How You Can Use Email to Discover the Essence of Your Value Proposition (In 5 Simple Steps)

All right Dan thank you so much for the introduction buddy my name is Austin McCrum I’m stepping in for dr. McLoughlin this afternoon as you come on just want to just want to welcome you thanks for attending this clinic today we’re going to be talking about one of my one of my most favorite topics we’re talking about value proposition we’re going to be talking about something that’s relatively kind of new in our research if you’re familiar with mech labs you’re familiar with marketing experiments you know that we do a bunch of research around value proposition we’re always trying to figure out the better way to or the best way to craft the value proposition the best way to express it on a webpage and today we’re talking about what we think is the best way to actually test it to test your value proposition whether you know it or not you can actually test the essence of your products the essence of your company and you can use something as simple as email oftentimes at least what we see you know across the world as we’re dealing with groups of marketers teams of marketers often we see is if there’s a product launch or they’re trying to figure out how to communicate a product on a webpage often times what happens is you get a group of marketers and they sit down at a table together in a room and they they’re discussing they’re saying what should we say about this product which feature should we focus on and there’s discussion there’s debate sometimes it even gets kind of heated there’s arguing going on and oftentimes what happens at the end person person the highest paid person in the room will just step up and say you know this is what we’re going to do this is what we’re going to focus on we’re going to focus on benefit a versus benefit be we’re going to focus on customer service versus versus the price point what I’m here to tell you today is that we don’t we don’t really even have to have those conversations those conversations can be fun they can be enjoyable and they can get us into a certain zone of you know what the product should be about but we can actually go further than that we can take it further than a social dynamic we can actually add a science dynamic to our products we can actually we can actually test and discover what it is that about the product that’s going to motivate your custome customer more I taught this this content recently at the was that the email the email summit and someone came up to me afterwards and said hey this is really interesting can you use this to test products that haven’t been launched yet can you can you do the same methodology for testing products that we want to launch but we’re just not quite sure if they’ll be successful the answer is yes you absolutely can you can even use email to do it you can rent a list a list that would be representative of your customer target and you can actually test your value proposition before going live at the part you can test to see what kind of demand is going to be out there for the product how successful it’s going to do in comparison with the competition there’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with testing your value proposition today and so that’s we’re gonna be talking about a one other thing we’re going to get we’re going to get kind of practical today and I just hope you would bear with me oftentimes on these clinics we were reviewing some major discovery or we’re talking about some deep psychological issue in the mind of your customers today it’s going to be pure on the ground tactics or mean I’m walking you through a simple 5-step process for how to actually test your value proposition so if you would permit me and I and I hope you find the kind of combination between theory and practice valuable so let us know what you think about that before we get started want to get in which one encourage you to to use the hashtag web clinic to interact with us we would love to see you we have people standing by monitoring Twitter we’re pulling questions from Twitter you can also use as Dan mentioned earlier you can use the question and answer feature provided by GoToWebinar I can see on my screen right now I can see all the questions that are coming in all the statements that are coming in as I said my name is Austin McCraw i’m a senior editorial analyst here basically what i get to do i work with flint on all his a dr.

