How to Integrate MailerLite & Elementor

Hi guys zip from elemental here today I’ll show you how to use the new male Alliant integration feature in the form widget with this feature your visitors that contact you through the form widget will automatically be added to your mail alight email list so let’s dive in and see how it works first you need to go to your mail alight account to get the API key so you can connect Elementor to mail alight go to integrations and click to use the developer API now go ahead and copy the key let’s go to elemental and see how to add it in the form widget first off in the content tab go to the actions of the submit drop-down and click on the add action field scroll down and you’ll see mail alight as you can see clicking on it adds a new mailer line drop down let’s go through its settings and see how it works you can add the API key in the elemental integration settings by clicking on this link here scroll down to mail alight and paste the API key now go ahead and validate it don’t forget to hit the Save Changes button as well now let’s go back to the form you can also set a different mailer Lite API key but using custom just place the API key in this field it will set the custom API key for the current form this is great if you want to assign specific forms to different campaigns you also have the option to select a group from your mail alight account this way your subscribers will be added to that group automatically in the email field mapping section you can choose the form fields that will be inserted into the mail alight mail list let’s update the page and see it in action first let’s fill in the form and hit the submit button you will be able to see the submission in your mail alight list let’s check it out cool as you can see integrating mailer lights and elements or forms is just a breeze don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive more videos and tutorials see you later

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