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hi guys I’m Shmi hello to you good morning and welcome back to the channel where today you join me for a legendary trip to visit the home of automobile e Lamborghini this is their factory near to Bologna in Italy and today we’re going to be seeing some of the rarest Lambos in the world you can see some of the cars to passing out behind me but I’m here with asphalt 9 legends and we’re gonna be heading into the after Sonam studio as well to configure my dream Aventador svj maybe one day that might happen for now though we’ve also got some particularly special cars to check out including the tert so Milenio so let’s get today started it just so happens that we can get the day rolling in the best possible way because right outside the front door we have one of the new events or SBJ who pays so limited to just nine hundred cars it now has seven hundred and seventy horsepower this is the track focused Raging Bull but it mixes in the technology from the Aventador s crazy aerodynamics look at the rear wing here with Lamborghinis ala to point naught it brings air through here in the back and out on the underside of the wing to kind of control the torque vectoring by arrow it has new exhaust pipes here in the center well one on either side aggressive diffuser and this just looks like a real and proper Lamborghini and we’ll take a better look at one I think a little bit later on but for now let’s head over to the museum because I’m gonna show you some of the really rare cars that are inside there now you’ll have to stay tuned to see the tert so Milenio later we’re gonna get a private viewing of it in its own room but while we’re here in the museum we’ve got the likes of the Aventador from Batman Dark Knight Rises in the corner over there is a Lamborghini veneno we’ll come back and take a look at that we’ve also got the LP 670 super veloce here but let’s head upstairs and start up there the variety in here is great you’ve got some of the current production cars you’ve got the Lamborghini racecars you have concept cars there’s a Lamborghini Formula One car some of their classic cars the super special limited-edition cars if we come on upstairs two of those that I’d like to take a look at are right in front of us we’ve got the gentle REO and the Sesto Elemento so let’s start here because this is really quite a unicorn they only built a very small number of them Sesto Elemento is literally the Italian for sixth element it was based on the Guyardo at the time with the v10 but it came in at under one ton so it’s all carbon fiber the sixth element the entirety of the car the body the underpinnings you name it hence the light weight and if we come around towards the side it’s totally stripped out there isn’t even really a dashboard inside here it’s just foam pads on a table with a steering wheel it’s obviously a track car it’s not road legal I think they were going to build up to 20 of them but it was really I mean it’s a proper Lamborghini right a special series as it was designed and intended and then on this side we have the chantin REO based on the Aventador platform they built 20 coupe A’s and 20 roadsters you can pretty much name your price in fact with both of these we’re talking millions and millions of euros this car has a complete visible carbon-fiber body the glassy carbon fiber finish 770 horsepower from the six point five liter naturally aspirated v12 just come have a look at the radical design and styling of this named Centenario because it was launched what would have been for rich geo Lamborghinis 100th birthday we’re just coming down towards the back look at how wide those rear tires are and also how exposed they are so both of those are Lamborghinis really top-end limited edition products they are crazy and design performance everything they represent we also have a look around here at some of the history of Lamborghini from the Yelper we’ve got the silhouette we’ve got an arauco we’ve got a 350 GT we’ve got the mirror which I think really defined the start of Lamborghini for me I think these are truly truly beautiful coming beyond that we’ve also got a Countach we’ve got a guy auto race car that’s looking a little bit bonkers that was obviously their first at the beat ends which is more recently spawned for Huracan which is right alongside it on this side we’ve got the cheetah which is a kind of open that’s the only one in fact over the LM hablo – with the Countach engine their first SUV which has more recently spawned this the Auris which of course they drove not all that long ago but at the end we’ve even got an Aventador roadster hanging on the wall of course back downstairs then we have the hurricane performant a that is a hurricane gt3 race car then we have the P 140 from 1988 that didn’t enter into full production and next to it something completely different also from the late 80s the Lamborghini Formula One car now there are only two of these in the world one of them right here and the other I saw quite recently in a private collection in Japan which is really quite cool to have seen them both continuing on then we have the LP 670 – 4 super veloce from the Murcielago era next to that we have the Espada with its rear seats with such an interesting shape that car and we’ve got the EUR AMA and on this side a Lamborghini Diablo but at the end the car were coming to see right now the Lamborghini veneno now this was one of the first of their few offs they made four in total this one the factory prototype and their