Jonathan Cahn: Mystery of the Eelanott (Mystery of the Trees)

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Joe asked me to share on the theme which is Israel the church the end days God’s purposes a man came up to me in a conference once where I was speaking and he said Jonathan I don’t care what you speak about I’m never going to miss it even if you do an entire teaching on gardening I will go for it well today we’re going to test that proposition I’m going to do an entire teaching on gardening now some of you thinking that well now that’s that I don’t think I can handle that but I’m going to get into agriculture you’re going to be blessed botanical practices so I hope this blesses you I know this conference is about Israel Church them but but let me share about trees I want to talk about trees tonight leviticus 19 verse 23 is the law of the trees when you enter the land and plant all kinds of trees for food you will count its fruit as forbidden for three years it will be forbidden to you and you shall not partake of it but in the fourth year all its fruit shall be holy to the praise of the Lord and in the fifth year all the fruit of the tree will be partaking of that it may yield to you its increase the law of the trees when you plant a tree and it begins to bear fruit the first year you do not partake of it second year do not partake of it third year do not partake of it but in the fourth year the fruit is considered holy to the Lord it’s the first fruits of the tree holy to the Lord and then the fifth year and every year after that everyone may partake of the fruits of the tree now in the natural realm this is what it is the the harvest of the tree wasn’t considered mature until the fruits were there for a while a few years and this is the principle of the first fruit that the first fruit that’s good is to the Lord it’s even practiced in Israel to this day so I hope you’re blessed by the message of the trees that’s it we can take a break as they wait a min it’s got to be more here well there is more from this ancient law we’re going to see revelations and keys and secrets concerning the beginning and the end of the age Israel the church the end times from this and I haven’t I’m surprised that I haven’t heard more on this but this there’s going to be all sort of things so focus because there’s going to be a lot here and here I call it the mystery of the illa note which is another way of saying the mystery of the trees there is a mystery of God’s name his name in Hebrew l and and some derived that from the name of it from a tree for the name of strength the tree L Messiah who comes from God who emanates from God is called the branch he’s called the Nazarene from the Hebrew nit Sarat which means the place of the branch or the branching now we go back to the law of the trees could the law of the trees function on deeper levels in not just the physical realm but the spiritual realm could it apply to spiritual things and the purposes of God as well a branch Messiah is the branch who bears fruit how many years of the tree bear fruit three years or three Pierre gets to get the pattern three periods of time the fourth period of time comes the first fruit and then goes on so how many years did Messiah minister three years in a fourth year he bears his full fruit to God produces the fourth one is their first fruits is the resurrection is the cross the resurrection in the fourth year comes the full fruit of Messiah the law of the trees that is holy to the Lord now if you look at the larger picture look at the entire life of Messiah on earth and take the law of the trees in a larger level the pattern of three periods of time and then a fourth we see him who was called the branch the first years of his life growing up in Nazareth that is one decade that’s one period second he’s a teenager we don’t know what happened pretty much except for one thing then you have the 20s that’s the third period in which decade does his life bear the fruit the fourth one when he’s in his 30s that is the fourth decade of the life of Messiah the law of the trees and the redemption and the resurrection all come there but let’s go to a larger level and the bigger picture and there’s another tree it’s the tree of man the tree of humanity the nation’s the Gentiles from Adam in fact it even looks at genealogy is a tree begins with Adam and from Adam come the all nations could the law of the trees also apply even here to human history humanity is a tree meant to bear fruit to God but it fell from Adam so let’s see what happens if you take Adam and we’ll take it and we’re not getting dogmatic about it but just the Adam and you have one period of time Adam and a millennium and you get Adam that’s the first of all let him there the second millennium you have Noah and the deluge and it goes up to Abraham then you have that you have Abraham to David it’s the third millennium but the man the fruit has not been born and then what do you have when you have David you’re the last one the fourth is David – Messiah when does man bear his fruit when and the fourth millennium that the end comes Messiah and what actually when does it all happen then the new creation it happens that the end happens with the resurrection and what is the resurrection the resurrection Paul calls it the first fruit the first fruit which is holy to the Lord it actually happened something he actually is risen messiah rises on the actual day of the first fruit the actual hebrew holiday yama be called REME is actually the day of the first fruit in the law of the trees this comes in the fourth period the first fruit of man and here’s something else I’m just throwing this in man’s fall is linked to a tree the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and it brings death but what happens in the law of the trees if you go for millennia for periods of time to that same time the the tree the manifestation of the tree of good and evil that is the cross because the cross is the manifestation of all evil and all good and the cross all evil all sin crucifies god that’s evil but in the cross god gives his life for us that’s good you have both and you have the tree of life also in the garden what happens when it gets to the fourth period it bears its fruit the cross is also the tree of life because from this tree comes eternal life God said you cannot touch this tree or you will you will you will have eternal life they cannot touch this in sin it would have been actually a curse but in Messiah the tree now produces life there’s there’s a reason why the cross is a tree it’s a dead tree a living tree in the Garden of Eden brought death a dead tree brings life now I could stop there and go home I’d be satisfied but here’s another mystery here in the law