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Tippett hello everybody and welcome back to tip touch really really quick one today we’re just going to take a look at how to infinitely loop a composition within After Effects now say for example you have a composition here in which you have a pre comp that you’d like to loop and for whatever reason it has to remain pre comped which gives it a finite length what you can do is actually use a thing called time remapping to make this loop from its first keyframe to its last indefinitely it’s actually really really simple all you need to do is take your pre comp inside of which I just have two animation keyframes rather a few animation keyframes which just rotate and then do some line path changes nothing’s too difficult and if you watch it it loops inside its pre comp but if you want that nested it’s obviously going to end so what you have to do is just right click on your pre comp which is inside your main composition go to time and choose an able time remapping now if you were to drag the end of that composition out because there’s now become endless you’ll notice that nothing about just happens is stopped at the last keyframe if you were to drag this second keyframe along the animation still place once it just plays a lot slower you can now see that basically we’ve remap to the time for it to extend so you can slow it down that way if you want to loop it it’s really really simple what you’ve got to do is I’ll just do that again so that we know that we’re starting with a fresh composition right click time Nabal time remapping then you want to alt click on your stopwatch so that the letters here go red and it comes up with the script window now this is the quickest way to do it is just type it in but you can also do it by the menus but I find it simpler like this we’re going to want to type loop out that’s one word loop out with a capital o open parentheses type equals open quotation marks cycle closed quotation marks comma num keyframes with a capital F equals nil and then close parentheses and what that does is this piece of script tells the composition to loop indefinitely that’s what the num keying frames equals zero is and loop outs is a script that basically says when you reach the last keyframe loop again to the first keyframe okay so if you just click out of there you’ll notice that that’s applied and if you drag your composition will wait to the end there so that it remains on-site you’ll see now that it loops past the keyframes now if you drag this second keyframe further along you’ll notice that it slows down and loops again where that second keyframe is so you can still adjust the timing of this and it will just loop indefinitely for the full size of whatever composition you choose to drag out from that’s really all there is to it and now that composition within the loop indefinitely and you have still the ability to remap time so thanks very much for watching everybody really quick one today hope you enjoyed it if you have any questions feel free to join the disc called community where I’m kind of active on and so other people in the community and they can help you out or just leave a comment below thanks very much guys and I’ll see you all next time remember to subscribe for more tips tricks and tutorials thanks for watching

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