How to Make Explainer Video Animation in Filmora [Step by Step | Beginner Friendly]

Hey what is going on This is Eduard Stinga from VideoPlasty And welcome to this tutorial video for Filmora In which I’m going to show you a super easy way that you can use to create professional animations in just a couple of minutes This tutorial is beginner friendly and you can do the exact same thing as soon as you finish watching this video And the really cool thing about it, as I said, you don’t need any previous graphic design experience or any animation experience The only thing you need is the method that I’m going to show you in this video and some really basic editing skills in Filmora Which you can pretty much pick up by just watching this video, it’s that simple So first of all, let’s have a quick look at the demo video we are going to create today VO: “So, you’re sick and tired of the same routine” “Same job you don’t really like that much” “But then it hits you!” “What if you take a break from all that boring stuff and go on an adventure!” “Like pack your stuff right now and get ready to leave as soon as possible!” “Welcome to – the best travel agency in your local area” “With us, it’s all really simple” “It doesn’t matter if you want to go to an exotic island” “Go camping” “Sail around the sea” “Or go from place to place on a world tour” “We got you covered” “Don’t forget your camera, cause once you’re on that airplane traveling halfway across the world” “You’ll want to take a picture of the clouds from your window seat” “The view from 10,000 feet is amazing!” “Or take a selfie when you get there and post it on social media” “Or really, just sit on the beach enjoying the sun and relaxing” “That’s why you’re there, aren’t you?” “So, give us a call at 1234-5678 and book your dream holiday today!” Alright, I think that looks pretty, pretty amazing And I know what you might be thinking right now, this is a bit too much, this is a bit too advanced, you might feel a bit overwhelmed, but trust me, it’s much easier than it looks And the way we’re going to recreate this video and the way you’re gonna be able to make any other animation super easy and super fast is by using something called stock animation And we’re gonna talk about this later, like where you can find stock animation, but for now let’s just see what stock animation is.

It’s basically items of animation that are pre-animated, they’re ready to go, all you have to do is drag & drop them on the timeline, they have like a start animation, middle and end animation And you don’t have to worry about all that complicated stuff with designing the whole thing and animating it All you have to do is drag & drop it on the timeline like this and it’s gonna work out of the box The cool thing about it is that it usually comes with transparent background so we’re gonna be able to change the black background I mean, it seems like black but it’s actually empty around this guy So we’re gonna change that to something that we like But first things first, whenever you start making a video you obviously need a script, but that’s a topic for a whole different video So for now, we have the script and the voiceover done, so I’m just gonna drag & drop the voiceover, which is really important, because you want the visuals to match the voiceover, so when you select stock animation from wherever you get it from, you wanna select clips that match each sentence from your script So let’s see Together with the voiceover, you wanna have some music as well, just because it adds a little something to it Just gonna drag the volume of the music a bit down, say -11, that should be fine, let’s see how it sounds VO: “So, you’re sick and tired of the same routine” Alright, the music is pretty good and the voiceover as well So the first sentence in the voiceover, it says “So you’re sick and tired of the same routine” And one important thing I wanna mention is the way we’re gonna time the animation is we’re gonna look at the voiceover over here called Travel Voiceover And more specifically, we’re gonna look at the waveform When it goes up like this, the voice is saying something and when there’s a pause between sentences as it is here or here or here for example It pretty much…

You know, it’s here on the bottom For this part here it says “sick and tired”, so we’re gonna use this clip called “Tired”, gonna drag & drop it on the timeline It’s gonna ask us if we wanna change the settings of the project and we don’t wanna do that, we wanna keep it to Full HD So gonna select it here at the end and gonna drag it all the way here to make it shorter Click ok And let’s see what the next part in the voiceover says “Same job you don’t really like that much” Gonna use this one right here, “Sleeping at work” Again, make it shorter And as I said earlier, you have to do a bit of research before you create the video, first you write the script, then you record the voiceover or find someone else to record it for you And then, if you use this method, you need to find some matching stock animation that is gonna go well with the message you wanna send.



So in our case, first sentence “sick and tired bla bla” it works well with this guy drinking coffee “Same job you don’t really like that much” it worked really well with this clip called “Sleeping at work” And so on So let’s continue with the tutorial We also wanna change the background color so we’re gonna select everything Ooops And move it one layer up because we wanna use this layer down here So unfortunately, I didn’t find any direct way to do it, only like a workaround to create a background color of my choice in Filmora So the way you do that is you just select one of those titles for example and you drag and drop it here on the bottom So for now, it’s just gonna look like text But if you double click on it, you go here and I’m just gonna erase the text because we don’t need any text actually And we’re gonna go to “advanced” here and let’s see We’ll use this button right here to add a shape which we’re just gonna make it like this to fill up the whole screen It’s basically like a background for the text, but we’re gonna remove the text So that’s gonna leave us just with the background basically And let’s see how we do that So we go to Customize right here and, oh yeah And you gotta scroll down a bit until you see “Color Fill” So you click on color and we’re just gonna select something like…

