How To Use Chroma key In Filmora 9 Video Editor

when it comes to video editing film or video editor is one of the most lightweight and easy to use software we’ve reviewed this program comes in to serve a large amount of novices and casual users who need a quick and simple program that allows them to cut trim merge video clips as well as add a title filters or transitions directly and easily on the timeline film or nine is the latest version of this video editor it has improved the chroma key to give users more controls of the background that’s what I come in today how to use chroma key in film or a nine [Music] create a new project I am going to import a video with green screen background from my computer click this icon to import a video file [Music] now the video file is in the library drag and drop it into the timeline to edit [Music] to use chroma key right-click on top of your video choose green-screen a pop-up window will appear here you can pick the color you want to remove adjust offset tolerance edge thickness and edge feather [Music] once you’re happy with the result click OK to save you can add another video or image to use as a replacement of the green screen video remember to add your background video under the green-screen track finally export the project to see how it works [Music] I am using Fillmore 9 free version with a watermark on the output if you guys want to remove the watermark you’ll need to purchase a license I put the download link in a 20% off film or a coupon code in the description to help you save money when you buy this software don’t forget to check it out [Music] that’s easy and the result looks great [Music]

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