of the trees it says for the first three years the fruit will be forbidden but in Hebrew it says something else in Hebrew it says the fruit is RL RL literally means literally means uncircumcised and so here and yet in the fourth period of the law of the trees the tree that root instead of being uncircumcised becomes circumsized what happens if you apply that to human history from Adam onward you have four periods of time you have and then when you reach that that time of Messiah which is the changing time what happened you for all that time you have the nation’s the Gentiles who are considered uncircumcised the Jewish people consider them unclean uncircumcised but when you reach that key point that changing point the fruit changes from being uncircumcised to circumcised and that’s the exact time with messiahs resurrection what happens the Gentiles in Messiah becomes circumcised spiritually you go from the time of being of the Gentiles being unclean to the time they are considered holy to the Lord circumcise what does it say what’s false Isis now you are no longer uncircumcised you are now in the spirit you are now circumsized in Messiah the law of the trees reveal that there has to be a shift of Ages and what happens on on that day of shahu own in Hebrew our Pentecost which is actually another day in Hebrew that’s called the feast of firstfruits on that day the Spirit comes and what do those Jewish people do they start speaking in the tongues of Nations why they are replicas it’s the day of the firstfruits they represent all the nations of the world they represent all who will come into the kingdom this is the time of the firstfruits and that’s exactly what the law of the trees would ordain so here we have one man here we you know we have Adam but then we have another tree in human history and that other tree in human history is the tree that begins in Israel and that tree is the tree that begins with one man Abraham and then it goes to another and another and then it branches into twelve branches and it becomes a nation the tree of Israel we have we have at the time of Messiah we have the nation’s bearing fruit as the gospel goes out to the world but what about Israel Israel is only a small part of the Jewish people who came to the Lord and we know that their time is not yet come so what it could the law of the trees actually give a revelation on that well it does because the the nation of Israel didn’t begin with Adam began with Abraham that’s 2,000 years later so the the key point of Israel would not be around the first century when all these things are blossoming the key point would be about 2,000 years later if you go by the law of trees it begins with Abraham about 2000 BC goes to David second one it goes to Messiah Middle Ages and we would mean that regarding the redemption of Israel we are somewhere in the neighborhood meaning it would happen sometime that’s when you have you enter the fourth period of time it says when they will become holy the Jewish people without Messiah are spiritually not circumcised but when that when that key comes when that tree is going to bear fruit what was spiritually uncircumcised become holy to the Lord and then it says that and it says the whole earth will be filled up with a fruit of Israel and so we are watching this we are in the time when this is beginning and so the law of the trees has to do with all these things we are nearing that day but I want to take this to something else the Bible says that all Israel shall be saved all Israel the word Jew means praise to God and it’s in that day the only time Israel will be fulfilled is when Israel as a nation will be a praise to God and that will come my Jerusalem shall be a praise to the earth it says in the law of the trees in that time it shall become holy to the Lord and says then it says every woman shall partake of the fruit and that if you take the law of trees and some a wood some how mean that the redemption of Israel is near and then you give it one more thousand years it says on the fifth the fifth year everything will be partaking of you have a millennium when the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord and the Lord shall rule from Jerusalem now that’s just that’s just the first part I want to move to another mystery trees though I want to focus on two trees concerning the end of the age and it will reveal more secrets of the end times this is kind of a big picture now we get specific Messiah speaks of trees Paul speaks of trees Paul speaks of the olive tree the first of the trees linked to the prophetic purpose of God here is the olive tree and Paul says if the root is holy so too are the branches but if some of the branches were broken off and you being a wild olive were grafted in and became partakers with them of the rich root of the olive tree don’t be arrogant toward the branches Romans not but if you are arrogant Romans 11 remember it’s not you who support the branch for the root supports you and if they don’t continue in their unbelief will be grafted back for God is able to graft them in again how much more will those who are the natural branches be grafted into their own olive tree a partial hardening has come over Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in so all Israel shall be saved what is the olive tree it has to do with Israel obviously it has to do with Israel and it has to do with the church it includes every believer in Messiah and encompasses the entire church and yet it appears to begin before the church age because it speaks of the Gentiles coming into something that was already there the rich root of the olive tree which what is that about it’s not exactly the same as Israel of flesh and blood but it’s linked to the Israel of spirit the olive tree what comes from olives oil comes from olives what is the oil a symbol of the Holy Spirit it is the the olive trees especially linked to the spiritual life of Israel therefore if you are born again you are grafted in you are a fellow citizen of Israel of the Spirit the Bible says you have the bread you have Jew and Gentile you have natural branches you got the other branches they’re all back either we’re grafted in or weari grafted back so the church is really linked to this olive tree what is called the church is really Jewish in spirit it’s an entity which is you by spirit Jewish and whether you and you’ve born again even though the outside of the branch stays the same whether you’re black white Italian doesn’t matter the outside the same but the inside the SAP becomes new different you become Jewish in spirit is that true but now what happens if we take the mystery of the olive tree and we combine it with another mystery the mystery of the Hebrew year there is a mystery here because God