How to OVERLAY Videos in Filmora 9

hello and welcome to my next tutorial in today’s video I will show you how to overlay videos in Fillmore 9 in other words make one video play under another one at the same time like what you are watching now here I have already imported two clips into the media library I will bring them to the timeline for editing now the first clip is a little bit too long I will split it out to get just a small part of the clip to use as an example [Music] I also want to remove the audio of the clip too [Music] next is the overlay clip [Music] make sure that you put it on top of the background clip [Music] as you see here we can only see the clip on top layer playing in the preview window to overlay these clips double click on the top clip look for compositing and use blending mode to make them play together there are different overlay options to use here check it out yourself and choose what you need the opacity line is used for adjusting the overlay ratio of your clips [Music] let’s see how it looks like [Music] that’s easy right you can use the same techniques to overlay a video on a background image with film or a 9-2 I hope you guys enjoy the video if you like this tutorial leave your comment here bye for now you

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