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Hey I’m Axl and in this tutorial we are going to look at using hip film to create the on-screen titles for our short film rebellion for your own projects you may want to import a title graphic you’ve created elsewhere or create the text right inside of hip film so we will look at both options go ahead and download the project files and we’ll get started so here we are in hitfilm express but of course you can use the pro version of hip film too if you have it to create our title the first step is to create a composite shot hip film has two types of timelines the editor timeline where you sequence your Clips and composite shots where we generate effects create animation or make titles so in the media panel select new composite shot let’s name it title set its duration to 5 seconds and we will use a resolution of 1920 by 1080 you can also change the layout of the software so it’s easier to work on your composite shot through the View menu if you’re on Windows this option is in the workspaces menu which looks like this then let’s select the text tool and drag a box on the viewer drag it the same width as the viewer and about a third of the height now let’s type in the title rebellion hit enter a hit film story you can type the trademark symbol by pressing option 2 on the Mac or on Windows hit the number lock key then hold alt and type 0 1 5 3 on the keypad once the text is typed in we can adjust the formatting if you don’t have the fonts I use here you can either download and install them on your system or just choose other phones select all the text and Center it then set the font to Trajan for the top line set the size to 200 I’m going to leave the bottom line at 48 point but select hitfilm and change the font to Leto and make it bold then let’s increase the line spacing a bit for the bottom line to 80 if the edges of the text look a bit rough make sure your viewer quality is set to anti aliased next we want to add color to this text you can use the color in the text panel and apply any color you want to the text but instead let’s use a gradient which is more interesting open the effects panel then open the gradients and fills folder and find the radial gradient drag the effect onto the text layer this is how you add effects to any layer in hitfilm double-click the effect and we can customize its controls open the inner radius and change the color to 190 177 147 open the outer radius and set the color to 86 77-46 if you want to use different colors please do you can click the color swatch to open a color picker then set the outer radius opacity to 1 and increase the radius to 600 or so until it fills the width of the title the last step of this title will be adding some animation nearly any aspect of your work in hitfilm can be changed over time very simply using keyframes we will use keyframes to animate the scale of our text open the transform controls for this layer and find the scale property just left of the property the circle is the keyframe toggle click the circle to turn keyframes on and the current value is saved in a keyframe on the frame where the playhead is located on the timeline you’ll see a small diamond representing the keyframe now advance to the end of the timeline and change the scale to 90 a second keyframe is created storing that value and now hit film will automatically calculate the values for all the frames in between so the title changes from one value to the other we have just created animation and we can use this same process to create animation on any property you could animate the color in the gradient effect or the position of the text using the same keyframing technique in some cases though you may prefer to create a title in a graphics editor rather than creating it in hitfilm the eye next to each layer controls its visibility click it to hide our text layer then drag the rebellion logo 1080p PNG from the media panel on to the timeline to add color to this image we will again use a gradient we could repeat the steps we used before to apply and set up the gradient but instead let’s just copy the effect we already dialed in on the text layer right click the radial gradient and select copy then right-click on the image layer and paste this layer is a bit larger than the text so we need to adjust the size of the radial gradient to match it you can edit the controls of a layer or effect at any time so open the outer radius for the gradient and increase the radius to 1000 then we want to reduce the scale of this whole image to 70% so it’s closer to what the text was then let’s animate the scale again do you remember how click the circle to enable keyframing advance to the end of the timeline then reduce the scale to 60 and there you go we aren’t going to get into how to create the starfield background in this video but if you want open the finished title timeline right click on the star field layer and copy it then switch back to our title composite shot and right click and paste to the layer then drag its name below the other layers to place it behind the logo whether you want to use the built in text feature or import an image made elsewhere you can quickly and easily create great titles in hitfilm try experimenting on your own perhaps using keyframes to animate the opacity of the title and please do click through to the other tutorials on our channel to learn more about using hitfilm

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