How to Improve Your Google Rankings Fast: 9 Steps to Rank Higher Using Analytics

Hi this is Andy crusts Adina from orbit media studios and I’m here to show you one of my favorite search engine optimization tricks this is the best way I know to increase your rankings it’s fast as possible with the smallest effort what we’re going to do is going to go look at our Google Analytics we’re going to find phrases for which we almost rank high we’re going to make small changes to our website to better optimize those pages for those phrases they’re going to come back and make sure then see that it worked and actually we did increase our rank did increase our traffic the round trip from this effort should be about 5 to 10 minutes so here we go first we’re going to go into Google Analytics and look for the phrases for which we almost rank high all the phrases that we rank for are visible and analytics under acquisition search engine optimization queries this report will show you all the phrases that you rank for the number of times you’ve appeared in search engines the number of clicks you’ve gotten from that ranking and your average position in other words the average ranking for each one of those phrases so there is plenty of keyword data inside analytics the trick is to filter this report so that we’re only seeing the phrases for which we almost rank high so what I want to do is create a filter not just a filter for for the the queries but a filter for the average position that needs to be an advanced filter so I want to include things in this report for which the average position is greater than let’s say 10 now if we rank higher than 10 that means we don’t really rank on page 1 right a classic search engine results page is you know 10 organic listings so if we rank 11 or greater we likely are on page 2 or higher so I’m going to sort this report click twice to sort it by average position so now I’m seeing the phrases for which we rank 11 and greater we rank for all these phrases on page 2 or below so let’s show some more rows to see all the phrases that we’re ranking for here I’m going to scroll down and I’m looking for these the phrases that we rank for that are really relevant to my business the ideal phrases here are phrases for which someone searching for those is really looking for us now I’m on a website this is a site that does IT support and the best phrases for them are those related to managed services as I scroll down here I’m looking for phrase to see those at the bottom of page one really top of page two bottom of page two top of page three down here at the bottom here’s one that looks really good to me managed service provider Chicago says 21 is if they’re ranking really on the top of page three if we could rank even if we could rank higher for this phrase that might lead to a lot of really good traffic someone searching for this is very likely to be looking for the for this company’s help and we can see even though we’re ranking in average rank of 21 still didn’t seen 170 times in search engines for this date range and we’ve actually gotten a couple clicks from it so next step is for me to go confirm the rank so I’m going to go into Google now and confirm the rank for this phrase I’m going to put in managed service provider Chicago to confirm that we actually do rank for this phrase I’m also checking to see which page is actually ranking let’s turn off the personalized search results we want to see as a kind of a logged out search as neutral of a search as we can there really is no such thing as a neutral search in Google but it will help just you know I’m not really tried this is there’s no perfection here I just want to see in general I’m looking to make sure that this page does rank keeping in mind that my location is relevant the the browser the desktop versus mobile lots of other factors this is a I’m not really a personalized search but still I realized that there is no such thing as a fully logged out neutral search in Google scrolling down I’m looking for this clients website and there it is they’re ranking actually in the middle of page one for me and it looks like it’s the homepage that’s ranking itself again and this phrase not through normal keyword research but through looking at the analytics for the phrase managed service provider Chicago now when I click on this phrase I want to see how well this phrase is optimized for that specific how well this page is optimized for that specific phrase hoping that I can make small changes of this page to get an even better result managed service provider Chicago even before I click I can see the title tag says manage network service provider interesting instead of managed service provider so that word is kind of breaking up the target key phrase in this case maybe by we’re network it would say managed service provider or services this is plural I’m really targeting according to Google I’m have a chance here for this this phrase when it was in the singular form this is also the rest of the snippet this is all called the snippet the rest of the snippet is going to be the meta description helping companies with manage network services we provide reliable IT services to keep your business running books like that could also be a little bit better optimized to include this phrase all I want to do is to include this phrase both in the title tag the meta description and on the page itself here is our page we want to reject me again to see how well it’s optimized for the phrase I’m going to search for the phrase to see how many times it appears is a bonded all together key phrase on this page it doesn’t appear where even once is a phrase that isn’t that’s not surprising because we’ve got the the the place name in there Chicago I’m going to take out Chicago and it still doesn’t appear once managed