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I was 16 years old on my first trip and that was to Turkey and we basically went there to find Noah’s Ark and you know my dad just kind of worked at the hospital he just saved up some money and one day he came home and he said well guys I’m flying out to go to Turkey in three days to go look for Noah’s Ark and we said dad you got to take us you know because we didn’t you know we wanted to go and he said there’s no way he said I applied for a passport it took me three three months probably to get his passport and he said the planes leaving in three days there’s no way and we said well we can try and so sure enough dad said well I’ll tell you what let’s pray about it and we’ll go get your passport start getting the photos and see if we can get it and so took it straight down there and we got our passport photos and sent it off in a rush envelope and gave them our flight date on there so they know we needed them back and so pretty much after we sent that off we didn’t have much time so the day before we were going to leave we packed all our bags all our stuff got it ready just in case because we knew that that if we were going to get them it would probably be that day or we weren’t going to get them at all and so we’re ready to go and then come about 11 o’clock that day the mail came and there were our passports and so we had about an hour and a half to get to the airport and forth after they got there but we were already so we just went you know so it was kind of a miracle in itself that me and my brother even got to go on the first one when we flew into Ankara we got on the bus and we went to the train station then we got on a train and we went to our room on the train while we’re on the train we’re going all through these mountains mountainous and my dad didn’t have any Corden coordinates for the boat shaped object or anything and so he was saying guys we might just have come over here for nothing because I don’t have any idea which way were connecting how we’re going to find this and so we finally in got over the train ride and the train went so slow that most of the times you could have walked along beside it it was just terrible and we finally got a cab after that and he drove us on down into the town dokgo posit and on our way in our dad told me and my brother he said you know the Bible says it when three or more gathered you know and pray in my name that he will answer it and so he said we really need to say a prayer that God will help us know which way to look and so we did and we were getting close to Doug Abaza the town close to Ararat and the car stopped and there’s a mill the night and everything just went dead lights out everything and just stopped so we had to stop real fast in the road and we had just got done saying that prayer just not five ten minutes before that and so my father said why don’t we pile a big pile of rocks up here on the side of the road just in case this is something God did to show us how to find it and so okay and we piled a big pile of rocks up and we’d get back in a car and just the guy shuts the hood because he doesn’t see anything just tries again it starts up so we drive on down the road small little ways and then the car dies again and so we’re thinking well this may be just car trouble we’re having but we’re gonna pile up some more rocks anyway on the putt on side of the road and so same thing happened again got back in the car it died again we piled up our third pile of rocks and then the car started and we went on into town real late at night you got a hotel and then the next day we got a cab and started looking around a little bit and we drove back out the road we came in on and we started hiking out we got some canteens had one canteen of water my dad was wearing sandals like with his feet uncovered and it was really hot and so we were hiking up this hill and we ran our canteen had a hole in it so we were losing water the whole time so we drank all the water for it spilled out and then we found a nice mountain stream really really cold water and we were just hot burning up so we’d filled our canteen then was drinking the water it really tasted good you know figured it was melting down from the ice and stuff and anyway I further up the hill we found a herd of goats and horses and stuff in the stream walking through the stream we had to stuff out but to us it was wonderful at the time but anyway from that first rock we found an anchor stone that was taller than we are and at the top was a whole it was teardrop shaped and there was a big round hole and the hole was smooth like it had been rubbed you know smooth and my dad said that’s an anchor stone that that was one of the anchors for Noah’s Ark we found a gravestone that was the shape of Noah’s Ark in this grave yard we showed this dad and you know we took pictures of it and all that and we were then invited to this house to eat in these people’s house on the dirt floor and they fed us what they and made us all sick and pretty much it was the next day I believe my dad went out and walked over with him and me and my brother were there too we walked back out and my dad said he got to like a hill and he saw the boat shaped object but it was getting real late and then that’s when we left for that day and then that night is when they came to our room and tried to rob us you know the miracle of us finding Noah’s Ark the car dying on the side of the road that was one of the first times that God so directly quickly answered a prayer I mean without a doubt you know those were three miracles when that car died and just to be us and our dad and for us to get to find all this it’s impossible so it was all a miracle every bit of it we didn’t do anything on our own we prayed about everything and God led us right to you.

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