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Is there a supernatural dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? ♪♪ Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural. Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is considered by many the father of the modern day prophetic movement, and I found out one of his secrets. He had an audience with Michael the archangel who instructed him strategies to win every battle. And I can tell you, I’m going to ask him on the air to do an amazing strategy that most people don’t know is in the Bible. And when he does this angels go on assignment. Do you know what it is? It’s the shout! Dr.

Bill Hammond, you have been a general of the prophetic for some six decades. You were about 16 years old, you became a believer and then you went to church and you had quite an encounter with the Holy Spirit. Tell me about it. Bill Hammond: Well it wasn’t really a church. It was Russian Armenia in the country. Sid: I’ve read about Russian Armenia. What is that? Bill Hammond: Russian Armenia, there was no electricity out there and you go out there, and you cut down some little saplings, and they put them around there, put the brush over the top, hang kerosene lanterns up.

Sid: That’s good for Daniel Boone. I like electricity. Bill Hammond: And they put bridge boards across the blocks and some saw dust down by the altar there. You’ve heard about going down the Old Sawdust Trail? Sid: Yes. Bill Hammond: That’s what that is. Well I went down there to the Old Sawdust Trail and that’s where that bridge work was done. And I had never been church in my life. I didn’t know anything about God or anything, but I saw a vision of Jesus hanging on the cross and he looked at me and he said, “I died for you, will you live for me?” All this time I’m see this in the Spirit and pretty soon a little brother comes and starts pushing me on the shoulder and says, “Yes, that’s it, brother, that’s it.” I’m wondering in my natural mind, what is he talking about.

He said, “Just turn loose.” So I turned loose to the altar. Then he said, “Hang on back over there”. Then he said, “Just talk it out. The Lord said talk.” I listened to myself and I was talking a language that wasn’t Oklahoman lingo. You know, it wasn’t English, and I spoke in tongues for about 45 minutes, and that was in 1950, and I’ve been doing it now for 67 years. Sid: Well a few years later you’re in a Bible school and all of a sudden God spoke to you and you had a four-hour experience with God.

What happened? Bill Hammond: I went from Portland down to Salem to preach at night and after the preaching we all went to the altar and started praying. And all of a sudden the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Get comfortable. I’ve got something new for you.” So I crossed my legs like an old Indian chief, and I’m real comfortable, and for the next four hours, I’ll use modern terminology from computers today that they didn’t have then. But it was in modern terminology, my spirit uploaded to God and God’s Spirit downloaded to me. I would speak for about five minutes in a more Spanish or Italian, or French language, and it would go appealing, requesting, I’d go . It would go about five minutes then stop just like that.

Then I’d switch and God would download again, and it would be in a German, Russian type language. . I could sense what I was saying, but I didn’t understand it. You could sense what people are talking and hear us, and he was instructing me. And that went on off and on about five minutes for four hours. Three months later, the Bible College split right down the middle, five teachers left. All these students were very confused, they didn’t know what to do. And I was praying, seeking God, and God told me, he said, “Bill, don’t worry about it. I’ll put it in modern terminology. While you prayed for four hours, I pre-programmed your spirit and your mind.

You cannot fail. You won’t make the wrong decision. I’ve already pre-programmed you. You just go with the flow. I’m going to direct. I’ll call circumstances and providential happenings and you’ll be moved right into my time and purpose. You are already pre-programmed. You can’t miss it. Sid: I like that. How about you? You’re pre-programmed and can’t miss it. Another you said interested me. Right from the get-go you were speaking more than one language. Bill Hammond: Yes. Sid: Whereas most believers that speak in supernatural languages, they stay with one language their whole life.

Bill Hammond: I have a language when I go to warfare that I speak, and I’m just talking to God, I’m talking another language, when I’m interceding, another language, when I’m worshiping, another language. Sid: I’m intrigued with the angel, Archangel Michael. You had a private audience with him. How come I didn’t? Bill Hammond: Well because of my calling to be, for the last 20 years I’ve led people in warfare to destroy the works of the devil. And in ’92 to 2001, I traveled all over the Pacific Rim nations, led them into warfare to stop the devil’s plans for World War III.