service provider so the title tag was relevant managed network services the the description of course meta description we can change but also let’s look at this managed service managed service provider doesn’t appear on this page about just managed service menu service appears once just once on the page that they just control left to find it on the page it looks to me like we could better optimize this page that there’s low-hanging fruit and some real opportunities to do some simple on-page SEO now before I actually go update this page I want to make sure that I’m not hurting the rank for a different phrase so is this page actually ranking for another managed service related phrase and if I updated to rank for this managed service provider for Chicago phrase will I be hurting the rank for a different phrase so to be very thorough about this I’m actually going to try to find any other phrase that I’m ranking for related to that so let’s just let’s do another filter here we don’t need an advanced filter we’re just going to find all the managed related phrases that we rank for and see if there’s something else at this point that this page might be performing even better for I’m seeing all the phrases now for which we rank 5 and below managed so what is managed service provider IT managed service plan managed service provider America none of these are driving any traffic none of these are ranking very high so it really doesn’t appear to me that we’re actually getting much traction from any other closely related phrase and it doesn’t look like to me that there would be a big risk and updating this phrase to better rank for that phrase that we’ve found just now so I’m going to recommend that we go ahead and do target that phrase with some confidence that we aren’t also hurting the rank for a closely related phrase great we’re going to change the page we’re going to come back in a week and see if we improved our rankings I’ll be back and we’re back so we made some changes on Friday this was six days ago and first let’s take a look to see the specific changes that we made to the page okay this is the page and these are the changes we made the first and most important change was the title tag title tag is another page of course it’s just visible in the tab in chrome or by the address bar in Firefox so this used to say managed network services provider pipe mother G which is the brand and we changes a simply managed services provider so we drop the word network which was breaking up the target phrase that’s the only change we made of the title next in this slide in this featured image there was a small change of the text which says which is right here this said at the beginning had said IT services provider we changed it to managed service provider that’s the only change we made to the to the featured area we’re just changing text our goal here is to of course just indicate the relevance for the page now in this content block we changed the phrase from managed network services to simply managed services again dropping out the word network to keep that phrase bonded together and then in the second content block here we changed it a change from the phrase managed service firms to managed service providers we made that change right here as well those are all the changes we made we had the opportunity maybe to change there was a little link down in the footer it says managed services provider if we were getting really fancy or tricky we might have changed that plural to singular Google doesn’t care Google knows that the semantic meaning is the same for singular and plural not really worried about that whatsoever and there’s also I think one other page where we mentioned we wanted to create a link to the home page it should be probably at least one link to an Paige that’s trying to rank for a phrase with the phrase in the text of the link right that’s keyword focused anchor text not to be overdone of course but it’s a good way to indicate a little bit of relevance and we made one link here on a page about what is it what are managed services we link back to the home page of saying managed services provider those are the only changes that we made this this page into this website okay all that happened on Friday by Monday I took a look and we had actually impacted the ranking to make sure that it wasn’t just a temporary jump I’ve actually waited a few days it’s now Thursday so we are six days post changes and let’s take a look at the rank okay here we are in Google and I’m going to search for the target key phrase managed service provider Chicago so I’m in the same browser happens to be Safari I’m in I’m actually logged into the same account which is up here so if you’re worried that I’m seeing results that are skewed or personalized for me these are actually the same exact conditions that I searched for before if you do get the option up here you can see deep personalized search results it puts PWS equals zero up in there up in the address bar up there and now this should be a more neutral search of course there is no such thing as a truly neutral search in Google but these are the same conditions so as I scroll down I can confirm that yes in fact that that webpage that homepage did move from the middle of page two in Google to the top of page two at the bottom of page one through basic on-page SEO have moved this site from page two to page one in Google not bad for just a few minutes of work okay guys that was it that’s turbo SEO that is the biggest impact with the smallest effort hopefully you found this useful if you did we’d be grateful if you shared it with a friend or left us a comment below we’ll keep making these videos if you like these sign up for the newsletter and we will see you on future posts Thanks bye

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