How to Remove the Background from an Image in PowerPoint

Did you know you can use PowerPoint to remove the backgrounds from your images it’s true let me show you how hey there folks Tim Slade here you know I got to say as much as I love using PowerPoint to create really great presentations I love using it even more for graphic design now one of the things that I use PowerPoint for on a regular basis is to remove the backgrounds from my images now there’s actually two different ways for me to remove the backgrounds from my images in PowerPoint and although I could use a tool like Photoshop to do this I find that it’s much easier and quicker to do it in PowerPoint so I’m going to show you both methods using these characters here on the screen which both have backgrounds and I’ll start with this character here with the white background so I’ll go ahead and click on this image and go to my format tab and you’ll notice under the color drop-down there’s this option for set transparent color now this option has been available in PowerPoint for quite a while and it works pretty well to remove the background from an image that has a very consistent background and in this case the background on this image is entirely white and so set transparent color what that allows me to do is that allows me to choose a specific color within my image and set it to be completely transparent so in this case I’ll go ahead and select set transparent color and I’ll choose the white color here and you’ll notice that the moment I click on that it takes that white color and sets it to be entirely transparent and that works really well in this case because the entire background is entirely white now as for this image the set transparent color wouldn’t work all that well because there’s a lot of different colors that would need to be set as transparent so in PowerPoint 2010 and later there is the option under the format tab when you have the image selected all the way over here on the far left to remove background and if I go ahead and select this option you’ll notice what PowerPoint does is it analyzes the entire image and it highlights all the areas in purple that it wants to remove now for reasons that make absolutely no sense to me PowerPoint chooses to crop some of the image in this case it’s cropped off part of the character’s head and part of the character’s feet I can easily fix this by grabbing the handles here and adjusting and you’ll notice as I do this PowerPoint will reanalyze the image and update it accordingly so in this case it’s now identified the feet and has chosen to keep them however the head up here in the hand are still being excluded from the image and I can easily fix this by using these tools up here in the ribbon you’ll notice there’s a couple icons an option for mark areas to keep mark areas to remove and I can use these tools to fine-tune what areas of the image are being included or excluded so in this case if I want to keep the face in the hand I’ll go ahead and choose mark areas to keep and I’m gonna zoom in here so we can see it a little bit closer and I’ll go ahead and I’ll start with the face up here and I’ll just start clicking and the more you click the more it’ll start to identify different areas of the face and eventually here you’ll notice that it now identifies the face and it’s keeping it now but there are still some areas I need to identify so up here in the hair and again the more you click the more it will recognize different parts of the image I’ll come down here to the hand and do the same thing if I click try one more time one more time there we go now it’s identified the hand now I do have some areas I need to remove so you’ll notice down here there’s a little bit of the brick I have some white here and then I believe there was part of the brick up here that I need to remove so I’ll go up here and mark areas to remove and I’ll do the same thing I’ll click and see if it identifies the brick to remove it which it did I’ll try this a little bit of white area here there we go and then I’ll scroll down here and try removing this brick there maybe it come up a little bit further there we go now when we zoom back out and once I’m done I can click keep changes and there we go I’ve removed the background from that image so those are the two options you have for removing backgrounds in PowerPoint it’s really that easy enjoy hey did you like that video if so check out some of my other great content at Tim Slade com

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