has set up the entire age as a Hebrew year the sacred Hebrew year always begins in spring with Passover Messiah and so you have all in so what happens is God has all the events of the first coming happening linked to spring Messiah cross on crucified at Palm Sunday Spring crucifixion spring resurrection spring all that shavoo Pentecost late spring early summer you have all that then then comes the great summer harvest so you have all these key event and they all happen on hebrew holidays Passover is salvation resurrection a the fruits Pacha boo Odin Hebrew is Pentecost all that then you have the summer harvest where they no more holidays but now it’s go out to the fields and reap we are now in the summer harvest this is the time of salvation of the summer harvest but then the Hebrew the sacred year closes in autumn with a final month of all the the autumn holy days with the sound of the trumpets Feast of Trumpets then Yom Kippur and then Tabernacles and at all as the spring holidays are about the first coming the autumn holy days are all about the second coming he will come with trumpet sound then comes Yom Kippur the day of the Lord then comes God will Tabernacle and put his kingdom on earth we have the mystery of the age of the Hebrew year but then we have the mystery of the olive tree what happens if we combine the two I’ve never seen this but what happens if we combine the two mysteries and find this out if we can find when in the Hebrew year does the olive tree blossom it will uncover the mystery of the church or the Commonwealth of Israel when is it fulfilled when is the blossoming when does the olive tree blossom well the interesting thing the olive tree enters into the time of flowering in the springtime specifically in the month of May what does that mean it means the olive tree blossoms at the time of the Hebrew feast of Shavuot Pentecost in other words you get this in other words the olive tree is blossoms first during Pentecost that means when the first believers were receiving the holy spirit outside the olive trees were blossoming and here’s the mystery of the church and so here it is this symbol of the sphere of the olive tree the oil the spirit that’s what happens and what was Pentecost it was the first blossoming of the church when the olive tree was at its early flowering the church was as well but the mystery of the olive tree reveals that the full blossoming isn’t yet it has another time when it blossom fully when is that it’s called the olive harvest when it comes into the full fullness of its fruition when is that when does the olive tree bear because we got a mystery here it bears its fruit in the month of Tishri that’s September and October what does that reveal that’s the same month of the Feast of Trumpets and the day the Lord and Tabernacles what does it mean the fullness of the church will come at the end of the age in the time of Israel’s trumpets and Israel’s reconciliation to the Lord Yom Kippur it means the church can only reach its fullness together with Israel when the Jewish people return to the Lord the children of Israel returned to Messiah that will come will come the fullness of the church see the church is not complete without Israel and Israel is not complete without the church you can’t have one fulfilled without the Israel cannot be fulfilled without the church and the church cannot be fulfilled without Israel now let’s take the mystery of the olive tree and we join it to the law of the trees the church has existed for 2,000 years but the olive tree from Israel from Abraham on we are spiritual parts of Israel has started from about 2000 BC that means that would tell us that even the fruition of the church would be coming soon it’s as old as Israel in one sense it’s for the spiritual Israel comes with Abraham and so it’s about the same time and all over the world what we’re watching means that we’re somewhere in the neighborhood and all over the world is a new phenomenon and that is the church is coming into the fullness of its identity of its roots all over the world and I’ve been from China to Nigeria to India all the world the believers on five of the Lord they love Israel and now that has not ever been since the book of age is Israel and the church have not been together and yet now it’s happening again this is a sign it’s not just that the Jewish people come to Messiah but the church has to return to its roots in Israel but then we have the other mystery the other tree and not the other tree of the Anton or prophetic tree and that is a symbol of Israel itself and that is also the fig tree that’s more about the physical Israel existence the tree that is connected with Israel again and again Israel is spoken as a fig tree God speaks to the prophets they were they were asked figs your father’s there’s a fig tree so as the olive tree is more the spiritual life the fig tree good or bad good or bad figs is the physical more so the Jewish people are God’s people whether they are in God or out of God I mean they’re not doesn’t me they’re saved without their not but they are still the people God shows and then you have the church at the same time when so here’s the question when in the Hebrew year does the fig tree blossom I mean figs can produce what’s called the untimely or winter figs but they’re not good figs the fig tree when does the fig tree produce its first harvest when because this when in the Hebrew year the first harvest of the Spree of the fig tree is in the springtime so the fig begins to grow in the spring and what does that have to do with anything well the spring represents the first coming of Messiah so what does it mean when Messiah entered Jerusalem and died the fig trees of Israel were just beginning to produce their life it was the early figs so in the spiritual realm what does it mean it means the tree of Israel was about to produce its first fruits the first Jewish believers the fig tree produces its first fruits it becomes to the harvest of fullness of the early harvest in the month of May June the Hebrew month Sivan which is what time again it’s Pentecost Shavuot believers were sanctified by the spirit and then 3,000 more Jewish believers came in all around them the fig trees were putting out their early phase why because these were the early figs of Israel it reveals it in a spiritual realm the fig tree of Israel was put forth its first things those through those first twelve disciples early phase 120 early fakes 3000 jushik early figs the fig tree blossoms with its first harvest and so they’re in the the Hebrew name for the early figs is the bokura the spring figs be core bokura means the first fruits they were the first fools believers were the first fruits of all believers who had ever come the first believers of