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The place like where Jesus was born yeah well today Bethlehem is a part it’s a real place there you know people think of Bethlehem is think it’s a place that is alive today it is part of the West Bank it is largely Arab it is largely Muslim used to be largely Christian Arab now it’s not one thing that it tells us is they you know Jewish people rabbis say well Messiah could be born now no he can he had to be born in Bethlehem he had to be Arab now so the only way back then it was Jewish so therefore he had to be born then but what we do but it’s a place of rolling hills I mean actually there are still Shepherds there you can still see Shepherds when we went there we were all there and I was with your people out with several of morningside people and we were what we normally do we overlook one of the hills of Bethlehem and at night we have like candles and we sing these songs over Bethlehem so that’s what that’s what we did last time but it’s at the the original country is still Shepherd country it’s still it’s still it’s still the way it was except that if there’s a modern city on it but the hills are the same it’s the same land some believe that Jesus was born in a cave actually well there’s a mystery to this I mean I think between these days though there’s a mystery to where he exactly may have been born and we’ve been but we’ve actually been it’s a it’s a mystery of a place called McDowell Adair I won’t maybe maybe we’ll do it as we go ahead but we’re look we’ve actually been searching for that place and we think we may have found the place we want it if we if we’re gonna plan on the next tours to take the people they are worship there everyone but it’s a place because there’s something mentioned in Micah that mentions a specific place and the rabbi’s also confirm that place so it says in Micah it says you shall one shall be born you Bethlehem what you’re the littlest of Judah you’re the you’re the smallest most of God always chooses the most unlikely those shoes as the smallest always chooses the weakest always to come through the Nazareth Bethlehem always he never does you know you think a king would be born in Jerusalem the kings born I mean and he doesn’t even have a place he’s in a little manger you know that’s God was Christmas like when you were a little boy you were a Jewish boy yes what is it what is Christmas for for most Jewish people you know Christmas is kind of a mystery baby I mean there’s something positive like wow this looks like so it’s a party next door but we can’t really take part in it you know it’s kind of thing you know we just kind of pull down the window shades take an aspirin go to bed and that’s the end yeah but but but this what I’m saying Jewish people you know I got I got to see oh it’s the most Jewish thing I mean who what could be more Jewish that than celebrating the birth of the Messiah we’ve been waiting for for 4000 years I mean I mean what’s more Jewish yeah birth of the Jewish the promised son of David in the City of David to marry Miriam real name they’re all Jewish the shepherds were Jewish everybody was Jewish you think well The Bachelor they weren’t there the match I came later they weren’t there but that’s them but every it’s a Jewish thing so it is a it is really it’s something that will be celebrated in the kingdom now doesn’t mean it’s gonna be December 25th but it will be celebrating its celebrated in the Hebrew Scriptures it says listen unto us a child is born this is a great thing you know so that the celebration is there so there’s nothing more Jew it’s for everybody but but it’s this mystery of the age that these things have been separated you know the enemy has kept these the Jewish people in the church separated he’s kept the church separated from its roots you know but we want to kind of break that down and bring it back together you know so is so it’s really it’s it’s a mystery really yet it is a wonderful thing and it is gonna be restored one day when he comes down you tease people I’m so amazed of ammount of Jewish people accepting Christ as Messiah yeah then when I was a boy there was very few hundred I lived in a Jewish neighborhood right and they didn’t know about that’s right that is that is prophesied you know this is prophetic here that’s prophesied for the end of the age that that Jesus Yeshua will not come again he said I’m not coming again until my people say borrow haba b’shem adonai ‘blessed it is he you know I will come when my family says now the time so the whole age is waiting so it’s not just Israel coming back in the world it’s got to be the Jewish people coming back and more Jewish people have been coming back to faith in Messiah since the six-day war since the restoration of Jerusalem it’s prophetic that then any other time since the book of Acts so we are in prophetic days the fact that we’re having a Christmas celebration and you know I’m part of it yeah that’s a prophetic thing that that would never that never would have been that never would have been but we are in prophetic times and it’s happening it’s happening you know and I’m a maze the thing you know about Christmas to that here if we went to the original Christmas nobody celebrated nobody I mean nobody knew what was going on I mean it was the backwater of the backwater there’s this homeless couple you know and nobody you know you you have you have the kings you got harried you got augustus all that but the real king is being born and nobody knows it you know this little event and yet this little event here 2,000 years later is being celebrated in every part of the globe every part you know nobody’s celebrating Augustus is birth or Herod’s birth but every all around the world this thing that just this homeless couple the whole world is based on our lives our dating system even in even in the communist world every event in the world is dated to the birth of this little baby I mean that that’s gotta be hard that’s amazing oh my god words to describe an expressway you’re saying it’s amazing it’s God and there’s no other faith that has this God coming into the world I mean what a what a radical thing this is God coming well and the other thing is that you look around and say every year as once I became a believer I’d look in you know the world tends to be very hostile to the faith and they’re hostile to Israel hospitals of faith you know or the hold but this one day of the year it’s like celebrities will sing songs in praise of him yeah I mean it’s like it says every knee will bow well that’s a little shadow that even the world bowels down and yet I say Jesus you know what an honor that I’m actually serving you I actually know you