Jonathan Cahn: Daniel’s Seventy Sevens, Trump, Jerusalem and the Jubilee

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So we’re starting out with the 77 of Daniel yeah this is really this is the foundation of so much of Biblical prophecy I mean revelation comes the Tribulation Period comes from this we have them is so important to understand that and it also links up with what is happening now because here we’re talking about we’re talking about a 70 year period which I’m at Israel right now we’re in the 70th anniversary from the birth the rebirth of Israel prophetic we’re in the 70th year and what weighs seventy sevens of Daniel is linked to a proclamation that goes forth by a world leader concerning Jerusalem which just has happened in our myth so that is that is the context of the seventy sevens of Daniel so we’re in a very prophetic period so this is so you know amazing in fact there was a an Orthodox Jewish rabbi from Europe when he saw the seventy sevens of Daniel talking about when Messiah has to come he became a believer in Jesus and he came to America started a started an organization called American Board a mission to the Jews which then gave birth to an organization called Jews for Jesus and also chosen people ministry which is the new name of all that came from a rabbi an Orthodox rabbi who saw this and said I can’t argue with this so that’s how powerful this is and it’s also so amazing how it’s a mathematical countdown to the coming of Messiah how exact cause you know we’re seeing how God is in every detail and how exact that’s what this is so the context to set it up Jerusalem has been destroyed and now Daniel is in exile and Daniel is praying Solomon said you know Lord when he built the temple he said if we if they sin and then they turn back to you you judge them you turn back and they pray towards this place have mercy and restore them Daniel is doing exactly what Solomon said and that’s the same passage where God answered Solomon said I’ll tell you my answer if my people who are called by my name that comes from here I mean from that which now Daniel is doing it so it tells you how powerful this is to be praying and interceding for language that’s exactly if you read Daniel 9 it starts off all he’s doing is praying and interceding we have sinned CIND have mercy on us lord have mercy he’s doing if my people that’s the whole first part of Daniel that’s how powerful that is and God answers him by sending an angel to him the angel is named Gavriel or we known as Gabriel and he says this is what he says he says Daniel hears this is verse twenty four seventy sevens are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish the transgression to put an end of sin to atone for iniquity or evil to bring in everlasting righteousness a seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy 77s to all that now this is Major because he’s saying to end sin to atone for all the redemption and the sealing up or prophecy is all in these seventy sevens now a lot of times there are rabbis or anti missionaries who will say that’s not about Messiah this is about some other guy because in the Bible sometimes the word Messiah or the word Anointed is used for other people but you can’t make that argument because if it says an anointed king or an anointed priests that’s one thing where I’ve anointed Cyrus you know it says but here it simply says Messiah it’s in this Bible Messiah when Messiah comes there’s no there’s no qualifying this is Messiah it says and then it by the way in the in the English it doesn’t say an anointed Prince it says Messiah the Prince or the ruler it so says mushiya it’s actually saying there and also talking about the ending of sin that’s not any guy that’s that has to be the Messiah so this is telling you this is telling you exactly when Messiah has to come in the ancient versions of the Bible the Septuagint which is before the new test and when they translated into Greek the Jewish people what it says in Greek it says seventy sevens until Christo’s until Christ comes is what it says in the in in the serve tutor until the Christ con so what does this mean here it says it says it is giving a cutoff date for Messiah to come it says seventy sevens will come and then it says the sanctuary and the city will be destroyed well what’s the what’s the city has to be Jerusalem this is for your see what’s the sanctuary has to be the temple and so it says until that so Messiah will come and then the city Jerusalem will be destroyed and the temple will be destroyed now we know when that happened that happened in the year 70 AD so what does that tell you right away even if someone to argue about anything else it tells you first of all that no matter what you think no matter what the rabbi’s think Messiah of Israel had to have come before the year 70 AD and there been a lot of people who come after that in Jewish as you said I’m the Messiah I’m the Messiah and they followed him but they nobody could be the Messiah except the one who came before 70 AD Dan did we have any candidates for that