the age they changed the course of the world these few Jewish believers have literally changed the face of history Paul Peter and all the rest and what happens to those figs well if you go down the line those figs are about the time of Pentecost and then soon after that they disappear what does that reveal in the in the spiritual realm what see what happens to the mystery of the age is the first harvest they the first believers they are there around the time of Pentecost but they last for a little while but then comes the great hardness of summer and they kind of disappear and so it’s interesting those first Jewish believers those first churches those first things they are there for a time they stand for all who will come but they eventually they are they disappear now Paul said the firstfruits are holy than the rest is holy but they are the ones who begin us age we have the Bible through them and it means that but interesting thing because there a name now stay with me because this is up giving you some deep stuff here I want you to focus with it because the the first fruits also stand for all it sanctifies all that come after it that’s when you lift up the first fruits to God it represents everything else in some way these first fruits of Jewish believers sanctify Israel even though Israel did not as a nation follow God as a nation yet those first fruits those first apostles those first leaders they they are a saint in some way they are speaking for Israel’s supposed to be a light to the nation’s well Israel has become a like the nation’s through the Israel was supposed to spend send the Word of God to the nation’s well it didn’t but through them it did they fulfill that and actually through them Israel has been blessed even through them even for you all you who love Israel you came through them you loved Israel through them who brought you Messiah so even the nation of Israel is blessed by those first believers and so they spread and they spread this faith as no faith has ever been spread on earth because they were the firstfruits now the now the we s we know about that that that harvest gives a mystery a revelation that first fig harvest is that it does not produce many things but the figs it produces are large figs so the first believers the first Jewish believers there weren’t many I mean there were thousands but what many relative to the nation but they were big they were giants and so here they are they they go there they signaled and what they what those first figs signal in the here is the beginning of that’s great summer harvest so the first Jewish believers signal the beginning of the world harvest of salvation and then they fall off the tree and some some commentaries say they fall off quickly interesting because that’s what happens they come they appear they are giants and then they quickly fall off many of them being literally killed I mean there were some who always there are always Jewish believers in some way but you see the Giants they’re there and then they’re gone and then you and you have this thing and the the it signals this explosion of the Spirit you we’ve never seen the spirit move from as it did in the book of Acts until we could say the last days and what happens after these Jewish believers are in some ways gone the church cuts itself off or gets cut off from its roots from Jerusalem from those oh there’s no more Paul’s none of that and many of them do exactly what Paul said don’t ever do don’t boast against them you are grafted into Israel you need to love Israel but this is what happened so you have Israel on one side you got the church on the other and for 2,000 years they’ve been without each other pretty much the church has missed Israel and Israel has missed the church and Messiah and both suffer until they come together because the greatest power is when they’re together but that’s not the end of the fig tree mystery because what happens then to the fig tree the fig tree bears this early harvest and then nothing more and then everybody goes out in the fields they reap all the other harvests but during those harvest women when they go out in the summer they reap everything else that’s read into that the nations the fig tree is barren looks barren and looks barren and for 2,000 years you have the gospel going to all the nations and pretty much Israel looked barren the Jewish people did not have salvation by and large so it’s the exact matching of what happens and it all came from Israel and yet the their own people didn’t have salvation and so even you look at Jew rabbinic Judaism it was like a fig tree it looked like the fig tree was the original fig tree but it could not bear the fruit of salvation they didn’t have the spirit anymore they didn’t have they didn’t have the Word of God – or they didn’t have the power of God to spread it and literally if you look at the Land of Israel at that time the Land of Israel was barren there was nothing that was utterly barren it was a wasteland just like the fig tree is barren through all that period of harvest but the thing about the fig tree is that’s not the end of the mystery this tree looks dead for a long time but what happens is it has one more harvest to come the fig tree blossoms twice once at the beginning of the year called the early phase and then you’ve got the other harvest called the latter figs so in the same way as the olive tree which bear the victory bears its first harvest in the spring first coming and book of Acts then it looks dead it looks lifeless during the harvest but then it’s going to bear another harvest the same tree the same tree from which came salvation Israel is going to bear another harvest and when it does was that first harvest transformed the world what will happen when Israel bears again that’s why the enemy has wanted to cut off Israel the tree for 2,000 years that’s why he is Ward against Israel that’s why you have Hitler that’s why you have Stalin that’s why you have all these people who by the forces of hell tried to destroy the Jewish people why because the enemy knows even though it looks spiritually batter barren they’re going to bear again and when they bear again it’s the end of his kingdom that’s why that is why the enemy hates Israel because he knows that when they come in it’s the end of his kingdom so they will do it again so when is the second blossoming of the fig tree well the mystery even reveals that when we’re going to get to that a moment I want to say something before I want to open up yet another mystery and this concerns now you can’t have trees without soil or land and here is the next part the Land of Israel is different from every other land in that it is exactly tied to God it’s tied to reflects the spiritual realm the Land of Israel manifests