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Hey everyone welcome back to another hit film tutorial this week we welcome for the first time to our channel Red Alert he’s a well-known community member and today he’s going to be showing you how to create a cool pop-up text message effect in hitfilm express let’s get started this took about texting and phone cellphones telephones phone booths they’ve opened early popular in film for obvious reasons a phone call can be ominous threatening scary comedic and overall a whole batch of emotions because we always hear the other side of the phone call texting on the other hand well it’s kind of boring and that’s why it’s never been popular in movies that is until the last few years of course Rosa thanks texting or rather the texting effect has exploded in movies and TV within the last few years so what changed for the stands the reason that phone calls are so popular because we can hear what is happening therefore we can see what’s happening so to make texting as effective people must have reasoned with themselves and thought why not throw those texts onto the screen in a big bold fashion rather than show it in a tiny pixelated mobile cell phone screen it makes sense I know my name is Royce Red Alert and today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to create modern sleek stylish and glossy pop-up text messages using a ROM Express for that word I do let’s get going okay here we are in hitfilm express and as you can see I have my footage all ready to go in the media panel so let’s start with building out the text message and first gonna go over the simple and elegant looking text message as seen in shows like Sherlock and then after that we’ll jump into the modern candy button looking messages as seen in well everything else alright let’s begin by clicking the plus icon at the top over here and then select new composition make sure the sitting to the same mature footage and then hit OK let’s drag our footage into the timeline then let’s hit up and select the text tool I’ll throw a relatively small box in the shape of a rectangle let’s click inside the box and then type out the name of the person this text is coming from after that let’s hit the spacebar and then type out two forward slashes press the spacebar once again and then type out the time you want this message to be received at this is a very common style used in various films and TV shows but feel free to play around with us and create your own design the possibilities are endless we can then go ahead and type out the main message so press Enter and we’ll just type out this message look stylish right yep that looks good okay let’s select the text and then scale it up until we happy with it I’m gonna leave it here at this size so it’s not bigger than the actual phone but not too small at the same time we can then select the first line of text and scale it down so that it’s at least half the size of our main message right there time for the fun part a big part of why this effect looks so good is because it fits directly in the scene and part of that is matching its perspective to the phones so how do we do that well threat not my friends I’m gonna show you first we’ll click this box with a check pattern on our text layer and switch it to a 3d layer this will automatically create a new camera which we’re happy with let’s open our text layers controls panel and then hop down to the wire rotation controls here we can play with the sitting until we twist that text to match the angle of the phone this looks good to me to be more precise I’ll place the text right above the phone and zoom in upon further examination it appears the z-rotation needs some tweaking as well so let’s do that we can also adjust the position controls to have it sitting in the correct place in z space and we now have it matching the phones perspective this will be different for you and your shot based on how you shot your footage and my numbers won’t be the same as yours but follow the same steps and it’ll all be good to go after that we can finalize its position by placing it just above the phone along one of the sides finally to transition it in let’s hit to the point where you want our text message to appear mine is when the phone lights up at this point set the opacity of the text layer to zero and turn on keyframing for it we can then hit forward about ten frames and turn it back up to 100% this has the text fading in nicely one more addition to that select the keyframes we just made and convert them to smooth keyframes this provides a smoother and nicer looking animation overall after all of that the shot looks done and that kind of is except for well let’s call it a final touch to pull it all together and that is to blend the depth of field now this is a stylized extra but it can look really cool and it does a lot for the final effect to do this let’s right-click on our text layer and make it into a composite shot in that new composite shot click the plus icon and create a grade layer then head over to the effects panel and search for the blur effect and then drop it on to that grade layer for the settings set the amount to two and the iterations to one we don’t want this burger take up the whole text though so to restrict it to the muddle of the text let’s choose the ellipse mash tool and then through a small mask over the middle of the text on the grade layer we can then expand the mask settings and change some stuff up set the expansion to 35 as well as the feather to 135 let’s jump back to our main comp and there we have it a finished stylized text message blended into the shot nicely moving on let’s get to work on the next method now this one is a bit more stylized not complicated but there are a few more steps required to make it work the first thing we’ll do is create a brand new composition with the same settings as our footage just like before I’ll then drag in my club as you can see this was shot with the purpose of adding in a text bubble afterwards so there’s enough space for it over here and is very improperly it’s always important to plan out your shorts to suit the VFX you’ll be adding in later before you actually hit the record anyway let’s get to work on that text by what we were talking about let’s click the plus icon down here to create a new plane for this one I’ll