Jonathan Cahn: Prophetic Word to Netanyahu, David’s Tabernacle and the Temple Mount

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I don’t know this has ever been shared and the you know we’ve watching world events you watch what happens with Israel we watch what’s happening with Netanyahu and Obama and we’re here when they was it was the election the reelection kin of Netanyahu and it was right we came there and it was like he was finished he’s never that’s it everybody was saying he’s finished every people were rejoicing you know and we’re looking say wait he’s not he’s not losing and then and then all of a sudden all the liberal sites went had a blackout for like for like ten hours nothing about Israel they were saying oh he’s been nothing anymore and then nobody’s announcing it and then finally Netanyahu says this is nobody’s announcing it I’m going to announce it I just want you know and it was like yeah it was like it was like a mirror it was it was like a miracle and it wasn’t supposed to happen and yet he just revived now I’m gonna tell you something now behind all that and behind all these things and I verified this because I know I want to be careful and make sure so I spoke to the people who were eyewitnesses and one of them was my friend Ray Bentley a great pastor in California he was there here’s what happened there was an African minister who was who is in America but he’s from Africa so the Lord spoke to him he said and and said you have to give a word to the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu now this is this is in the late 90s when he was first Prime Minister if you remember and now he there’s no way on earth I’m going to be happy thing with that is but these are the Lord said go to Dallas I believe go there and you’re gonna be told what to do he goes there and he’s at an event and a man puts on a show who says you have to go to this other gathering which he was opposed to go anyway a nice isn’t that Matt a man will come who will be the man who will bring this about he goes there and a man comes speaks it turns out I believe he’s the mayor of one of the of arielle in Israel you know what and he had me talk to him the man says I have a word I where is well you know okay let me see what I can do the man and the man the African Minister’s name is Robert mow weary and he miraculously is given an audience with Benjamin Netanyahu so he goes to Benjamin Netanyahu he’s there and vengeance doesn’t what to make of this he has people all the time in Israel who come and people people give him prophecies you hear people write down things for Mises okay another one and so so he says you know and he says you have you have one minute I have one minute you know so he speaks to him and he says he speaks as the Lord and he says I have placed you in power I put you in this position do not give up the land my land if you do I will remove you from power that’s asleep now then Yahoo kind of laughed a little bit you know and that’s dismissed it a little while later then Yahoo was called to go to America was pressured with President Clinton and had Yasser Arafat and he gave up land and within one year his government collapsed he was removed from power so he was removed from power he’s an ex prime minister now and it’s a number of years later and then Yahoo is back in America for a gathering of Christians supporting Israel in a large Church in Florida and the African Minister gets another word because I have to speak to him again and so it turns out they bring him backstage it’s in the it’s in the green room and there is Netanyahu and his wife and by the way when he shared that first prophecy with Netanyahu there was witnessing that was Arielle sharone Oh Arielle sharone he had no idea at the time would later become prime minister and he would give up the land and he would be out of commission after that and this would but he witnessed that prophecy that were being given so now the man comes back to Netanyahu he sees him now Netanyahu recognizes him and now he’s taking him more seriously because he’s been out of out of power and so he says I have another word for you and so he says to Netanyahu and he has he wrote it out actually and he says he says you are not finished I will again place you back in power and to lead the nation of Israel and this time do not you are not to give any part of my land back you’re not to negotiate my land I will put you there and it will be a critical time in the history of my nation and it is more else here a little more but here’s what happened so then Yahoo now takes that a number of years later Obama becomes president is elected president right after that Netanyahu has returned to power he comes back into power then remember Netanyahu has this prophecy in his mind now that he that he takes seriously because it and so first of all everything you see and why Netanyahu just doesn’t go along with it the pressure he’s got this on him that he believes he’s been put there first of all in any case by the God of Israel and that he was getting a word of warning that and he was taken out of power and so from that moment on he has not bent I mean he may and he has not given up and so and it turns out and so at this point right now and that’s why he looked like he was going to be defeated but what happened he was resurrected again and and the thing is that he is now in line to become the the longest prime minister in the history of Israel even more than David ben-gurion yeah and and the thing is that so he takes this very so this is when you see all the stuff in the news and this why Obama and Netanyahu cannot get along he is he is going by this this word that was given and but there and and there was more because when the man gave him that word he said again you will be here at this time when it will be the critical time in Israel’s history and he said something else listen Aliyah he said you will be there it will be for the restoration of the tabernacle of David that was under work Wow that was in the word that brought him back to power now now now what does that want to get into this because I actually did I did I did one of the teachings is the mystery of the tabernacle of David because this is a crucial thing what is the tabernacle of David and what is this first of all the there was a tent that David set up in Jerusalem on the on Jerusalem he put the ark in there before the temple was there he put this