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hey I’m on a Warner and I want to share with you some supernatural stories that are fun I have three crazy stories the first one I one time was praying and there’s this beautiful lady issues from Africa and she was carrying this baby and it was like four months old the baby was really fat and pudgy and I just love fat pudgy babies anyways so I went to pray for her and laid hands on her and what I wasn’t expecting this the fire of God hit her she falls out on the floor so she fall done-up down under the power of God and the baby was like mid-air flying and so with one hand I still had and she fell down and then I lunged forward and I grabbed this baby before it hit the floor and it’s it looked at me and was like start scream and and then I like okay where’s on to you where’s the daddy but you know and then someone came and got the baby but that moment I will forever remember that because the next time like just recently I went to pray for this lady and she had a baby and I immediately went okay somebody else take the kid before I let Hannah her so that’s a little tip don’t leave a baby in the moment because you never know what’s gonna happen when the power of God hits somebody that’s just a little funny story but I have another story I was praying for my husband we were missionaries in Nepal actually and we went to pray in this area that was one of the poorest areas and it was known as like the tent they call it like the tent land all these people live there and in cardboard boxes and you know part of their houses were made with like tin roofs and plastic tarps stuff like that and we went in there to pray and it was really muddy and rainy that day and this little lady popped out of her little tent hut thing and she said come come come we we pray for me and I said okay so I take my shoes off as their culture to respect I took my shoes off I going duck under the Hut and I have a translator there and she’s telling him and I said can I pray for you and what do you need prayer for and then she lifts up her shirt like this and it was like this open open wound I could see like the insides of her stomach coming out like things you’re not supposed to see and I went you’re not supposed to do that right oh no I was smiling yeah okay internally though the dialect went like this god I don’t do oh my god you really I’ll pray for the limb to grow I’ll pray for the idn’t you know blind eye to come back but you see stomachs like I don’t do that and you know what he said he said you do now and I went okay so I said okay and then he said Anna he said I want you to hug the lady and you don’t let go until she does and so I was like okay I’ll do it like I I’m obedient now I wasn’t excited like I’m totally honest I’m just sharing these stories to take the lid off you know ministry and all but I wasn’t totally excited but here’s the thing I’m obedient so he said huggers so I looked at the transfer I said can I hug you and she said sure I go and I hug her and she starts sobbing and she’s bawling and falling and bawling now as she’s bawling I’m praying obviously for her healing of this easy open stomach wound but her stomach is is now like pressing up against my shirt like I can feel the is from her stomach like going through my shirt beeping through some of y’all just turned this off stay with me it gets better but I’m sitting there and I’m like Oh God and he’s remember he said don’t let go and so I’m hugger and it went on for a long uncomfortable time like a much longer than the normal husband okay so finally she pulls away she looks at me in for a split second I saw Jesus look right back at me through those woman’s face and he smiled at me and Jesus it was Jesus right there and then she starts screaming and she’s jumping up and down and I’m like what’s going on and she lifts up her shirt it was completely healed like the wound was not just there was actually no even scar left there no mark all her insides put back together and I was like my god it shocked me so that’s another crazy wild story and then the last one I want to share with you is actually I just want to encourage you actually those of you who are like stepping into the prophetic this one lady came for prayer one time to our Healing Rooms and I said okay Jesus and she had all these things going on in her body for she and healing but I got this picture now as a seer sometimes I get like we’re sometimes the pictures are pretty like okay this is what God’s saying that I got this picture of this lady she’s about 45 years old I saw her riding a pool noodle and that’s all I got and I’m like God you got anything else he goes no oh are you sure you said no but that’s all and I’m like okay what so I say listen I’m so sorry I start with apology because I’m already apologizing for it and I said I’m so sorry but God sometimes gives me impressions or pictures and I don’t really understand this yet but here’s what I got and I told her like oh Jesus help me I can have faith for in the moment but I’m obedient so I said I see this picture of you riding this pool noodle and as soon as I said it here’s what happened as soon as I said it it’s like God rewarded me for being obedient because then he filled my mouth with the revelation so I said and here’s what I think God is saying and he filled my mouth and I said he wants to restore a childlike faith in you and just joy and then I said aunt something happened to you I was getting the download right it was like I was getting the download from heaven I said something happened to you when you were a child and there was a trauma that happened when you’re a little girl and ever since then it’s been really hard for you to have joy God wants to restore your joy like a child to be able to have fun with life again she goes if she starts crying and I’m sitting there going and I’m just like well praise Jesus but at the same time I’m going okay are they tears of joy or tears of sadness I don’t know oh god please take over and then she’s crying and I literally look at my team like I don’t know and she says she gets through our Terry tears and then she says my brother almost drowned when I was a little girl and I have the memory of being there and they saved his life but he was almost drowned almost died and from that moment on and and she said I used to actually love to ride those pool noodles but from that moment on not only did I have fear of pools and water but I just never really could feel joy you know it was a really sobering a horrible thing I went through and it was really traumatic and then I just can’t feel joy and so we ended up walking her through inner healing from that whole thing and then God brought supernatural joy and it was amazing so I just wanted to tell you that and encourage you because I remember when I all I had was a lady riding a pool noodle what God but hey he showed up I’m glad he did thank you Jesus so I hope this has encouraged you to be absolutely naturally supernatural wherever you are I’m going to pray for you right now that you wherever you are you can influence the world for Jesus so father I just pray right now that you would make us aware of the world around us god that so needs you Lord let us be your hands and feet and flesh today wherever we go in Jesus name Amen [Music]

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