Inkscape Lesson 18 – Import and Edit PDF Files

Welcome back to another Inkscape tutorial in this video I want to show you how to import PDF files into Inkscape so it’s actually a really really cool feature that Inkscape has built in so if you ever want to edit the PDF file this is an option you can do it but pulling elements out of PDF files it works great for I’ll show you sort of some of the power of it and some of the shortcomings so I have a PDF file here and this is just this is actually from the magpie it’s like a Raspberry Pi magazine that gets released about Raspberry Pi and microcontrollers anyway so these are some of the pages of this PDF and we can see it’s just a PDF file and it’s a like a magazine so it’s got pictures it’s got text on it but what I want to do is just drag this in so if I left click and drag this into Inkscape it brings up this PDF import window and it I can only import one page at a time so I can do page 1 page 2 whatever whatever page I want to do and I’ll show them what that page looks like and then give me some different options for importing it so I’m just going to do the first page this is like oh this is actually the cover of the magazine and then these import settings I’m gonna leave everything how it is but for example it says replace PDF fonts by the closest name to installed fonts so one thing is this PDF has fonts that it uses and I guess they weren’t maybe they’re embedded maybe they’re not I’m not sure about that but if they’re not embedded then my I have to have those fonts on my computer or it’s gonna look weird and I don’t have them so we’ll see it’ll look a little weird so I’m just hit OK right now and it’s going to bring this in and so we can see right off if I hit the plus sign and zoom in a little bit it looks a little different than it does here so this is the original viewing it in the PDF and that’s what it looks like over here so we see some of these fonts are a little different this actually doesn’t look too bad maybe this is an image but looks the fonts up here for example where it says all-new raspberry pie getting started up here it’s different it’s like although it’s running together because it’s using a different text but that being said if I select the whole thing and I ungroup it so we go to have you ungroup from here object and ungroup or you can do ctrl shift G and now everything’s a separate object I can grab and move around just this raspberry just this text we can grab just this text here and I can actually edit this text too so if I want to edit like this here and we want to call it something else we can do that but it’s doing a little bit weird here but we can delete it we can take this board here and move it and see just what this picture looks like so it’s actually pretty cool we can take the ISBN number and kind of move it around – pretty awesome huh so anyway this is a way that you can edit and it’s not perfect as you saw there when I tried to edit if I try to edit this text here it was let’s zoom in if I try to edit like these numbers they’re gonna edit like one at a time if I hit the backspace it just erases the zero my cursor stays here so that’s kind of one shortcoming you can kind of play around with that and see text is not gonna be perfect in this but these things are like this I’m not this is it if I could i can ungroup this thing probably so this is actually a vector image and we can get real down in here it’s changed if I want to change the colors of these leaves I can select both of them change it to like blue or change it to change it up a little bit so it’s really cool you can actually pull in objects from PDFs and edit them using Inkscape and that’s really what i all I wanted to show with this and then if you want to have the fonts show correctly just make sure that you have that font installed on your computer hopefully found this informative go ahead and play around you’re gonna find out the different PDFs import differently some it depends on how that PDF was made sometimes you’re gonna be able to grab every little object sometimes you’re not and it’s all just going to be one picture sometimes the fonts will actually or the text will actually be a picture so you can’t actually get an edit like this case here oh well this one this one is a picture but so we can’t get in and edit this letter it’s actually a path see that so it’s not a font M it’s actually a path so different different objects different paths are going to have different properties within every PDF but go ahead and download some PDFs and play with it dragging and dropping in there and yeah I get familiar with it I’m sure you’ll find some uses I’ve used this a ton I’ve brought in like construction documents for example for like estimating I bring in like a floor plan of a house and I can like click and make notes do different things to that floor plan anyway thanks for watching and catch you on the next video

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