make it blue but remember guys the color is ultimately up to you hey that rhymed select the rectangular mask tool and throw a nicely sized box in the space next to your actor or phone let’s then duplicate that plane and delete the mask from the duplicate we can turn it off for now I’ll select the freehand mas tool and what we want to do essentially with our duplicate plane selected is through a triangle in the corner of the first box that faces the direction of the phone kind of like this where that done let’s turn the plane back on and select both of them and then make it into a composite shot let’s head back to our previous messages comp and copy the text layer we can then move to our newly made comp and paste it in there it’s okay if it turns back to a 2d layer since we won’t need any of the position info that we created in the first example move that new text over or bubble roughly into place and then what the tick’s tool selected let’s scale up our main message until it fills up the bubble nicely we can also adjust the size of the first line to make it fit again we want to make it smaller than the main message okay time to animate let’s select the rectangle Morse tool as well as our text layer and then throw a long rectangle to the left of our first line of text it’s important to make this mask only as wide as the first line so that doesn’t end up affecting the second one well that down let’s move to the start of the comp and then advanced five frames will use these frames later on for animating the entire bubble so don’t worry about that right now at frame five let’s expand the maus properties and turn on key framing for the mask position so here’s how this works every one frame we’re going to advance the mosque by one litter like this then we’ll hit forward another frame and move the mouse to the right again until it exposes the next litter then we’ll repeat that again and again until we get to the end of the first word at the end of the first word will advance two frames one for the spacebar of course and then move the mosque over the next letter and from there it’s just a repetition of those steps move one frame forward move the master de Ville a new letter when the word is over skip two frames and then reveal the next letter do this for the whole line when we reach the end of the first line is through another mosque exactly the same as before but this time for our second line of text or the in turn on key framing for the new mosque position and move forward two frames then advance the mass to reveal a single letter this is the basic principle and you want to do this for all our sentences so I’ll do that for the rest of my message you okay all done a final touch of the text let’s reveal all those keyframes that we just made then select all of them and click this icon over here to turn those keyframes from linear to constant this means that they appear without any animation exactly how Tech’s do on a normal phone do this for all the different masks keyframes looking good before we hop back to our main comp list do one more final touch with the bubble that is to turn both our planes opacity down to 65% just expand the controls and lower the opacity down simple as that back in the footage comp will now see our text message all done but it doesn’t animate in it just appears so let’s fix that remember those five frames we left in the other comp well it’s time to use them let’s move our takes bubble layer along the time line until you wanted to start once the LS expand the controls for our text bubble and move the anchor point so that it’s placed on the tip turn on keep heading for the scale and set it to zero advance those five frames and then boost it back up to 100 remember to turn on motion blur and there we have it guys a finished text message right before we wrap this up there is one more thing I want to cover tracking while this looks good and neat little thing you can do is to have the message tracked to the phone now this works in two different cases the first is what we showed at the start of the tutorial we have the message attached to the phone as we pan across it this works with most camera movements and the second case is to have a track to the phone subtle motions like when someone is just typing this provides yet another layer of details since the bubble will adopt any of the phone subtle movements and as a result will be even more convincing anyway both those cases use exactly the same methods but for now we’ll be doing the latter example to get started let’s click the plus icon once again and create a point layer this will be used later on to store the tracking data we create speaking of tracking data with our footage layer selected move to the control panel and click on the plus icon next to tracker this will open up a new window with our footage in it as well as a handy tracking box crab inside of that head square and position the tracking box over a contrast heavy part of your phone I’m gonna use the black logo at the back of the phone resize the two boxes to fit and then hit track forward if you need to adjust it along the way just do so and then go frame-by-frame using the tracking controls until you get your track back on track wow that was a bad joke all right my track has completed so in the tracking window let’s select a point layer and then hit apply we now have all that data stored in the point let’s switch back to the View tab and all that’s left to do is to parent our text bubble to our point layer that’s done easily enough by clicking this box on our text bubble layer and then simply selecting the point layer and voila we now have our text bubble animating in as well as sticking to all the phone subtle movements it’s cool I know remember guys exactly the same steps apply if you want to use this in a short that’s panning past the phone or using any similar camera movements anyway that’s my time I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I hope that you learn something valuable along the way so go make some tics bubbles and I’ll see you around thanks for watching guys if you enjoyed please subscribe and hit that Bell icon to be notified about all our new content we upload weekly filmmaking and visual effects tutorials so don’t miss out I’ll see you all in the next video you

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