So I was operating like a general and I’m with the Lord, and God gave me a four-point vision. I’ve had about five or six visions in my whole lifetime. I’m not a person to give in to bettin time. I’m a more practical prophetic. But in this vision the Lord led me up this path. It seemed like I was out here watching all this happen. And the Lord came up and he says, “General Michael, this is one of my generals of the Army of the Saints on Earth.” Then he says, “General Hammond, this is General Michael, the head of my Army of Angels.” And he says, “You’re going to co-labor together to accomplish my work and destroy the powers of darkness and defeat the armies of wicked spirits.” I was out here just kind of watching, I was kind of from behind watching, and we were just talking like you and I would talk, strategizing, and going there, and he thought, and now I’m using those strategies around the world. The greatest corporate weapon that the church has is the shout of faith, and it goes off in the spirit realm like an atomic bomb does.

Sid: Would you do me a favor? Bill Hammond: Yes. Sid: Would you look in the camera and give a shout of faith. I want to see what it’s like. Bill Hammond: What I do? Okay. Hallelujah! Amen. Sid: My goodness that was a shout. What’s going on in the spirit realm when you do that? Bill Hammond: When we do that it’s what’s called prophetic acts of faith. When you do it here, see we fight, we’re a natural people, but we do a spiritual warfare, and we’re seated and have no places of crime.

But whatever we do here angels do in the spirit realm. We shout, they warfare, and they wait for our shout and for our obedience, and they do it. And so as we’re shouting Michael told me, he said, “If you’re ever in trouble give a call and I’ll be right there.” Sid: Okay, Desert Storm, you did all this intercession as Michael taught you. What were the results? Bill Hammond: We can cancel anything the devil plans. We the church can cancel and stop it. He told me, he said, “You’ve won the war. You’ve confused the situation you’ve stopped their activity and there’s not going to be a third world war now. Sid: Okay, now when we come back, how would you like to hear scientific evidence of the value in speaking in supernatural languages? Be right back. Sid: Dr. Hammond, you teach on the three greatest gifts that humanity has received.

Explain. Bill Hammond: Yes. Once a person realizes that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosever would have everlasting life, so God’s gift to the world was his only begotten son. Out of all of his wisdom and resources the only way to redeem mankind was through the sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. So he gave that gift. Then Jesus said, “I’ve come to do thy will, O Lord.” He came at the will of the Father, gave his life on the cross because he came to save sinners, because he had to have sinners to make saints.

And so Jesus came and died on the cross, purchased the church with his blood, then he wanted to send his gift of the Holy Spirit back to the church to convert and convince, and to mature and equip the church with the gifts of the Spirit, and all of that. Then when Jesus went back he sent the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit wanted to give his gift to the individual believer. But he searched all of Heaven, all of God’s treasures, all that God had to offer in Heaven, and God had agreed the greatest and best gift he could possibly give the individual believer was your own spirit language, where God is a spirit and the worshiper must worship in spirit and truth.

So when you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, which is your spirit language, that’s the gift, evangelicals get upset because they think we’re saying you don’t have the Holy Spirit until you talk in tongues. Now I was born of the Spirit, so I had the Holy Spirit, but I didn’t have the Holy Spirit’s gift. See, it’s a gift of the Holy Spirit, like the gift of God is eternal life.

The gift of the Holy Spirit is your spirit language and that spirit language has many, many, many benefits that 90 percent of Christians don’t use. Sid: You know what I found that as you pray more and more in tongues, the Holy Spirit gives you more and more reasons and benefits. Bill Hammond: Yes. Sid: Tell me the latest one he’s given you. Bill Hammond: The latest one he gave me was that the speaking in tongues does the same thing for our spirit person as your heart does for your natural person. Your heart beats and puts blood throughout all your veins and that life-giving blood is what keeps you going.

Well speaking in tongues floods and pumps the Holy Spirit presence throughout your whole spirit, soul and body. And Oral Roberts University did research and found that it increases your immunity system 35 percent. Sid: Imagine what my immune system would be if I prayed without ceasing, which is my goal. Give me just some bullet points, benefits of speaking in tongues. Bill Hammond: There are so many. It activates the spirit of wisdom and revelation. It empowers you for ministry and so many benefits of healing of your brain and mind, builds your faith. The only two ways I know it builds your faith is the Word of God and praying in tongues, and that’s proven. A psychiatrist received the guest in a charismatic movement. What praying in tongues, he said, clears out your subconscious and your spirit prays out your fears, your anxieties, your traumas, and loves and worships God, you can’t do it in the natural tongue. And you’ve got your own built-in psychiatrist. You don’t have to go crazy. Sid: Can I accomplish my full destiny that God has for me if I don’t pray in tongues? Bill Hammond: It’s going to be pretty hard.

