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December okay I finished reading it in mid-january because each morning instead of reading one page I read five to ten pages no it couldn’t wait to see what was on the next village hmm yeah people are telling me that it’s it is as a devotional but it also can be read straight through and some people angry read at any mystery you want but some people are like that Dave you know some people think I can like it’s it’s there’s so much I can’t do more than one another thing I can’t wait til the next one if some are reading it so I read it through and then said well I got an I did it through and now I’m gonna do it day by day you know but yeah but I’m I just want to thank you for a great spiritual break it ain’t really is a profound spiritual thing I’m recommending it to everyone thank you I’m very blessed by what we’re hearing all over but all and also people are also giving it to their own say friends and people are getting saved so that’s that’s my one of the things that’s most interesting about me as most of these mysteries not all of them but most of them relate to a Hebrew understanding of the Scriptures what Hebrew words mean and Hebrew culture and it and you can’t really understand Scripture now and its greatest no no no no that’s the original context and so and for 2,000 years and much of that context been out of there and so so much is missing and I think it’s why it’s prophetic day because because God is bringing Israel back he’s bringing Jewish believers back with Gentile believers and he’s bringing it back that’s what it’s about man praise the Lord I I took this Hebrew group I joined because I wanted to learn a little Hebrew and it amazed me how the Jewish meaning of words brought so much more meaning to an understanding I think in our English version we’re missing out so much like nation means spirit the spirit of Israel not the nation of Israel so let’s get into this then there’s 365 days I’m gonna actually jump up to 331 this is 2017 it’s a big year for Jerusalem obviously it’s 50 years since the Six Day War and you have here on day 331 the Jubilee man how is he related to the reoccupation Jerusalem yeah well the Jubilee of course has given Israel that this is this is the the time of restoration of what you lost your ancestral home you lost it well so this is anything because 1917 the Jewish people were given the Balfour Declaration said you had the Land of Israel that’s that fifty years later that’s a restoration of what they lost 50 years later 67 June 7th comes the restoration of Jerusalem so this is this is Jubilee 50 and 50 yeah what happens is they that what happens when the soldiers got to the wall the the first thing they did it was done is they sounded the shofar one-man sound of the shofar well what do you do during Jubilee you sound the shofar not that they knew what they were doing but he sounded the shofar it was a rabbi the rabbis name was Robert Goren Robert Goren was not only sounding at Jubilee but it was his he was fifty years old it was he was born in 1917 so here they do sounding the Jubilee sign and now it always reverts to the original owner Jubilee the original the original purchase was done by David and what was the Temple Mount it was a threshing floor well in Hebrew it wasn’t a threshing what it was a Koran wait what was that his name was rabbi Goren rabbi threshing floor sounding the restoration of the threshing floor I mean God’s amazing that is absolutely not and he’s the jubilee man yeah and what he said after that is really profound but yeah he said something to the extent of proclaim to you the beginning of the Messianic age or something of that he changed the prayer you’re supposed to pray for the mornings that don’t outs the restoration of Jerusalem is amazing and he he actually felt for years that this was gonna happen oh yes and he understood from Old Testament prophet is that when the Jew are back in the land and it’s a it goes back to Messiah he said you will not see me again until you say broke Abba we’re in Jerusalem in German yeah okay well let’s just pause here for a moment we’re gonna come back and really jump into the book okay welcome back to Christ in prophecy and our interview with Jonathan Cahn about his newest book the book of mysteries now Jonathan I like anything that has to do with how movies were made I like the easter eggs i watch the easter egg specials and i like to see what the directors have hidden inside a movie and with this book you’ve shown what God has hidden inside the Bible because we lose so much in the English translation do you feel that is your contribution to Christian literature or would you say there’s something well are you or there’s no end to the mysteries of God there’s no end and that’s one things and this is another which is kind of beyond general genres because it’s one hand of devotional on the other hand is revealing the mysteries on the other hand there’s a story behind it we’re goggles into the desert and for the whole year the teacher was revealing every day so you’re taken on a journey so it doesn’t really go into anything it’s the revealing mystery there’s no end to God there’s no end to that and I will say Passover eggs Passover well you know I I really look forward to one of the things I know it’s going to happen in heaven and that is to have like some like the like the Apostle John teaching the Little John yes I’m sitting there saying I never saw that I never saw that I mean yeah sometimes I’m reading the Bible