to his tent around the Ark of the Covenant that was called the tabernacle of David in Hebrew the word is oh hell literally a tent but then in Amos you have a scripture that says Amos I believe Amos 9 11 it says it says then I will again restore the fallen tabernacle of David the tabernacle of David that is fallen now there in Hebrew the word is no hell that word is suka the same thing that is on the entire knackles those huts with the branches it means kind of a flimsy thing here that he’s saying I will restore it so what is the tabernacle of David well first off it’s the throne of David that David had a throne David had a dynasty he had yet children they were the throne of David and it was shaky because depending on who was on that throne and then it became fallen it was crushed destroyed by the time of Messiah you couldn’t even tell who the heir of the throne was the heir of the throne was actually Joseph except he there was a I wouldn’t go into the whole thing but it cuz it’s ultimately Jesus who can be who is the the era of David’s throne so but you had no Kingdom the timeline was wrong but one man has raised that up and that’s Jesus you know his kingdom is incense the tabernacle of David because he is the son of David and that’s his throne he shall sit on the throne of his father David okay so you have that that you have that then also the top inoculated such as the throne it’s the whole kingdom of Israel was was was this as well so so Israel would be fallen and God would raise up Israel like a fallen tent he would put it back together and put it back I will raise up the Fallen tabernacle of David now there’s more to but before I go with that it was it was years ago David ben-gurion as in the room that we were in the the first Prime Minister of Israel because the prophecy says when they come back David shall be their leader now ultimately that speaks of Messiah but there was actually God put a David as though as the leader David ben-gurion is in that room and he reads to the world Israel is we have been dead basically for 2,000 years we are now back in the world he reads that there it’s May 14th Friday he says basically at the stroke of midnight when the British Mandate ends May 15th Israel becomes a nation again now they did it that day because I mean they did it at that time because the Sabbath was coming and they could not read it on the Sabbath so there was a Sabbath that came and and on that Friday night ends and Saturday May 14 and 15 and every Sabbath in the synagogue there is a an appointed scripture that you read you open up the scrolls it’s called the parsha and this is appointed from ancient times I mean for every week of the year there’s a Torah portion parsha and then there’s a part portion of the prophets okay interesting I thought what was the what was the the scripture that was appointed that was read on the day on that very Sabbath when Israel came back into the world you won’t know what it is yes I can go home I don’t this a can I’m good yeah okay we light it up okay I’m kidding is it listen this is the scripture that was read that God appointed from ancient times to be on may 15th 1948 in that day I will restore the fallen tabernacle of David I will repair its broken walls I will restore its runes I will rebuild it as it used to be so that they may possess it declares the Lord the days are coming when the Reaper will overtake the ploughman and the planter by the one treading grapes new wine will drip from the mountains and flow from all the hills I will bring my people back from exile they will rebuild the ruined cities and live in them they will plant vineyards and drink their wine they will make gardens and eat their fruit I will plant Israel in their own land never again to be uprooted from the land I have given that that was the appointed scripture after 2,000 years on that very day all across the world in the Scrolls God was saying I’m going to rebuild them on that day he did it and the scripture was the fallen tabernacle of David now now here’s there’s more to this because in the beginning of the when you go into the age you get two acts you have the first church controversy or council it wasn’t about it wasn’t about the Virgin Mary it wasn’t about you know penance it was about could you be a believer in Jesus without being circumcised that was the first that was that’s how Jewish it was that’s the first church the council in Jerusalem and when he get to the end of it James or his real name was Yaakov or Jacob the brother of Messiah he said he gets he says basically listen my brothers we have a word here and what he quotes from he quotes from Amos 911 the fallen tabernacle of David he says this God has raised and raised above all on top of David and people from all nations will come into that fallen tabernacle of David so what so there is saying there’s another meaning of the mystery the Fallen tabernacle of David is also the church is also linked to the church that we are part of this fallen Tabernacle or in in Amos it’s a fallen suka which says something that the church is made up it’s something that made up of people who are it was fallen but now God raises up their life broken pieces he puts their pieces together yes that’s the kingdom we’re in it’s a kingdom of the Fallen cyka fallen cup that has been raised up so we have a lot of fallen people raised up we have broken people put together yeah it’s like Israel that’s what we are that’s where we are so and the other thing is I mean keep in mind too as we said if you know if the leader of the church is the son of David who’s the heir to David’s throne then the church is part of this thing of the throne of David we’re linked together in that so you have all these things together you have Israel you have the church but there’s one more it was the time of David was the tenth that was around that arc of the Covenant now what was standing in for something else it was waiting until the Temple of Jerusalem could go up the Temple of Jerusalem so that there’s a link between the tabernacle of David and the Temple of Jerusalem that is yet to come that is yet to come because it houses the Ark of the Covenant so here’s here’s something now could it be I mean now with this prophecy given to Netanyahu I mean this is all we don’t know but could it be towards the restoration of the Temple of Jerusalem now here’s here’s a sequel the the African man Minister Robert Murray and