McLoughlin if you’re familiar with him he’s the managing director of mech lab I work with him on all his value propositions research I’ve probably read every book from the past century on the term value proposition it was a bit painful but we got through it read all the books on it we’ve been studying value proposition been working with dr. McLoughlin on that I also get to kind of watch the case studies related to value proposition coming through through the lab and so today we’re going to be looking at some of those in fact I’m going to just switch real quickly you’ve heard enough about me let’s go straight to an experiment I think you’ll find this experiment very interesting so we’re looking at experiment test protocol 2067 it’s doing with a company that provides technology and product supply to oil and gas industry how would you like to do that would you like to be a Content marketer for the oil and gas industry anyways that’s what they’re doing and basically they have an event coming up and they’re sending out an email to invite their subscribers to this event and here’s the question that’s at the table here’s the question that often times as marketers we have to face we can’t put everything in the email we can’t put everything in the subject line of the email what are we going to focus on what are we going to put up there and for this company they had two options the first option was we can focus on how this conference is going to help the oil and gas industry overcome specific challenges or number two we could focus on how this this conference is going to help the oil and gas industry generate more revenue and honestly just using marketing intuition linda’s it can be very difficult I want to ask you all right put put yourself in this situation you’re the marketer for this company you have an oil and gas content event coming up you’re trying to sell it you’re trying to angle it how which of these would you focus on would you focus on overcoming challenges or would you connect it to the overall revenue all right I see so I see some votes coming in thank you guys you guys are awesome you guys are interacting sexy one I see 222 revenue 11 ok looks pretty even split so you can see the kind of dynamic that it will happen sometimes in a in a meeting with marketers get people really valued for for all we need to focus on revenue or we got people vote you know vouching for focusing on the actual challenges so we actually could test it let me show you the test ok thanks for voting let’s see who will see who is right so here’s the first email version a ok it’s focused on overcoming challenges you can see some of the copy there on the right hand side it says researching to find out solutions to the monitoring technology issues face how can we how can deepwater risk be reduced so these are you know key questions that are in the mind challenges that these these these subscribers face every day that this conference is going to address so there’s version a overcoming challenges and here’s version be generating results you can see the language how it shifts now we’re talking about how to outperform the conventional Jillian by three hundred fifty percent we’re talking about ten percent improvement on ROP you see the end results are being focused on here so we’ll see who is right is it version a focusing on the challenges or is it version v focusing on the results well believe it or not it was version a first a actually generated seventeen percent more click through eight in version be focusing on overcoming challenges generated more salt any was interesting about this seventeen percent may seem like a small number and comparison to the kind of some of the results that we show here often but think about it for a moment these are both optimized relatively optimized email messages okay we’re not actually optimizing the expression at this point we’re actually we have an optimized expression now we’re just we’re actually getting to the essence we’re actually adjusting and slightly shifting the essence so this is a this is a significant change but here’s the thing the results the number of results here the seventeen percent increase that’s not the coolest part about this test the coolest part about this test is this right here cool spar best test is that we actually learned more about what was motivating the customer you know you can do with this information you can go and you can apply it everywhere the entire conference agenda could be based on overcoming challenges you just learned about your customer you just developed a he just made a humongous step in customer theory and you can run with that you can run with that in your direct mail pieces you can run with that in you know oftentimes our direct mail pieces informant we put online it should be the other way around we should be testing online to figure out what we’re going to do in our direct mail pieces what we’re going to do in our television spots which it online it the web is a living laboratory we can actually test or behavior in real time real data and get statistically valid results and the big thing here is this you can learn more about your customer and the goal of a test is not simply to get a lift now know your if you’ve been on these clinics before you’ve heard this before there’s something we say often the goal of a test is not simply to get a lift but to get a learning and here’s the reason why is because a learning will lead to so much greater lifts than the first test if you can learn something about your customer you can go and you can take that all over the place i’m going to show you an example at the end of this session where we actually ran a test and then we were able to apply it across the entire side we took a learning from