Sid: I think it’s impossible. Science has revealed the benefits of praying in tongues. Bill Hammond: It’s a language, so it is an intelligent language. It’s a language of the spirit. That’s the reason I call it your spirit language, because it is a language. Paul said if I pray in tongues in my spirit language, my spirit praise, but my mind is inactive. He says it’s inactive. And so they have tests in Penn University, and Dr.

Newburgh there did some tests and they put these instruments on the frontal lobes of some people praying, evangelicals and nuns, and when they did this really activated right here in your frontal lobe. And they gave it to a, put it on Christian praying in tongues and it went blank, no activity. And that proves what Paul said. If I pray in tongues, my spirit prays, but my natural mind, my frontal lobe area is inactive, and they proved that scientifically. Sid: To me, the acid test is the results you see in people. I know I have prayed in Filipino language and led someone to know the Messiah. I don’t speak one word of the Filipino language. But get this, this doctor that I led to the Lord said, “You not only prayed in my language, did you know there’s over 20 different dialects in the Philippines? You prayed in my exact dialect.” Why do you call speaking in the supernatural language the father and mother of all gifts? Bill Hammond: Oh my, thank you for asking that, because that’s so important. You know, so many people feel like the only time they’re supernatural is they’re healing or you see an angel, or you make a visit to Heaven.

But I try to tell people, look, you’ve already experienced the two greatest miracles in the world. I mean, when God created the heavens and the earth that was a miracle. But when you receive born-again experience and God washes away all your sins and makes a new creation out of you, and that’s not just religious, you literally become a new creation in Christ. All things pass away, all things become new. That’s the father of all miracles, the born-again experience. Then the mother of all miracles is what James said, “No man can tame the tongue, but God can.” So when you receive your spirit language and God tames your tongue and speaks a language through it, that’s the mother of all miracles. And really, I try to get and say, look, you’ve already experienced the father of all miracles and the mother miracles, you shouldn’t be, the rest are your kids. Your healing, your miracle, your fulfillment, financially, whatever the rest is, is small compared to that. So if you’ve got the faith you just got to exercise it. Sid: All right, I am ready, I know you’re ready to have a million volts of power surge through your body and help you achieve your destiny.

We’ll be right back. We now return to It’s Supernatural. Sid: Okay, I want a million volts of power to surge through me. Tell me how. Bill Hammond: Now people listening to that might say that’s impossible, but it’s not. You’ve got your own built-in power plant within you when you receive your Holy Spirit language. Let me tell you how it works. Early in the 1950s, when my wife and I were traveling in ministry and we went, we stopped at Hoover Dam. And one of the main reasons for building the dam is to produce power. Now that Hoover Dam produces enough power for three states in the north. Sid: I’d say that’s a lot of power. Bill Hammond: That’s a lot of power, millions and millions of it. But we’ve got our own hydroelectric power plant, only it’s a Holy Ghost power plant, and here’s what it is. A dam has a reservoir, but it’s not producing any power. And certain things has to happen for it produce power.

Now they built the dam in a certain way. They got overflow where water flows over the dam below. They have these cuts called water gates. They open that water gate and there’s a big turbine like the blades on a jet plane, and when the water hits those curved blades it’s turned on real fast, and it turns into a gigantic dynamo, and that dynamo is described as a mechanical instrument that produces invisible power called electricity. Jesus said, “After you receive the Holy Spirit you shall have power.” So you get the power to the process.

So the water gate is our mouth. The turbine is our tongue. Jesus said, “Out of your inner most being will flow innermost living water.” So this river of water that’s been backed up, God is flowing, when these blades go real fast, it turns and it generates millions of volts of electricity. And so we have our own built-in Holy Ghost power plant, we can produce that power. And a Christian never has an excuse for him not to be full of power, so he transforms to us what we’re capable of receiving, and then we manifest the gifts of the Spirit, healings, miracles, signs, accomplishments. And so for that to happen, not just be filled with the Spirit, you’ve got to open the water gate, your mouth, my spirit, the Holy Spirit, that produces love, joy, peace, power, faith, revelation. It floods my whole being with the presence of God and it quickens you, it renews your youth, and gives you faith and power, and anointing. Sid: You teach that you pray at the speed of light. What do you mean by that? Bill Hammond: Yes. One of my ministers was praying and he had this whole list he wanted covered, and it went real fast.