I was like Lord what did you put that in there there’s no end you make a very interesting comment in your book you say the children of Israel have followed their king Messiah Yeshua how can you say that in light of their rejection of it it’s in light of the rejection you know people say well yeah how can they be following it well a people always Falls as king look at it I mean here’s a mystery Jesus Messiah the the king of Israel he was despised he was rejected what happened to the Jewish people have to they were despised and rejected of nations that he was exiled from his people they’ve been exiled from the world he was made a scapegoat and falsely accused while the Jewish people have been falsely accused for 2,000 years they he was stripped of his possessions Jewish people were that led like a lamb to the slaughter Jewish people that’s Jewish history then then actually he was crucified when you look at the Jewish people as long as when they talk about they talk about the history Holocaust they were literally crucified and then he rose from the dead and what happened to Israel after this crucifixion I think they rose of the dad you know his was on the third day theirs was on the third year but absolutely even when they don’t follow they still must follow their king Wow amen follow him type yes and ball exactly exactly well you know yeah you you mentioned Nathan was talking about Hebrew words you know when you mentioned the name of Jerusalem which he brews Jerusalem yes and you said it’s plural that’s where every time you say it you’re saying Jerusalem that’s exactly it you never say Jerusalem well not only is it plural this there’s mysteries in the Bible where these plurals occur and everyone is filled with a deep meaning there’s that there’s no accident in the Bible Jerusalem is your ish alignment it’s not just plural it means literally it’s IM means the two Jerusalem’s so it means there’s always two jerusalem whatever you drew some you see and that you’re something you don’t see there’s a jerusalem of the earth the jerusalem of heaven there’s that you know ultimate there’s a zoo some that is now and the jerusalem that is yet to come there’s always more when you go to jerusalem and this this is this is practical you got a drizzle you would say you’re looking at a bunch of rocks but but they’re saying there’s something more here there’s something more and that’s the true with our lives we were children of Jerusalem there’s up something whatever you think your life is it’s more well I’m looking for that new Giroud yes oh I can hardly wait there so yeah okay well you know the first time I met you when you on our program the first time I discovered that you had a great sense of humor right and and and particularly when you deal with your critics you always deal with them that’s your and I think that’s kind of just they don’t know what to do that’s right but anyway I in one of your presentations in here the essay titled the mystery bread as I read it I thought man alive this would be great for Bud Abbott and Lou Costello I’m sure there’s people who are watching you don’t even know whose blood abbott and Lou Costello were but they were one of the funniest comedy teams in the history of Hollywood and they were known for their their tremendous piece called whose own second will you present something like yeah between the teacher and the student that’s right and I want us to read it is at first my friends first on Christian television oh okay alright the teacher says okay do you know the meaning of manna know what is it exactly exactly what exactly what that’s what it is exactly what is what it is right again what is it is what it is at this point I have no idea what you’re talking about the first read yes well mana everything else mana man is the word of mana you know comes down from and it’s linked to the word of God well mana in Hebrew des isn’t mana its mana mana is a question mana means what is it so every time you mana you’re saying what is it what is exactly what we just did is exactly it and what and here’s the spiritual thing whenever you take the Word of God you can’t just take it like hey I know what I’ve heard that before you have to say what is it Lord I don’t know you have to read the Word of God as if it’s the first time you have no idea and God will reveal what it is absolutely stunning well you know we’re talking about these plurals let’s go back to another plural yes they’re fascinating to me and the one I wanted it’s in Isaiah 53 where it says that the Messiah made his grave with the wicked and when rich man in his death but in Hebrew it says his deaths that’s right that’s right people don’t realize that in the Hebrew it never says that it says that what does that mean when the Hebrew does that what it means it’s not just there but in other places when it does that what it’s doing two things number one it’s telling you that the reality behind that word is so awesome that the word cannot contain it so when you have a plural one it should be a singular the deaths it’s saying that what he did on the cross is so awesome and beyond our comprehension we get the word death cannot contain it and number two it also means literally his deaths why he didn’t die he didn’t die his death he died our deaths and so our death is in that Hebrew word the death of our all life is in that Hebrew word it’s over it’s done it’s in that Hebrew word he did he died on the cross right and it’s all there in the Hebrew well

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