the test and be able to apply it all over the site and get huge results not on just that one page but everywhere so the goal of a test is not to get a lift but to get a learning and we should always strive to better understand the customer in a particular to understand the essence of our value proposition what we’re wanting to do as marketers we’re wanting to figure it out like what is it that’s motivating our customer we will actually want to start this is oftentimes we approach our campaigns from a from from from kind of our viewpoint think you know what is it that we like about the product we have kind of a company logic we need to do is actually totally shift frameworks we need to put on a whole new set of eyes and look at our products through the eyes of the customer so Lance is difficult sometimes you gotta test to figure it out completely but that’s what we’re doing here we’re trying to figure out what it is that’s going on in the mind of the customer we’re trying to understand the grimace where it’s like we’re trying to become the customer that’s what we’re trying to do here let me show you this for those who are familiar with testing I’m not sure how many of you are on the line for those are from they were testing oftentimes our testing is dealing with that gray expression circle there the outer circle we’re playing with the headline the headline copy we’re playing with images we’re playing with the way were expressing our marketing our collateral products or offers I want to say is that there’s actually something more powerful you can do with testing you can actually I mean we want to test our expression but even more valuable is to test the essence and that the essence of your product is the value proposition that’s what we want to do day we want to get to that we won’t understand the customer you want to test the essence of our value proposition an email and here’s the point of today’s webinar email is one of the most effective ways strangely enough email is one of the most effective ways to test your value proposition and here’s why for reasons okay for reasons for taking notes here they are first off email is easy to change in fact there’s hardly anything easier to change the subject line in fact often we can you often leaving needed like a tool or platform to test email you can do it yourself you can do it manually you can test subject lines like that okay so that’s that’s one of the reasons why email is incredibly effective but it gets better emails have large sample sizes often times you have an entire list that you can work with all times you can rent a less you can purchase a list you can co-op with a list and you can get huge numbers of data points of people you’re sending to particularly for the subject line the the amount of eyes that see the subject line often are huge much more than what you experience on a webpage often times same with pay-per-click but email is it’s it’s just a really good example of how you can get a large sample size you can actually validate test quicker sooner get statistic results that’s great number three it’s a highly competitive environment this might seem a little bit counterintuitive I think well that’s not that’s not well great but no no this is where you want to test your value proposition you want to test your value proposition in the most difficult spot and the spot where where there’s a lot of options in front of your prospect there’s a lot of options in front of your culture you want to see if your value proposition can hand can stand up to all the other competition out there so you want to find a highly competitive environment email is excellent for that and forth them and probably my favorite point is honestly we’re already doing it marketers we’re all already sending emails and it doesn’t so we already have to do I’m not asking you to do something new or more than what you’re doing you’re already running emails a slight tweak here and there and it’s already there it’s already ready to go in fact we do this I’m going to I’m going to kind of reveal some of this because some behind the scenes at marketing experience here we’re constantly testing you guys I want to show you something kind of interesting all right so we so we hardly ever send an email for a web clinic out without testing a subject line always we’re always trying to figure out what it is that’s going on in your head so let me show you two subject lines we tested recently I don’t know if you attended this clinic you may have but we did a clinic recently on content marketing okay and so we crafted to subject lines this is the first one it’s a Hal to approach subject I want is how to optimize your content marketing versus a discovery approach a little bit slightly different angle does content marketing really work we wanted to know our is our audience motivated by you know learning practical things of how you know how to do things are they motivated by you know getting a new discovery learning something new well in Minnesota so we just ask you for a moment all right well let’s see if you can predict yourself here okay so you get an email that says this how are you going to respond okay number 11 a okay I don’t want to speak too fast here because I don’t want to sweaty I’m get a lot of ones what I want to get a few tues okay okay all right yeah it started out 111 now we’re getting pretty decent even split here you guys are to be very difficult to work with them I can’t imagine I’ll just you guys would be arguing all over the place well let me show you’ll find this very interesting okay look at this discovery an email subject line that focused on discovery outperformed the emails focus on how to we do this often we actually here’s another test same thing how to vs.

