bit about what those those lessons mean we just sure sure some of them yes yeah yeah one thing just to say too with it the DVD is ultimately just like the book is ultimately of hope and ended to leap it leads to a salvation call it leads to a call for revival the point is that we don’t wake up we can’t get hope so there has to be the wake-up call and hope so that’s where its own so people are are coming to the Lord through it so just people know when they don’t see it’s the end of each one it’s a call to salvation call to revival the mystery the bridegroom I started that the full thing is there what I kind of gave a shout to me it’s not just one of the biggest things in the whole Bible look hottest on the seventh day the age of the Hupa Genevan talking about but that is the the the end time part of that mystery that it’s all linked to understand the end times to understand this in fact the word apocalypse we think apocalyptic as a you know the word apocalypse means remember the Hebrew marriage they had to remove the veil in Greek to say removal is apocalypsis that’s how you get the word apocalypse it’s not the apocalypse isn’t just a bad thing it’s it’s for us it’s the revealing of the bride it’s a good thing or is a marriage apocalypse the mystery of the mystery of Eden we’ll get to be able to what we will do I’ll do some of it here but it’s one of the most awesome things from the Garden of Eden to the end of the – Messiah Jesus to the end of the age it’s really cool has the hidden writings the rabbi’s well we’ll touch on it here but it’s really the Yom Kippur in the Yom Kippur is that is the holiest day of the biblical calendar and it’s all linked to also the Eden the return to Eden – you’ll touch on it really cuz I’m entering your prophetic destiny is really a prophetic thing for everyone has a prophetic destiny and so I want to give some words of really also encouragement and power on this how to enter into the exact will of God the prophetic thing and there’s some really supernatural things on it but the point is it’s for everybody the the harbinger and new things the Harbinger in the second chronicles mystery is dealt with if my people but it goes from some things that are happening to the Harbinger update and something and things that are a mystery that brings the the answer for America but they’re also really amazing stuff that’s happening with that and the last thing that Joyce even had a transforming love I just want to give a powerful thing where I’ve seen we’ve seen people really get set free where we are through this message to transform your life about anything the joy of the Lord is your strength is a real powerful thing to overcome anything so that’s so you got there’s mysteries there’s prophecies there’s Harbinger there’s I want to give something that that would bless from every part so that that’s what there’s some of what they’re gonna get …

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