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Hey everyone welcome back today we’re taking a look at the new export screen in the update for hit film pro and Express we’re going to start on the regular edit screen because we’ve made a small improvement to the usability of the export buttons you’ll notice now that instead of two icons we’ve changed it into the word export when you click on this button you’ll get the same two options from before export in out area and export contents let’s pick the second option you’ll get a pop-up asking if you want to stay on this screen or be taken directly to the export queue if you want checkmark remember my choice and the next option you choose will become the default the export tab at the top will now change to reflect how many items you have in the queue the export screen itself has a few changes and new additions you still have your queue and presets panels and two new panels have been added project and preview the project panel allows you to see both the editor timeline and other composite shots so that you can add them to the queue without having to go back and forth there’s a preview window on the Left information about the file like framerate and size the current in and out points and the overall duration as an example I’ll set the sparks calm to export by itself by selecting the option here and it’ll get added to the queue notice that the sparks composite was added in the format of YouTube 1080p HD this is decided by what you select in the default preset drop down above you can also change this by double-clicking a preset so that a blue checkmark appears next to it if you want to change the preset after it’s been added to the queue come down and select a different option in the preset drop-down as before the queue gives you information about the clip you’ve added name format and duration you can change the location and name of your final file by clicking the output link navigate to a new destination on your computer given a new name if needed and press save we’ve added a new icon here that allows you to change between exporting the in/out points or the content without having to delete and re add the timeline notice the duration change as I toggle back and forth the two videos are in the queue and ready to export I’ll go ahead and hit start exporting and a thumbnail will appear in the preview window showing us the progression of the clip one really cool feature with this update is that you can now return to editing during the export process you’re no longer stuck waiting on this screen for it to finish I’m able to come back up to edit and continue working on it like normal when exporting has finished you can find the final videos on your computer in the location you specified earlier let’s take a closer look at the presets panel a lot of people want to know what the best preset for their project is but it really depends on what you want the end result to be if you’re looking to upload your video online you probably want a smaller file size in this case one of the YouTube Vimeo or Facebook presets would be best when you’re working on a visual effect shot most of the time you need to export the final version with the highest detail so that it can be edited and color graded later for that I recommend this in a forum preset or per rs-422 if you’re on Mac creating your own preset is easy let’s do that now for an Instagram export which should be square you have the option to either create a new preset from scratch or go off an existing preset let’s right-click the YouTube 1080p preset I’ll go with this one because it’s a standard size 1080p and it’s a compressed mp4 which is suitable for uploading online video select edit preset this won’t actually change the preset itself it’ll save as a copy so that the original is unchanged I’ll rename it to Instagram 1080p then come down and set the dimensions to 1080 by 1080 a square I’ll leave the other settings alone and hit save a copy it will now appear in the user presets folder which has been separated from the default presets if you’re interested in watching the full lightsaber tutorial click the link on-screen don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you all in the next video

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