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[Music] this is the skiddo meter BB 11th from Finnish company movin tour a state-of-the-art continuous friction measuring unit designed to record friction levels on airport runways when commercial jets land or take off at busy airports proper friction between the tires and runway is critical by regularly testing the runway with the skiddo meter BB 11 both airport operators and pilots alike can be assured that correct friction levels are continuously maintained designed for easy towing by almost any vehicle the BB 11 has been described as the most reliable and accurate system available as the system is towed along the runway real-time friction data is collected by a dedicated measuring tire and transmitted to a dash mounted control unit to ensure the data is as accurate as possible this highly specialized tire is constructed with a material shape and tread which closely resembles the wheels typically used by actual aircraft to determine friction levels on a wet runway the top mounted WMS wedding systems robust water pump automatically provides the standard uniform water depth of one millimeter just ahead of measuring the tire an optional onboard wedding unit can also be used moven tour also offers the skiddo meter bv 11 6 a fully integrated retractable system that doesn’t require towing with the safety of the passengers and crew always on the line the skiddo meters BB 11 and BB 11 6 can be counted on to deliver much needed reliability accuracy and peace of mind this is the Robo Golf Pro from inventor and former professional golfer Scott ney the first and only robotic swing trainer that allows golfers to build their ideal swing designed to help teaching professionals and students speed up the learning curve the Robo golf pro can help everyone from those who’ve never had a golf club to LPGA and PGA touring professionals by having the instructor analyze exactly where your swing and technique fall short of the mark the Robo golf pro can then be programmed to help you correct it before beginning your training the Robo Golf Pro will record every aspect of your swing including impact distance direction curvature club head speed and more next while grasping the machines Club and looking into a large split screen monitor the Robo Golf Pro will then slowly begin taking you through complete swings while gradually correcting your errors [Music] [Applause] as you continue you’ll soon begin to experience how it actually feels to correctly swing the club before long you’ll see huge drops in your scores on the courts lessons with the Robo golf pro are offered by trained professionals at golf academies all over the US if you’re ready to find your perfect swing check out the link below meet the mind-blowing amphibious excavators from Malaysian company AI K powered by a proprietary multi synchronous hydraulic direct drive system amphibious excavators are perfectly suited for dredging or deepening waterways and river deltas providing flood maintenance and protection constructing new swamps and wetlands or creating roads through waterlogged swamps in other words these amazing machines absolutely love to get wet [Music] riding on a pair of sealed high tension steel pontoons with all-terrain tracks these amazing marsh buggies are equally effective on dry land on the water or even in the water while this would cause traditionally designed excavators to immediately become flooded install Ian K’s amphibious excavators remain capable of full operational parameters while amphibious excavators can be outfitted with accessories such as buckets grapples or long reach arms they’re often most effective when combined with other machines from companies like cat Doosan and Volvo [Music] for extra stability in waters where tip-over is a concern an optional swivel joint kit allows the pontoons to be widened or narrowed as needed [Music] proven over tens of thousands of operational hours the eik amphibious excavators make working in swamps and marshes seem like a day at the park [Music] [Applause] [Music] this is the ratio plus a totally mind-blowing logging trailer from dull vehicle construction with a huge piece seemingly missing from its center anyone could be excused for assuming this trailer isn’t going anywhere however with a heavy duty cable providing the forward sections direction and speed to its rear trailer at all times the ratio plus can be controlled as easily as if it were physically connected well that’s incredibly amazing on its own there’s more when the truck makes a turn at speeds below 35 miles per hour the rear trailer can actually turn its wheels in the opposite direction from the forward section known as positive steering this nifty move allows the ratio plus to navigate turns with far more agility than practically any traditionally constructed trailer [Music] when turning with a full load of logs both the front and rear sections can automatically turn their log frames to match the direction of the turn though easily deployed when needed the ratio plus can also load its rear trailer onto the front trailer when not in use with it’s uncanny maneuverability and functionality the dahle ratio plus makes life a lot easier for its grateful drivers [Music] this is the 80/20 8 high-rise cleaning drone from California drone manufacturing company air owns when the windows on extremely tall buildings like Latvia Z towers need a good cleaning courageous crews have literally put their lives on the line to do the job now using Iran’s most powerful 14 propeller heavy lift drone this perilous work can be accomplished without endangering anyone with its onboard independent power supply and ability to lift up to 200 kilograms of weight the ad 28 has become the safest and most effective method of