How To: Edit Templates in Adobe After Effects CC

What a gang guys casual savage here and in this video I’m gonna be showing you how to edit templates in After Effects now just before I get into this video if you like to request a tutorial then be sure to leave in the comments below or ask me on Twitter so for this tutorial the templates I’ll be using is from silk motion designer a link to this video will be in the description and you can also download his template the one I’ll be showing you now when you download a template most of the time it’s going to come in a zipped folder where that being said you’re going to need WinZip or WinRAR to extract it for me I use WinRAR and I right-click and select extract here both are free so you don’t need to worry about paying for anything now while crypting about silk when he get this template as you can see it says how to customize so if you open yourself of course it tells you how to customize it but I won’t follow that guide for now because I want to be showing you myself how to customize template so once you’ve extracted it you’re going to see a pre-rendered version you’re going to see that after effects file and the music itself so you’re going to open up the After Effects forum now when I open this project is the first thing I get this projects must be converted from version 11 so I’m going to select ok and it’s going to convert but you also get this error now it’s not really an error because it’s just a type of text you’re missing as you can see we are missing basic title font and the font file is readily so the way we fix this we need to download that font I mean some very simple so I’m on Google and I’m going to type in basic title font regular and that’s what we want as you can see the font have it right there a very trusted @ website for fonts and all we have to do select download I’m going to download it here just open the zip file and as you can see it’s right here just double click it and select install and we get X out of it so we’re back in after-effects we’re still going to have this just selects ok and you can see also says 28 files are missing since you left savers projects this does not matter most at a time because the person who uploaded the template should already put the files you needed so for example as you can see there’s 28 files are missing but if I select ok this template is still going to be working just fine like that so the first way as you can see his one says logo here but you can also put text so when we show you how to first edit the text so we’re going to be on compound to this as you can see it says logo here and that is text separated so we can double click the logo and we can now put what we want to so I will put casual and then where it says here I’m going to put it savage and then we’re going to come to the move toward the top left or selection tool and I’m going to use the arrow keys to position this and I’m a try my best to censor it and same for casual as well just like that so now if I play this through just like that we have edited the text but the first thing that was there it said logo here how do we add the logo while the first nation is come to file import and then file now I’m going to be importing my logo make sure it is saved as a PNG so this is my logo as a PNG which means there’s no background all I’m going to do is drag and drop this above the text right here I’m going to shorten it down by trimming the ends and I’m going to make it in position right where this is as well and then I’m gonna cut it off at the exact same point as the text right there now we still got our text and the logo is massive so select it from here and just slide it down from the corners just like this and now of course we can still see our text so to get rid of that there is a ball on that layer and just uncheck them and it removes it alternatively if you don’t really need the text our you’re never going to use it just left click one of them hold ctrl and left click the other one and press Delete and it completely removes it from this file now if I play this through our logo will of all my logo will appear instead of the text as you can see just like that it is done now how do we edit the colors throughout this now with silk he’s made this very simple I think it’s the only person or the only template I downloaded whether it made it so simple and if I head over to element settings this compositionally and double click it it will open this up now don’t worry your composition is still here this is going to allow us to edit the colors so you can see main color I’m going to select the drop down menu I’m going to come to effects and then color and from here it says the color we select this and I’m going to pick a red and I’m the Flex okay then I’m going to minimize this and we’ll change the background color again drop down menu then the effects drop down menu BG color change your color to what we want to so I’m going to go with a grey list and select okay and the next thing we have shadows so shadow 1 and again just follow the exact same steps and you get the idea of this part here so now if we come back to comp 1 remember we’re looking for red gray and light blue as you can see straight away it has been changed so you don’t need to do anything else it’s changed just like that even this part here and then of course you can actually customize these colors as well you just pick through select them and then you can simply edit the colors right from here that is how you edit templates in After Effects if you want to learn about rendering you can also check out my video in the description like I mentioned at the start of the video if you like to request the tutorial then be sure to leave in the comments below or ask me on Twitter thank you so much for watching please subscribe rate and please you you

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