you actually yeah what an owner one that they’re bowing down yes I know you’re my friend yeah and I’ve always tried to think you know even when you go to New York City and it’s so beautiful they decorate in all the stores all the windows and you think oh but they’re not celebrating the birthday of Jesus but it is this Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ and the world is probably the biggest celebration in the world probably the most costly more money spent yes so yeah you say there’s a mystery concerning Oh Christmas oh there’s a lot of mystery that wealthy hid let me this is one I want to focus on if you’ve been teaching us the answers to mysteries yes could you do the Christmas of course of course this is one I just love there’s there’s some that this is here it be it begins with Jacob Jacob is blessing his twelve sons and he blesses one of them he says something interesting he says to Judah he says but Judah he says the scepter shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh comes now what is that the separate one Judah is going to be the tribe from which the king is coming the kings of Israel coming it’s the royal tribe ultimately Messiah has to come from this tribe Judah but says the scepter will not depart until Shiloh now the rabbi’s don’t even it’s a mystery what is Shiloh they don’t even know what it means it’s in Hebrew Shiloh it seems to be to him who who it belongs they took it as till Messiah comes so so Judah is gonna be the royal tribe so from Judah we’ll come all the kings of Israel I mean like the kings of Judah will come from this line um and then it says then Isaiah get rises up we just found his name we mentioned this for the first time in two-and-a-half thousand years we have the seal of Isaiah was just discovered Isaiah Isaiah he gives a prophecy and he says this Isaiah 9 which is the same than we mentioned about the people who dwell in darkness and it’s also by the same chapter as the Harbinger that’s the whole thing but right in the middle is this amazing prophesy unto us a child is born a son is given yes and and the government shall be upon his shoulders and his name shall be wonderful counsellor Almighty God the everlasting father and there shall be no end of his kingdom you know as the Lord shall establish it on the throne of David so here is a child’s gonna be born to David but this one’s gonna be called Almighty God I mean that that is radical right there that’s Isaiah so therefore you have the promise that he has to come through not only massage gonna be born from Judah he’s got to be born from the line of David and then it says Isaiah 11 just two chapters later it says a root shall come out from Jesse that that’s David’s father yeah shoot shall come forth and he’ll rule the world basically he says he’ll rule the world this is Messiah now from David you have all that all these kings in Jerusalem most of them are not good you know I mean in the northern kingdom they’re all pretty much not good but the in the south there’s just a few that are good you got Hezekiah he was Jehoshaphat you have Josiah you have a few good Kings but from this line David has to come the king of kings now here comes a mystery looks like a cosmic wrench but it’s an amazing thing here what happens is in the last days of the kingdom of Judah the last kings of Israel because they’ve sinned they’ve gone off they followed bale and Ashtoreth and all that judgments gonna come on the throne judgment gonna come to Israel take it to the kingdom and so in the last days you have a wicked King an evil king named jeconiah Chuck Anaya has is dealing with Jeremiah Jeremiah is telling him you’re in sin judgments coming Chuck and I I wants him locked up wants him thrown in prison I mean he just he hates Jeremiah but then Jeremiah gives them a prophecy and here’s what it says it’s in it’s in Jeremiah 22 verse 24 it says as I live says the Lord though check and ayah the Sun of joy and King of Judah was that even a signet on my ring I would pluck him off and I’m gonna I will give you into the hand of those who seek your life into the hands of those you fear Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon I will cast you out your mother or you went to another country you will you will die there but to the land which they desire you shall not return is this man Kanaya despised broken vessel now here’s what it’s now here’s what it says thus says the Lord now listen write this man down as childless a man who shall not prosper in his days for none of his sons or descendants shall prosper sitting on the throne of David and evermore be ruling Judah ever so here’s the question if Messiah has to be born of the Royal line it’s been cursed now Jeremiah has said God has said there will be no sons of who will now prosper on the throne here no more and yet Messiah has to be born of David of the royal of the line yes so so we’ve got a thing a curse comes on the throne so what happens the Kingdom is destroyed the King is taken captive there are no more kings there in Babylon and finally they’re going to return to their finally return years later the remnant returns and there’s no more king you have a rubber ball zero bubble he’s like the governor he’s actually of the Royal line he’s the man who would be king but he can’t be he’s not going to be King because there’s a there’s a curse here that you cannot they cannot prosper on the throne and Persia the empires and which is now Iran is not gonna let them have kings so there’s no kings so what happens it continues on now the Greeks come now Alexander the Great comes now you got Hanukkah and all that you do all that but there’s no Kings so what happens to the the Kings the actual law well they start descending lower and lower meaning they go into obscurity nobody knows who they are nobody knows who the heir to the throne is anymore there’s somebody who is the heir to the throne who’s the son of the son the firstborn son but nobody knows who they are they start descending they are they are now they could be politicians now they are now they could be a fisherman now they they go nobody knows but their royal but they don’t know even they don’t know who they are so there’s an actual ease of mystery there’s a missing King there’s a missing King in Israel and so and so nobody knows who he is so who so could it be that he it that we actually do know who he is even if he didn’t originally know who he was and so just imagine oh just give the picture because you know you have movies about this but this is real you got a king who is who is incognito he’s walking around nobody knows he’s the king he’s just a regular guy but he is the

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