Jonathan Cahn – The Altar of the Dark Angel on the Temple Mount (part 2 of 5)

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This is the the reality of God and but also the reality of the enemy what the Bible says is true the enemy is real the Lord is real Antiochus this horrible King who comes into Israel and he sets an altar he sets an abomination on the Temple Mount this is where we get the abomination desolation this is this is the foreshadow this is first called the abomination desolation and then Jesus Messiah refers to it when he talks about what will happen so in a sense this is a shadow of what’s going to happen later the whole Hanukkah picture so you have Antiochus he defiles the Temple Mount he desecrates God’s eye he slaughters a pig and then he sets up this abomination which is a shadow of what’s coming what was the abomination well we know the abomination it was an idol and was an idol of the god Zeus in Revelation it says Pergamon the place of the throne of Satan when it talks about the throne of Satan it’s Pergamon why because in Pergamon you have this gigantic pagan altar the altar of zeus nuremberg is where they have all the big massive Nazi rallies and Hitler there is going to speak he Commission’s an architect to build him his pedestal to speak to the world in Germany the the architect is Albert Speer Albert Speer visited the altar of Satan in Berlin and when Hitler asked him to build Hitler a pedestal he builds it based on the throne of Satan he’s standing on the throne of Satan literally a throne is where you swear where a king speaks well this this role of Satan through Hitler it’s the enemy speaking to the world yes and the enemy hates Israel wants to destroy the Jewish people with all his might to wife because he can destroy them he can stop God’s plan that’s that’s what it’s all about the next mystery is that Dark Angel are you ready yeah I’m ready are you ready are you ready I am ready all right now this is going to be linked to we spoke about the mystery of Pergamon laughs and we didn’t and there’s much more but this is linked to it but I believe it’s going to open up an endtime understanding I’m going to show you some images by the end of the that I believe are gonna are open open some things that I make things very clear first of all let’s go back to that the first abomination desolation which it all comes from and that that Jesus Messiah speaks up will happen again happens in the time of Antiochus when he sets up this abomination on the Temple Mount he defiles it he slaughters a pig sets up what is it he sets up an image of Zeus remember and it’s an alt becomes he converts the temple from a holy temple into a pagan temple he converts the altar from an altar of God into the altar of Zeus so he defiles the whole thing has a war against Israel almost wipes them out but like everything else God keeps them and they prevail then but then the Roman armies come in in 70 AD and they destroy the temple in the name of their God who is not who is called to his Jupiter well Jupiter is Zeus the same thing and we when we trace us all back you go all the way back to Bell it’s like the same God it’s just the mass the mass change but it’s the same principle so they destroyed they actually offer up sacrifices to Zeus on the Temple Mount another abomination when they do they brought in their Roman Eagles and Josephus says they offer it up at the eastern gate sacrifice so it’s this defiantly there’s always this war over the holy place and there’s a war over Israel war over that Temple Mount well that’s at the end of it in the next century you have the Emperor Hadrian Hadrian which actually his name means the dark one he he decides you know God says Jerusalem is the place where I’m going to put my name well Hadrian decides I’m going to rename Jerusalem I’m going to change the name of Jerusalem and it’s going to be call it’s going to be named after Jupiter so he’s going to convert Jerusalem Jerusalem into a pagan city so now he says he’s going to do this and he says also I’m going to put it I’m going to put an altar and temple on the Temple Mount to Jupiter so here’s another defilement going on well the Jewish people go up in arms literally there’s a revolt called the Bar Kochba revolt ends up Hadrian destroys hundreds of thousands of Jewish people cities bans them from Jerusalem from ever coming to Jerusalem except one day year they can come on the ninth of of when their temple was destroyed that’s it and he burns the Scrolls of the law and all it’s like a replay of what an entire Antiochus did it’s a replay of the domination and so so he ends up putting up the temple on the temple of Jupiter on the Temple Mount he actually he does that and not only does he renamed the city very interesting he renames the land he come up he comes up with a name that is going to drive the Jewish people out and cut off the connection of Jewish people to Israel and the word he comes up with is Palestine and so that is the origin of Palestine meaning the land of the Philistines it’s a hair gland and it comes it comes linked to an abomination it comes linked to the desecration of the temple mount it comes linked to a war against the Jewish people it’s a pagan war against the Jewish people that’s where you get the name Palestine which is not biblical or Palestina and that becomes the name to this day that the enemy is used to try to drive the Jewish people out so the Jewish people are out you have that Temple of Jerusalem now now when I got saved when I came to the Lord you know there was that train and I I want I didn’t know how to get saved and actually by the way I was watching the 700 club at the time I was watching ben kincheloe and Pat