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Is there a supernatural dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is a seer. That means he can see in the invisible world just as most people can see in the natural world. And this is what he told me: Many people’s angels, and everyone’s got an angel, many of your angels are unemployed. Why? Because you don’t know how to cooperate with them. Anyone want to learn? Now Kevin Basconi and his wife, and I took a tour to Israel and it was actually at the communion service that I was conducting.

You had some words of knowledge. We had eight of the people on our trip, they had tumors, eight of them, recorded, the tumors disappeared. You even got an email from one of the people after the tour, but what happened to her? Kevin: Amazing, Sid. In the Garden of Gethsemane, the power of God was present to heal and what we experienced was a precious woman from New Mexico named Olga emailed us, and she had actually had cancer before on one of her chest areas, and it had been surgically removed. Another one developed on her other side, and so the Lord spoke to her. She would go on the trip and he would heal her. And in the Garden of Gethsemane suddenly the tumor dissolved and God released a creative miracle in her life, and her testimony was she was totally healed to the Glory of God in the name of Yeshua.

Sid: I don’t know. Eight tumors disappeared. But Kevin, that kind of makes sense. Tell me about your experience with an angel that did creative miracles and financial miracles. Kevin: Yeah, Sid. That was amazing. Kathy was with me and she witnessed it. It was late at night and as I was counting money from an offering from one of our events, hundred dollar bills began to multiply in my hands. It was like lightning was flashing. After this day we began to have incredible miracles, creative miracles with healing, but also with provision. I’ve seen things multiply like gas in my car. People have the money in their bank accounts multiply. People have the money in their wallets multiply, all sorts of amazing miracles, signs and wonders since God releases an angel of creative miracles to accompany us as we preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Sid: Now because you’re a seer, a seer is someone that can see what’s going on in the invisible world, he has learned that there are ways that we can cooperate with our angels as opposed to having an angel unemployed.

What’s the best way we cooperate with our angels? Kevin: The most important thing we can do, Sid, is to begin to decree audibly God’s Word over our lives. So according to Psalm 103:20, “As we decree God’s word, God’s angels heed his word.” Really what it is, is the fragrance of Heaven is attached to the logos canon of scripture and God’s angels, they recognize it and then they begin to go forward to bring those things to pass. Now here’s something interesting. God’s angels also heed the reign of the Word where the Holy Spirit where maybe a prophetic word has been given to you that’s truly of God, God’s angels, as we decree that and speak it audibly go forward to bring those things that pass.

Sid: If I have a prophetic word and I start decreeing it, I’m not making it happen, so to speak, by decreeing as something God wants, but he uses his messengers or his angels to cause them to come into being. So if I’m not decreeing it, I guess my angel is unemployed. Kevin: That’s absolutely true. There are millions of unemployed angels in the Kingdom of Heaven and my heart’s desire, and I believe the Lord’s heart’s desire, Sid, is for God’s people to get the revelation that we can co-labor with his angels.

Sid: Demonstrate a decree and actually I want this, I want something that you want to happen right now, decree it. Kevin: Father, in Jesus’ name, I decree that you are releasing your angels of creative miracles and supernatural provision and healing to go forward. And I just sense that even as you’re watching this program right now, there are people with arthritis, arthritis in your body, and if you’ll begin to move your hands as you watch this broadcast, many of you are going to receive a creative miracle as the arthritis and the pain will go. But actually, the knuckles, the swollen knuckles in your hands will be miraculously healed because God is going to release in your spirit influence healing angels and angels of supernatural provision and creative miracles. Also Sid, I like to tell people I will prosper and be in health even as my soul prospers. And what happens is God’s angels go forward to begin to work on those who are decrees.

Sid: You know, something I’ve been doing by faith, but I’m beginning to really understand this now, is when people walk up to them and I’m not having such a great day, and they say, how are you doing. In the South, everyone says, how are you. They don’t mean a thing about it. They don’t care how you are. It’s like saying hello. Kevin: Exactly. Sid: But I take advantage of it and I say, I am so blessed, and I may not be blessed when I’m saying it.

