How to green screen in HitFilm

green screen is used in all types of movies to put actors and locations that would otherwise be expensive or impossible maybe you’ve filmed your subject against a green screen but aren’t sure what the next step is today we’re going to take a look at three effects that you can use to key out your green or blue background so that your subject is ready for compositing if you’re using hitfilm express there are two main effects you can use to chroma key cue and RGB key and color difference key the color difference key effect is the easiest to use simply drag the effect onto your video layer and select the color of your screen in the controls panel then adjust the minimum slider to key out the color and the max slider to bring back parts of your subject you don’t want keyed the gamma slider allows you to further adjust the balance between the two and you can view the mat for a grayscale representation of the key the hue an RGB key effect lets you choose whatever color you want to key out you can then adjust the strength with the tolerance slider and blur the edges of your subject with edge softness if the effect is taking out similar colors that you don’t want try changing the match colors by two RGB which will limit the range of keys now for the best results you’re going to want to use the chroma key effect this isn’t hit film Pro by default and can be found in the composite pro Keen pack for express after you select your background color and adjust the game the chroma key effect gives you several options to get it just right these include settings to adjust the edges the strength of the key and spill suppression to get rid of any lingering color now that you’ve got the green screen keyed out the next step is to composite your actor into the scene this is the subject of our next tutorial if you’re watching this in the future it’s already available here otherwise here’s another great tutorial to fill the time thanks for watching and I’ll see you all in the next video

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