Discovery what would you know again and now that’s a forty with forty seven percent increase wow so you know what’s interesting here is uh this is this is why um focus groups don’t work because you guys told me on this line right now you told me you know this is the email i would click on this is the email i would choose but you know what the majority of you would actually be more likely to click to than one so this is why testing and behavioral tests you mean you can learn you can get in the zone with with asking your customer but actually test and get you there from behavioral data be your customer votes with their actions so today what I’m going to do and this will be actually I think pretty quick we’re going to walk through a five-step process a simple 5-step process for how to use email to test your value proposition just before I go on let me ask you a question how am i doing with pace is the pace good or just you guys find it is this valuable or you guys in anything you helped amaizing me as I’m presenting here good okay great you guys are very encouraging okay I appreciate it alright so we’re talking about this five-step process okay here’s the thing that I’ve got a little caveat for you emailed testing will be useless to you if you’re not willing to be a miserable failure okay email testing will be useless for you if you’re not willing to be a miserable failure you’ve got to be willing to take some your tape take some risks you got to be willing to be wrong in fact this is one of the hardest things for marketers to do it’s the one it’s hard for markers to be honest it’s art from our markers to be honest about you know what what’s sometimes were afraid of testing because what it what it will reveal it’ll it’ll actually reveal that we were wrong so in fact in fact if I were if I were live with the audience right now and I’ve done this before I would actually make you at this number before I and I would refuse to go on and make you say hold up your hand and say I was wrong I was wrong fact if if you got the courage I’d encourage you right now let’s just get in the mode just say it together I was right in fact you should just type it you should tweet it I would there you go there you go you guys are diving it in excellent awesome so you guys are ready so this is that you guys are letting me know that this is you guys are marketers ready to actually do some email testing so let’s go into the steps right now awesome you guys have been an amazing interactive group so this is great five steps step one and we use this process in mech lamps and testing their own value propositions first you want to identify potential claims of value alright you’re going to see this diagram throughout the process this is just a kind of an overall visual diagram to kind of let you know where we’re walking through the process so for the first step here on the far left is identifying top claims of value actually we just want to have a this is where you can have a group discussion okay this is where you can actually sit down and say okay what are the possible angles that we have associated with our product so let’s imagine for a moment that we’re selling mortgages okay what you guys to put your your banker your marketing for a bank hat on for a moment just think of it for me if you’re selling mortgages we’re sitting around the room what are some possible angles what are some possible emphasis of value claims of value that we could focus on ease of getting a mortgage low interest rates speed of turnaround best rate honesty local service seen this is good you guys are this is exactly what you gotta do you got to sit down at the table and map out all the options okay this is what you wanna do for you want to leave any on the table you can use focus groups for this here’s some examples you guys hit on the majority of these let me just show you what we put down on the slide so reliability might be a potential claim of value the lowest rates ease of process same thing Brandon you might have a strong brand you can lean on payment plan option sometimes you got unique payment plan options not offered elsewhere reduced anxiety service quality and community involvement the bank could be doing things in community and for some reason that could just we’re again this is just a joint we’ve thrown everything possible on the table that’s the first step that’s what you want to do that’s the easy step that’s the fun step it gets a little bit more challenging here this is where we’re going to take you know you can actually do 10 to 20 of these potential claims we usually stop people at ten okay and now in this step what we want to do is we want to actually start estimating the force of the value of each of each claim we actually in our course on value proposition we have an entire session dedicated to figuring out how to measure the force of your value proposition or there’s four elements that go into it but what we’re doing here is we’re actually reducing the number of claims down to maybe like four or five that we can actually test so here we are in the process we have the top claims we want to get them down to let’s say five or six okay that I mean it’s a rough number but you wanna you want to get down to and bottom line it’s based on how big your list is and how many you emails you can sit and get a statistically valid result so here’s how we do it right what we want to do is when ask yourself is this claim is reliability is it appealing meaning does the customer want reliability how appealing is it and how exclusive is it and what you’re trying to do is you’re trying to move and this is kind of a simplified version of what we teach in our course you want to move to the right you want claims it’s easy to find a claim that’s appealing has broad appeal but isn’t exclusive you know it like for instance oxygen would be very appealing oxygen is very appealing