three customer cars now the customer cars were all distinct in that they had different accents around the bottoms and some of the trim on the interior in red white and green green white and red I should say of the Italian flag but this again based on the Aventador is just the wildest of wild hyper cars it’s absolutely crazy three coup pace of the production cars also a further nine roadsters they made afterwards look at the shape of this with this rear fin that comes from the roof scoop on the top back towards that wing which is something more akin to what a gt3 racecar but remember this is road-legal this can wear a number place and be driven nothing about on the roads 750 horsepower from the v12 I was basically an anniversary celebration almost about 50 years of Lamborghini when this arrived on the scene you just look at it it is sheer bonkers as I said the rarest of the rare of Lamborghinis right here one of only four bananas in the world the next stop is here inside the ad personam studio now this is where Lamborghini customers can come down to completely customize their cast at bespoke touches or to special or even bespoke pink colors now in a second I’m gonna sit down to configure my dream Aventador svj where I lucky enough to add one to my garage but before we do I want to show you asphalt 9 legends and the ability the game has to actually configure cars as well so we’ve just unlocked inside the game the Lamborghini Aventador SV coupe a-and if I show you this we can actually choose some of the colors that were really available on the actual car so if we go in here for example and choose our colors you can select from the official colors including Rosso beer which was the launch color you can even pinch it zoom it around and take a proper full look at the car it’s actually a really cool way of seeing it inside the game and of course we’ve got a number of different cars in here particularly Lamborghinis for example if we go back out to the main garage – all of the cars you come along here we’ve got the chantin REO that we just had a look at inside the museum configure in here as well you can even make it full carbon fiber full visible carbon fiber and have a look at this in detail so it’s really very very cool in a moment we will also he says let’s get back to the cars here have a look at touch so Milenio before we do that just have a look around the studio we have a particularly nice hurricane perform on teh right here with a lot of unique touches on it so the color is Verde Basilius and then in addition to that the trickle or a Italian flag stripe is painted underneath the lacquer with four different colors the red white and green and also with the black stripe that surrounds that’s the accents around the outside the interior of this car if I come around to the driver’s side is incredibly nice just have a look at the touches they’ve done in here with the stitching bits and pieces so for example on the steering wheel you’ve got the trickle or a stitching around the steering wheel you’ve got the trickle or a stripe there in the center of the seats the headrest embroidery so you’ve got green on one side red on the other and even the performant a badge is done in the three different colors too is one very nice example of the customization that is possible and then over here in the corner is what is called the dealer configurator so this is what if you are a customer you would experience it’s not the online configurator or the one in the game this is the kind of fully loaded version now that is the spec of the car that I drove the press launch of the svj the color is raw so Mamere but in here I’m going to jump through some of these options where we’ve got loads and loads and loads of colors the matte colors the metallic colors I particularly liked the viola the color of the car that I drove the color of the car the exact color I drove at the launch was viola Alafia and it looks pretty similar for that on the screen and then wheels for example in here we’ve got the different options you can choose I think in here the different colors we can go with the satin bronze which work very very nicely against the purple brake calipers let’s go and black calipers I think silver looks a little bit strange against the bronze wheels here all sorts of things the carbon fibre coloured suspension components the satin we definitely want satin carbon fibre on the car you can imagine how this works and then if we close that back up and go back to the main view you can spin it around and have a pretty good look around this car how nice is that in that setting that’s pretty much it actually that’s pretty much how it would be if I didn’t have other cars in that color purple with bronze wheels winning spec I love it as luck would have it I’ve just been told that there might happen to be an SV J in that spec just around the corner so the purple Manta is going to be taken out and the sv j will come in so take a proper look at it so let’s hear the v10 firing up into life that mother is great well we’re here if you can hear me so by the way there’s a heads on have a quick look at this display unit here with the different color samples on the wall paint molds different leathers Alcantara ‘z you can even paint these so this is the cover that goes over the top of the start/stop button you can even have those done in unique colors as well that’s very very nice center caps stitching steering wheel components trickle or a flag painted on the door mirrors this is all really nice I guess you hear that the