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You just returned from Israel and you know Israel’s like my second home or my first home I feel I feel actually in the spirit more at home in Jerusalem than I do anyplace else yeah do you feel things do yeah that’s the spirit what what is spirit saying about Jerusalem you know yeah well this is all everything we’re doing is part of this mystery of Jerusalem and and about aim there are people who come to Israel on the tours and they they feel that they’re more home there if you’re a Christian you feel that your home and you leave you feel you’re leaving home it’s exactly exactly how it is you that we were doing the marriage ceremony under Cana that’s us in the wilderness having a Sunday morning service few hours to get there and we almost we actually our tour guide me that’s the Aaronic blessing on the Temple Mount that without getting arrested for the Muslim authorities those you know you watch television you see them my pillow guy right everyone is he’s a believer he loves the Lord he came to Lord oh and that’s it he was on the trip he was on your children he was on the tour oh and the thing is I have to say there’s at one point we’re leaving the wilderness and we have you know all the people but one person’s missing it’s the my pillow guy he overslept on its going let me answer let me go with it what we were saying when you’re there in Israel you do sense something and and and the thing is that you know when Trump when that declaration came I mean Israel loves Donald Trump most of the Israelis they see him like Cyrus because of this and there’s a sense I remember when when these declarations from Cyrus to Truman to the balfour when it first came out you didn’t see the full effect of the thing it starts but it started each case the effect would keep going and going and going it would be revealed over the years so what Donald Trump did same thing there’s some this thing went forth but the the full force of what this is all about is gonna be revealed in the days to come and you can sense that that’s why the Temple Mount people are printing up the coins for the temple you know because that’s that’s also linked to all this when we talk about there has to be a temple again I was at the western wall at the 70th anniversary there was just there was just worship and praise and all those things but but all these things coming together now with with Trump I was amazing today we’re going to talk about timing yes yes and the miss there’s a time for everything the best says yes I you know God’s timing I’ve over my lifetime years and years ago I wrote a series on you know the keys to success and one of the big keys was understanding timing and understanding God’s timing so I’m interested well we subject we spoke last time about the mystery with the 70 years in the Bible at the end of the 70 years comes the proclamation and from Cyrus back then and then we saw in our own day God did it the same way 70 years of Israel Proclamation Jerusalem but it’s even more exact because when Israel was voted on the United Nations it was it was that it was at the very end of November and 1947 so if you fast forward 70 years that was the week the the anniversary week now we’re not so my years which one what the anniversary week of that was ended on December 6th 2017 December 6 2017 is the date that Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem on the exact the end of the anniversary week of the 70 years and he didn’t know what he was he didn’t he wasn’t looking saying let me work this all out but he did it just just in the same time and so so but there’s something now there’s something also that is we’ve talked about this mystery here has everything to do with what’s happening now I’m and this also has to do with the fact that you have the mystery of the shmita what part of why it’s updated and because it has to do with this mystery there’s so much happened I’ve spoken when I was here we were speaking about the shemitah we were speaking about the Jubilee where there’s several times I spoke about what I said and I’m not saying that I know these things but God God knows but I said that that and not that God has to do anything but in the next Jubilee that if something is going to happen according to the mystery it will in and I see you probably have it on some tape but it will involve Jerusalem it will involve the City of Jerusalem and the restoration you know establishing ultimately to the town open to the Temple Mount well well this is what this was all about now this is very important because we talked about the Jubilee before but this is very important the Jubilee just took just so people realize this there’s there’s two reckonings of the Jubilee and one reckoning is the Hebrew reckoning of the on a 49 year cycle okay that that won’t go into if that’s one reckon the other reckoning is a is a standard fifty year cycle on the Western calendar and so it is on this fifty year calendar that we have that these prophetic things have taken place and has to do with everything we just saw now now the question is so what happened this past year has everything to do with the mystery of the Jubilee and just for one a quick thing for those who don’t know a very quick thing what is the Jubilee on the Jubilee whatever you lost you get it back you lost your home you get it back you lost your ancestral land you get it back you return home you return to your family you get reconciled you the possession that was yours your inheritance you get it back on the fiftieth year now it was given to the Jewish people now the Jewish peel it’s amazing for the Jewish people the people who who more than any nation lost everything they lost their land they lost their ancestral possession lost Jerusalem lost their inheritance for two thousand years so if they’re gonna get it back it’s gonna be a jubilee there’s gonna be link to God’s gonna link it to the Jubilee because that’s where this for 2,000 years the Jewish people wander the earth and and the first big thing we allude we spoke a touch a little bit on the past programs the first big thing is the Balfour Declaration is is end there and when when Britain wins at World War One they win Jerusalem under general Allenby it was under Muslim control for ages they win it but the Britain is for the Jewish people and they we mentioned they say now will be a Jewish homeland so here’s the first restoration first restoration when does it take place 1917 1917 we won’t go into it is a year of Jubilee they shall return home you shall regain your session Jewish people start coming all the more from all over the world coming back home to their possession now it declares Jubilee is how often we go by the fifty year calendar fast-forward 1917 ad 50 years where does