to a lot of people all right we survive on oxygen but you know it’s everywhere it’s not exclusive you couldn’t really sell it you couldn’t sell I’m gonna actually what’s really funny about this is I just a salsa and selling oxygen at the airport coming back from Canada so scratch that example it is actually possible to sell but but you get the idea you can actually have something that’s appealing that everyone needs everyone wants but doesn’t have neck succeeded in the other way you could have something that’s incredibly exclusive you know but it have it has no appeal I could I could tell you right now that this is the only webinar where you get to hear Austin the kraal speak that’s very exclusive right very exclusive but the appeals a little bit lower peels a little bit lower so that’s the kind of the idea I could tell you that this is the only place that you can get assigned a PowerPoint clicker from Austin McCrum the only place in the world you can get it people are could be rushing to get this thing because you know what there’s not much appeal how many people want that if I was Steve Jobs or something like that maybe there before appeal but all right so that’s what you’re trying to just kind of some silly examples there to help you kind of get the point we’re looking for something that has both appeal and exclusivity so you can see here we took those potential claims of value and we begin rating them reliability we have people want reliable things but you know what in this situation in this situation everyone else is claiming reliability so there’s no exclusivity there’s nothing different about our really liability that makes us makes us exclusive payment options we are exclusive in payment options we we have these specific things that you can’t get anywhere else in terms of options for payment but you know what we’re not quite sure if that’s appealing this is where you want to test this is where you use email a test but the thing is is we’ve identified it is exclusive we’re not quite sure about the appeal payment plan options it’s actually the same thing as the other one I would say brand name same thing no one else has our brand name we’re not quite sure lowest rates here now that’s something that is appealing and exclusive and the reason why is exclusive is because you know what it’s the only place you can get this Louis right it is the lowest rate all right this is again a kind of a hypothetical situation that’s what you want to do and bottom line is you’re you’re you’re eliminating you’re eliminating any of those claims that don’t have both the peel and exclusivity all right and our value proposition course i’m not selling but just if this is something intriguing to you want to go deeper and how to actually measure the force of value proposition measure the force of specific claims we’ve an entire worksheet dedicated to do it with it am actually an entire session dedicating to to helping you do that and we actually look not just at a pill and exclusivity but we look at credibility and clarity those are two other elements that are absolutely critical in value proposition process so now what you want to do now the fun stuff happens now you actually get to test and the first round of testing is with subject lines the reason why is because you’re going to have more claims eval you’re going with those five or six that you have and what you want to do I’ll show you this is where we are in the process let me show you a case study here real quick alright so actually now we’re turning this kind of hypothetical situation into a real case study where we did this so here you have the claims to the left lowest rate payment options brand name how can you turn that into a subject line where you go here’s just an example of how we did it and then there’s many different ways to craft the subject line these are just examples we actually what you do is you actually end up testing two or three different variations that focused on Louis rate payment option so lowest rate mortgage rates under that’s focused in on the rate payment options on your home sooner with free bi-weekly payments brandname discovered the advantages of brand that’s that’s that simple you’ve got your claim you’ve got the ones you want to integrate into a subject line you’re just making sure that your subject line is expressing that claim don’t integrate more than one claim into it just one you want to try to get it as isolated as focused as possible in this situation we actually tested all these claims some of them are once we’ve seen before some of them are kind of new you can see the open right you’re looking at Oprah ended this way you can see the open right on the very far I these two claims stood out so you notice we’re testing all these different claims and you we’re testing different kind of ways to express the same claim in some situations and what we’re able to see it when we do this is certain claims begin to emerge okay we started with five or six now two or three are starting to rise to the top two or three or what its kind of driving the motivation so now what do we do now we go to round two of testing we actually test the claim in the body of the email here’s why because you can actually flush it out a little bit more you kind of hint at it in the subject line now we’re going to move it to the body of the email we’re going to put we’re going to create a whole email that’s me to show you so here we are in the testing we’re now in the round two so back to the example of the large financial institution all right so we took one of those claims payment options and we integrated it into the email the entire email is focused on payment options version a version be focused on customer service which one’s going to win is it going to be payment options is it going to be customer service you can see them side by side here see the email that the