there’s no candidate except Yeshua Jesus of Nazareth there’s nobody there’s not even a runner-up you know so there’s only one so he came at the exact time now he says 77 so what are the seventy sevens well here is here’s where the mystery of the shemitah has to do with this this has to do with the shemitah it says at the beginning daniel says I was pondering the words of the Prophet Jeremiah when God told him that there will be an exile for 70 years why were they in exile well you were told in the 70 years during it there’s about 70 years have to do with where we are right now why were they there for 70 years the Bible says it it says it from Moses he says if you go against God if you if you sin if you rebel God will remove you from the land and God will have the land rest for all the shemitah’s all the sabbath years that you did not let it rest okay so now the land is gonna rest for all the Sabbath’s that you didn’t observe they didn’t observe this haven’t they also sinned against God so how many Sabbath’s did they land rest for I mean didn’t land not have 70 they sinned 70 years 70 Sabbath years they didn’t observe it okay so you got 70 years where the land is now having Sabbath and now the people are at exile okay so so the 70 years our 70s beat us joined it there’s 70 Sabbath years and so so it actually and hang in with me if you’re not a math person it’s okay this way that means that for how many years does it take to break 70 Sabbath years I mean 490 years is how is how what long it takes to have 70 70 Sabbath years every seventh year so it’s so you have 490 years they didn’t do the 70 Sabbath’s years and so you got 77th year so now Daniel is being told now we’re going to take those 70 years I’m gonna make them we’re gonna make them 490 again it’s gonna be 70 Sabbath years so therefore I’m now he’s talking about a 490 year period he do do you are you with me with this okay so you have 490 years they didn’t they broke the Sabbath it becomes judgment of 70 the 77th years within that period now he takes we’re gonna reverse that we’re gonna take 70 the 70 Sabbath years and we make them 490 for redemption until Messiah comes it was first it was to judgment now we’re reversing it and it’s gonna come to Redemption that’s what we know we not to be the SAVAK can’t be seventy sevens of days because that you could never rebuild Jerusalem and do all this in that it’s got to be seventy seven severe so we got a four hundred ninety year period okay and what’s gonna happen in that for what’s gonna happen it says until Messiah and then again there’s no doubt this is Messiah until Messiah come so messiahs gonna come within this four hundred ninety year period you were to know verse 25 and discern that from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah Messiah the ruler there will be seven sevens and sixty-two sevens it will be built again with Plaza with moat even in times of distress so here when you add that up it says seven sevens and sixty-two sevens what does that come out to sixty nine seven so it’s coming up to almost seventy sevens but it’s missing one week okay so that’s we we stop right there now what’s gonna happen until then it says in Hebrew you car at Messiah which says then Messiah will be cut off what does that mean that that that expression in Hebrew means when somebody is cut off from their people in India and says when they’ve sinned they’re gonna be cut off cut off its messiahs gonna be cut off from the Jewish people his own people he’s gonna be cut off and which is exactly what happened to Jesus Messiah but then but also it can mean killed Messiah will be killed he’ll be cut off and killed he’s been cut off from his people for virtually 2,000 years so so that happened so Messiah comes he’s got to come before the temple is destroyed and he’s got to be cut off and killed and if you see the matching thing Isaiah 53 is where you get all the detail about Messiah being cut off so it says he was cut off out of the land of the living for the the sin of my people and so so you see the whole death of Messiah now something that people miss and it’s really cool that’s in there when does the angel appear to Daniel to tell him Daniel says he comes at the tie he came at the time of the evening sacrifice or the evening offering now here’s the weird thing the temple is destroyed there’s no sacrifice so why say why dated to the sacrifice the evening sacrifice is the last sacrifice of the day it’s the final sacrifice it closes everything so so why did Gabriel come at that exact time and Daniel records it because this whole prophecy is gonna be about the final sacrifice which is Messiah so he gives the timing of the daily – sacrifice so so now another connection we know about the Magi the Magi come home and they fly Messiah we’re the Magi from where do they come from they come from Persia they are Iranians they loved Israel back man so they are incursion and so how did they Magi know to come at that time they said well they saw the star okay you can go through that they saw star link to Judah link to