I said, “O Lord, I can’t pray that fast.” He says, “You don’t understand, pray in tongues because God is light and the light is in you, and the Holy Spirit’s light, when you pray in tongues, you pray at the speed of light. When you pray in your natural language you pray at the speed of sound.” Sid: Tell me about how you get information that has never been programmed into your mind, revelation that has never, you’ve never even, it’s not even been a blip on the radar, and all of a sudden you have it. There was an 11-year-old autistic girl. Bill Hammond: Yes. This was unique. The article came in the newspaper and on the radio that this autistic girl down in Florida had wandered over to a spot and she wandered out, and rode her bicycle over to this place, and wandered out into this forestry area, and over into the area.

And so they discovered her bicycle where she had gone in there. Man: Yes, that’s her bike. That’s her bike. Woman: It looks like it. Man: Good, at least we’re getting somewhere. Bill Hammond: And so they had four teams searching for her, professional church teams in this thick area and one of the most alligator-infested areas. Four days they looked for her, couldn’t find her. And one of the brothers of the church named James was praying in English for her, and he started praying in tongues, and he just felt in his spirit that if he would go out there and pray in tongues the Holy Spirit would guide him. Now God chose the right person because he was a woodsman and he was a military man.

He knew what gear to take. He knew what water was there. I mean, he went prepared. He wasn’t a novice or just a spooky spiritual or something. I mean, he was a real person. And he goes out there and he was just being led in the Spirit. Go here, go there, and finally come to this little spot, crossed over to this higher place, a little island there, and he works his way through this thick growth, and he finds her. Now they can’t even see it. They fly over with a helicopter, he has to climb up a tree, had toilet tissue and thread it across so they can see. Then they came down with a hatchet, a machete to get back there to her. But he just asked the Holy Spirit, God, you guide me. And, Sid, the Holy Spirit there is to direct our impressions and sensitivity, and for us to yield to it.

Some people call instinct or anything. But we have a Holy Spirit impression. He actually was led to the Lord and saved that little girl’s life. Sid: Okay. I’m sure the news media asked him how he found her. What did they say? Bill Hammond: They said, “How did you find her when four professional teams couldn’t find her?” He said, “I just prayed in the Holy Spirit language and he impressed me, and I just followed the leading that I felt, and I found her.” And they said that’s amazing. That’s amazing. Sid: In about 60 seconds, Bill, I want you to pray for those that are born from above already, who already know Jesus is the Messiah and Lord that have never spoken in tongues, to pray in tongues right now. Bill Hammond: Remember how you got saved, you just believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and he came into your heart. Well it’s that simple. You got to receive the Holy Spirit. The Bible says receive the Holy Spirit. He’s already made it available. It’s already done for you. It’s waiting for you and it’s a simple act of faith. You just believe God.

It’s hard to explain. It’s like trying to explain how the red blood of Jesus washed away my black sins and makes me white as snow, but it works. And what I do, I’m going to pray for you right now, and when I do, you just let your lips and tongues just open your mouth and don’t say Jesus, hallelujah, amen. Just open your mouth and say, “Lord, I receive.” Father God right now, just open up, in the name of Jesus, the promise you the Holy Spirit, receive the Holy Spirit’s gift of your own spirit language now in Jesus’ name.

Take a deep breath and now . That’s it. Now let it flow. Let it flow. You receive him right now. In Jesus’ name be filled with the Holy Spirit. You’re going to be able to speak this language any time anywhere you want to for the rest of your life. It’s your gift. Receive it now in Jesus’ name. Be filled, overflowing and grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ and fulfill your destiny with the greatest gift Jesus can give for the church, and that’s your own spirit language. You’ve got it now. Go for it. Hallelujah. Amen. Sid: Next week on It’s Supernatural. Michael Brown: How would you like to be healthier than you have ever been? I’m Dr. Michael Brown. Join me on It’s Supernatural as I share from personal experience how you, too, can break the stronghold of food in your life.

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