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hello everybody today I’m going to tell you about an encounter I had in heaven with Jesus this was a very very special day and a place that Jesus took me to it was very special one day he brought me to this beautiful mansion in heaven and he told me he said this is your mansion when you come to heaven to live this is your mansion where you’re going to live oh my goodness I was thrilled I opened the big huge they were big carved ornately carved wooden doors the two doors they opened like this okay from the middle out and then I walked into this beautiful beautiful it was palatial it was beautiful and I what I noticed was that the fixtures in the bathrooms in the kitchen I love gold and the fixtures were all gold but not fake gold solid gold and I’m also a person that really likes bling it’s just what I like I have little blingy things around the house and whatnot and they were beautiful diamond chandeliers hanging in almost every room and there was a wonderful beautiful ornate draperies on the windows brocade beautiful of Maroons and reds beautiful colors beautiful pictures hanging on all the walls stuffed comfortable comfortable furniture the furniture and what I would have picked out if I went to a furniture store and I the the sky was the limit and I didn’t have to look at the price tag this would have been what I would have put in the house that was what was there things that I loved and I would want in my home and then as I went throughout the Earth from room to room I came to this big room open the door and there was a swimming pool in the house an inground swimming pool and what the Lord showed me the water in this swimming pool like the water that flows from the throne of God the presence of God was in this water so that when I swim in my mansion when I get to heaven I’m gonna be swimming in this presence of God though the tangible presence of God is in that water the love of God it just the love of God pours out of everything including the water and then as I want the when about I went outside and I saw that my ancient overlook the ocean beneath them this mentions of the ocean and what I asked God I said is everybody going to get a mansion just like this and he said to me depends on what you do on the earth the good deeds that you do out of love for me if I ask you to get make your neighbor a cup of soup and you go bring them a cup of soup that reward will go to heaven in it will be used in your mansion for material in your mansion and so it depends on how we live on the earth what our mansions gonna look like also he said some people don’t like bling and so some people don’t like brocade or gold fixtures they will have what they like in their mansion that will suit their tastes the desires of our hearts will be in our mansions so then another day I was walking along the ocean with Jesus in the spirit in heaven and I looked and I saw this mansion and I recognized oh that’s my mansion and I saw an angel busy on the roof of the mansion then this angel was hammering away and the angel called to me and said send me more material and so I realized what was going on was that the angel was running out of gold tiles there were solid gold tiles that were being put on the roof of my mansion and they had run out of the gold tiles and so what the angel was saying to me was send me more that meant I needed to do something out of love for God that God was asking me to do and as I did it that material would get to heaven for the angel to be able to finish the roof and I knew that the Lord was calling me to start a prayer group for the president for our nation for Israel and so we began that prayer meeting in our house so weeks went by we did the prayer meeting and back to heaven I was brought in the spirit again and this time I came before the throne and I saw just the form of the father I never see Jesus or the father or the Holy Spirit clearly but I saw the form of the father with light shining out of him and an angel was standing before the Father and said father now I have a problem she has sent so much material up to heaven I can’t keep up with it would it be possible he said I’ve even begun to build an addition on this mansion would it be possible for me to send some of the material that has come here to heaven could I send it down to the earth so she can enjoy some of the rewards on earth and the father smiled and said that’s a great idea do it but I knew in my heart what I was seeing was the father had that that was what the father wanted but he left the angel think it was his idea to do that so I just encourage you to love God with all your heart mind soul and strength to make him the most important thing in your life to do everything you do like scripture tells us to do everything you do out of love for God just because you love him do whatever you do happily not begrudgingly not complaining but do what you do out of love for God and He will take your life and make some wonderful blessings out of it but also he will reward you beyond what you could ever think or imagine you will have the most exquisite beautiful mansion when you get to heaven besides all the other rewards you’ll have for you there have a wonderful day you [Music]

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