the condition of the Jewish people to God if the people of Israel the Torah says if the people of business if you follow me your land is going to be fruitful and prosperous flowers fruit trees well then comes the warning if you turn away from me he says your land is going to become a wasteland the trees are going to vanish the flowers will disappear nothing will grow so if the people of Israel become spiritually barren to God the Land of Israel will become physically barren you get it what does that have to do with the mystery of the trees if the children of Israel cannot bear their fruit to God the land of Israel will become barren and therefore what what it’s exactly what the prophecies of Scripture say that in the time here at the time after Israel first howyou of the book of Acts but then gone most of the nation didn’t turn to Messiah what happened is the land of Israel grew barren and it says you will see if as the stranger will come to the land and look at this land and say what has happened to this land is a curse on this land that’s what God prophesized you literally have it as the whole land will be like fire and brimstone like Sodom and Gomorrah and they’ll say well the stranger will say what why has the Lord done this to his own land through much of the church age if you went to Israel that land was barren 2,000 years the prophecy was fulfilled it was like Sodom and Gomorrah it was like a moonscape in some places it was a vast desert in other places it was the malaria swamp in other places and so therefore you look around you know actually it says the prophesized the stranger will come well you actually had strangers who came even the 19th century they did journals one of them was Mark Twain and he writes that he’s fulfilling the Torah without realizing and he looks at the land and he says it’s a because it says all the nations will say why is the Lord done this and Mark Twain says over the land there’s like a spell a curse there’s withered the fields he said Palestine is desolate and unlovely and why should it be any way other way because can the curse of God beautify a land so what the prophesies old air came true literally you have this land and no matter what happened no matter who tried to farm it nobody could I mean people came nations came empires came they couldn’t do a thing with that land it would not bear and what it means is that if that’s the case it must mean that the Jewish people right now are not spiritually bearing and that is true because without Messiah you cannot bear fruit if Israel’s turning away from Messiah was the correct decision we talked to rabbis if that was the correct decision then the land would have prospered but the fact is it was the wrong decision the land says no it was wrong for the last two thousand years no matter what happened that land was as cursed but the prophecies don’t stop there they speak of a day that when the desolate land would miraculously bloom again in Ezekiel 36 it says and the desolate land shall be tilled again we’re late Esalen in the sight of all that passed by and they shall say the land that was desolate has become like the Garden of Eden and the Lord will bring back the children of Israel from the ends of the earth and all the land of Israel shall blossom which was foretold as well in the late 1800’s the Jewish people begin returning to the land when they see it they are overwhelmed by it it’s a vast desert wasteland it’s inhospitable and here was the land that could not be farmed by any people and here was a people the Jewish people who could not farm any land you put them together put together the land that can’t be farmed with the people who can’t farm and what happens the land blooms like a like a rose of the desert that’s God’s irony it is now blossoming like a Garden of Eden the mystery of the trees in the time of of Israel’s first blossoming when the book of Acts came the land was blossoming when Jewish people were coming to the Lord the land was blossoming but but it has not been for that long and it suddenly started blossoming again around the late 1900s or 1800s into the 20th century today Israel is one of the only countries in the world that has more trees now than it did a hundred years ago on this desert land have now sprung up about 250 million trees more trees have sprung up from nothing in our day than any other comparable time in the history of Israel and for the prophecy it says one day Israel will fill the earth with its fruits now in a natural if there’s spiritual things there but and the natural is already happening Israel is already sending its fruit and flowers across the world there are there are people who are importing nations import from Israel the desert but this brings up a question if the State of Israel is joined to the spiritual state of the Jewish people what does that mean it must mean something and it means something if there’s been a change in the physical realm there had to be a change in the spiritual realm could it be that the blossoming of Israel was linked to a spiritual blossoming among the children of Israel and the answer is yes number one the spirit the physical blossoming of Israel is a foreshadow of what is coming spiritually Israel will also blossom the time is growing closer for its blossoming but then there’s something else there’s another side of Biblical prophecy and that is that if the land is blossoming there has to be a spiritual blossoming there has to be something there and here’s the mystery as the Land of Israel began to blossom around the world Jewish people started coming back to God at the same time at the same time it was the land started blossoming at the end of the nineteenth century the Jewish people started returning to Messiah at the exact same time in fact you might even say it could even be said according to some scriptures in the Torah that it was actually the spiritual revival that began that actually caused Israel to come back because when you turn back to me in the nation’s I will I will bring you back I will blossom the land and so here it is you have a miracle taking place in our day it is still happening and all in 1948 Israel becomes a nation 1967 there comes a breakthrough in the physical realm of Israel they return to Jerusalem as Messiah said I shared this morning Messiah said you will not see me again until you say baruch haba b’shem adonai you will not see me again Israel until that in other words just by the word of Messiah the Jewish people can never be destroyed until they say that and then they won’t be destroyed they had to survive against all odds they survived they had to come back to Israel to say it they did had to come back to Jerusalem because that’s where he said it they did 1967 through physical breakthrough