Introducing the Call to Action Widget

Meet the call to action widget an incredibly flexible widget that combines image and content to create beautiful interactive boxes using this widget you can showcase just about anything whether its products special promotions services or incredible image collages start off with a classic skin and design boxes with separated image and content this is perfect for adding the sale box and making it stand out you can also choose the cover skin and combine content and image animations CSS filters and blend overlays for truly remarkable results with this widget we made sure you get even more control over the image proportion the layout the positioning of every element the spacing and many other styling options enabling you to get the exact look you envisioned use your imagination and creativity to design spectacular boxes that are truly one-of-a-kind pick one animation for the content and another for the background to put motion in your website find the blend mode you like and combine it with CSS filters to transform the image into something altogether different your visitors attention span is extremely short we want to help you not only create a beautiful layout but make that layout cool and interactive bring your website to life with elementor’s new call to action widget

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