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Titling now there’s a big subject it could mean anything from simple on-screen text to the crazy elaborate stuff you see at the end of Marvel movies or the start of a David Fincher film today I’m going to take a look what you can do in hitfilm at its most basic hit films text tool lets you write in some text to do this you first create a composite shot so here I have my work in progress edit and let’s say I want a simple title on this shot perhaps to establish the location in my media panel I’ll go to new composite shot and once that’s opened I’ll grab the text tool and draw a little box for where I want my text to go I’ll type in my text and I can then select it and make any adjustments I want in the text panel to get it to look how I want if I switch back to my main edit I can simply add that title from the media panel on to wherever I want it I can use it multiple times if I want so that’s all well and good but what if I want to do something slightly more interesting let’s take a look at creating a lower thirds title I’ll switch back over to this title I made earlier this is in a separate conversation as you can see and in this one I’ve moved the text down and added a solid plane behind it which I’ve also shifted down to the bottom I’ve also added a photo of my face onto the corner over here onto the plane I’ve then put a mixture of effects starting out with a simple gradient going from black to white and then a fractal noise effect set to overlay blend heat distortion on top of that then makes the fractal pattern look more like a drifting cloud that creates this rippling pattern and finally a luminance key removes the brighter parts of the layer revealing whatever is behind it I can then animate the whole thing to slide in from the left bringing all the parented layers with it back on my main editing timeline I can now add that lower third and it looks pretty good it’s also super easy to go back in and edit the text and the image to somebody else if I need to now the thing is I’m not a motion graphics designer so I’m sure you can come up with something far prettier than what I’ve done here so how about end credits that’s when you’re likely to have a really long text document or spreadsheet full of the names of your Aston crew and formatting all of that into an animated text scroll could be pretty tedious that is unless you start to use the imaginatively named end-credit scroll effect in here you can very easily paste in your text rolls and names into separate columns and then break it up into multiple sections the font and the general look can be controlled and the effect itself will take care of ensuring that your credits look professional it can really save you a massive amount of time so talking of end credits what about those fancy-pants Marvel sequences well if you’ve got hitfilm for pro you can do a surprising amount of stuff without even leaving the software in this example I’ve got my camera orbiting around a simple 3d model of the Iron Man helmet with some text positioned in 3d space behind it note how the text has extrusion added to it which is what’s giving it a bit of depth that’s just a simple extrusion effect that I slapped on then got a still image as my wraparound background throw in some lighting and grading you end up with something that looks pretty damn good that 3d model is free to download from TF 3d em comm I’ll put the link down in the description finally Pro users also get Boyce FX’s 3d objects plugin this offers an alternative to hit films built in text let’s take a look at this recreation are made of a universal logo I did this just to see who is possible really this kind of text is ideal for boys as it gives you extensive control over extrusion bevels front back and side materials and even lets you warp and twist the text into interesting shapes in 3d okay my name is Simon Jones thank you very much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe if you like this kind of thing and would like to see more of it hey guys we hope you enjoyed that hit from tutorial as you can see this week we are in LA and we thought we’d take some time out from our busy schedule to let you know about our 4th of July hit film sale there’s 15% off everything storewide from the 30th of June to the 4th of July we’ll see you next week

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