interesting at the same time around the world Jewish people start coming to Messiah in greater numbers than ever before 1967 is the key year in the Messianic revival God matched the two together that’s where multitudes of Jewish people come back to the Lord in greater numbers than any time since the book of Acts and while this is all happening the Land of Israel continues to bloom but there’s a there’s another thing here there’s another mystery here because the mystery of Israel joins up with the church what happens to Israel and the church they’re joined together when does the church the ecclesia or the Kahala in Hebrew spiritually prosper when the Land of Israel is prospering when did the church first prosper the book of Acts land of Israel is prospering you’ve got the most anointed time when the land of Israel is blossoming but you have while you have another time when the Land of Israel Adam is really blossoms twice and that what is the beginning of the age the other is the end so so that you got the twentieth century or nineteen twenty twenty first century so what has happened to the church in the same way the church has also prospered more in the reason in modern times than any other time in history for the first time the gospel spread to all nations for the first time you have millions of people coming to the Lord in Africa Asia South America all over the world if the faith became global at the same time that the Land of Israel started prospering again after the beginning of the age of the bth Jewett church and Israel work together the most powerful time they’ve been separated but they’re coming back again and as they come back the power returns the power returns and there’s another mystery here and that is joined to the trees you can’t have trees without rain I told you I’ve talked about agriculture rain and bear fruit you cannot have any of that without the heavens open up sure speak of the mystery the reigns of the promised land are linked to the mystery as well because it says that the children of Israel are right with God God said the heavens will pour down rains on the land but if the children of Israel cut themselves off from God then the land shall be cut off from heaven the heavens will dry up it’s written in Deuteronomy 28 if you turn away from God the Lord will make the rain of your land as powder and dust drought Isaiah 5 he speaks of the vineyard Israel is symbolized by a vineyard built by God which doesn’t yield its fruit and God says this of the vide says I will remove its hedge it will be devoured I’ll break down its wall it shall be trodden down 2 I’ll lay it waste and I will command the clouds that they rain no more upon it I will command the clouds that they rain no more upon it and so ancient Israel and Jerusalem would be destroyed in 586 BC but Messiah said it’s going to happen again he spoke of Israel also as a vineyard the parable of the vineyard the parable of the fig tree in the midst of the vineyard does not bear fruit this would all be fulfilled with the destruction of the temple in 70 AD Messiah foretold the destruction and he spoke in terms of Isaiah’s vineyard in Isaiah 5 he says trodden down trodden down same thing with the vineyard it only occurs in a few verses the Bible that’s the vineyard story of Isaiah he says it will happen but it also says that Isaiah that God will command the rains to stop and when apply the same judgment in 70 AD would happen that happened in 586 and the amazing thing is for those who know history that when the temple was destroyed it was destroyed in 70 Dion the exact same day as the first temple but could it be that this actually came true that his words were fulfilled in with concerning the rains now amazing thing that was only discovered recently scientists began analyzing the chemical composition of the rings of of stalagmites growing up from the floor of the caves near Jerusalem and the rings dated from 200 BC to 1100 AD and they came to an amazing discovery they discovered that the climate of Israel suddenly changed when at the end of the first century right after 70 AD now remember the mystery its joined to the spiritual condition could there have been a dramatic change in Israel with the heavens at the time of that same event the land change because there’s a spiritual change that happens the Jewish people are pretty much gone their way or going their way and the Jewish people are also separated from the land and from Messiah in many ways what was it that the geologists discovered that happened just then the climate of Israel suddenly changes how they discovered the heavens were cut off the rain suddenly stopped on the land and remained dry for centuries enough for the land to wither away and for the trees to disappear and it all happened at that same time when Zion becomes a wasteland now here’s it another another amazing thing what happened to those reigns that were all dried up what happened when the Jewish people began to return to Zion if the ancient rain stopped at the time when Israel turned away from Messiah and then the land were driven according to the mystery we would expect the rains to return when the Jewish people returned that when they start returning to Messiah and the land so when so first of all here’s the first part the rains have returned when at the exact same time at the end of the nineteenth century as the Jewish people begin returning to Messiah and returning to the land the rains begin to return to the promised land and suddenly they’re raining on the desert and all this when they come but it’s not just that I mean you have these two things happening at once it says if you depart from me I will hold up the reigns but if you come back I will give you the latter rain I will give you the former reigns the key Clyde anyway actually when they study this note they found there were two key years or time clusters when the rains were totally poured on the land you know when it was one year was 1948 the rebirth of Israel and the other 1967 Jerusalem god is amazing the rains come back the fig trees are blossoming again in Israel the olive tree is blossoming and when you think of the rains coming what do you think of what book do what prophetic book do you think of when you think of the rains on Israel the book of Joel I will give you the latter rains I will give you the former rains when you turn back but that’s all linked to the repentance of the Jewish people I was always going to share this but I was in Cuba they asked me to come there because Fidel Castro had said he’s going to open up the island again to you to the gospel and he says he’s going to show the world his religious freedom in Cuba well well he well God uses everything so he said they’re going to have one month where they can have