and Ray Bentley the my friend here were there in Jerusalem they saw had another audience with Netanyahu this time Netanyahu was you know open arms and you know considers them friends and and he gets out he takes out a picture in his office and holds it up to them and said this is what it’s all about and what he hold up he held up a picture of the Temple of Jerusalem he said it this is what it’s all about the restoration so here you have a prophecy about restoration and you have we’ve shared the mystery before about this time period is actually the time period of restoration when the last time you had the land then you had Jerusalem what’s left well it would seem to be focusing in on that that I think so so could it be we’ve nothing has to happen got it but could it be that what we know this has to happen in endtime prophecy this has to happen and then you’ve got all these things you’ve got this this Prime Minister of Israel with a prophecy that he’s going to be there so we link to a critical time in a time of restoration but also that always also brings war at the same time and could it also be so whatever happens in Israel has an effect on the church you know when when the rains return to Israel the Land of Israel after 2,000 years there was barely any rain it returns when the Jewish people come back the rains come to the church that’s when you have the greatest outpouring the Holy Spirit when things happen with Israel things happen with the church and and the church is linked to this mystery of the tabernacle so could God also be doing a restoration in the church as well so that is something he will never hear in the news but when you watch Netanyahu when you watch Obama know that there was a word given that has come true that actually Netanyahu was spoken to and takes this prophetic word very seriously amazing I think something that so many don’t realize is that the last days are linked to restoration absolutely yeah there’s going to be judgement there’s going to be a fearful time but it’s going to be an amazing time yes to the church he’s going to restore he’s going to restore what’s been taken from yeah absent he’s going to pour out his spirit upon all flesh yeah and in Israel it’s going to be an amazing time but there’s warfare yeah yeah there’s a mystery that you know at there’s a link between the end of the age and the beginning of the age and what happened was at the beginning age comes back at the end of the age Israel was at the beginning so it’s restored at the end you know and the church was the book of Acts God wants to restore that for the end the same dynamics I don’t we’ll talk more about it the same dynamics are being put in motion that were in the book of Acts and so I mean for good and bad but but ultimately the bad is used for good and the you know the the other thing with this is that you know there’s this link at the end of the Hebrew year is the is the time called teshuva and that’s the time of trumpets you know Yom Kippur teshuva and now now teshuva means to repent time of repentance time but it also means time of return time of coming back and so the the mysteries God set up this age as a Hebrew year and so the end of the age is the time of teshuva it’s a time of coming back return time when the Jewish people return to their land time when they return to Jerusalem time when they’re going to beginning to return to the Lord but it means it also must be the time of the return of the church to what it was back then back then that’s what God wants God is calling a book of acts to come again just as it was then and persecution is part of the picture too but but there’s the link is there’s a link between persecution on the book of acts are not are not separate they go together they’re in the book of Acts there was persecution and you have the book of Acts well there’s persecution we’re watching coming next thing God wants is the book of Acts and then at the like right now that the Temple Mount I mean I don’t know a square mile or how many feet that is yeah on earth that has more controversy has more warfare over it none then the Temple Mount none and and it makes so much perfect sense because firstly Israel has never returned to the land without building the temple never then every time and the other thing is that you know what’s on top of that Mount you know the Dome of the rock and all these things and you know when God has a purpose we know what’s gonna be on that Mount Messiah is going to reign on earth from that now that’s the throng right there that’s the throne says water will flow forth from that mount from the mountain of the Lord in that day it’s gonna be all from that throne so what is the enemy do he sets up things to block it you know the enemy says you know this is my throne I will sit on the throne of God so he puts his own things so there’s so much countries this last everything we just spoke about in the last programs about what’s erupting in Israel began with the Temple Mount began with a fighting on the Temple Mount which began on the eve of the Feast of Trumpets a little 29 that’s when this began so it’s all the the everything is there when things are heating up it’s you know there’s something more to the story there’s something more ahead to the story so even that is something this all focuses on that so you know people I’d say nothing happened on a Luke 29 a lot happened – we touch yes this warfare that is can again on the temping day and it’s getting worse and worse they’re killing their maiming in the streets of Jerusalem it’s horrible yeah something’s about to happen you can feel it you can sense it yeah there and and then I mean add on top of it the time we’re in which is linked to war and linked to Israel yeah and but that that is the way the enemy works you know when the enemy is going crazy heating up in your life you know if you’re in God’s will this is a great beautiful good sign of what it’s giving you a hint of what God has ahead because the enemy’s attacking the future purposes the enemy is a preemptory he always tries to attack something before it happens you know he try to wipe out Messiah when he was a baby kid he got him there you know that you’re finished try to wipe out Moses when he was a baby try to wipe out humanity when Adam and Eve in the garden you know that’s the enemy always tries to cut something off when you look at the the the satanic thing that happened the world with Hitler