Robertson at the time you know as a Jewish person and you bless we can’t and they sing then it’s been a truly blessing I remember those days they so I I didn’t know but I don’t know how to get saved so III remembered from Hebrew school God met people on the mountain he met Moses on the mountain met Elijah Jean amounts or so let me find a mountain so I find a mountain I Drive up the mountain at night and it’s a and I go up to the top and I kneel down on a rock and I give my life to the Lord on the mountaintop now years later I come back I revisit that mountain on my anniversary it’s nighttime this time I have a shofar I have a colleague I have a Bible in a flashlight and I find the stone and I I’m just having a great time in the Lord and and III open the Bible and it opens up two it says the enemy in Ezekiel the enemy says I have your Mountain I have your high placed Israel I have your Mountain the and he says AHA I’ve got it and that’s kind of strange I’m on a mountain and it’s reading about the enemy’s name well the next day I go to the congregation somebody’s waiting on a line at the end a woman and he says well we know it’s your birthday because I got saved on my birthday so was my anniversary they said we have a gift for you so we got we bought this drawing so she gives me has to be a drawing and it’s a drawing of a man with a shofar and a thali standing on a mountaintop blowing the shofar so well that’s weird that was me last night that she said really said well yeah I said well I came back to the mountain where I came to the Lord said really says what’s the mountain I said well you don’t know the mountain I don’t even know the mountain as well to describe it so I described where it is and the woman says says you know she says I live at the bottom of that mountain I said really just do you know what that mountain is I said no I have no idea so that mountain is dedicated to Satan that man said well I got saved on the top of it she said you say well so that’s where they all meet that’s where they have their ceremony said really I said well I I kneeled down on this flat rock she said that’s the altar I got saved on an altar and I remember that I remember that at the time I looked down and I saw in graffiti on the mountain these words that made no sense like shocking words I couldn’t understand it it said no Jew shall enter these sacred grounds and I say to who on earth would write that I mean Nazis or or what Satan worshippers Satan would write that because for me that was by sacred ground that’s when this Jew came to the Lord on that day I said oh I love so I I said well it well too late Satan I’m already in I’m already I pay back and the thing is that and the thing is that and it hit me and then it hit me that scripture the enemy says I have your ground Israel I have your high place I have your Mountain and for two thousand years the enemy has been trying to prevent the Jewish people from coming to their high place their mountain with Messiah Calvary he’s been he’s been saying you can’t come this is not you can never come to salvation Jews this is not for you not only spiritually but for 2,000 years he’s actually had the mountain of Israel he’s had the high place for 2,000 years it’s been in the hands of enemies to this day on on the mountaintop to this day you have an obstruction you have obstructions there to prevent the temple prove to prevent God’s purposes from coming to pass you’ve got the al-aqsa mosque which is right up there the third greatest monument in Islam and you have the Dome of the rock right there in the center you have and so so the thing is that it hears now here’s the first thing I want to show you it’s really part of an ancient war that goes back to the abomination desolation and it’s taking us forward to the future even what’s on there right now and I want to show you some remember I told you that that Hadrian erected a temple to Jupiter now again this is all the enemy the enemy does everything he can to defile that mountain well well that temple of Jupiter now remember this the Alaska Mosque is a square it’s a rectangle and if you go look above it is this polygon which is the Dome of the rock it’s a polygon well I want you to see the temple of Jupiter that Hadrian set up and then I want you to see the Dome of the rock in there look on the left on the left is the temple of Jupiter that Hadrian built on the in the middle is the Alaska Mosque at the bottom and the Dome of the rock on top put them together they match up they match in other words the Dome of the rock and the al-aqsa mosque are matching up the the on the blueprint of Hadrian’s temple to Jupiter then which was a defilement of the temple so they in fact if you go I mean it’s like following this ancient war if you go and you can actually put up the next image we just shows you a little clearer and that about it you’re seeing that you’re seeing that this pagan temple to defile the Temple Mount and yet the la make structures are built according to that pattern matching it in fact the Dome of the rock is built on ancient pillars that were there from the Romans here’s the question okay could the enemy could there be any mark any mark of the enemy because this always been this defilement this war on that all about the Temple Mount can there be any mark on the Temple Mount of the enemy and now put that image up that same image that image you see the horns you see the crooked mouth you see the satanic image that image is on the Dome of the rock that that image that image is on the holiest place in the world that image the image of of clearly saying nobody planned it it’s just that they put the rocks and it forms that image on the Temple Mount now I want to show you