strutt we want to try to keep the email as consistent from one to the other all we’re playing with here is the language all we’re playing here is with the messaging the angle of the messaging we’re integrating particular claims of value into the messaging holy cow I forgot about this test a 240 what this is kind of unique we don’t see this in a value proposition test as I was saying earlier oftentimes the difference like ten fourteen percent this is a 241 percent increase in conversion the template didn’t change we’re not reducing friction we’re not reducing anxiety all we’re doing is changing the value proposition when you put it in the body of the email copy the force of it is increased because you’re expressing it more it’s it’s hitting the customer more and you can see the potential impact if you hit the right one you hit the right values of for instance they can walk away from this test in integrating a focus on mortgage payment options as what’s going to be driving driving the customer motivating the customer let me get kind of practical here for we got about got a few more minutes here let me just break this down for how do you integrate your value proposition into the body of an email well there’s five parts five key parts when you’re when you’re changing the copy so take a look at the email that you currently have okay identify these five key parts and all you have to do is shift the language in them just slightly to focus on the key aspect of value so here the five key parts the first sentence the first sentence or the headline whatever it is in your email you’ve got you’ve got to hit them there you’ve got to integrate the value proposition right there in the first sentence of your email you can see how we did it here to help you make the most informed decisions and keep your operations moving forward again we’re focused on overcoming challenges that’s huge probably it’s probably the most important part there may be one that slightly i’ll get to in a minute featured bullets okay your email needs to pull out the key benefits that are kind of around that claim of value if its customer service you can talk about how you have a sinner that’s open up 24-7 you’ve got 500 people waiting standing by you talk about the one-to-one relational service you can even have a testimonial you can have things like that integrated into your copy and you want to bring it out you wanna you want to get it to catch their eye and bullet points is a very effective way to do that and what you want to take it one more step take the key phrases that emphasize the value like we did here we underline them here but you can underline them or you can bold them because that’s people are going to look at they’re gonna that’s that’s what they’re going to go to the hat they’re going to go to the headline they read the headline they’re going to jump to the bullets and focus on those key pieces that you’ve bolded give them an iPad to walk through the call to action needs to say get the answer we could probably improve that call to action a little bit but the same thing there what we’re doing is we’re integrating obviously you can’t always build a perfect email just get get the main essence integrated into the copy even the call to action and finally this is the piece that I was saying might be slightly more important than the headline because it’s oftentimes the one it’s weird but the one thing that customers read an email oftentimes is the PostScript so you want to have if possible the value you’re talking about integrated into the PostScript so you run your tests you’ve you’ve tested in the subject lines you’ve figured out you know you’ve reduced it from ten to five now you’re at three and you integrate those two or 3 into 2 into the email campaign you run a test you get a result and now the most important part happens you have to interpret the test you’re essentially answering three questions and here they are what was the financial impact of the test what was the financial impact of the test so just the raw data here how much does this impact this is just looking at the numbers this is the lift aspect we want to take it a step further question to what do we learn about the customers these are three questions in fact you might want to write these down what was the financial impact of the test what do we learn about the customer and finally working we apply these insights this is where the huge results lie you take what you’ve learned about your customer and you apply it everywhere it’s not about improving an email campaign it’s about discovering the essence of your value proposition and using that to better serve better connect better understand your customer we did this with a partner here I don’t have time to go through the entire case study but since if you see that page in the middle we add that’s actually probably round three or four if testing on a web page all right you can do this with email we’ve done it with you email around three or four on our web page we got a lift we discovered this was the messaging this was the value proposition and we rolled it across the site the original page in the middle got a 201 percent increase in conversion actually was a little more than that because there was some compounding test above it but you can see we went and applied it elsewhere on their site different channels different customers we impact conversion all over the business it was a huge success that’s what we want to do today we want this is where true competitive advantage lies and understanding your customer understand your value proposition and being able to express it once you understand it you have to express it okay once you understand your value proposition you you want to make sure every element of your page every element of your marketing collateral the images the headline the call to action everything even the colors every pixel