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Sheila from Tampa Florida asked this question she says I find that some are using Scripture like Psalm 74 9 and Hebrews 1 2 to teach that there are no longer any profits for today so what scriptures can be used to humbly I like that word I like that good Sheila humbled that’s always good soft answers turn away wrath I wish I had used it all my life but I do know that now as I’m getting older it is true anyway what scriptures can be used to humbly show that that those scriptures don’t mean that that they’re there in error here’s a couple of things first of all what is Psalm 74 all about Psalm 74 is about a nation that has turned so far away from God that they are burning the houses of God they are destroying God’s temple they are resurrecting idols in this place they are into a cult worship and the Lord says because of all this that there are now no prophets among you it isn’t that there are no prophets it means that that at that particular time because of the evil that is going on in the land that you’re so evil that there’s that I’m not even going to send you a voice that says repent or a voice that said here’s what’s going on so at 70 for three we don’t want to be like that because that’s not a place that says there are no more prophets it means that because of G our evil is so bad I’m not sending anybody to to speak to you okay then Hebrews one is stating that Jesus is the perfect man that all prophecy points towards Jesus that not that all probably it isn’t saying that all prophecy has ended because of all prophecy ended with Jesus the book of Acts couldn’t repeat but the prophecy of Joel in acts 2 it says and your sons and daughters shall prophesy your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions so that right there says prophecy has to continue after Jesus Paul and Ephesians 4 it talks about this very issue when he ascended he gave some apostles some prophets some evangelists some pastors some teachers so at after Jesus ascended at his ascension Jesus gave these gifts to last beyond him and so I could go into a lot more depth but that’s that answer right there I think will do will help help address those two issues so basically what it boils down to then it’s inconsistent logic in theological interpretations inconsistent logic and no theology so look at look at those aspects that we pointed out I think that will help okay Phoebe from Vancouver British Columbia says I would like to know what it means if you can levitate at will and a dream well yes you can actually that’s it’s actually a form of flying in a dream most of you that are here in this room particularly in the studio and all of you that are watching right now many of you had experiences of flying in a dream some of you control it you know you could change directions you could go up you could go down you could slow down you can speed up etc some of you couldn’t do so well some of you would stumble when you tried to land you could only turn in one direction but not turn another one different things like that so it’s part of part of flying it’s kind of an elemental break in to flying what so what is flying in a dream mean okay flying in a dream basically means two things one it means that God has given you an ability to rise above the daily things in your life if you’ll seize it number two it usually is indicative of some revelatory or prophetic type of calling in your life so yes you can do that if you want to call it levitate I mean I guess you can in Ezekiel he was caught up by the hair of his head it looked like I mean between the heaven and the earth so he was caught up and so he you might say he levitated as well so I don’t think that it’s anything that you should seek just like I don’t think that you should you should may I don’t think you should make yourself levitate I don’t think you should make yourself try to go to at the third heaven because I think all that stuff can happen imagination does a whole lot of stuff we talked a little bit about that last a month but I still feel that way ronita from South Lake I think we need your here tonight so has God told you anything about the future of candidate if so will it be similar to what will happen in the United States here’s what he’s told me one he’s told me that he is very pleased with Stephen Harper and that he is him in that position and he said this he says as long as Canada continues to support Israel like it’s doing which is an amazing in an amazing way it will prosper they will have peace that will have minimal impact of the perfect storm issues the church will prosper and government will make wise choices he said but if it weakens it stands on the Jews in Israel then it will descend into economic chaos Quebec will secede in its rebellion pestilence earthquakes and increased suicides will mount religious repression will come not only will homosexuality being corrupt permitted it will be encouraged and multiple spouses will be legalized and the forest will begin to disappear so that’s that’s what the Lord told me all right we have a question here from Dede from Boulder Colorado Dede you wrote in and you asked this do you believe that Hebrews six is saying that those who have turned away after walking with the Holy Spirit and salvation through Christ our Lord if so then what defines a prodigal well that Hebrews six passages is one of the most difficult passages in the Bible to interpret very very difficult it has caused linguist and theologians a lot of grief so rather than try to get off onto a theological tangent with you I just want to lay down a couple of things that make it make it a