Incredible Videos of F-16 Shows Its INSANE Capabilities, Bombs Loading & Maneuverability

we we came here for three primary reasons the first of which was for us to exercise our readiness to get out the door quickly and come out here to Poland secondly for us to be able to demonstrate our interoperability with the Polish military and third you know as the European theater segues to more of a deterrence mindset for us to come out here and demonstrate our capabilities and bolster that effort every point of flight hours of aircraft comes to us in the phase dock and we perform major inspection you’ve removed 136 panels off of this aircraft and do in-depth inspection underneath those panels along with that 400 hours there’s also a lot of other inspections that come dude during that time as well down here our phase consists of f-16 crew chiefs but we also work a lot with our counterparts as far as weapons avionics union and fuel shop we do a lot of coordinating with them to get these aircraft compared back to service back to the Fighter Squadron to produce air power the purpose of phase is to give the pilots four minute hours back to them so they can fly these aircraft another 400 hours before we see it again producing safe reliable aircraft I wake up excited every morning they never know what I’m gonna come into as far as what my work schedule is gonna be like on a day-to-day but at the same time it’s it’s that is what gets me out of bed you know know that I’m being a part of the big picture I love it I think we are the closest thing to the flight other than the pilot in the seat pulling the trigger and we’re down here and we get these phases knocked out you see them out there taking off I love that feeling I don’t think there’s a better feeling in the world Viper’s an f-16 f-16 is over flying here pilots kind of coined that as a slang term it’s the f-16 falcon but the pilots all started calling them vipers and this fish is important because we’re basically the quick reaction force here in the country up 16 s the only up 16 ft of seeing right now so the good guys are out there taking fire from the enemies our guys can be out there a moment’s notice and deliver the bombs or whatever they need to to make sure that guys go home it’s important for the pilots one for survivability they need to trust us they need to make sure they’re getting a good product we don’t ever want to lose an airplane pilot and second is to support mission we’re getting the job done that’s what we’re here to do so we take great pride back.

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