it take you it takes you to the year 1967 next Jubilee year 1967 well what what did they get Israel had had the Jewish people had Israel but they didn’t they didn’t have their the restoration to Jerusalem the other holy the other inheritance it’s the ultimate inheritance which again we’re on the anniversary of it right now so here so here 1967 what happens they didn’t plan this they certainly didn’t plan it the Arab nations around them we mentioned they they say we’re gonna now have a war of annihilation we’re gonna wipe them out and so Israel says we got a we got a strike first they do six-day war June 7th the Israeli soldiers enter through the lion’s gate and for the first time since the Rome since the Roman Empire Israeli soldiers are walking the streets of the ancient city they come to the western wall they weep and pray and Israel comes back to their inheritance second Jubilee they are they are restored to their ancestral possession Jerusalem so that is now that’s the site God is so perfect in that Jubilee but what they didn’t get in the Jubilee when you return home when you get back your land it’s not just you you go back and you go back to the land but you are given the legal right to that land in other words you are you are given sovereignty it is recognized that you have you are the owner it is yours it is sovereignty by the powers that be it’s not just that you take it it’s that it is recognized legally this is now your when the deed is yours that they didn’t have that for they didn’t have it since nineteen six seven every nation said no even America said we’re not recognizing it nobody recognized it but it’s got to come so that takes you let’s go now to the next Jubilee go fifty years what years it take you to 2017 Jubilee 2017 what happens in the year of Jubilee is is that now for the first time in in 50 year first time in 2,000 years the legal recognition of Jerusalem is restoration restoration to the land God is so perfect and in not only not only happened in 2017 it happened within 30 days left I mean God just puts it right in there it happened it has to happen in that time sovereignty legal status everyone shall return to their land now now that now they another thing about this here is that is that it was also it wasn’t only this 2017 and what Donald Trump did what what America did what why it’s so prophetic not only it was the Jubilee of 1967 ok it was 50 years after 90 but it’s the double Jubilee of 1917 ok in other words it’s a double Jubilee of when Allenby liberated Jerusalem in 1917 well the interesting thing is when did Allenby when was Jerusalem liberated from the enemies of Israel after 2,000 years that was the first time after 2000 it was 1917 but when it was 1917 December so Trump the declaration came in December the Jubilee the double Jubilee the hundred year anniversary in fact the the liberation of Jerusalem happened in the firt when Allenby liberated it or when it was liberated right it was liberated basically in the beginning like the first week around the first week of of December Trump’s declaration first week of December what happens during the year of Jubilee you know this happens in the year Jubilee this is the shofar this is the Jubilee shofar what happens the the trumpet is blown in the sounds it sounds in the year of Jubilee now the perfect year of Jubilee was 2017 now what happened in the year of 2017 that was the year that the president came to power and the year of Jubilee the Trump begins to sound is that your own purse yeah that’s my that’s my shofar what am i well and and so God has a sense of humor too but a guy named here’s a jubilee 2017 who comes to power trump who begins sounding Trump but think about this – think about it what happens to your Jubilee when this shofar sounds the land goes back to the original owner so the Trump sounded and the land goes back to the original owner when the Trump sounds the original owner gets the legal legal possession of the land so Trump sounded the land got its legal recognition gets us but you rabbi everybody you get the download from the loredana’s is this supernatural that Trump’s name is Trump yes I don’t I mean Dagny that’s if the word Trump but in trumpet sounds the throne is I don’t know how many times in the Bible it’s in the bow certainly the King James the Trump shall sound but the Trump she’s the best time the Trump sounds is during that you believe I mean it’s amazing well this is something you know and it’s not that regardless there’s we don’t know all the derivations of it but here’s the here’s the thing you brought that up at the last Jubilee 1967 which is again around the university remember the one it actually the trumpet was sounded at the western wall remember that the rabbi who sounded that one late when they came to the western wall the rat this rabbi sounded the shofar and he wasn’t thinking of Jubilee he just but God was he sounded the Jubilee and what was the name of the rabbi the rabbi’s name was rabbi Goren okay Goren now we’re talking about the Jubilee he was the chief route he became the chief rabbi of Israel we’re talking about Jubilee where what happens the land returns to its original owner returns to its original state ok what was what’s the the what’s the ultimate thing when they came on when he came there in the night six-day war in June they got to the Temple Mount they were at the western wall there he sound though on temple mount temple mount’s the ultimate temple man what was the original state of the Temple Mount the original state of the Temple Mount it was rumored David bought it what was it it was a threshing floor remember yes threshing floor but when you read in the original list there’s a threshing floor it doesn’t say threshing floor it’s Hebrew it’s called the Quran so the it’s rabbi threshing floor ah rabbi he he the one who sounded the shofar his name was identifying that the Jubilee returns to its original the land goes to original state the original state was Quran was threatened and Rabbi Quran rabbi threshing-floor sounds the trumpet and now I have president trumpet now we have president so God in each one he has to see us somebody and the name is also part of his mystery so there we are yeah we are in this most amazing time in god’s history in God’s time yes so we should be hearing from God yes yes yes all of these things are speaking to me yes yeah and this is one of the most important now portent things we can share that for people who were talking about prophetic big things and we’re gonna continue as more mystery I have on this but I want to say it’s something that’s why we we put that in the album to to touch pita for people’s lives because we need this and we have so many so if you li you’re saying

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