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A lot of these commercial by Lexus here is showing you cracking out from the matrix and the attention of Babylon this is their belief this is the transhumanist agenda of the lexus commercial contortionists showing here with that red car like we’ve shown before the Red Horse of the Apocalypse we’ve shown it before this is the male version there’s a male and a female version like the Baphomet the male and female merging the opposites but what are they doing here they’re merging two opposites the merging man and emerging machine together two opposites the L standing for Lucifer look at that I mean just absolutely incredible look at these symbols that they’re creating so the merge the collide we are seeing it over and over again and it is all part of the agenda of Babylon you might think I’m future but you’re wrong you are I wish I wish to see now how it feel so in these three ways we’re seeing the emergence of this agenda that is leading towards the mark of the beast and that is the merge of man and woman transgenderism the merge of man and machine trend humanism and the merge of man and beast which is what I’m going to show you briefly today this propaganda of merging man and beast I mean we’ve seen it in the theory of evolution and we’ve seen it through different commercials through the years remember those adidas commercials predator and many different ways that this has been shown and put into people’s minds to normalize it so let’s take a quick look at this new car commercial that came out which is showing the hybrid Nephilim creatures coming from a different dimension the Mitsubishi Outlander Phe B the UK’s best-selling plug-in hybrid in a world of hybrid some follow other things okay I think you’ll agree with me that even for the general public you have no idea of the propaganda that’s being pushed this car commercial really makes little sense so this character is that familiar Nimrod hunter the wild hunt in the woods so already that makes more sense with the context of what this is showing it’s not just a car commercial this is Nimrod in the smoke his left eye symbolism the darkened right itest is the worse the shepherd in the book of Zechariah so the left eye symbolism coming through the woods so this is beyond the veil the other side of the firmament everything’s upside-down what are those that switch darkness for light and light for darkness that turn everything upside down this shot very quickly appears and is upside down so this is the underworld this is the upside down world and you know how they always turn everything upside down in witchcraft in the occult and that’s the same thing so I think this is actually a subtle reference to the mountain which we’re going to touch more on in the next month or so with the arch that’s coming near the Alps because he is the Archer he is the wild hunter the son of perdition a man of sin the Antichrist and we have a lot of cross references here between horses and the car itself just like this is somehow a reference to the white horse of the Apocalypse perhaps because remember the car is the modern man’s horse so this could very well be representing that white horse of the apocalypse I’m not exactly sure but we know that this is a dimensional thing because we are in the dry places the Barren womb you see that this is all very biblical in fact you can see this when you search the barren land and the Sun scorched land in the Bible the dry places they are mentioned many different times and very interesting context you know in Matthew Jesus said when the unclean spirit has gone out of a man he walketh through Dry places seeking rest and findeth none proverbs the grave and the Barren womb the earth that is not filled with water and the fire that say is not it is enough the book of sons tells us that the rebellious dwell in a dry land so you see that this is the dry land in which the rebellious dwell on the other side of the veil so this is not in our realm and you see all of these creatures appearing I think she’s actually representing Medusa which is one of you know a false god it’s a spiritual land a spiritual realm and you can see even the way that these sticks have been arranged into this oculus portal type thing gate I mean why are these sticks arranged in this manner for a literally one second shot in a car commercial you know any skeptics out there it doesn’t make sense why they’re doing this other than witchcraft and this whole Luciferian agenda so this Medusa and they seem look you see the way they transcript over between the car transition for the snake so it’s almost like that hunt of time that Gnostic story about cracking through time which is all the same thing you know cracking through the veil of time and space I mean it just crosses over and the big storm starts coming and we see the bull I mean this is completely just creepy to me look at that you see the the quick gate Stargate oculus portal aperture you know this symbolism which is all all in reference to cracking through the veil of time and space to come into our reality from the other side the dry places and the perfect storm so these creatures are hybrid look the half-man half-beast that’s emerged that’s the hybridization of man and beast this is an abomination just like the before May which is a merge a crossover a transition between man and beast absolutely pagan absolutely Antichrist and the Bible has exposed these things many thousands of years and there is nothing new Under the Sun her cities have become an object of horror a parched land and a desert a land in which no man lives and through which no son of man passes this is horror Isaiah 13 look at this a judgment against Babylon lift up a standard on the mountain of the plain exalt the voice to them beckon with the hand open the gates ye rulers I give command I bring them Giants are coming to fulfill my wrath rejoicing at the same time and insulting these things are coming because of sin in the world that is rampant and God brings the judgment upon a rebellious world you know nothing of this is outside of God’s control and look at this but wild beasts shall rest there and the houses shall be filled with howling and monsters shall rest there and devils shall dance there and satires shall dwell there and hedgehogs shall make their nests in their houses it will come soon and will not tarry do you think this has got anything to do with this as in the days of Noah these hybrids of man and beast abominations genetic tampering and all of that do you think this may be the signs that we’re seeing projected to us the prophetic truth of the times that were living in these are being projected in people’s houses so here we go we’ve got that symbolism of the water in the barren land remember the enemy copies and counterfeits all the time a mirror of God’s truth Psalm 107 he turneth the wilderness into a standing water and dry ground into water Springs the hybrids the other side of the veil the dimensional nimrod the Antichrist the horses of Baca lender pH TV and you see the horses who stamped the ground there which is also ties into their mythology of Pegasus this horse with wings Pegasus he stamped his hoof on the ground according to the myth and water came up from the ground so this is tying in their mythology which is again just all these stories that are dressed up the real source of truth is the prophecy of the Bible and the last days and the judgment against Babylon and how this world will be judged so leading towards the mark of the beast which I must stress those three points of the mark of the beast of the merging of male female man and robot man and beast this hybridization ivory all of these things you can see pushed over and over again others Eve in a world of hybrids some follow and others lead that is exactly the same as hunt or be hunted which was being pushed in the jägermeister along with the mark of the beast again hunt will be hunted in a world of hybrids some follow and others lead just like the days of Noah the abominations that are coming upon this world the genetic tampering the Bible says that they will follow after fables this is exactly what is happening fables the illusion the lie the all that shows unrighteousness may be condemned all of this is a decoy the devil is like a wind-up toy which is predictable and many will follow the Pied Piper straight into destruction let’s follow Jesus Christ today because he has paid the price for us and pursue his righteousness his commands we do not need to follow this illusion and this deception to destruction because the price has been paid the enemy wants to lead your soul to hell Jesus is the king of love we do not need this illusion he loves you the ways of the world are death this is death follow him to the kingdom of life god bless you.


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