noise of what I just described as my dreams back SBJ the rhyming here inside the studio now I have to be careful where the camera points because of course we are inside the Lamborghini factory there might be secrets around but this the satin carbon-fiber against the bronze wheels what a lovely lovely lovely thing this is awesome spec it’s quite surreal that only a moment ago I was configuring the car on the dealer system behind me and now physically in the studio we have that exact spent nice one Lamborghini normally it would take a while for the cars to be built but let’s check out the ad personam options then on this SBJ so the pink colour of course is viola Alethia which looked so so good in the sunshine and you can see from that wall behind they have literally hundreds of colors that you can choose from satin paints to gloss paints metallics pearls with stripes with different accents you name it now on the inside of this car we have a few additional options as well so let’s just have a look in here you can see the white accents across the dashboard with the leather striping there the pinstripe piping that you have running across here to around the seat this is all via at personam as is this individual purple color for the shape inside the seat inserts to match with the exterior but that looks really quite nice to be honest also like the svj logo that has on the seat itself so this is a very very nice spec car it has to be said that is dreamy right there I like it an awful awful lot pls Lamborghini I’d love one of these now it is time to visit Lamborghinis chain throw steel a the design studio where we can take a look at the turn so Milenio let’s head on in and see the covers coming off here it is then as the covers are pulled back on the tert so Milenio the car that you can actually play right now in the asphalt nine legends game but let’s explore this incredible machine so this is Lamborghinis vision of the future not today not tomorrow but further afield a fully electric hyper car it maintains some pretty distinct lamborghini lines so like the Countach and the Aventador you have this one single curve that runs the full length over the top of the car you’ve also got the styling cues with the Y’s that you’ll find all around it so the running lights that you have here at the front spokes that you’ll find on the wheels each one of those spitting out to war the end also coming around towards the back the taillights that you have back here the design is crazy it’s so low the car is only one meter and one centimeter tall we’d be occupants sitting very much in a racing position that’s the idea of how it would work but what’s particularly clever about this is not only that it would in very be all electric but it also has a self-healing carbon-fiber skin so the bodywork can self heal itself which is just I mean a ridiculous idea for the future I’ll look back here the illumination again the white shapes that you have coming through the rear and also up there your batteries would be right down towards the bottom but it’s so very open you can see right the way through all the way out the front you’ve got the fins for the active aerodynamics all around the car as well and have a look through the back here just look at this teardrop style cabin in the center of the car allowing the airflow to come all the way back and around it that could potentially be the future it also has the 63 designation right here Lamborghini being founded in 1963 so that is potentially the future for what we’ll be driving but right now you can play with this car in the game which I just so happen to have right here so we can load it up playing with the turret so Milenio which we’ve presets here and literally play with that car on asphalt 9 right now so let’s load it up and just check out the graphics on this it’s truly insane how good it is it feels like not all that long ago these were graphics you got out of a complete games console system on your television and here we are playing but I am playing one-handed so I might not do the best possible job of this but here we go see what we can do it is really really bizarre that I am currently playing with the car that is sitting on the ground in front of me and we’ve just gone for a barrel roll but we get we’re good we’re rolling here people oh dear let’s not do that but we’ve self-healed we’re back on the go again right let me pause this because I want to take in this again for a moment the tert so Milenio that’s pretty cool this is also freely very very cool I have had pretty legendary trip to be honest today visiting the home of Lamborghini being able to take a look at so much the crossover from the game of spot 9 legends in our visits the add persona to configure my own SBJ SBJ coupe a and then also head over to the tenth row steal a – check out the Turk so Milenio and what a vision for the future that is I hope it goes again joined this time by an heiress so we’ve seen the turd slow Milenio the veneno we’ve seen the Sesto Elemento and also the chen scenario i think the only one of the wall offs we didn’t see was the Reventon and the Aventador J for those are Lamborghinis most rare and truly sounds good doesn’t it truly exclusive vehicles amazing to see them all here today so big thanks to everyone involved in today’s visit I’ve had an amazing time and of course a big thanks to you guys as always for watching I appreciate your support that’s it for this time I will see you again very soon Cheers you.

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