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hey guys thanks for tuning in my name is Jeff from for Mora and we are bringing you the help series all right hey guys this is episode one we’re gonna create a gift so we’re starting with a fresh project we’re gonna import media files here check out that we’re just clicking and today I’m going to use Heidi because I want to make a gif of Heidi so first off we need to put her in the timeline so we’re gonna click on this add the project see that right there we’re clicking that in she’s in there alright let’s make this gift about you know four and a half seconds is alright let’s make it a let’s make it around two seconds long alright so then every time I start this it’s only gonna be two seconds long boom alright there she is we need to go add an element and we’re gonna add a sweet retros eighty element so click on elements just like it did and we’re going up to have retro 80s and we are gonna look for the coolest we’re gonna use the shutter shades alright we’re hovering over the shades add to project I’m gonna click that right there it’s going to drop down right onto the image track notice that it’s way too long so I need to zoom in I need to shorten my timeline by zooming it you could click click click forever there you can use this guy and then I’m clicking and dragging so now I’m going to trim this bad boy lit and right there two seconds perfect alright so now that we got the glasses in there we need to adjust the size so they fit Heidi’s face and make your look sweet and also animate them and drop them down so what I’m going to do is double-click on the actual image and we’re going to use this one that zoom in to the bottom and we’re going to double click to apply so we’re in a double click that actually made them grow so it’s a good idea to apply that first before we adjust the size so we can just move these and moving them I’m going to adjust with the corner that’s going to just keep the height and with the same size I use the side it’s just going to shrink them up like that control-z to back up so I’m using the corner I’m going to bring them down to the right size those are super awesome I’m going to even make them smaller so they fit her perfectly Alison all right let’s check out how it looks so far sweet now if you hadn’t guessed we’re going to try and create this famous meme called the deal with it mean I’m going to now add a text on top of it so we’re moving into the text credit we’re going to click here and then you wanna use the retro 80s again and we’ll just pick something that looks pretty flashy and awesome I like this one again plus symbol ad it’s a project you notice it just drops down on the text line and let’s trim it again to be two seconds or if you look over here I didn’t really get it right on the mark 2:09 awesome let’s see how that looks sweet let’s change the text now so we’re gonna double click on the text it opens up the box I love how it is I’m going to leave it because that’s why it shows it let’s go in here we’re going to write deal with it brought to you by height okay and check out how it looks I’m happy with it Heidi probably won’t be but I’m happy with it export create video we’re in the format and we’re going all the way down to gif there it is click that make sure you’re on it settings we’re going to make this the best possible resolution which is it is at so–that’s 1920 by 1080 framerate we’re going to also make that as far as we can go Oh 30 frames per second there we go okay now we’re going to export this alright it’s ready let’s check that out I’m gonna hit find target I know where it went so that should open up right away here it comes and it’s called my video you can rename that whatever you want here it is and there it is deal with it that’s how you make a gif thanks guys for watching my name is jeff signing up we’ll see you next time you


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