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Hey I’m axel from hitfilm and you may have noticed that I’ve redecorated my office it was not by choice but it takes more than a house fire to shut us down so in this tutorial we’re going to look at creating a split-screen effect in hitfilm express we get a lot of questions about this but it’s actually really simple once you know how so let’s take a look okay so here we are in a hip film project with a few video clips imported the specific video clips used make no difference at all for this process but I did include a project file showing the results in case you want to look at how they are set up so you can download that or just create a project and import whatever video you want to work with as usual there are several ways this can be accomplished in hitfilm the basic method we will use involves masks in a composite shot so right-click your first clip and make composite shot so here I have these firemen and perhaps we want to create a split screen showing the aftermath of the fire on one side so let’s drag trustus onto the timeline as well and then we will use a mask to create the split screen we can add this clip above or below the first one the layer order doesn’t matter as long as the mask is applied to the top layer then the effect works so I’ll put trusses on top and then select the rectangular mask now drag a rectangular mask over the portion of the clip you want to keep reducing the viewer zoom level so you can mask past the edges will help if the area you want to keep is on the side then you can just drag from outside of the frame around the part you want and you’re done if the portion you want to keep is in the middle of the frame that’s fine too just drag the mask around it then switch to the selection tool again select your layer and drag it to the side of the frame if you want to see a different part of the lower clip you can reposition it as well so the portion you want to see is visible so that’s it for basic split screen but what if you want one side to contain multiple clips in sequence well using this same technique you can add more than one clip below to do this make sure that you place the long clip on top that runs the entire running and apply the mask to it then you can just add the other clips below stacked in the order they should appear and stagger them to control when each one is visible that’s one way to do it here’s another way on the editor maybe you have several clips sequenced on the editor like this and you want to place another clip over them as a split screen if you film the split screens clip so the portion you want is on one side then you can just reposition it so only that side is visible that’s a super easy method if you have planned for it before filming but maybe the footage is already filmed then what that is when we use a sort of hybrid variation of these two methods right click the layer we want to put into our split screen and make it a composite shot then add a mask to define the part we want to use switch back to the editor drag that clip on to the second video track above the main sequence then reposition it on whichever side you want it to be on you could also reposition the clip inside the composite shot if you preferred if you don’t want to straight down the middle split and prefer to split the screen diagonally or with a curved line then just use the freehand mask instead of the rectangular mask and you can create any shape you want another variation on split screen that you might wonder about is picture-in-picture this is easily done on either the editor or in a composite shot add the two clips you want to use to the timeline with the picture and picture clip on top then select that clip open its transform controls in the controls panel and reduce its scale however much you like 25 to 30 percent is good for most situations but you can use any value you want then reposition the clip into whatever corner you want it in and you are all set the editor is usually the best place to handle this since typically the picture-in-picture will be placed above a sequence of other clips so using this method allows you to edit your sequence in the usual fashion then place the picture and picture above it very easily the last option I wanted to mention is the split screen masking effect which is not included in the free hitfilm express but can be added by purchasing the starter pack from the hitfilm store I don’t have that pack in the license of hip film Express I’m using here so I will jump over to hip film Pro to show you how split screen masking works but if you purchase the starter pack the controls are exactly the same in hitfilm express so for split screen masking we can convert our first clip to a composite shot then just drag in all the other clips we want to use in our split screen panels now add the split screen masking effect to the top layer and you will see a diagonal split running through it open the preset menu and try some of the other presets we have a bunch of typical split screen presets in here but you can also customize them to create any sort of split screen you want in the input layers frames you can set which layer is displayed inside of each panel you can also adjust the scale of the layer its position within the frame and use frame shift to adjust the timing of the clip in the cuts section you can adjust the exact positioning and angle of each cut or customize the number of cuts involved and in the border section you can modify the thickness of the borders between the panels change their color or reduce their alpha so you can see through this layer to whatever is below it on the timeline so if you do a lot of split-screen work especially with more complex layouts you can see how much time this effect can save and it is quite affordable for users of hitfilm express but if you just want to stick with the free version then you can still create excellent split screens quickly and easily so thanks for watching and I hope this answers some of your questions please subscribe if you haven’t yet and good bye for now you

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