But guess what? I’ve been doing it so long, I actually believe it. And I am, you know what, I am so blessed. Kevin: You truly are blessed. Sid: Let me ask you this. I have seen an angel several times, not like you. I mean, you looked over at our studio and you saw, what did you tell me you saw? Kevin: I saw an angel of glory standing behind you. Sid: Oh in the studio, you actually saw angels in the studio watching that we were going to tell people, getting so excited we were going to tell people for the first time how they can cooperate with their angels. Kevin: That’s right, Sid. The whole studio was filled with God’s angels, because when we begin to talk about God’s angels and teach about them from the canon and the scripture, they get very excited because God’s angels will have no other testimony when they stand before the judgment, see, than what they have done to co-labor with God’s people, his children, those who have received Yeshua as Messiah. Sid: Okay. Tell me about someone, which is mostly me outside of a couple of times, that doesn’t see angels.

Will they operate as effectively for me as they do for you? Kevin: This will take a lot of pressure off people, Sid. The answer is absolutely yes. According to the scriptural principle, Psalm 103:20, “God’s angels heed his word and begin to go forward and do it.” So as we decree God’s word, we may never see God’s angels, but they begin to work on our behalf. So the answer is yes, you can begin to co-labor with God’s angels and never see them. But if it’s your heart’s desire to see his angels, God will give you exceedingly, abundantly above anything you can think, ask or imagine. And I believe that as people press into this aspect of God’s Kingdom, more and more people are going to begin to see and discern God’s angelic hosts who are all around us, visibly working every moment of every day. Sid: Okay. When we come back, you’re going to find out Kevin literally saw hundreds of warrior, yes, you heard me right, warrior angels.

I want to know what they look like. I want to know what their purpose are. We’ll talk about it when we come back. We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural! We now return to It’s Supernatural! Sid: This is a fascinating subject on angels. I mean, people don’t teach and talk about them enough as far as I’m concerned. But just as there is so, such a release of angels on Planet Earth right now to cooperate with us to cause things to come into being, assuming we’re cooperating with them, that’s the key.

But there’s an onslaught of the demonic because we’re in the last of the last days. What do you expect? Do the angels help us in fighting the demonic? Kevin: Absolutely, Sid. And that’s what God’s people need to get the revelation of, that we have the right to co-labor with them. If we could see into the spiritual dimension consistently, we would be amazed at the number of God’s angels and demonic that are out there. But as we begin to pray in the name of Yeshua, God will release these mighty warrior angels to fight, and to war on our behalf to overcome these demonic things by the blood of Yeshua. And we have the right and privilege to co-labor with God’s angels to release them to battle on our behalf in reference to demonic beings.

Sid: Are you afraid at all when you see these demons, when you know these angels are going to fight on your behalf? Kevin: Absolutely not, because over the years God has given me revelation. Luke says that Yeshua gave us all power and authority over unclaimed spirits to cast them out and to heal sickness. The key is when you observe them, you must take authority over them, you must bind them, you must cast them out. Sid, I like to cast them into the pit. Sid: You know, I was thinking about that. I’ve heard people, I tell them, go under the feet of Jesus.

I’ve heard people say, go to the pit. What do you prefer? Kevin: I just tell them to go into the pit and to stay there. Sid: I like there. Kevin: To stay there. Sid: Yeah, that was key. I hope you were listening to that. Okay. Tell me about the hundreds of warrior angels, you had a visitation from the Lord. Kevin: Yeah. It was 2002. I was in Tanzania. I was praying in the Spirit, Jude 20, and as I prayed in the Spirit, the heavens opened, Sid, and I saw God’s angels first begin to ascend upon Jesus, and then descend upon Jesus. And I knew by revelation he was sending out into different nations in the continent of Africa to further the Kingdom of God and to minister in nations and cities for ministries and individuals.

God has angels like that he wants all of his people to understand that they have the privilege to co-labor with. Sid: How important is it to pray in the Spirt in supernatural languages? Tell us. Kevin: It’s extremely important, Sid. You know, over the course of the last 15 years, the Lord has been showing me the importance of praying in the Spirit. And what the Lord showed me is as we pray with understanding, at times, through the unction of the Holy Spirit, we can pray in other tongues with the understanding that we are releasing God’s angels.