a king okay but still you need a lot – when do you know to go that this is this is the time for the birth of the Messiah how do they know that well here’s a fascinating thing Daniel in the Bible it says that Daniel was made the chief of the wise men in in the Hebrew the mug or the Magi Daniel Daniel the one who got the exact countdown to the timing of when he’s gonna come got the vision got the got the timing when he was in Persia Babylon and undoubtedly he would have recorded it he did undoubtedly the people around him would have known it which would have also included the Magi and so then so they would have the counter to know about well he’s got to come around this time so amazing amazingly to this to this whole thing now now in in going when does this countdown begin in order to know what he’s come and got to know when it starts well it says when the proclamation and we we can again we are relating to it in 2017 they’re a proclamation by a world leader concerning Jerusalem the rebuilding of Jerusalem so when was it well there’s one done by Cyrus and then there’s a there’s another there’s another one but it says when it will be rebuilt with wall and all these things well the well the the fullest proclamation that has the rebuilding of not just the not just the beginning of the temple but the wall and all that was done by a Persian king named artaxerxes and when you take the date of when he made that Proclamation here’s what’s gonna happen it’s gonna come out it’s 457 BC so if we start the clock start the timer right there put in the 77th of Daniel it’s gonna lead you to about the Year 27 ad okay now why is that important because if you put all the calculations together what and most everything points to this the the the New Testament other things Messiah would have first come to Jerusalem in 27 ad the exact countdown the word for when it says 77 s the word is shava shava is seven shava but in Hebrew it also means something else it also means both or the promise or the swearing of God so you could take it as the seventy also it’s about this the oath of God it’s about seventy seven so until God fulfills all his promises all his oaths and there’s one time where God says I am giving you my oath I’m swearing by myself is when Abraham offers up Isaac and it’s in the plate we’re in Jerusalem and God says and then it says it shall be done in that place it shall be seen in that place God will provide the lamb in that place so that’s telling you the place it has the word of the oath and now this is using the same word to tell you the timing of when it’s all gonna happen so God gives the place God gives the timing and it’s all about the fulfillment of that I mentioned that Gabriel came at the time of the evening sacrifice what time was that well we know when it was the last the final sacrifice offered up at three o’clock three o’clock well interesting because when was Messiah offered up when did he die three o’clock the exact time of the final sacrifice and he is the final sacrifice and so and so that’s linked to the it’s almost hidden in the prophecies thing Messiah cut off but it’s actually giving you the time of day when he’s gonna be cut off I mean I mean the timing is amazing but now there is a it said it said it would be 16 if you added up its 69 sevens so that that leaves one missing 7 one missing 7 is the 7 that comes at the end like the stop the stopwatch stops and now it’s waiting until the end of the age for the last 7 what is the last 7 the last 7 is the book of Revelation the last seven is the Revel a is is the tribulation it says at the end of Daniel it says them because it says 69 sevens you said where’s that last 7 well if you keep reading it says it says after Messiah comes messiahs gonna die Jerusalem’s gonna be destroyed but then it says this and after sixty-two sevens Messiah shall be cut off and shall have nothing and that the print the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary the end will be with a flood ok so what is that talking about the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the Jerusalem the city and the sanctuary the temple well we know who did that who did that the Romans did that so what it’s saying right here in Daniel is whoever destroys that city and whoever destroys that sanctuary a ruler who’s gonna be of them in some way is gonna come at for the last seven and who is that that is the Antichrist he is gonna be linked to the Roman Empire it’s right there in Daniel you know and so he’s gonna come and then it goes further it says and then it says there it says he shall make a covenant with many for one seven one week one seven but in the middle of the seven he will cause the sacrifice in the offering deceased and the wings of abomination shall come to the one who makes it desolate this is abomination desolation here until destructions poured out so what’s this all telling this is just one little and it yet it’s pointing to the whole end time scenario mm-hmm yeah the Antichrist will come he will make a covenant for one seven that’s a seven year that’s