How to Multiply Yourself (4 Times) Using Filmora 9 – Cloning Effect Without Green Screen

[Music] one two three [Music] hi guys welcome to another tutorial on my channel in this tutorial i’m going to show you how to multiply yourself using filmora 9 of course with my framing tips and editing technique in filmora 9 so i have another tutorial about duplicate your cell using femoral knife what i i showed you how to use mask in femoral nine and this is the same trick but you can multiply yourself so not only two character but there’s four characters in the frame so the first thing first you need to set up set up your shot i mean framing so i list out the importance some important part you need to to do first thing first you need you need a tripod or something that you can put your camera on so it is stay there it stay there stable don’t chain it and secondly you need to to turn on manual mode on your cameras now why why do you have to do that because in manual mode you can control the iso uh the aperture and shutter speed so you can keep the lighting condition unchecked during the shot and the third one you need to choose a wide angle lens why because you need a wide frame otherwise if you have four characters in your frame then they they’re going to overlay on each other and the last thing keep your lighting condition unchecked okay and here just as you can see in the example i shoot myself sitting on a chair and the second character it’s just it’s still me counting the money and the third one is looking at the phone and the last one he didn’t do anything because i didn’t do anything but if you can change the clothes or maybe you wear some sunglasses or something like that and it’s better by the way i’m just a lazy man so i just shoot myself without changing glow just holding different things so that is the feeling part and let’s go to filmora9 i will show you how to edit that okay so here i am in filmora9 so we need to import the footage into the media library okay just easy just drag and drop so i’m going to go here and select the clip of me sitting in front of the camera and drag and drop it into filmora 9 alright so here i have the clip and i need to to select an important and outpoint for the clip because i took something else it is not related to the clip and so to set in point you press i on your keyboard when you when you find the position you want to set in point and out and o for our point let’s play it and okay we need to find the place where i start sitting on the chair alright so this is the perfect one right so set in point press i and i i need to find the out point so the last man all right so all right here is here then just uh set at our point press o and we just need to drag and drop this footage onto the timeline okay this line and we say select match media right so in order to create this effect we will need four video track on the timeline and one more track for the luts so i’m going to apply a lot for all the all the clips or the timeline so we need totally five video track so let’s add five video track uh right click here add video track right click here add video track and do it again just again and again add video track so far and we can do it more okay we we have four video track now okay and so this is the first character and we need to you know to find the position where the second character start and i’m going to throw the playhead to this position okay so all right here here’s the second character he start counting money okay let’s split that you can press ctrl b on your keyboard or you can press this icon split and then you need to drag the second clip on top of the first clip all right and like this see that and we need to find the third character okay and here you start counting money okay money is yours and then we need to find the one who’s yes this is this this is the third one we’re using just using my mobile phone let’s split it again and drag and drop it on top on top track again all right and now we need to find the last one the last one who is sitting there without doing anything okay [Music] notice not play it [Music] alright so here’s the last one let’s split it and put it on the top track again so we have one two three four four track so the first one is right here so we need to mask this guy must this guy so he uh this footage always shows this uh show him and to show up the the second one but we can do it one by one now firstly we need to show show up show up this guy so we need to turn off the the top one all right and we need an image mask here to show up the the guy on the left so we select the clip and go to effect all right and go to utility then you see here an image must let’s drag and drop it directly to the the footage on the timeline so this is the second guy drag and drop it here all right you so you see that the first guy is up here here but we need to adjust the mass a little bit in order to uh to be easier to to see the mask we can hide the the bottom track like this all right and now we just need to to adjust the the y the width or the y of the of the mask and the position okay and let’s double click on the clip and go to video now go go down to video effect whenever you drag and drop any effect to a video on the timeline it will be here so we select this drop down menu you see that the image mask and now we need to adjust the y and to make it smaller very small like this just a little bit bigger and we can move the x and y and a so for x for horizontal like this all right so that’s perfect because this is the first one and we have the i know this is the second one and we have another one right here so we need to be careful on on this edge and on this end is okay all right and for the feather we need to adjust the fader so to reduce the sharpness of the the edge of the mass but now from my experience let’s say 70 you can choose 70 or 60 for the theater it’s okay in this case okay and let’s click ok and now if we unhide the bottom track we’ll see both character like this the first one and the second one and now we need to show show up uh another guy here and another guy here so we do the same trick also drag and drop let’s unhide it and also drag and drop a mask on the video right and also and also hide the bottom track so we can see the mask and we double click on the video and go to adjust adjust the the white to make it smaller very small like this okay and adjust the x iso to move it right here all right that’s it i think that’s okay and also the feather we set it to 70 and click ok and then then we unhide the bottom track to see how it works oh nice so we have three character and the final one just do the same do the same trick and let drag and drop the video effect and unhide it all right we are here and double click and adjust that i’m sorry we need to we need to to hide the bottom track so that we can see the mass better and now we need to adjust the y uh like this and adjust the x axis to move like this okay so we some my legs is miss uh it’s disappear here so we can i just make it wider all right and move it to the left and to the right i’m sorry then it’s okay now it finished and click ok and now we can turn on all the track yes and here is what we just created looks fine right and then we need to finally we need to split the clip at the end so because i’m just sitting there for for a short period of time so we need to to split the clip or the clip and delete the the rest of the clip and here is the final result that’s easy right i’m not sure if i i choose the i select the feather yeah i forgot to to set the filter to 70 for this and click ok and finally as i mentioned earlier i need to apply a lot uh to all the clips so that it looks uh it looks blended together and it’s i think it’s look better okay so go to effect again go to luts cinematic and then i shoot to an orange and drag and drop it on top of the clip all right so that’s cool right you can also you can also adjust the intensity of the and fire at the last here if you want okay and finally you click export and i will show you the the result at the end of the this tutorial so i hope you enjoyed the tutorial it’s very easy to do that trick in filmora 9 if you have any question let me know in the comment section below thank you very much for watching and i will see you in my next video bye [Music] you


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