coming and trying to wipe out when did it happen just before God was about to bring Israel from the dead who’s going to raise them up that that’s what the enemy has an idea he always tried to stop Messiah at the beginning of his ministry so when the enemy is going crazy it is a sign if you’re in God’s will assign you know just just tough it up stick and get it press on because you there’s an encouragement there there is something on the other side of this little problem that’s going to be so great so that’s true with us and that’s true in the world when you see this heating up with Israel there’s a reason for it before the Six Day War the the armed the Islamic armies were all gathering around to wipe out Israel but what was going to happen Jerusalem was going to happen you know every restoration came through war with Israel every single one you know came with an attack and then out of it God brings his purposes that’s the way God works the enemy tries to stop it God even uses the enemy to bring it about yes they’re under attack they’re surrounded by enemies which the Bible talks about yes all nations selves all nations will surround Israel will come against Israel over Jerusalem and look where we are we’ve got an Israel we got United Nations and what’s the what’s the ultimate issue Jerusalem Jerusalem it’s exactly what the Bible said Netanyahu will he will he bomb Iran Iran said they’re going to destroy ya and they and they’re still working on they just came out they’re working on who he’s on long term on long range delivery of these missiles and America’s yeah they’re breaking it and Netanyahu what he said I mean what he will see but what he said is we’re not going to allow this so what does that mean we’ll see yeah what does that mean he has a resolve he does yes and he has a trust you know and and so imagine being him and watching when you were supposed to lose but you remember you remember that word you were supposed to lose and then all the sudden out of blue you get your preserved in the position of power which is what the prophecy said imagine how what he must say yeah yeah and so these men in in his office and Netanyahu takes out the picture of the temple said this is what it’s about is what it’s all about people if you don’t know the story behind the story if you don’t know what’s really going on this is this is the real news you’re hearing on the program today and this is what God is letting us see a little vision of because amazing things are going to happen and the Jews will return yes from all over the world and they’re going to return from America that means something amazing has to happen in the United States of America that you know half the world’s Jews will leave our country yeah you know every single time God said it and he did it you know people back then we’re saying you know how are the Jews integers are never gonna leave Europe they’re never gonna leave Germany I mean there’s so much in there’s so much you know I intentionally they go back to this Middle Eastern wasteland and yet God said it did happen one way or the other had happened they said he was not going to use not to leave Russia Soviet Union’s not gonna let them go all of a sudden so the Union opens up millions go God hasn’t so God always has a way of making it happen but he says I will bring them back from all lands and the biggest one is America now outside of Israel this is the biggest last reserve so what would happen in America for four masses of Jews to go back well shaking that would do it you know could do it economic collapse anti-semitism all those things could be part of what’s what something’s gonna have to happen they’re not most realer I can say I’m just going back to Israel something has to happen which plate which goes along with everything else the Tetra the four blood moons took place when Israel became a nation and then they became then there was a tetrad again what in there yes the lesson was a 19th right around 1967 the one before that was around 1948 but when they and when they took over Jerusalem that’s Ryan and God puts the signboard again these are big sign they’re pretty big the moon is pretty big that’s a billboard big big billboard and God’s saying and every time it seems to be the movement of the Jewish people notice that it honor what happens is we learned at school about Ferdinand and Isabella great people well they’re not not necessarily so great people they said basically throw the Jews out you know Spanish Inquisition they’re not you know first all days first only said every Jew has to convert to cut Catholicism or or get or you leave or we kill you so and those who did convert later on they launched the Spanish Inquisition because they didn’t believe they were they were real so that was the Inquisition was launched against the Jews who converted and still kept Sabbath or still did something Jewish as that’s Jewish so we’re gonna have the Inquisition so that happened so they gave them in 1492 they said here’s the date you’re out of you’re out of Spain and so what would you know the date that they said you but they ended up having to get out of Spain was the ninth of of the day of calamity for the Jewish people when the temple was destroyed second temple was destroyed on that day they’re fleeing all over ships are fleeing Spain looking for a homeland a new homeland and the very next day one of the ships in the harbor three of the ships was the Nina the Pinta and the Santa Maria Columbus was in that Harbor so and then and so here the Jews are going out he’s in the ship with Jewish people on his ship as well and he’s going to go out and so what’s going to happen here the day of this great calamity one of the greatest climates of the Jewish people when they lose their greatest homeland God is getting ready to bring America into the picture which will be the greatest homeland after this so while the greatest calamity is happening God sends Columbus to discover America and America will be the greatest refuge after that look at like it God in the middle of calamity and so you know we do that’s another kind of story we don’t hear and we didn’t her in school in the history they don’t tell you that that you know that God actually his purposes we’re even behind America you know happening from this yeah absolutely that was and that was around that period was the tetrad period as well ..

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