Inside story behind Michigan reversal exposed; Cash-for-Vote scheme used by Pro-Biden group

Premiered Nov 21, 2020

If Congress rejects the conclusion of the election, under the Twelfth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the House of Representatives would hold a “contingent election” to select the president. The Senate would also hold a contingent election to select the vice president; this would be very favorable to Trump. Regarding the election data, Brian Trascher of the Trump team said on Wednesday in a interview with Newsmax that they had recovered the raw data of the election from Dominion servers seized in Frankfurt, Germany. “The data that is going to come out will shake the globalists to their very core,” says Trascher. He pointed out the problems such as why U.S. election servers are overseas, how ballots are changed from one candidate to another, and how a nationwide fraudulent system is operated. He said that with this software, tens of thousands of ballots were automatically changed, and this information “will” be made public. The U.S. election fraud has now become the focus of the world, but the U.S. “mainstream media” is turning a blind eye to it and not reporting it at all. More sensational news won’t be covered by the mainstream media. Therefore, I am here to share it with you.

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