Many times as we’re praying in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit is co-laboring with us to release, activate or loose God’s angels to go forward into our spirit of influence on missions of mercy upon the earth. The results can be amazing and incredible. Sid: Now there’s something I want to ask you. You know, just a good worship service, you’re a seer. You can see what’s going on in the invisible realm. Tell me, what did you see in Nashville? Kevin: You know, that was an amazing event because not only I, but everybody there witnessed angelic ministry through their hearing. And what happened, Sid, I was at the Methodist School of the Supernatural and we were teaching about angelic ministry, and at the end of that event, one of the pastors from Tennessee said, “I believe we should pray in other tongues.” And as we were praying in the Spirit, all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit prompted me to tell everyone to stop. And I told them to stop.

There were maybe 120 or so people conservatively in the room, pastors from the Methodist denomination. And when we stopped singing, God’s angels continued to sing for about five or ten minutes. Everyone prayed. Sid: That was my point. If Kevin just heard it, that would be interesting, but at this event, everyone heard it. Kevin: My understanding is that multitudes of people heard it. It was glorious, Sid. Sid: Now I’m told that by other friends that when they worship and dance, that the angels are literally doing what they’re doing. Have you seen this? Kevin: Absolutely. Many times God has opened up my eyes to see into the spiritual realm to discern God’s angels during worship.

You see, God’s angels were created by God for his purposes. One of those purposes is to worship the Lamb of God, Yeshua the Messiah. And as we adore the Lamb of God through our worship, we can track angelic activity. And God’s angels at times will join in with us. We’re spiritual creatures, human beings. As we worship the Lord, as we worship Yeshua, God’s angels get excited, they dance, they sing.

I’ve seen angels that play instruments. It’s amazing what there is going on in worship services. And if we would exercise our spiritual senses, according to Hebrews 5:14, worship is an opportune time for us to discern and begin to see God’s angels. They love to worship the Lamb of God, Sid. Sid: Okay. When we come back I am going to turn Kevin loose in some amazing revelatory areas. But here’s what you have to understand.

Everyone has an angel. You have an angel. I want to find out about these guardian angels when we come back. We’ll be right back to It’s Supernatural! We now return to It’s Supernatural! Sid: You know, it’s so comforting to know that there are a flurry of angels that are running interference for us. Kevin, has your life ever been spared by an angel? Kevin: Many times, Sid, in the missions field and on ministry trips. But you know, there was one particular time. Early in the day, my wife and I sat down to do our devotions.

I prayed and I asked the Father in the name of Yeshua to release his angels to go before us and to make our path straight for that day. One day, Kathy and I were on our way to a ministry assignment and a gentleman ran a red light, and his car was going to hit us. There was no way, we were in the middle of the intersection and I just said, “Yeshua,” I said, “Jesus help.” And that car literally passed through the front of our car. And the guy as he went by was like, because he knew he was going through our car. And I know without a shadow of a doubt God has sent his angels to minister for us. According to the Hebrews and Psalm 91 model, we can activate our guardian angels to minister for us.

Sid: Tell me about the angels that you met in London. Kevin: Oh that was amazing. We were ministering in London at the church in Clapham Common and we had taken a break. And we were walking down the street in London, England and I kept feeling someone touching my shoulders, and I kept turning around, but no one was there. So I asked the Holy Spirit, “Lord, what is this?” The Holy Spirit said, “Kevin, that’s your guardian angel. He’s standing behind you.” And I could feel his wings spread out over me. And you know, Sid, in London, people are kind of to themselves. They don’t make a lot of eye contact. But this one tall lanky man walked by and all of a sudden his eyes popped open and his mouth dropped open, and he just looked at me as he was walking by, and then he stopped. So I stopped to look at him. And then he walked up to me and he said, “Excuse me, mate, I didn’t know if you know this, but I thought you’d like to know, there’s an awfully big angel walking behind you and he’s got his wings spread out over your shoulders.” Now there’s a teachable moment here, Sid.

This man was not a believer in Yeshua. He was an ordinary person. If God can open up the eyes for an ordinary person to see his angels, what can God do for those who know the Lord as Messiah? Sid: Tell me about a term that we hear all the time, and it isn’t even biblical, guardian angels. Kevin: Absolutely. Psalm is the scripture that most people use in reference to this. In Matthew 18, Jesus was teaching the disciples and they brought a little child to him. Jesus said, “See that you do not offend one of these little ones because in Heaven their angels always behold the face of their Father.” So here’s the thing, Sid, if we have guardian angels and little children, did we lose them when we grow up? The answer is no.