I don’t know… Something like this, let’s say So let’s just close this color tab Click OK And there you go! Oh no, we still have the text, let me just remove that Alright, there you go! Now I’m just gonna make this a bit longer so it covers the video Let’s see how it looks so far! VO: “So, you’re sick and tired of the same routine” “Same job you don’t really like that much” “But then it hits you!” Alright, so the playback is a bit slow because it plays back at full quality and that’s normal, cause I’m also recording this tutorial So I’m just gonna click here “Playback quality” and select that Like 1/8 Should play back a bit better Ooops, it’s a bit too pixelated, so let’s just say 1/4 Unfortunately, my computer lags a bit, so I’m just gonna leave it on 1/2, 50% quality And let’s just keep going, let’s see what the voiceover says next “But then it hits you!” “What if you take a break from all that boring stuff and go on an adventure!” Alright so, for this new part in the script I used this clip of the guy thinking, I’m just gonna drag it here But I only used it for like 1 or 2 seconds, oops Just wanna grab the end And immediately after I used this one of the guy getting an idea, so I’m just gonna put it here All the way to here And let’s see what the next part in the voiceover says “Like pack your stuff right now and get ready to leave as soon as possible!” Alright, so for the next part I wanted to spice things up a little bit, so I used this one, which is a full screen scene It’s a bit different than the regular guy we had before And I really think it works really well So kinda use it up until here somewhere, doesn’t even matter if it’s in the middle of the sentence Because the next one I’m gonna use is this one The guy traveling, holding a passport and some luggage as well So they kinda work well together So again, gonna make this one shorter, because after this part here I think it’s pretty much where we introduce the logo and the name of the company So let’s see what the voiceover says next “Welcome to – the best travel agency in your local area” Alright, so that’s exactly what the voiceover says So in this case we don’t really have a logo, so what I did for the demo video is I used this Van animation which I think is really, really cool So I’m just gonna drag it here Let’s see how it looks It’s a bit big, so let’s just double click on it So we wanna adjust the scale to make it like, I don’t know, let’s say 56% should be fine Move it a bit up like this, click OK And then the next thing we wanna do is we wanna add some text somewhere under it So let’s just go to Titles and let’s see, let’s add this one 38 Drag it here And double click on it Let’s just say Select all of it, change the color to black So we can see it a bit better There you go Let’s see, make it a bit smaller, maybe like 50, should be fine Ooops Yea, just move it a bit lower like this Change the font if you want to, like, I don’t even know Open Sans is a pretty standard font Just play around with it, align it centrally Stuff like that, yeah I’m actually just gonna leave it like it was with this one, it looks a bit cooler So just hit ok And yea, let’s play back the whole thing we made so far, we have like the first As you can see here we have 20s of the video already done And yea, let’s just see what we have so far Hopefully it’s gonna playback pretty well VO: “So, you’re sick and tired of the same routine” “Same job you don’t really like that much” “But then it hits you!” Yea, actually let’s try changing the playback quality to 1/8 Let’s see how that looks For playback while you’re editing you don’t need it to be like full quality It only matters when you export it, but for now it’s a bit hard to play in real time without rendering it, without exporting it first So let’s try again VO: “So, you’re sick and tired of the same routine” “Same job you don’t really like that much” “But then it hits you!” “What if you take a break from all that boring stuff and go on an adventure!” “Like pack your stuff right now and get ready to leave as soon as possible!” “Welcome to – the best travel agency in your local area” Alright! Unfortunately, the playback quality isn’t so good, but the main point in playing it back like this is to see if the timings match Because if you just scroll like this without actually playing it you can see the quality is good So yea It doesn’t really matter too much But I think that looks pretty, pretty good We only spent like a couple of minutes, maybe like 5-10 minutes and we already have 20s of the video done Which I think is pretty, pretty amazing And as you can see, it’s super simple, you can do it right now after you watch this video, you don’t need any experience, any animation, graphic design skills or anything like that It’s super easy, you just drag & drop it on the timeline, adjust the timings and here we go We have 20s of the video in as little as 10 minutes Now the big question is where can you find stock animation? And a really good place where you can find it is a website called And yes, full disclosure, I do own VideoPlasty It’s a place where we sell stock animation, GIF animation, vector clipart But for this tutorial you just need stock animation And of course, there are some other places out there where you can get stock animation, but the reason why we started VideoPlasty in the first place was because we weren’t satisfied with what was available out there You can just find some bits here and there which are usually from different authors, so that means they have very different styles and the quality is usually quite low So if you wanna make a video and mix & match a couple of packs like we have here, like Criminal Pack, we had a Corporate Guy This is Internet Icons as well If you wanna mix & match they normally wouldn’t work from other websites, which is why we created VideoPlasty, so you can get everything in one place Made by the seam team, so the style is pretty consistent And we have a wide range of assets that you can choose from, like animated icons, character packs, others and scenes as well So have a look, see if you like anything And that’s pretty much it I hope you enjoyed this tutorial This was Eduard Stinga from VideoPlasty and I’ll see you soon

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