whole lot easier easier for you Hebrews 6:4 more read it read it here and the word says this for it is impossible for those who were once enlightened I’m reading from the New King James who were once enlightened and have tasted the heavenly gift and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit so now we got the enlighten now that word enlightened literally means radiating light it’s a rate that word in line is radiant or illumine Airy who have been alumina so you radiate light have tasted the if there were taste it literally means like consuming like you were famished so you were you’re gobbling it up not just like well let’s just try taste like dipping dipping your toe in the water this that’s not the taste is talking about this is consuming it with great aggression consume the heavenly gift and then become a partaker of the holy spirit that word partaker means one with have become one with the holy spirit so here we go we got you’re gonna grow glow light your radiant you have you’re famished and been starving and consumed with great hunger the things of God and you have become one with the holy spirit and you decide to fall away now that’s going to set that statement right there and let’s take a look at Satan he had done that very thing he had he had was a lumen one he had tasted the gifts of God he had been partakers with the Holy Spirit he had walked amongst the stones of fire Ezekiel 28 says and he decided he was going to try to overthrow God so that is the epitome of that so Satan on one hand is the epitome of that very statement we on the other hand can represent that statement so let’s go on to verse 5 ok that was Hebrews 6:4 Hebrews 6 5 the next verse says this and have tasted again you got a second time tasted the same thing consumed famished the good Word of God and the powers the Dunamis of the age to come if they fall away verse 6 now if they fall away to renew them again to repentance and here’s the key that’s the key right there to renew them to repentance in other words at some point their heart becomes so calloused they aren’t sensitive enough to feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit in their life they lose the ability to feel conviction that’s what this is saying is to renew them renew means like remove the callus make them sensitive again but once you become calloused like that and the calluses get thicker and thicker and thicker then it becomes impossible to redo not because it’s impossible for God to do it it becomes it becomes becomes to a point where they can’t feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit because that’s what he does he can fix of sin he convicts of righteousness and they convicts of judgment those three things sin that would separate you from God righteousness how we act and walk with God and with man and a path that he has outlined for us and then the final thing judgment there is eternity and you will spend that eternity somewhere right now my father is lying in bed and the nurse told me today he doesn’t have 24 more hours my father last time I talked to him is he was able to talk very good like just just five days ago and he was still worried about nurses that were coming to him that he wouldn’t sure if they had actually accepted the Spirit of God accepted Jesus as Savior he was still wondering about a doctor he was still wondering about a hospice person and so you take a look at that here my father is he’s having trouble remembering my father is can’t walk he can’t stand he’s having trouble hearing he’s eyes can’t see because he has macular degeneration and my father in the midst of this dying process is worried about somebody who hasn’t come to know Jesus yet and he is not sure if they have or not he told me so they say they help with their mouth but you know you can say a lot of things with your mouth and your heart can be far from God so here we are I want to be like that you see that is a spirit that is sensitive to the things of God even at an old age he’s 85 years old tomorrow he probably won’t be here and I and and and you know you might say well why aren’t you there with your father because my father lived a life to get me to do what I’m doing and if I even even hinted that I wasn’t going to do this we’re going to spend time with him and say what I know what are you doing what if where is your mind what you are here for the glory of the kingdom son and that’s what I’m doing right here right now I’m with doing this because I have a responsibility to you and my father would want me to do this right now my father is asleep he’s comatose he wouldn’t he was not awake he’s not aware of things that word we know of anyway but it’s what you don’t ever want to do you never want to lose the sensitivity to the Holy Spirit I want to be an old man one day like 120 years old and I want to still be sensitive to the Holy Spirit of the Living God I don’t want to get calloused in any way I don’t want to take for granted the movement of the Holy Spirit upon me I don’t want to take for granted the light of the Lord radiating from within me I don’t want to take for granted the oneness that he has afforded to me with him and you had that same ability to become one with the Lord first Corinthians 6:17 he who is joined to the Lord as one spirit with him you have that don’t take that for granted don’t become hard-hearted don’t become stiff necked don’t become calloused to the ways of God because that is what Hebrews 6:4 it’s not that God has turned away from you is that you have lost the ability to feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit you.

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