How to import/move Layers from one slide to others in Revolution Slider

Hello everyone and on behalf of CSS professor comma I welcome you to my video in this video I will show you how you can import a copy paste one layer of multiple years from one slide to another slide another slide a slide in revolution slider for this from your wordpress dashboard click on the revolution slider and when you will click on the revolution slider click on the selected that already have and in the first slide you can see this is my first light and you can see there is the text layer that is complete our survey enters a fifteen dollar store credit effect immediately and below we have another layer which is a button and that says takes away now so from first slide I want to move our import these two layers to my second third and fourth line so how I will do it so for this when I we click on the second slide it says stays and I am made I clicked on so it is asking to the sale so I see the slide go to the second slide and on the second slide you will see that I have no layers yes there is earlier but that is not relevant the layer that I am that I was discussing about him or he says a customer circle button and text layer so what will I do from this add layer blue button click or import and you click on import it will ask you to the slider in my case my slider name is home from the second drop-down you can select the slide and sometimes it even also select the type of veneer so much slider you can see it is showing almost night and there layers and here you can see my the layer which is completed service that I bought import and see a click button when you click it is asking clean code I say ok and there’s a but earlier when I click on Felicity saying that is what I said okay know this and you can see I have imported the two layers to my second slide without affecting any change no when I will save it and go to buy a size ctrl + fi you can see that I have imported the layers with their settings exactly as they are showing on the first slide completable service if you test ok takes away now this is my first slide now when you will see on the second slide the vertical alignment is same horizontal spacing alignment is same and ending mission you see him everything is same so this is a way how you can import one layer are multiple layers from one slide to another slide so if you liked my video please subscribe my channel

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