How to Use Layers Theme & Elementor

Hi-oh zip from elemental here today I’ll show you how you can easily use the layers theme with elemental layers and elements will seamlessly integrate with each other enabling a smooth and quick workflow to start off let’s download the layers theme so go to the layers website layers WP comm and download the theme it’s free next we want to install the theme on our site so go to appearance themes and add new theme click to upload a theme and choose the zip file you’ve just downloaded from the laser’s website once it’s done uploading click to activate the theme now you see the welcome screen so click to get started and fill in the fields with your details click next step here you can choose if you want to create a starter blog page here you can choose a logo but don’t worry you can do this letter as well now click on install Elementor and activate if you want to go ahead and start creating your pages click add new page and check out the tutorial in the description on how to create a new page with Elemental let’s go over the WordPress customizer and explore the options that come built-in with the layers theme and to be more precise I’m referring to the header and footer customizer options as well as the blog so and the appearance click customize and go ahead and click on header and styling as you can see you have different header layouts logo left right center and more here you can choose if your header is boxed or full-width you can set your header to be sticky and add a transparent overlay if you wish there are a few more options to play with and make sure you do but for now let’s move on to the menu styling settings here you can choose your header text color text transform spacing have a styling and more so play around with the settings until you get something you like moving on to the footer styling again you can choose between boxed and full width divide your footer up to four areas change the copyright text and more and a blog you’ll find three tabs styling archive and posting pages in styling you can change the blog colors and under archive you can change many settings such as displaying your featured image date author categories tags and more and under posts and pages you can set the post matter such as featured image date author categories and tags combining the power of layers themes and elemental gives you better control over your website from headers and footers to your home page and more be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips and tutorials see ya later

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