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Hey everyone did you bear here for hitfilm today I’m going to be showing you how to use geometry effects vertical video and picture and picture in the new hit film Pro let’s jump right into the software and get started the latest version of hip film Pro comes with three new geometry effects to give your text more style we’ll be adding more effects in the future so what you’ll see here is in progress create a new composite shot and a new text layer I’ll make it 1920 by 400 so that it’s easily centered come up here and select the text tool click inside the box and type your title in the text panel I’ll choose my font make it bold and increase the size the three buttons down here allow you to choose the justification the great thing about these new geometry effects is that they allow fully 3d text before you had to do a sort of work around with a 3d point and even then it wasn’t truly 3d now you can make the text layer 3d and the effects work as expected I’ll use the orbit camera tool to swing around the angle here geometry effects can be added from the effects panel or from the controls panel let’s start with extrude it takes effect right away to really see the shadows and depth create a new light and move it forward a little bit in the controls panel you can change the depth and which way it extrudes the text front back or both let’s delete that and move on to bevel there is a visible difference in the way that it affects the letters but if I come in here and turn the expansion down to zero we get what we had before which is just extrusion the expansion property is what sharpens the edges down into a point kind of like how the Harry Potter logo looks again you have the ability to change the direction of the bevel the last geometry effect is rotate and it does exactly what it says the X rotation might not look too different to when you adjust the same setting in the transform properties but the y and z rotations affect each letter individually these can be keyframed as well to create moving text animations and motion graphics another feature that we’ve added into hit film Pro is the ability to give text and environment map I’ll throw back on the extrude effect and import a couple of pictures drag these down into the timeline and hide them from view in the controls for the text drop-down the material settings for environment map select use layer and then choose one of the pictures it’ll take effect right away I just need to adjust some of the material settings to get it to show through the next effect we’ll be looking at is vertical video this is really handy for making the videos that you shoot on a mobile phone look better in a horizontal frame here we have a standard 1920 by 1080 project and I’ve got a video from an iPhone in the timeline drag it directly onto the video to instantly see the result in the controls panel we have all kinds of options to adjust there are two modes the more commonly used is fill but it is possible to have the video cloned on either side we can increase or decrease the blur adjust the exposure of the background as well as lower the saturation to make it black and white the offset slider adjusts the position of the video vertically there’s an option to scale it up further since reducing it wouldn’t really make sense in this case and if you do that you can adjust the shift slider to move it left and right check mark this box to mirror the background and the last effect we’ll look at today is picture-in-picture this is great if you want to do gameplays or commentaries on other videos I have a blank editor timeline so I’ll go ahead and drag in my first video which is the behind the scenes for halo jump I’ve also got some footage of myself that I’ll drag down if you hold it over the existing video it will create a new video and audio track putting them on separate layers the p IP effect works best if your video is the same size as your project in this case it’s not I have a 1080p video in a 720p project this may or may not apply to you but I figured I’d show you just in case it does so in the controls panel I could resize the scale or we now have fit to frame right-click the video go to transform and then select whichever option works best all right so I can add the pypy effect directly onto this video and it gets applied right away in the controls panel we have a few options the position can be changed to wherever you want the video to be without having to worry about aligning it perfectly in frame the scale grows the layer from the corner so that it stays in the same position and the margin adjusts how far away from the corner it is these settings can all be customized and made into a preset if you know you want to use them later that’s it for today let me know if you have any questions about these new effects down below thanks for watching and I’ll see you all in the next video you

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