the gospel will be celebrations across the land by believers and they asked me to come and open it up by sounding the shofar so I did and I sound the shofar you know the first time and the Communists are watching all around they’re very nervous about this and one turns the other says what is that that’s the Jewish horn isn’t it what’s he doing with that you know because one what was right near them and that I was told that Fidel Castro was watching this on television said who is that Jewish man what’s he doing causing this ruckus is what I heard so I sound the shofar but they asked me to sound the shofar when they’re reading a book in the book that they’re reading is the book of Joel that a cursed land a curse on the land but says gather have repentance turn back to God and then I will restore the years the locusts of Eden and then I will pour the rains back on and so that night they asked me to share in a outdoor gathering in Cuba and I said you know what I’m going to share on the book of Joel I had a tall plant as a book of Joel locusts devouring the land curse then there’s a day of darkness and then there’s repentance sound the shofar and come back to God and then God will open up and the reins and the spirit and so I’m about to share that people there I had my thali Don and people didn’t reckon didn’t didn’t that they didn’t know why a Jewish person would be there and someone said to the other said look Moses is here it’s okay let us introduce a said they’re saying Moses here so so um um people call me all different biblical characters every day it’s a different thing so I’m looking at my notes are Joel and then all of a sudden something happens I’ve never seen before all the sudden the entire Ellison there’s a swarm of insects that comes over everybody book of Joel swarm of locusts inside all the sudden insects over everybody I mean people are scratching people screaming I’ve never seen anything my life I’m saying wow this is like what I’m going to preach it out thank you God I don’t have PowerPoint but I got that I’ll take it and I’m people are screaming I’m laughing and I open up the Bible over the Bible into Joel and literally I’m looking at the the scriptures on locusts and literally the insects are landing on those scriptures saying WOW and then the next thing in Joel’s is a day of darkness all of a sudden the lights go out and everything is dark literally and people are screaming and people are crying they don’t know what’s going on there all this and they’re looking the guy who looked at me so the people said Moses here now they’re getting worried now they’re getting scared look at how I’m looking at them no but it was Ali she judged darkness and and netball everything all the lights went and then I just I there’s like a ball a ball of light is going is flat it’s like going over everybody’s head it was like Close Encounters than what’s going on board and what with the ball light it was a there was some kind of insect but it had to be an anointed insect how to be a Pentecostal insect because I never saw anything like in my life it was gigantic like tutu is like two inches of light and it’s going every it’s like little air and i’m going on like and i’m like this and before the lord the insect lands in my hand I’m sitting there I’m looking and and people are looking at me I’m saying Amy I look like a Catholic bumper sticker I’m like the glowing horror I don’t know what to do now I mean and it literally this is before the Lord it landed upside down so the light is shining I don’t know what to do what I can’t kill it I mean I you know if I give it to somebody they might start a cult I don’t know what’s going on so and then and eventually the lights go back on and the the the insects are gone and they call me up to speak I said Wow Lord you made this easy so again I’m said I’m going to talk about the book of Joel tonight and they’re like so I share about it and I share I said you know what about the curse planned the whole thing I said but then God calls us to repent and company for the Lord it says then he will open up the heavens and send the rains and God wants to do that on this lentil sweater the spirit he wants to send a flood once and I and I did share and then I I sound the trumpet the shofar and as I sound the shofar hundred seven times I stood the first one and the guys the guys next week says stop don’t do it again yet it’s voice of whites because I had the talent I said what he said there was a it turns out there was a drought in Cuba and at that moment literally there’s a downpour starts to rain at that moment forget powerpoints it starts to rain literally and then it stops I said okay I said well that’s like a sign I said you know the Lord’s don’t want to do this here it’ll become a downpour how this whole thing I get off the stage in the book of Joel that says the rains but it’s not just one rain there’s two so I’m off the stage about 30 minutes they’re worshiping and all the sudden comes the second rain but this rain comes down trickles and then about 20 seconds it becomes a rain 20 seconds it becomes a downpour 20 say it becomes a deluge they’re flooded and the people instead of leaving because they’ve been so prepped by tonight that night there so instead of leaving they break out in worship to God and it says then I will pour my spirit out on all flesh explodes the waters coming in the spirits coming and I’ve never seen anything couldn’t tell where the water stopped the spirit began it was just pouring the children are worshiping they’re running on the stage you’re not leaving there we’re buckets are coming and they’re worshiping I will pour my spirit out on all flesh and this all happened anyway we leave there we we left there like 12 a night they’re still out there in the rain worshiping God and that happened on the first day of this revival that Fidel Castro allowed and I said Lord what’s going on with this I went home is that what’s going on and Lord led me to Joel – I will pour my spirit on all flesh in the last days but the key it begin it ends with world’s and it’s with a spirit coming on everything but it begins with the Jewish people repenting before the Lord repentance brings revival and the repentance of the Jewish people brings Redemption and I realized that I wasn’t asking them to repent I was repenting for my people because for 2,000 years we turned away from our calling to be alight and so what it’s saying is that that God we are in the time when you start seeing these things know that your Redemption draws nigh and no it’s not only the redemption of the Jewish people you know God did it what what nobody believed even much of the church didn’t believe he was going to bring Israel back but he did it because he’s faithful and if he’s faithful