for you if your kind of people are watching well I can’t be on the template on the rock show the next image which will actually show you the Dome of the rock and there it is yeah there it is now what’s this mystery why is there such a a war over the Temple Mount well of course the enemy wants to stop God’s purpose wants to stop the kingdom but there’s an ancient thing that goes back this mystery goes back to isaiah 14 in ezekiel 30 27 when he talks about lucifer from the beginning you were you were there you were that you were that the angel there well interesting what does it say it says he fell from heaven and the enemy says i will i will ascend i will ascend i will exalt my throne to heaven i will sit in the place of the most high well what is that Temple Mount about that’s about the place of the Most High I mean it represented on earth and it says that it says it says God says to Satan in those passage says you were on my holy mountain but I cast you off so it’s like he’s been trying to get back to that holy mountain not to praise God but to defile it it’s almost like a revenge this war that is the whole the entire world is hanging on this Dome of the rock on that you know the Peace of it’s all about this ancient mystery that goes back to the enemy and God and he’s been trying to he says I will sit and it says literally God says you said I will sit on the mountain of the congregation so he’s trying to get back that the whole thing and yet here’s another deep thing here what does it say in those ancient prophecies or speaking of the enemy it says it says you were the anointed cherub you were the anointed not just an angel he was a cherubim what does that mean where what are the cherub where are they the cherubs are in the place of God’s presence they guard the place of God’s presence where is that where is that today what does that represent the Temple Mount was where you had the cherubim on the veil cherubim on that veil and then you actually have the cherubim on the Ark of the Covenant guarding the place of God the cherubim so the enemy is they not just a fallen angel he’s a fallen cherubim so he he seeks to get back to the place of the cherubim again not to praise God but to defile it and it actually says in those Prof in those words about Satan it says you defiled the sanctuary so he’s been trying to defile the sanctuary ever since and the other thing now here’s another thing it says it says that that so that’s where he Dome of the rock may very well be on the holy of holies most archaeologists believe that it’s right there defiling it that kind of brings the the the the the abomination and the Islamic ain’t coming together well that is now it’s he says you are the cover you were the covering cherub literally now he is covering this holy place here of God’s holy place not only that but what what was it when the cherubim were on that Ark of the Covenant it says they stand face to face they are face to face over the holy of holies that’s where they are face to face now I want to show you one more image put up image 5 they are two faces the same face facing each other as in the cherubim they will sit face to face that is what’s on that that’s what’s on the Dome of the rock and then not only that not only that it says it says that in that prophecy it says you said I will sit I will I will I will be on the holy place and I will be on the recesses of the North well the recesses of the North and Hebrew the word is your yaja which means the rear of them actually the south well that image is on the the north south of the the continuum it’s on the south side the rear of the north the exact on which is actually the direction of judgment where where judgment came to Israel always from the north and the south you know on the exact place so here if you want to say this and this all goes back to the abomination desolation and that’s why it’s going to happen again in Revelation same exact war same exact thing but even on this with it you see there you see the enemies that the sign of how clear this is and the thing is that just up to bring this home and this is brings home is that this the enemies what he does is he seeks to defile what is holy he will always seek to the file what is holy and he’ll always seek to defile the temple of God and so the thing is that the Bible says we are the temple of God yeah the valley we are born each of us to have the presence of God so the enemy throughout our lives before we come to Lord will always try to defile us he’ll try to to put something in a place he’ll try to you know if you looked at that place you would even know it was the place of the temple because he tried to give it in a pagan identity always trying to change your dinner well the enemy tries to change your identity so we come into this world fall in and we don’t realize we are meant to be the temple of God so we he puts this defilement he puts substitutes he plead he he does everything he can to desecrate us and so that this becomes part of our identity but it’s not our identity in God we are the temple of God we are the temple and he will always attack what is holy so he’ll attack your communion with God he will always seek to defile it he’ll always try to put up a substitute in that life so we must guard it all the more but it’s saying this is so real we are in such a real a real fight and yet and yet having said all that in the end that on that Temple Mount there will be a temple and there will be a throne of God and God will reign over all the earth from that temple God will win and in our lives God will always have the last word well always have the last word hello I got the last word…

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