high-rise building cleaning ever used to ensure it can stay in the air for enough time to accomplish it’s dizzying task the 80/20 8 carries a ground-based power cable and water hose biodegradable cleaning solution can also be sent up the hose when required so trips to the ground can be kept to a minimum to ensure the drone maintains a safe distance from the item to be claimed rollers or pads can be attached with an interchangeable robotic arm in addition to cleaning elevated windows and facades the a t28 is also capable of cleaning wind turbines [Music] for safe and effective cleaning at elevated Heights the a t28 rises to the occasion [Music] check out the BB 1090 BL Evo a next-generation crawler scissor lift from Italian company all Mac powered by a 12 point 5 kilowatt Kubota diesel engine the 1090 BL Evo rides on an innovative dual track system capable of advanced functionality with a forward speed of up to 2 point 7 km/h with the basket in the lowered position this mini crawler includes a dynamic leveling function that keeps the basket level on inclines of up to 25 degrees using the wired remote control the operator gains access to the 1090 by leaning the basket forward up to 15 degrees the 1090 ble bo scissor-lift has an operational maximum working height of 10 meters once elevated the extendable basket negates the need for the worker to lean over the rail should the need arise the 1090 can actually move while elevated up to 7 meters when the machine encounters uneven terrain the proactive leveling function will stop the machine and automatically level out the scissors and basket also including automatic lateral leveling to maintain side-to-side stability the BB 1090 BL Evo rises to a new level of safety and performance [Music] check out the life-saving rescue machines from Austrian company Weber rescue systems designed to stretch bend and cut open the mangled exterior of a wreck passenger vehicle these powerful machines allow rescuers to safely extricate those who are trapped inside using Weber’s hydraulic spreaders rescue cylinders and combination devices rescuers have a much better chance of success when time is of the essence with its 840 bars of pressure Weber spreaders like the s P 53 PS can create an opening up to 800 millimeters wide placed in the hands of a trained rescuer this monstrously capable machine can easily spread open the most badly damaged doors or windows [Music] similar to the now-famous purse jaws of life Weber’s combination devices can both spread and cut their way through any damage they encounter bringing to bear both a powerful spreader and an intensely effective set of razor sharp scissors combination devices are what rescuers reach for when lives are on the line [Music] in certain situations rescuers can employ one or more hydraulic rescue cylinders these hydraulic tools use a powerful telescopic arm to increase the height or width of an existing opening [Music] as much as we hope they’re never required the Weber hydraulic rescue systems offer those trapped in their vehicles a much better chance to survive check out the area Matic 240 and 240 super from Italian company TSM the next generation in outdoor urban vacuum systems billed as the world’s first electric urban vacuum the area Matic 240 features the company’s innovative follow-me system this allows it to recognize its operator and follow his movements even in a crowded city context because the operator isn’t required to drive the Machine the follow-me function greatly increases productivity whether the operator is using the detachable hose to seek out and remove trash or when simply patrolling the neighborhood the area Matic 240 follows faithfully behind at up to 9.6 miles per hour the area manic 240 can also detect and avoid obstacles in its fact when its operator comes to a stop it also halts its forward progress that’s probably a very good thing to reduce maintenance time the area Matic 240 super includes an automatic filter cleaning system while some might not feel comfortable having a large machine with a super powerful vacuum hose following their every move those who use it absolutely love it [Music] meet the Boomer an automated face drilling rig from global corporation epilogue designed to operate in small drifts and tunnels the Boomer is also incredibly maneuverable in close quarters able to penetrate rock up to 15% more efficiently than their closest competitors this compact but powerful machines boom arm mounted steel drilling rigs can operate for hundreds of hours before requiring maintenance as a result the Boomer boasts an unheard-of level of productivity the upper rack boom er is available in several models each with its own specific functions the Boomer s-1 features a COP 1800 rock drill with a double tripod setup for fast precise positioning it’s generous 33 square metre operating area and optimised drill economy provide astounding flexibility the Boomer s2 employs a dual joystick control and two Co PMD 20 hydraulic drills with its robust frame improved filtration system and 56 square metre operating area this boomer is the most productive machine in its class [Music] including every recent advancement in automated drilling the Boomer m2c battery is the complete package mounted to a four-wheel-drive carrier this drilling dreadknot includes both hydraulic tunneling and mining capability with various other highly nuanced models also available the upper rack boomer could arguably be called the king of compact automated drill machines [Music] which of these machines impressed you the most tell us in the comments section below remember to subscribe and click on the Bell notification icon to ensure you don’t miss any upcoming videos see you next time [Music]

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