the missing seven-year period the missing shmita thing said seven year period and he will make a covenant and then and then there will be a temple because it says it’s gonna be a sacrifice so the temples got to be rebuilt just by that and then what else in Jerusalem so Jerusalem’s got to be back temples got to be back and the Antichrist is gonna come there and make a covenant and then says in the middle of that seven he will then he will then cause the head the words abomination desolation is in there okay so what’s the middle of seven what’s the seven divided by divided by two equals three and a half yeah three and a half is a mate isn’t incredibly prophetic it all comes from here what do we have to be in half it goes on I mean if you read you read about prophecy what does it say it says Daniel says how long is this going to happen in the angel answers for a time times and half a time what’s that a time is one year times are two years half a time is half a year how many years three and a half years will be the desolation revelation speaks of forty-two months the woman will be hidden 42 months will flee from Jerusalem 42 months what’s for two months three and a half years it talks about the holy city being trampled down talks about 1260 days having how long is that three and a half years everything the two witnesses three to everything three and half years it all comes from Daniel it all comes from this and in all points this is what sets the whole stage for the end of the age and the interesting thing here now notice something this whole prophecy is linked to Messiah’s first coming and and it begins with a proclamation conserve I a world leader concerning Jerusalem so if Messiah’s first coming is prepared by a proclamation by a world leader concerning Jerusalem then how about his second coming is linked to the proclamation of a world leader concerning Jerusalem like Donald Trump ah I mean it just happens otherwise that’s where we are right now because Cyrus was the first one yes now we talk about another Cyrus and Howie but to understand how important this is the entire 77s are built on a world leader making a proclamation concerning Jerusalem I mean that is that is something very big how far into the final days are we do you think after looking at the Daniel time clock where does this put us right now where are we living right now what next could happen to Jerusalem Donald Trump is on a coin with with iris I’m ready so here we are with a president who the Jews are even they were asking Trump and they say it publicly help us rebuild the temple how fast could the temple actually be rebuilt with us with the way we can build today and with what they have prepared already the still God has to do a major thing to make to clear that to make that happen on the Mount but well everything else he can do it yeah he can he can yeah he can Trump everything in the moment so so the thing is that yeah the in the time of Messiah the temple took a long time but but and it could but we have ways of doing it faster of course God can do it however he however in his moment and the you know you’re speaking we were speaking about trumman I’m gonna say some things about him you mentioned how he how he may not even know and and he I’m sure he’s heard things but we don’t know how much he understands about what what’s happening where how he’s being used but Cyrus we don’t know that he knew he knew the reason for it and Jehu these are all vessels okay and he does we mentioned on another program how with Jay who every he had people the Prophet pray over him and basically anoint him and I said that Donald Trump has had more people as far as we can see who have anointed him literally laid hands on him prophesied to him than any other president in our history that we can know of I mean and it’s not the way we would think that just like at the inauguration there were more people born again people praying than any other inauguration in history that’s the sovereignty of God we wouldn’t maybe expect it but that’s what he would I’ve heard and you know this from everybody around him is that he says that when they mentioned God and they mentioned the Word of God and they mentioned people God he he he almost like stops he paid he he zeroes in that he references it he may not know all the things but he references he watches this program as we’ve know as well you know so so that’s all that we need is a sovereign God you know and God will do his purpose so Jerusalem is really for some reason it’s the apple of God’s eye somehow yeah it’s God’s and and God said and we talked about timepieces the Jewish people are as timepiece Jerusalem is the place that is as timepiece to when Jerusalem is bat when it’s when it’s alive when it’s function when it’s there God’s purposes are moving when it’s gone there’s a hold on his prophetic purposes Jerusalem has been gone basically for 2,000 years since it was destroyed with Jesus prophesied it was destroyed so it’s like that so that stops the the clock stops and and God is still doing a whole nother work but