must preach your value proposition okay you want to make sure you’re expressing it through every pixel on your page not a single pixel waist that’s what we want to do so just a summary of the steps we’re wrapping up here summary of the steps first you want to identify the potential claims of value estimate the force of each claim and then test within subject lines test within the body copy and then interpret it’s a simple process often times it seems so complicated is simple it doesn’t get much more simpler than this you can go back walk away it says you know what oftentimes we we get questions you know people come to an event and they see us train and they love it they like it they want to they want to get it in their organization okay they want to spread it across they want to transform the organization and somehow but but they hit resistance and it’s difficult and always asking us how can i get my organization to buy into what i think is good with this testing so how can i get my organization become a testing organization an optimization focused organization you know what this this little methodology is huge for that number one it’s simple it’s easy you can test a subject line you can begin determining your value proposition and the potential impact is huge if you’re going to convince anyone this methodology might be the one for you to use it’s kind of a crack in the door that you can kind of get if you have difficulty transform your culture with testing or optimization this is the way to do it this is how you can actually change an organization so that’s all I have for today I think I’m out of time but let me see do you guys have any questions any questions that come to mind hear anything I’m just I’m just looking at the questions coming coming in how can you craft a value proposition for a consulting service not necessarily a product all right listen this is from Natalia great question all right let me let me let me just say this this is I’ll leave you with this piece okay and I wish I could tell you more and I’m not going to sell it i don’t want i’m not trying to sell you but if you really want to answer that question go take the course online it will give you a more in-depth understanding of the term value property the bottom line is people don’t understand what we mean by value proposition in fact we’ve had we had people on the webinar submit value propositions for this webinar all the ones that we’ve looked at all ones I’ve looked at we’re not value proposition statements at all and the reason why is because there’s just confusion around the term we don’t really know what it means let me just simplify it for you okay we’ve done the research we’ve looked at all the different methodologies here’s the simple way to think about value proposition and it answers your question to tell you your value proposition is simply an answer to a question a question that’s posed in the mind of your customer the question is this if I am your ideal prospect why should i purchase from you rather than any of your competitors if I am your ideal prospect why should i purchase from you rather than any of your competitors your value proposition is only an answer to that question and it’s got to be appealing and it so you and often what you want to do to want to start with the word because why because of this because we’re the only company that does this go back to entice question for me Paul I can’t see it no no you’re fine just all right so so let’s take her example here for a consulting service so basically you just the question right if I am fill in the blank who are you trying to sell to if I am blank why should I engage your consulting service rather than any other consulting service that’s the question you’re answering just be able to take that question and adjust it for your situation you can adjust it a prospect level you can adjust it at the product level and you can even adjust it at the process level again all that’s taught in the course all rights and Natalia what you want to do is you want to make sure that you have a pee an exclusive answer to that question if you do not you will be sir if your if your answer is not exclusive and maybe that’s what you’re talking about in your question then you’re only going to be surviving on pockets of ignorance and oftentimes you’re just on a declining slope you need to find what is it about your company what is about your offer what about your product that you can’t get anywhere else so that’s all the time we have today go and take me to the final slide I want to say this if this is intriguing to you if you if you would love to run email test or want to discover your value proposition we’re always looking for people we’re looking for research partners to actually help us in our research of value proposition we want to learn what’s the what’s kind of the nuances from industry to industry about value proposition how can we get better at testing value proposition so if that’s something that’s intriguing you interview I would encourage you just fill out the form at the end again this is just uh you know it only if it’s interesting to you if if you know advancing the research on value proposition and potentially even generating some results for your page is interesting and you fill out that form bottom line let me know how you thought of today’s clinic if you found the practical application helpful give me any any you know critique or advice that you can give me I appreciate you taking out time of your day to attend this clinic I hope that we’ll see you back here in two weeks please if you do anything these clinics are free we don’t charge for them the only thing we ask you to do if you’re willing if you found these valuable share it with a friend tell someone else alright hope you have a good day we’ll see you back in two weeks you

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