How to Put a YouTube video into a PowerPoint

We’re going to learn how to put a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation now a lot of students ask me why do it by the way did you not love that transition that’s called glitter and it’s in the Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint um but why do it why put a video from YouTube into your PowerPoint well it enhances the presentation some people learn better when there is a video in there it also does some of the work for you so maybe you’re tired or standing up there talking and there’s this great video that helps you out gives you gives your audience a little bit more information put the video in there let them watch it and it really captivates the audience a lot of people like looking at video I don’t recommend making powerpoints entirely out of different videos obviously but I it can absolutely add a lot to your presentation so we are going to go ahead and get started first things first let’s go and find the video that we want to put in our PowerPoint now I am actually just going to get a video that I have already put on YouTube it’s not educational at all there are a lot of great educational videos of course on YouTube and elsewhere out there in the internet world but like I said I’m just going to go with one that I have that’s mine it’s all mine so um yeah not using anybody else’s so I’ve gone to and I want to find my video well I am this computer teacher so let’s see what I got out there I just have one video standing solo right now there I have a lot of videos ready to go up there but we’re going to just start with the one I have you will see that yes that’s me with long hair that um I was part of a hair donation challenge at my school in June a few months ago so I have much shorter hair now looks a little bit different but I want to put this video in my powerpoint so smooth what I need to do well let’s go back to PowerPoint and I have a PowerPoint slide already for it it says YouTube video example one thing that I kind of like to do oh and you might like to do it you might not like to do it but sometimes it’s kind of fun to draw something maybe like an iPod Touch or some kind of you know laptop or technology computer Internet enabled device like a cell phone maybe that will play videos that you kind of have this little backdrop that can be kind of cool it doesn’t have to be hard I am NOT extremely good at drawing and illustrating but I do know how to use shapes so I’m going to insert shapes and I’m going to let’s see if this one right here it’s called the rounded rectangle and I’m going to just draw it here and there it is now I’m gonna get rid of that box it was already there that says click here to add text I’m just going to click on the edge of that hit delete and now it’s gone well hmmm this is kind of a tangerine color I’m not really seeing the iPod that’s color so I’m going to choose format and well let’s just make it black there we go and yeah so now I need a place to put the video so I’m going to go back to insert shapes and I’m going to use just the regular rectangle and you guys will see wat in just a second so let’s just draw a box again what’s with the orange I don’t know it was already there so I’m going to just choose this white one with the black outline and now I’m going to draw my play buttons shapes and this is an oval it’s not really a circle and I’m looking I’m looking I’m looking I don’t really see a circle so how do we make it a circle so there’s a trick you just click on it hold down your Shift key while you draw the oval and obviously it is constrained to be a circle so no matter what I do as long as I’m holding that shift key down it is a circle I’m going to let go oops sorry let go too soon um undo button up here let’s try again insert shapes oval Aldona shift key there we go okay I’ll let go shift a little early while I goo but I’m going to go back to format and do the same thing I’m going to make this white with a black outline and insert shapes oval hold down the shift key draw my little circle in the middle format white with a black outline okay kana looks like an odd not perfect but like I said I’m not extremely artistic so how do you get the video in hmm well this magic little tab here called a Developer tab and chances are if you have not done this yet your Developer tab is not showing up here in the menu the tab menu so let’s get the Developer tab what do we do well you go to file kind of like the magic button there if you are in Microsoft Office 2007 you will choose the office button which is the big round button up here in the top left corner and somewhere in there it says options just like this one does Cooke’s options and customize ribbon I think for you guys in 2007 it might be like advanced or something like that but you’re looking to make sure that this Developer tab is chat so this is main tabs customize the ribbon the ribbon for those of you who might not realize that is these this bar really toolbar up here at the top and it was new in 2007 and they’ve carried it forth in 2010 so make sure developer is checked click OK and there’s my Developer tab next for controls there is one right here it says more controls I’m going to click on that and I’m looking for shockwave flash object it’s in alphabetical order so shockwave flash object is going to be right here of course with the esses so click Choose ok well it didn’t do anything well why not oh just because we have to draw so I wanted it to have the square edges versus the rounded ones for this reason right here and it then have to be exact pretty close so now I have this beautiful X in the middle of our pretend iPod Touch and we need it to be the video so let’s right-click on this and let’s look at the properties for this shockwave flash object and make them point to the video on YouTube that we want so I’m going to right click again if you missed it right click with my mouse choose properties and I get all the properties of this object now movie is the one that we want we have to put something here to make our video play and this is where we go and get the needed information from YouTube so I’m going back to YouTube and if you click on share underneath the video there is a link to the video some videos have this enabled or I’m sorry that’s embed click on share and then here you’ll find a link to the video so I’m just going to right click and copy and come back into PowerPoint and right-click and paste that code now I’m just looking through it and we’re almost done but there’s this tedious little step that we have to do tedious of course meaning a little bit detailed everywhere you see the watch question mark right here oops let me get just the watch question mark everywhere we see the watch question mark we have to get rid of it otherwise our video will not play and there’s the watch delete using my arrow to get the question mark next everywhere we see the equals on we have to make it V forage slash which is the same slash that’s on the question mark key on your keyboard so make sure there’s no more equal signs some videos will have more so I have /i got rid of the watch question mark and I change that equal sign that was after the V and to another forward slash and I think I’m good ok so let me just kind of close out of here and I don’t see my video well not yet because you have to go and look at the slideshow so let’s do slideshow from current slide and oh it’s a beautiful transition I think that’s called vortex and our ex disappeared and hey look there’s our video and I’m going to click play and it will play and when it’s done it’s kind of cool you know when a video is done on YouTube it gives you lots of other suggestions for videos that might be related hi I’m a teacher actually here in Durham North Carolina and I just powerpoint the videos will actually pop up at the bottom so to say that this Friday not a very beautiful picture but congratulations guys you did it

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