his prophetic thing for the end is gonna hold until Jerusalem comes back okay let’s go on yeah with part two of a today’s study of what does the Bible say will happen in Jerusalem yeah in the end time this goes with what you asked Zechariah 12 says in that day 12 of the end times I will make Jerusalem a cup that sends all the surrounding peoples trembling Judah or Israel will be the siege under siege as well as Jerusalem on that date when all the nations of the earth are gathered around her against her I will make Jerusalem an immovable Rock for all nations everyone who tries to move them will injure themselves everyone who tries so what’s he saying God is saying in the last days number 1 he’s gonna bring the Jewish people back to the Land of Israel that’s number one secondly he’s gonna bring them back to Jerusalem Jerusalem is gonna be alive again remember it’s been gone for 2,000 years most of 2,000 years it was nothing I mean it was a Mark Twain went there in the ninth century he said it’s a it’s rags it’s a pauper village there’s nothing he had a few thousand people at the most and it was nothing and so so Jerusalem was resurrected and the Jewish people had to come back so that’s where we are 1967 has to happen six-day war for this Zechariah 12 to have him so then it says Jerusalem to be back with the Jewish people but then it says that it’s gonna be the focus of the entire world now again this is a City of Rocks it’s a city you can walk around the old city like in an hour or something that’s how small it is as far as the old to the biblical city and the whole world is be up in arms about this this little city well that sounds crazy but that’s exactly where we are right now there been more resolutions by the way it in in the United Nations condemning Israel and Jerusalem than any other nation on earth in fact in fact there’s been more resolutions condemning Israel if then all the other nations of the world combined oh my god what didn’t condemn you know you know genocide and all those things that are happening in other nations and tyranny but this little little tiny Israel and little tiny Jerusalem but that’s exactly what God says so with the fact that Jerusalem’s in the news again that it’s still there that’s telling us we are approaching that day and and so and so that the entire world so right now it says the the world the nations are gonna try to move it well we cut that you know how do you move a city I mean you dig it up how do you move a city you move its borders you move its sovereignty you say that this is not part of Israel this is part of another nation you know that’s how you move it the United it’s exactly what the nations of the world I’ve been trying to do they’re trying to move Jerusalem and they just did it they just won again one week before our Trump one week before that declaration they said they tried to move Jerusalem and said this is not Israel – this is Palestinian territory and Israel has no right over it that’s this now one day as it’s moving and you say well that’s great you think if if you weren’t alive now you’d say that sounds why would the whole nation the whole world come against this little city but you can see it building you can see it already coming because you have no nation and no issue of Jerusalem nothing that is so the world is so up in arms against as this issue right now right amazing I mean where one man says you know what Jerusalem’s the capital of Israel and the world explodes what is that about now speaking of that one man because we’ve been talking about one man yeah in the Bible to understand God uses the words of a king he uses the words of Kings to confirm his purposes to establish his purposes and to unleash his purposes he uses that again and again that’s what this is about and he used Cyrus of Court to buy and this is all everything’s coming full circle Cyrus issue a proclamation a declaration that by which the Jewish people it unleashes God’s purposes they they return to Zion they return to Jerusalem and he used other the words of other Kings to do the same thing of Persia and and he uses it to confirm something what you know the this is not just once because at the beginning of last century or World War one out of World War one comes the Balfour Declaration what’s the significant that was the big power back then the British Empire they give a declaration saying that now because they just got the land backs the first time in 2,000 years the land of Israel was in the hands of a people who weren’t against the Jewish people they were friends the Jews knew because that why because there were Christians and Britain and there had been revival in Britain’s that’s how important this is you know what even I said with a rabbi of Israel I’ve been saying thank God for the Christians because this whole thing with Trump wouldn’t happen without them that’s true and so with the Balfour Declaration now for was a Christian the people around there were Christians so they knew about prophecy but so what happened is so they they got Jerusalem but even just as they