How to Drop Down Menu in PowerPoint (updated)

Hello ladies and gentlemen this is one skill and welcome to my channel tonight I will teach you how to create a drop-down menu for your PowerPoint presentation and you might ask me hey one skill wire nerve would I need a drop-down menu for my presentation well I think it’s a really cool new and awesome way to navigate your audience through a presentation just look at this you can click on the menu items and boom you get your drop-down menus and inside of those drop-down menus you have different links like nature animal city and you can click on them and you go to a specific slide so how cool is that I think that’s really cool and that’s what we’re going to learn tonight so keep on watching so here are the four steps that we have to complete in order to create a drop-down menu and the first step is we have to create a home page slide what do I mean home page slide so slide something like this with background and all with the menu items so let’s create the blank presentation and we will start everything from scratch so first thing we have to do is we have to find a nice beautiful photo that will be our background a good place to find free high-quality photos is a website if you haven’t checked this out this website already so please check it out it’s really cool and I have chosen this photo with nice night sky so let me just copy it from my original presentation and paste it over here to the presentation that we are working currently right now go to shapes select a rectangle tool and draw a nice long rectangle that covers the whole slide I mean the width is as the whole slide and make it black this will be our header of our homepage slide and actually let me make the fill color of the header the exact color as a head in my original presentation and I will do that by selecting the eyedropper tool and copying the fill color so that’s pretty useful tool eyedropper if you are not using eyedropper tool I would recommend it’s really cool and it saves you time so make sure that your header is aligned nicely to the top of the slide and if you would like to use the exact fill color for the header here are the RGB values red 34 green 35 and blue 38 so just input the same RGB values and you will get the exact fill color for your header of course you can make it green or red it’s up to you now let’s type some text inside our heater font I’m using for my header is called Segoe UI light font size 18 let me set the header font color to something like gray so it’s not completely white select the header press copy and paste it with your keyboard resize this header so that we will make a first menu item out of this rectangle and type in something like menu item number one and with the help of the shortcut ctrl D duplicate a few more times so that you get four menu items in total now with the help of shift key select all of them group them together and align them to the center of the slide now you can in group them and let’s continue working further and let’s make the menu items menu buttons call them the way you want them a little bit transparent so that we can see some of that beautiful sky behind the menu items menu buttons you so we have completed our first step we have created a home page slide and now we have to create slides with drop-down menus so let’s insert a new slide I mean duplicate the first slide and now we have to create something like this we have to create a drop-down menu so how do we do that let me show you so first let’s change the fill color of our first menu item do some kind of gray color let’s set the font color to white and let’s set back the transparency to zero so that the first menu item is not transparent okay now duplicate the first menu item delete the text and resize the rectangle so it looks like a align and set fill color to some kind of green and align this line or small rectangle to the bottom of the first menu item now duplicate the first menu item once again align it to the top and drag it down delete all of the text we don’t need text here and let’s send back this element to the back backwards so that we can see the text of the first menu item and once again select the first menu item and duplicate it and let me fill color of this element so that you can see what I’m doing now we will create links for this drop down menu so let’s create a couple of links as you can see in the original presentation we had three links so we can make three links here as well and my original presentation of virgin torsion in my original presentation I had these nice arrows and if you would like to create an arrow for yourself it’s pretty easy to do there’s an out code so you have to press the Alt key on your keyboard and then type numbers one and six and you will get an arrow you and just make sure that the font of an arrow is something like Arial or any other font than the Segoe UI light because with the Segoe UI light arrows look pretty small and that’s not so cool you want your arrows big and strong you know okay so now that we’re completed we’re finished with our links let’s set the fill color the same as the drop-down menu so that everything is in perfect harmony you okay so we are still not completed with the second step we have to create drop-down menus for each of the menu items and so far we have just created the drop-down menu only for the first menu item so let me create the other slides for the rest of the menu items you okay so now we have drop-down menus for all of our menu items and now I think we’re really completed the second step now we have to create content slides so content slide is a slide that you go to when you click on your links for example you click on link number one and you will go to some specific content slide let’s let me change the name of my first menu item to something like photos and let’s say that the first link will go to a photo of a fox okey-dokey so now let’s duplicate the current slide and let’s send the duplicate to the back of the presentation out of this slide we will make a Content slide for our foxy so let’s delete all of the rest of the menu items we don’t need them as well let’s delete a photo with their beautiful stars and let me copy the Fox slide fox photo from my original presentation and paste it over here and make sure you send photo to back so that you do not obstruct your heater and your beautiful drop-down menu and make the font of Fox white and arrow green so this will indicate that now this link is activated okey-dokey and now we can make a Content slide for city so let’s paste a beautiful bottle with some red transportation and now make the city link activated so font white and arrow green and for the Fox link for the Fox text make it grey so it’s not activated hooray so it seems like we have created our content slides which means we have completed the third step and now let’s continue with inserting hyperlinks hyperlinks is where the magic happens and just before that let’s make sure that transitions of our slides is set to fete duration of transition is seconds and let’s apply it to all slides this will make a nice transition for our slides so how do you insert a hyperlink so first select the first menu item go to insert section and click on hyperlink now click on place in this document and find a slide which has the first drop down menu in this case this is slide number 3 click OK and let’s see it in action how does it look so we click on menu item number 1 and we go to the slide with the first drop down menu just make sure that in the homepage slide you have written photos in your first menu item so that it stays consistent in both slides boom so there you have it and there is a shortcut for inserting hyperlinks control key + k and in the same way insert the appropriate hyperlinks to the rest of your menu items another important thing you have to do go to slideshow click on setup slideshow and make sure that the bubble browse that a kiosk is activated this will make sure that you never get your slide only with the help of the mouse and you will not accidentally mess up your slideshow by accidentally pressing any keyboard key ok now the second step what we want to do is that when we go away from the double drop down menu we want the drop down menu to automatically collapse and how can we achieve that so go to the slide where you have your first drop down menu and click on the background then go to insert tab and choose action go to mouse over select hyperlink to and let’s set hyperlink to the homepage slide so let’s see how does it look in action so we click on the first menu item we get our drop down menu and when we go away we go to the first slide in this case we have to set it to the second slide because second slide is our homepage slides first slide is only with the all of the steps so make sure hyperlink it links to the second slide and let’s test it out again click we get our drop down menu we move away the mouse and the drop down menu collapses automatically how cool is that awesome and make sure that this hyperlinking to the homepage slide is placed on all of the backgrounds I mean on all of the slides with drop-down menus so here as well here as well and here as well nice also make sure if you have some text like photos it stays consistent through all of your slides okay now we want to add links to our links that sounds funny but that’s what we want to do when we click on Fox we want to go to the slide with a fox photo so choose the correct slide and let’s test it out so collapsing works fine and Fox Fox works fine as well nice and how do we get back how do we get back to our homepage slide so let’s click photos and let’s insert hyperlink to our homepage slide so that’s when we click on photos we can get back to our home page slide ok click on photos and we come back so as you can see it’s pretty easy you just have to link the slides in the way that you want that’s all let’s make link for the city as well I just make sure that in the city slide the Fox link is clickable as well and in the Fox slide we have to make city clickable as well so you just have to insert links either by pressing the hyperlink button or with the shortcut ctrl + K and just choose the appropriate slide from the list so we go too far and now if we click on city we can go to city and vice versa click on photos and you come back to your home page slide beautiful so here you go you have completed all of the four steps and now you are certified drop down menu maker for your PowerPoint presentation how cool is that congratulations thank you for watching this video it was really very nice experience for myself as well to create drop-down menus and I think and I hope it was interesting for you to watch so thank you for watching you

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