How to Edit and Render 4K Videos Smoothly In Filmora 9

[Music] what is up guys welcome back to another video and today we’re back in tomorrow so today I’m gonna be showing you how to edit and render out 4k videos in tomorrow so this is something that’s that seems really easy to do but when he comes actually editing these videos I’ve had a lot of people ask me that they were having problems with actually editing these videos when he came to like loading the video or just like playing the video while editing there the problems with that and sometimes they took the videos took a long time to render out and one thing that you need to know when it comes to 4k is that it’s just a large file it’s like really big so when it comes to rendering out these files they’re gonna take a little longer than the 1080p video so just keep that in mind so they’re longer your 4k video they’re longer it’s gonna take to render that video out all right so what I’m gonna do today is that I’m gonna be showing you how you can actually have a better workflow when it comes to editing this video so you can avoid the video being laggy or the video just like delaying itself when it comes to playing these videos while editing them so what you want to do here is before you import the video go ahead and go to file and I were gonna go ahead and go to preferences here right so as you can see you think might be in general make sure to switch over to performance up here alright so this is where we’re gonna create our settings here right so the first thing you want to do is that you’re gonna go ahead and enable hardware acceleration for video rendering and playback right so this is gonna help you render these videos faster and if you wanna and you can also enable this for decoding so this is gonna allow you to have those faster previews when you’re editing and the next thing you want to do here is you want to go ahead and add a background render right so this is gonna pre-render your video so before you let’s say you wanted to preview the video while making after making cuts within the Edit you can you have to pre render the video and wait for it to do that but when we have this turned on its gonna is just gonna do it for you every 5 seconds so you can change the time you can edit to 10 seconds here every tenth is gonna create that pre-render and that this really is gonna help you preview these videos a lot faster than having to pre-render yourself a so you also have at the render files folder which is gonna which is where this is gonna be saved and that the cool thing about this is that if you have this enabled it’s gonna delete those render files as soon as you close out the project so if you’re down the project’s gonna delete those but sometimes if you didn’t have this enabled it’s okay it’s good to always click on clean and this is gonna go ahead and clean those render files and you’re gonna have a lot of space to work with all right so the next thing here which is frog which is probably the most important thing is gonna be the proxy so what proxies do is that they act as a reference to your video but it’s gonna be the lower quality so basically our works let me show you here so you want to go ahead and click this one so that you can just create it every time you you are important video inches or more all right and what you do here is that you have to select a lower quality so if you had it so if you had the 4k video here do not select this because it’s just gonna create a proxy that’s the same size as the actual video right the go is just like the smaller size right so if you have a really good computer you can go ahead and create that this select is 1080p or you can or if you have a computer that’s not as good you can always like 720p so this is not gonna change your video quality so it’s gonna change it it’s gonna change it when you’re editing you know when you’re previewing the video when you’re just looking at it but when you render out the video you’re sooo gonna render out the 4k video so this is just a reference so that you can have a fast I preview when it comes to editing so yeah so you want to make sure you so like this so I would recommend just selecting the 720p and I also want to select this I delete proxies when the project is done because these can get cluttered you can have a lot of these so the word out the entire program becomes leggy because you have so many files that are in there so you might want to clean this if you haven’t already so where I didn’t clean that and go ahead it okay and basically this is saying that you have to restart that from Mars so go ahead and click OK and I’ll go ahead and close a few more and open it again alright guys so now that we have Amara open again you can import your 4k video so I have a small 4k video that I have here that I would like to import so I’m gonna go ahead and import that real quick alright so once we have the video loaded here we’re going to go ahead and click this Add button this is gonna add the video to our timeline so you’re gonna so you’re gonna give this pop-up because this is a 4k video and our project settings say that this is a 1080p so if you have said to something else this is gonna pop up but then if not if it said to 4k then it’s just gonna go ahead and add go ahead and click on don’t change so this is just gonna bring down your video on here so there you go so now that we have our video on here when it comes to making sure that your 4k rendering experiences in bed in film or these are some of the things that you need to do and yeah and I do believe that this would definitely help you I don’t render 4k videos but I have to go ahead and do some research after this video but let me know guys what you think of this works if this doesn’t work I’ve tried it before I rendered out this video beforehand it was just fine it might be because this is a 17-second video so it’s gonna take me like five minutes render out but I let me know let me know if it works for you guys and also if you have any tutorial suggestions or tutorial requests that you may have please let me know in the comment section below so I can cover those in the upcoming weeks but thank you so much for watching guys and I make sure to go ahead and hit the subscribe button below haven’t already and also hit the like button if this video helps you out and I’ll see you guys on the next one peace you [Music]

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