were getting Jerusalem they say now we believe if this should this land should be a homeland for the Jewish people that’s the välfärd declaration once that that once that went that that inaugurates the purposes of God that more Jewish people come back now hey before we were coming back under a Muslim rule they were never gonna do anything but we were just we’re gonna buy faiths farm the land now we have a promise that one day this will be our homeland so now they’re coming so the word of the King issues shores in inaugurates unleashes the next plan of God that’s the significance then we have 1948 70 20 70 years 70 years ago we now America is the superpower of the world emerges from World War two and you have a man who is now the president never expected it let’s talk about it surprises he never expect to be president the guy was a guy was a shopkeeper Harry Truman Center and then he’s just doing his thing but but he read the Bible he knew from from from a boy he knew about the Bible Baptist and then and then all the sudden Franklin Roosevelt dies just before the end of the war now he ends up saying yes to Israel okay so Israel not only by way Truman was behind the vote in the UN he was the one getting that vote together as well and an he’s the one who then whatever it was eleven minutes after midnight when Israel came to Jesus and America is the first nation on earth to say we recognize this Jewish nation so Truman later on the the rabbi the chief rabbi of Israel would come to Truman and say God puts you in your mother’s womb for that moment and Truman broke down and wept and later on Truman would say listen listen to his words Truman would say these are the words of Truman he would say I am Cyrus and shocking yeah and here’s another man who had no idea he would be there no I mean all said he’s there he didn’t realize and even when he’s battling he didn’t no idea how he’s being used in prophecy and then only at the end only later on did he realize it and he broke down more than once over this this meant everything to him he realized he was used it’s so amazing people I think God uses though unlikely I was a little boy when Truman was president you say in your in your writings you say oh who was Trump born under that okay here’s a thing thing here listen what we got here Louie we have a Cyrus there yeah and we have a Cyrus now we have two Cyrus’s this Cyrus was born under the reign of the other Cyrus that when Truman had come to power Trump was born now we’ve been talking about two different things and we want to put it totally together for it we’ve been talking about hey it’s the 70th year anniversary and then we’ll be talking about what happened in the 17th year but get this from the Bible this is that this is putting it together in the Bible you have a 70 year period and then it’s at the end of that 70 year period that the proclamation goes for 70 year period and then the King makes the proclamation concerning Jerusalem that’s Cyrus that’s Trump 70 years then it comes to the end then the King makes the proclamation concerning Jerusalem not it wasn’t just about Israel its iris he literally since what Cyrus did in that proclamation is he actually recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel so here you’ve got seventy years I think in the Bible at the end of seventy years the King arises who makes a proclamation that recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on the seven in what is drum do on the 70th anniversary of the rebuilding of Israel he recognizes Jerusalem and ires ires ires was it 78 ur therefore I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel while previous presidents have made this a major campaign promise they failed to deliver today I am delivering it did the same at the same at the same time and at the same time and here’s another thing about it yes seven a year but not just that let me tell you something else what happened 70 years ago the UN votes Israel okay they vote a division of the land Arab and Jew but when they do that they also do something else they separate Jerusalem from the Jewish people at the same time they said Jerusalem will not be of Israel okay so that’s the time that the world actually separated Jerusalem at the same time so now it’s this listen in the Bible in Syrus time they what was that seven years it was seventy years from the Jewish people being separated from Jerusalem and then Cyrus is the reach is the first recognition of Jerusalem so what happened 70 years ago that that not only was Israel voted on but also Jerusalem was separated and no power has ever undone that until trump 70 years now it’s undone now the first power said no Jerusalem’s of Israel that’s exactly that’s exactly the pattern of Cyrus and Cyrus hitted in the first year visit it says in the first year of his coming to world power it says he made it so Trump did it in the first year of his coming Proclamation this is incredible and and and notice something with that first year he made it just about by 30 days it was in Nova it was in December so he just made