What happens is our mindsets change. We go from having a Hebraic childlike mindset to having a Greek mindset and we no longer believe it’s possible. Everyone has at least one guardian angel and as we decree God’s Word over our life, we begin to activate or loose them to go forward to minister for us. In the Book of Revelations, John fell at the feet of an angel to worship him. The angel said, “See that you do not do that. I’m your fellow servant.” The Greek word there is “sandulus”. It means co-worker of the same Divine king. Now I serve a Divine king, Sid. How about you? His name is Yeshua. He is the leader of the armies of angels, and so sometimes God gives us the privilege to co-labor with his angelic hosts.

Man times this takes the form of releasing God’s guardian angels to go into our sphere of influence, our family, our ministry, our state, our nation to do missions of mercy to recreate the Lord Jesus in our sphere of influence. Sid: Now I’m really fascinated with the gift that God has given you. Last night we were having dinner and you said to me, the waiter’s wife, you said to the waiter, “Does your wife have migraines?” And the guy looked. He wasn’t, he was raised Christian, but he wasn’t, he was far away from God as he admitted later on.

And he said, “Yeah, my wife has horrible migraines.” So we prayed. He comes back a few minutes later. “I just called my wife and she is so excited. The migraines are gone.” Did he say they were gone or they’re going to go? I don’t remember. Kevin: I think she was more excited about the fact he prayed to receive the Lord as Yeshua. Sid: I think so and he did right at the table. That’s why God has given us all of these gifts. What happened in Newfoundland? Kevin: You know, Newfoundland was amazing. I just began to stay up there. Now understand, Sid, this is what I call a supernatural learning curve, and I’ve been pressing the end of this for about 15 years. But when God first began to open my eyes to see his angels, I was in Newfoundland and I was taken into Heaven, and the Lord Jesus assigned a healing angel to me. And during that time, I came back down and the Lord began to lead me to minister to people. And tumors dissolved, and in one woman’s house the Glory of God showed up as this angel stood behind me.

I was able to tell her the secrets and desires of her heart, really minister to her. But God has angels like this that he wants all of his people to be aware of because we can co-labor with them. Sid: Would you pray right now. You believe every spirit-filled believer can move in this realm. Kevin: I believe so. Sid: Pray for us. Kevin: I believe that just as Elijah prayed in the Book of Second Kings, he prayed to the Lord. He said, “Lord, I praise you to open my servant’s eyes.” And I just want to decree for those of you watching right now, that scripture says, “And God opened the young man’s eyes to see the angels and chariots all on the mountain.” I pray in the name of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach that the spirit of the most High God, the Holy Spirit, the Ruach HaKodesh of God would begin to fall upon you as you watch this, and that as you begin to lean in and entertain Heaven, God would open up your spiritual eyes that you might see those who are for you are more than those who are against you.

And Father, I give you praise and honor, and glory for activating the eyes of people’s heart and enlightening their spiritual discernment so that they might recognize the truth of the Kingdom of Heaven, that you might give us wisdom and revelation that we can co-labor with God’s angels to release them into our sphere of influence. And I just also sense that there are angels of healing and miracles just as we talked about that are being released into your sphere of influence right now. Whether you’re in another state or another nation, just put your hand on the part of your body where you need to be touched, where you need a healing ,where you need a miracle. And Father, in Jesus’ name I release and activate your angels of healing and creative miracles to minister for those who are watching this program right now in the name of Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. Amen. Sid: I’m hearing right now someone’s neck is being healed right now. Kevin: Amen. Sid: Kevin earlier talked about arthritis in your fingers, your hand. I’ve heard that at the same time. The left part of someone’s stomach is being healed right now.

There’s oppression in the brain, in the forehead area, any brain or any area there, you’re being healed right now. Backs are being healed. I’ll tell you what, that angel must be here because healing is exploding. As a matter of fact, people say, well if Sid or Kevin would just the word of what I wrestle with. I have a better idea. The Messiah took every one of your sins, every one of your sicknesses, every one of your pains, the presence of God is so strong, whatever your need, cancer, I bind you in Jesus’ name. I command you to leave. Spirit of death, leave. Be healed in Jesus’ name. I’ll tell you, I’m excited about Jesus. How about you? Sid: Next week on It’s Supernatural! My guest is a worshiper and when he worships, the tangible manifest presence of God invades the place, and in God all things are possible.

Are you ready for the God invasion? 470 ♪♪ .

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