to Israel he’ll be faithful to you if he keeps his word to Israel he’ll keep his word to you so thank God that he keeps his word after 2,000 years and so when you see these things at the same time we spoke about the last days in the last days not only is it times of evil but it also says I will pour my spirit out it’s also times of good it’s also times of the power God because the power of the enemy is nothing compared to the power of God so we are not to fear the last days and that goes back to the mystery of the rains when what happens the rains were pouring out in Israel when the Spirit poured out just like that in the first centuries also the rains were on the land then it stopped and it’s interesting because when you read church history all the sudden it seems like the gifts of the Spirit start drying up there’s less and less about the spirit moving that’s what happens you have the book of Acts you have the rain and then Jewish people are gone Jewish believers are gone the rains are gone and the Spirit is the outpouring where the manifestations are fading away now what does it mean if now all these things are coming back Israel’s back the rains are back the Jewish believer and Jew and Gentile are back together again we’re part of that tonight and what does that mean it means that the greatest outpouring of the Spirit is yet ahead is yet ahead you see the mystery even though we spoke about the the Hebrew year and how it holds the key well what about the rains even there in the Hebrew year there is not one rain called with a name there is two rains there is the former rain and there’s the latter rain so now take it on a cosmic proportion what it means is as there was an outpouring on the day of Pentecost as the spirit came there must be another outpouring in the end times and in fact we are or at the same time we’re seeing Jewish people come back and to the nation we are also seeing the greatest pouring out of the spirit in the history of the church at the when is it start around the 20th century Azusa all the rest all around the world Africa Asia India China the Spirit is pouring out and there’s more to come and so the one thing I did as we bring this home I mean there’s so much here I’m condensing and condensing but there’s so much here but one thing I didn’t mention when does the fig tree bloom again on the Hebrew Mis calendar mystery of the Hebrew year when when to the latter figs come in when in the year we know that the Jewish people will come back but the question is are they going to come back after the trumpets only when the rapture call or whatever however you the coming of the Lord or they’re going to or search or can there be a revival even leading to that day when do the fig trees happen the fig tree blossoms is it after trumpets or before trumpets interesting the answer is the fig tree blossoms for its latter harvest in late summer August and September the Hebrew month is called Ahlul that month ends with a great trumpet and why is that significant because one Messiah is not coming until they come back number one we know that number two it means that a revival massive can come leading up to Messiah and that word that Ella means that we if we’re near the end of the harvest if we’re a weight in the trumpeter bees we are in the Hebrew month of Elul at lool you should know is the month that is called the month of return the month of in Hebrew teshuvah teshuva say teshuva teshuva means repentance and it also means return and that holds the key we are living in the days of teshuvah the debts with this whole mystery the days of return I mean where everything here’s the mystery the age cannot close until it returns to the same place where it opened it’s right there I mean it’s right there you know he went up and they said he it’s not it’s not it’s not going to happen you’re not gonna say he’s going to come down the same way he went up so the age begins with him going up from the Mount of Olives it ends with him coming down from the mountain how much I mean everything that went out comes in the Jewish people went out they got to come in the gospel went out from Jerusalem it’s got to go back to Jerusalem what it’s saying the church started in Jerusalem it’s got to come back there Jew at the beginning you had Jew and Gentile you got up Jew and Gentile again we’re seeing it in the beginning of the age you had an Israel the end of the age you got in Israel is that a coincidence or what in the beginning the age you had Jerusalem in Jewish hands at the end you got the same thing is that a coincidence in the beginning of the age there was an anti-christian world a culture world culture you’re watching this come again when you see America turn and when you see this world turning it’s not it’s not out of control God is still in control it began that way it’s got to end that way because we say hey we want the book of Acts you know we want to live in the book back well you want the book of Acts you got to have the persecution of Acts too in though you at the beginning age you had the book of Acts so at the end of the age you need to have something like the book of Acts in the beginning you had believers who are radical on fire for God who overcame and changed the course of human history turn the world upside down there is to be again that power for the children of Israel returning as it was in the beginning means the church must also return to the state in which it was at the beginning which is on fire radical for the Lord even though it may get harder even though it may get a limit but that remnant is enough to change the world the zeal it’s time it is teshuva it’s time to return to the book of Acts it’s time to return to the power it’s time to return to the prayer to the proclaiming to the boldness to the book of out of the book of Acts it’s time to return to the all-out fire a dedicated single-minded focus consecration of the book of Acts of that first believers we are the latter generation they’re the first it’s time to return to that the mantle is there it’s time to return to the awe and the Wonder and the newness of the Spirit of God and the love of the resurrection power of Messiah it’s time to come to return to the life changing history changing world-changing unstoppable power of the book of Acts it’s time to enlarge our vision it’s time to enlarge our tent it’s time to come back to greatness it’s time to believe the greatness of God and to walk in the greatness of his power they did it we can do it as the Lord says kumi ori ki VA orech arise and shine for your light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you let rise it’s time to rise in God and the power of God will fall as he has promised that is the mist..

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