it but God hat made sure it was in the first year listen again God is perfect God is on the throne he has no intention of vacating that throne everything is in his hands and his purposes will continue no matter what’s happening in the world you just make sure you’re in the son of his purposes and you will prevent when when you’re there in Israel you do sense something you do and and and the thing is that you know when Trump when that declaration came I mean Israel loves Donald Trump most of the Israelis they see him like Cyrus because of this and there’s a sense and remember when when these declarations from Cyrus to Truman to the balfour when it first came out you didn’t see the full effect of the thing it starts but it started each case the effect would keep going and going and going and would be revealed over the years so what Donald Trump did same thing there’s some this thing went forth but the the full force of what this is all about is gonna be revealed in the days to come and you can sense that that’s why they’re the Temple Mount people are printing up the coins for the temple you know because that’s also linked to all this where we talk about there has to be a temple again I was at the western wall at the 70th anniversary and there was just there was just worship and praise and all those things but but all these things coming together now with with Trump I was amazing today we’re gonna talk about timing yes yes we spoke last time about the mystery with the 70 years in the Bible at the end of the 70 years comes the proclamation and from Cyrus back then and then we saw in our own day God did it the same way 70 years of Israel proclamation Jerusalem but it’s even more exact because when Israel was voted on the United Nations it was it was the it was at the very end of November and 1947 so if you fast-forward 70 years that was the week the the anniversary week now we’re after so many years which one but the anniversary week of that was ended on December 6th 2017 December 6 2017 is the date that Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem on the exact the end of the anniversary week of the 70 years and he didn’t know what he was he didn’t he wasn’t looking saying let me work this all out when I was here we were speaking about the shemitah we were speaking about the Jubilee when there’s several times they spoke what I said and I’m not saying that I know these things but God God knows but I said that that and not that God has to do anything but in the next Jubilee that if something is gonna happen according to the mystery it will it will involve Jerusalem it will involve the city of Jerusalem and the restoration you know establishing ultimately to the town Oakland to the Temple Mount about now this is very important because we talked about the Jubilee before but this is very important the Jubilee just took just so people realize this there’s there’s two reckonings of the Jubilee and one reckoning is the Hebrew reckoning of the on a 49 year cycle okay that that won’t go into if that’s one reckon the other reckoning is a is a standard fifty year cycle on the Western calendar and so it is on this fifty year calendar that we have that these prophetic things have taken place and has to do with everything we just saw now now the question is so what happened this past year has everything to do with the mystery of the Jubilee and just for one a quick thing for those who don’t know a very quick thing what is the Jubilee on the Jubilee whatever you lost you get it back you lost your home you get about you lost your ancestral land you get it back you return home you return to your family you get reconciled you the possession that was yours your inheritance you get it back on the fiftieth year now it was given to the Jewish people now the Jewish peel it’s amazing for the Jewish people the people who who more than any nation lost everything they lost their land they lost their ancestral possession lost Jerusalem lost their inheritance for 2,000 years so if they’re gonna get it back it’s gonna be a jubilee there’s gonna be link to God’s gonna link it to the Jubilee because that’s where this for 2,000 years the Jewish people wander the earth and the first big thing is the Balfour Declaration when Britain wins and World War one they win Jerusalem under general Allenby it was under Muslim control for ages but the Britain is for the Jewish people we mentioned they say now will be a Jewish homeland so here’s the first restoration when does it take place 1917 1917 we won’t go into it is a year of Jubilee they shall return home you shall regain your possession Jewish people start coming all the more from all over the world coming back home to their possession now it declares Jubilee is how often we go by the fifty year calendar fast-forward 1917 add 50 years where does it take you it takes you to the year 1967 next Jubilee year 1967 what did they get the Jewish people had Israel but they didn’t they didn’t have their the restoration to Jerusalem it’s the ultimate inheritance which again we’re on the anniversary of it right now so here so here 1967 what happens the Arab nations around them we mentioned they they say we’re going to now have a war of annihilation we’re gonna wipe them out and so Israel says we got to we got to strike first they do six-day war June 7th the Israeli soldiers enter through the lion’s gate and for the first time since the Rome since the Roman Empire Israeli soldiers are walking the streets of the ancient city they come to the western wall they weep and pray and Israel comes back to their inheritance second Jubilee they are they are restored to their ancestral possession Jerusalem so that it now that’s the site God is so perfect in that Jubilee but what they didn’t get in the Jubilee when you return home when you get back your land it’s not just you you go back and you go back to the land but you are given the legal right to that land it’s not just that you take it it’s that it is recognized legally this is now your let the deed is yours they didn’t have it since 1967 every nation said no even America said we’re not recognizing it nobody recognized it but it’s got to come so that takes you let’s go now to the next Jubilee go 50 years what year is it take you to 2017 Jubilee 2017 what happens in the year of Jubilee now for the first time first time in 2,000 years the legal recognition of Jerusalem is given restoration restoration to the land God is so perfect and it not only not only but in 2017 it happened within 30 days left I mean God just puts it right in there it happened it has to happen in that time sovereignty legal status not only it was the Jubilee of 1967 okay it was 50 years after 90 but it’s the double jubilee of 1917 okay in other words it’s a double Jubilee of when Allenby liberated Jerusalem in 1917 it was 1917 but when it was 1917 December the Declaration came in December the Jubilee the double Jubilee the hundred year anniversary in fact the the liberation of Jerusalem happened in the firt when Allenby liberated it or when it was liberated right it was liberated basically in the beginning like the first week around the first week of December Trump’s declaration first week of December what happens during the year of Jubilee you know this happens in the year Jubilee this is the shofar this is the Jubilee shofar what happens the the trumpet sounds it sounds in the year of Jubilee now the perfect year of Jubilee was 2017 now what happened in the year of 2017 that was the year that the president came to power and the year of Jubilee the Trump begins to sound but think about this to think about that what happens to your Jubilee when this shofar sounds the land goes back to the original owner so the Trump sounded and the land goes back to the original owner and when the Trump sounds the original owner gets the legal legal possession of the land so Trump sounded the land got its legal recognition at the last Jubilee 1967 the trumpet was sounded at the western wall remember that the rabbi who sounded that one late when they came to the western wall the rat this rabbi sounded the shofar and he wasn’t thinking of Jubilee he just but God was he sounded the Jubilee and what was the name of the rabbi the rabbi’s name was rabbi Goren okay Goren now we’re talking about the Jubilee the land returns to its original owner returns to its original state okay they got to the Temple Mount they were at the western wall there he sounded long tell the mounts the ultimate what was the original state of the Temple Mount the original state of the Temple Mount it was remember David bought it what was it it was a threshing floor remember yes yes threshing floor but when you read in the original list there’s a threshing floor it doesn’t say threshing floor it’s Hebrew it’s called the Koran so the it’s rabbi threshing floor rabbi he the one who sounded the shofar his name was identifying that the Jubilee returns to its original the land goes to original state the original state was Koran was threatened and Rabbi Quran rabbi threshing-floor sounds the trumpet and now I have president traffic now we have so God in each one he ……


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We are now living in the absolute End Times as per biblical prophecy.

Our Lord Jesus Christ – King of Kings. 2nd Coming and return is IMMENENT!.

Please do not waist another a minute.

No matter what religion you serve, there is only one God.

If, you want to be assured that you will not have to endure the perilous times that will befall you.

Irrespective, of what sins you may have committed at any time of your life. If you humble yourself and ask for God’s forgiveness. He will forgive you and wash them all away and welcome you as his beloved son or daughter with open arms.

If you are not a child of Father God or have not asked Jesus Christ to come into your life yet?

I implore you to do this without delay.

Read this prayer of Salvation and ask God to forgive you now and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and you will be assured of eternal life.


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